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  1. I’m shooting my second IDPA match Saturday. The rules seem to indicate that BUG semi guns are held to the ESP rules. Thus an APEX trigger and grip work are legal. Correct?
  2. yes. try to make the best f the recoil impulse to keep the gun as flat as possible but not over sprung.
  3. what spring for g34 gen 5 and Eagle Syntech 9mm 150gr? I bought a pile of the ammo for carry optics. Should I replace the spring with a gen 3 conversion set up? What weight?
  4. All, what's the go to for a light-bearing 2011 holster? I'm thinking low-light 3-gunning and using a dead light filled with bird-shot for USPSA lim-minor. Bladetech?
  5. sorry about posting in the wrong section. i was clearly too tired to be internetting
  6. sorry if i'm a dope. but i emailed USPSA twice and no one answered. My number used to be A86871, when they re-did the website it would not longer let me log in, I jumped through a bunch of hoops but now my number is TY86871. what's the deal here? Do i need to use the new number in practiscore etc?
  7. i recently shot a match where there were two poppers with one basically 4 feet behind the other. We were told that the one in front was to be engaged as part of a closer array (tactical priority or whatever) and the one behind it was part of the next array. As such a miss on the first one that accidentally hit the second would be considered a penalty. this seemed odd/incorrect to us as they were so close to one another. thoughts?
  8. I've also had to DQ a guy for this. But when i got tapped in he'd be doing it for several stages and the other guy didn't notice/know/care whatever. Getting yelled at was super fun.
  9. So i;m and IDPA noob. Can some one give me a breakdown of what's good-to-do in IDPA CO? g17 mos w delta point? what about a g34? factory mag wells are OK?
  10. Sorry for the noobish question, but railed 1911s are snowflakey... What's "the" holster for a railed 1911 in USPSA SS? It needs to fit a Dan Wesson Specialist thanks!
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