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  1. I had good success with WST in both my 625 and 1911. I used 230RN exclusively in my 625, but in my 1911 I found liked 200gr recoil impulse better.
  2. You will be giggling while using it. Then wondering why you waited so long to to buy a Dillon.
  3. When I first started reloading ~10-12 years ago, I had plenty of time to spend with the reloading hobby and price at that time was a big factor for me. As I have continued to grow in my career, time has become very precious and the cost of brass has become less of a factor. Generally, I have gotten to the point where I will not pickup range brass and only buy processed or at least cleaned brass. Most of the brass I have bought has been from your average Joe shooter here on BENOS and typically I see ~3-5% quality rejects of my final loaded rounds. I am ok with that, I save them for days when I am going to the range to plink. I figure if I were to purchase them from a dedicated processing dealer such as A Plus Brass the quality rejects would reduce to ~0-2%. As mentioned above, it is your decision to make, there is no wrong answer.
  4. Regarding the amount of powder yes, I would expect to see more powder needed with the FMJ vs plated. Probably 0.3-0.5 grains more. regarding the COL, probably not. I expect the shape of the bullets to be very similar, but that is why I still recommend performing an experiment of multiple COLs. After doing this my SD (standard deviation) dropped to 2SD. I had a very accurate load developed.
  5. Search this forum, there are some great threads specifically covering this topic.
  6. I agree with Itdmstr. You don’t have to get crazy with upgrades. It is an awesome machine. bullet feeder, lights, micrometer powder measure knob are my recommendations. I have added a bearing kit under the shell plate, but I have seen enough benefit to recommend it yet.
  7. they run 100% in my 1911. I would not trust them in my striker fire guns.
  8. I agree with the load suggestion DD78 provided. I also use N320 exclusively in 9mm. I don’t believe it is the powder causing the accuracy issue, It most likely is the COL. I suggest you load 10 rounds at 0.005” increments and shoot groups. I did this many years ago and found that 1.135” was very accurate and provided a 2SD in velocity. the results were exactly shaped like a bell curve with accuracy and standard deviation.
  9. the cost is really not bad, still the cheapest part of reloading ... the last time I price checked Win231 ($87, 4#) vs N320 ($117, 4#) equivalent $0.009 per bullet using Win 231 or $0.013 per bullet using N320 so $0.004 more...
  10. N320 is my first choice for all styles of Bullets. Titegroup with everything except coated Bullets Is my second choice Win 231 / HP-38 for all styles of bullets is my third choice Those are my 3 favorites, but N320 is my first choice
  11. I haven't seen it, but I can't wait. My dad said it was great. I don't know the "true" story, so it will be good to me.
  12. I would also recommend waiting for the 1100. The swaging feature is great.
  13. I didn’t see the same savings with 223 vs pistol. I haven’t done the math in a very long time, but IIRC I could save more than half of the price of bulk pistol ammo, and tailor it with far less recoil. With rifle, I think there was very little savings I calculated and a lot of Reloading / prep time for rifle cartridges. So, I still buy bulk rifle ammo. If some reason I do start shooting rifle A lot more, and need accurate bulk ammo in a tailored load, then I will definitely start reloading it.
  14. I have had great success with a Lee FCD in the past. I would offer my observation, it does make the press run “rough”, I guess because you are sizing the brass twice...?? like I said, it worked for me
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