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  1. Just to add, I have a S&W M&P Gen 1 M&P 40 PRO 5 inch with full APEX treatment. 99% of the time I shoot it with a 40 to 9mm STORMLAKE conversion barrel. No changes other than barrel swap and 9mm magazine. Depends on your sport etc. on "legality" of using 40 to 9 conversion barrels. Just another piece if information.
  2. Yes, I picked up a KRG Bravo with 10% off and free shipping through Brownells special. On backorder but I have time.
  3. I use TAC with Nosler 77 Custom Competition with my Dillon 550. Works great.
  4. Reference your 9mm upper - will this work with a 9mm AR lower with COLT SMG mags? 

  5. I am looking at chassis like stock for a rifle. I notice that some of the chassis offer a folding stock. Looking for input on folding stock for a precision style rifle - is this a positive or negative. I assume a positive is shortening overall rifle during transport. Another idea is folding stock during bore cleaning so to not hot raised cheek rest. Other pro or con? Thanks
  6. Has anyone else had an issue removing the factory baseplate from a 10 round SIG MPX for cleaning? I can easily remove the MPX baseplates for 20 or 30 round mags - seems like the 10 round baseplates are glued on?
  7. I have a HMR in 6.5 CM also. Very pleased. Too heavy for me to do a lot of walking and hunting - would be great if not walking much. I also had great results with the cheap S&B "Tactical" 140s - bought 500 rounds after trying a few boxes.
  8. I am using Frank Proctors aftermarket guide rod and springs on my M&P 2.0 Compacts
  9. I have shot the Federal factory 75 through two 224V uppers - one 1-7 and one 1-6.5 and in both uppers got about 1.5 inch groups at 100 yards.
  10. I am building a second 1911 top end for my SA Ranger Officer 9mm. I am looking for advice for a 1911 9mm bushing barrel with the WN ramp. I also need a barrel bushing for this 9mm barrel. Looking for a solid barrel at a reasonable price - not the cheapest nor the most expensive. Also looking for a 9mm extractor. Any advice appreciated!
  11. I just got a SIG P320 Compact 9mm and a SIG P320 Full size in 9mm. I installed the Advanced Apex "flat" triggers today and headed to the range. I fired about 200 rounds between the two pistols and ended the range session with a blister on the bottom of the trigger finger "pad". These are my first 320s - shot Glocks, M&Ps, 1911s and never had a trigger blister issue. Is this a known 320 issue or Apex trigger issue?
  12. What type of barrel ramp cut is in the Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer 9mm - the base matte finish model.
  13. WSF. I see you are in Marietta - the Cabela's in Acworth often has WSF and Cherokee Gun and Pawn in Canton usually has it too.
  14. Bought a Pelican 1750 from Cableas. They were on sale 15% off, then a MIL discount, then a $20 off coupon, and then $12 in Cabelas points brought the price down dramatically. Got the FDE color. Thanks all for input.
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