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  1. Are there any aftermarket side charging handle for the mech tech CCU?
  2. Thats right Whitefish! I will confirm next range visit.
  3. Guys, FYA, someone had this same issue and I found the remedy a gunsmith took to solve the issue. Below is an excerpt. I think this will be the fix to the problem. Will try and keep you posted. A couple of days ago I worked on a problem with a G34 that was being used in competition. The owner brought me the gun with the complaint that it had developed a severe case of light- or no primer strikes. The gun had basically stopped firing, and it came about pretty quickly.The parts and conditions involved were:Ammunition: reloads, but the same batch used successfully in this G34, and being used successfully in a 9mm 1911.Firing pin spring: aftermarket, light.Firing pin safety: aftermarket, titanium with titanium nitride coating.Firing pin safety spring: aftermarket, light.Extractor: standard GlockExamination of the gun showed significant peening damage to the aftermarket titanium firing pin safety, as illustrated in the attached photos by the arrows. The photos show a new Glock firing pin safety, a well-used (over 1,000 rounds) Glock firing pin safety, and a well-used aftermarket titanium firing pin safety. This guy does a lot of shooting, I can only guess that this part had over 1,000 rounds fired.
  4. Just found this out. Upon closer inspection I just noticed this. The titanium coated plunger I bought from glock seems to be badly scratched and dented. The other in my hand is the OEM I replaced after shooting hundreds of rounds with it. I don’t see any markings or signs of wear. I just replaced it because it came on a kit. Not sure what could have caused this in the coated one. Could this Be the culprit of light primer strikes?
  5. Thanks to all. But based on range results today, I've concluded the frame weight had nothing to do with light strikes. In fact, I'm at a loss for words because I have to idea what the problem is, short of buying an extended tip striker (which is what I think will solve the problem ). Went to the range again having cleaned the striker channel and actual striker and having polished the barrel ramp, but nothing. I even tried shooting with out the compensator. I tried swapping the barrel for the stock one, you know, trying to cover all bases, but still light strikes. Tried removing the frame weight and shooting without it, but still light strikes. The only fact I can share are that these problems started after I got my gun back from being cerakoted. I thought there would be residue of paint in critical areas, but at least where I looked, everything seemed fine. Any ideas or help? I really have no idea what to do. I have a race gun that all it does is light primer strikes. Its no even that some of the rounds fire, its that 99% are light strikes.
  6. I got a 15lb spring. I’ll look into how tight the frame weight is. How does this affect?
  7. No not yet. I will though.
  8. I had this problem today. I was only able to load 17 and no more. Also, on another magazine with the TF extension, the spring got stuck in the compressed position and all the rounds were floating inside. Any ideas?
  9. Prior to adding the frame weight my open clock 34 was shooting fine. Then I added to frame weight looking to shoot flatter, but instead got failures to eject (stove pipes) and majority of my reloads were light primer strikes. I am using a 15 lb spring and my loads are 7.5 HS6 with a 124g RN berry bullet seated to 1.25 OAL. Like I said, no issues before with these bullets but after I installed the frame weight it all went south. Ohh, I need to mention that the gun was cerakoted, and not sure if barrel ramp needs to be polished. Do you think I need to change the weight of the recoil spring?
  10. That is the stupidest video ever!!! No video of e actual press.
  11. Yeah. I use berrys 124 RN with HS6 and cycles great.
  12. Just got it back from cerakoting. Still gotta zero the sight. But with the frame weight it should be very flat.
  13. Hey all, decided to post here pics of my glock. If you have any questions let me know.
  14. Is that tape you used around the brush tip marker? I just bought some but figured they are a bit thicker in body that the ones that come with the machine. But not as big as to fill the hole without the inserts.
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