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  1. Yes, it was well worth it. I installed the UniqueTek Micrometer Powder Bar Kit many years ago. http://uniquetek.com/product/T1231
  2. Me personally... there are lots of ads I would not want to see, but I was thinking more along the lines of highly political ads. I would hope that "whoever" is in charge of determining what ads this website would see, understands our demographic.
  3. With regards to what kind of ads will be shown as banners, the forum may not get to choose what ads are shown... I don't know that, never researched it. Also, I don't know that many gun related businesses have a big budget for advertising. We may see ads we don't want to see.
  4. I think at one time or another most of us have been in the same position you are in. I personally am in that position right now! I have not considered selling anything. I have a Dillon 1050 w/MBF (plus other aftermarket goodies) that has not cycled a round of ammo in over 2 years. I am not shooting much anymore, but I have 1000's and 1000's and 1000's of rounds already loaded. Re-Marriage, work, other hobbies, etc... are also my reasons. But I know I love shooting and at some point in time I will return to shooting as my primary hobby, and if not so what... Hec
  5. If the rules change was being made to help relax issues with modifications, then just make the rule state "there is no weight limit". Why 59oz, why not 60oz, why not 70oz ...
  6. 3.2gr of TG or N320 with a coated 147gr bullet at 1.135"
  7. VZ and Techwell are the 2 that come to mind. https://vzgrips.com/platforms/pistols/1911/1911-fullsize/ https://techwellusa.com/grips.html
  8. Yes you can. It seems like quite a few KBs have been with presses that are not auto indexing. I run a 1050 and keep a light and mirror where I can watch every case after the powder drop.
  9. I had good success with WST in both my 625 and 1911. I used 230RN exclusively in my 625, but in my 1911 I found liked 200gr recoil impulse better.
  10. You will be giggling while using it. Then wondering why you waited so long to to buy a Dillon.
  11. When I first started reloading ~10-12 years ago, I had plenty of time to spend with the reloading hobby and price at that time was a big factor for me. As I have continued to grow in my career, time has become very precious and the cost of brass has become less of a factor. Generally, I have gotten to the point where I will not pickup range brass and only buy processed or at least cleaned brass. Most of the brass I have bought has been from your average Joe shooter here on BENOS and typically I see ~3-5% quality rejects of my final loaded rounds. I am ok with that, I save them for days whe
  12. Regarding the amount of powder yes, I would expect to see more powder needed with the FMJ vs plated. Probably 0.3-0.5 grains more. regarding the COL, probably not. I expect the shape of the bullets to be very similar, but that is why I still recommend performing an experiment of multiple COLs. After doing this my SD (standard deviation) dropped to 2SD. I had a very accurate load developed.
  13. Search this forum, there are some great threads specifically covering this topic.
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