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  1. I use Lee dies. I had an old Lee carbide sizing die do similar. The carbide insert was damaged.
  2. I am building a 6mm ARC AR upper now. There is load data experience on the "HIDE". Leverlution seems to be a popular powder for 6mm ARC with 105 to 110 weight projectiles.
  3. I run APEX triggers in multiple M&PS - original and 2.0. Only time I had light strikes was with a lot of Winchester primers. Are you having light primer strikes with multiple brans of primers, etc. or just one brand/lot? I have also seen primers that were not seated completely act like light primer strikes. Good luck
  4. We have a IDPA match in NW GA this Sunday. MD sent out email saying we would limit match to less than 50 rounds. Just got another email asking if any shooters could sell some 9mm to other club members who are out so they can participate.
  5. Never used in S&B rifle primers in pistols, but I have used several thousand S&B small pistol primers in 9mm and S&B small rifle primers in 223. They were the cheapest primers at Cabelas near Atlanta for years so I got some regularly. Bet they will work fine.
  6. I built three Short Action Savage in Oryx.
  7. I got active in PRS like shooting - seeing a move to PRS like 22 matches due to component shortages especially primers
  8. Would the MDT mag for the 6 BR family work for the 6MM ARC? I am considering 6mm ARC for my next bolt rifle barrel.
  9. I would also research concept of buying a donor Tikka and using the Tikka action. Prefits are now available for Tikkas. I just built a 223 trainer on a Savage action and i was amazed how easy the barrel swap is and that 26 inch 1-7 223 Wylde shoots great with 75 and 80 ELDMs plus 80 SMKs.
  10. Try the Midsouth 62 BTHP projectiles. They are relatively cheap and shoot in my 1-7 barrels - the same 1-7 barrels that will not group 55s.
  11. If budget is an issue I would look at a Tikka T3X Varmint in 6.5CM.
  12. I am seeing used X5 Legions already at the local LGS for around $799. Looked like new.
  13. I had a sear spring that caused two round bursts. All my buddies wanted me to show them how I did that but ROs did not appreciate it.
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