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  1. I would also research concept of buying a donor Tikka and using the Tikka action. Prefits are now available for Tikkas. I just built a 223 trainer on a Savage action and i was amazed how easy the barrel swap is and that 26 inch 1-7 223 Wylde shoots great with 75 and 80 ELDMs plus 80 SMKs.
  2. Try the Midsouth 62 BTHP projectiles. They are relatively cheap and shoot in my 1-7 barrels - the same 1-7 barrels that will not group 55s.
  3. If budget is an issue I would look at a Tikka T3X Varmint in 6.5CM.
  4. I am seeing used X5 Legions already at the local LGS for around $799. Looked like new.
  5. I had a sear spring that caused two round bursts. All my buddies wanted me to show them how I did that but ROs did not appreciate it.
  6. Is the loaded round slightly too long or does the shape of the projectile strike the "sides" of the gauge?
  7. I never could get my G21 to run with SWC
  8. I am enjoying my CZ P10F OR. I have a SRO on mine plus HBI trigger.
  9. I bought a "Leupold" adapter plate to put a DPP on my CORE slide. It sits higher and does not cowitness with the CORE iron sights
  10. Just to add, I have a S&W M&P Gen 1 M&P 40 PRO 5 inch with full APEX treatment. 99% of the time I shoot it with a 40 to 9mm STORMLAKE conversion barrel. No changes other than barrel swap and 9mm magazine. Depends on your sport etc. on "legality" of using 40 to 9 conversion barrels. Just another piece if information.
  11. Yes, I picked up a KRG Bravo with 10% off and free shipping through Brownells special. On backorder but I have time.
  12. I use TAC with Nosler 77 Custom Competition with my Dillon 550. Works great.
  13. Reference your 9mm upper - will this work with a 9mm AR lower with COLT SMG mags? 

  14. I am looking at chassis like stock for a rifle. I notice that some of the chassis offer a folding stock. Looking for input on folding stock for a precision style rifle - is this a positive or negative. I assume a positive is shortening overall rifle during transport. Another idea is folding stock during bore cleaning so to not hot raised cheek rest. Other pro or con? Thanks
  15. Has anyone else had an issue removing the factory baseplate from a 10 round SIG MPX for cleaning? I can easily remove the MPX baseplates for 20 or 30 round mags - seems like the 10 round baseplates are glued on?
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