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  1. I haven't seen it, but I can't wait. My dad said it was great. I don't know the "true" story, so it will be good to me.
  2. I would also recommend waiting for the 1100. The swaging feature is great.
  3. I didn’t see the same savings with 223 vs pistol. I haven’t done the math in a very long time, but IIRC I could save more than half of the price of bulk pistol ammo, and tailor it with far less recoil. With rifle, I think there was very little savings I calculated and a lot of Reloading / prep time for rifle cartridges. So, I still buy bulk rifle ammo. If some reason I do start shooting rifle A lot more, and need accurate bulk ammo in a tailored load, then I will definitely start reloading it.
  4. I have had great success with a Lee FCD in the past. I would offer my observation, it does make the press run “rough”, I guess because you are sizing the brass twice...?? like I said, it worked for me
  5. Congratulations! you made the right choice. Yes, the caliber conversions do kind of suck, but be patient and swap it over when or if you ever need to. Generally, what I try to do is load up a large supply of the what ever the press is setup on currently before switching. That way I won't have to switch back anytime soon. A buddy of mine on here told me he giggled the first time he loaded ammo on his. I can say, that I did too. I have never regretted buying my 1050. forget about the 1 year warranty. I have yet to replace any broken parts on mine. That day will come and I will pay for it and keep making ammo.
  6. I do normally wear a hat while shooting. I had a pair of the original ImpactX Racing Red lens, I couldn't tell much of a difference in the darkness of the lens. The originals, going from memory which is scary, only had about a 30% light transmission difference anyway. So they were already fairly dark and I don't see them offered anymore at Rudy. The new ImpactX2 Racing Red range from 16-75%, I would expect you would notice a significant difference wearing a hat.
  7. I have a 1050, get the 1100... you will not regret it. Forget about the warranty issue, that really should not be a part of your decision. I have never had to buy replacement parts for my 1050, and if I did... so what, pay for what you broke. Dillon is excellent to deal with. Like I said I already have a 1050, if I were to buy another press today it would be an 1100 (or another 1050, someone is selling)
  8. great advice by the above posts. I did this many years ago, with the exact same load. I was experimenting with my Glock however. I found that 147gr coated bullet at 1.135" with 3.2gr on N320 was excellent. Actually this would chrono at a 2 standard deviation. I first started by experimenting with OAL first. I loaded 20 rounds at 0.005" increments from 1.120" - 1.150", I shot every group of rounds through a chrono and into a target so that I could measure accuracy spread and velocity spread. It resulted in a very obvious bell curve type data. It was fun to do and I learned a lot from it. I think you should give it a try.
  9. I think this a great experiment for you. Not everyone likes to shoot the same way. Some like heavy guns, some like light guns. I have a buddy that plain out rocks a 52oz open gun, I have shot this gun and it is just way to heavy for me. I personally love shooting my 1911 45acp, but don't really care for shooting 1911 9mm. However, I do like shooting my 9mm Glocks and M&Ps. I think I like the "sharper" (if that is the right descriptive word) recoil, it seems to help get the sights back on target quicker for me.
  10. Has anyone switched from coated Bullets to plates or JHP, and seen their lead levels decline? Just curious, I would think this would help. Shooting at an indoor range may not notice a change unless all shooters switched, assuming that helps anyway.
  11. You mentioned you have a 625, do you reload for it? Can he use your 625? Also, if you reload for it, can you reload some minor ammo for him. I shot a 625 for many years and really enjoyed it, I wouldn't necessarily claim it is a good entry level gun, but fun for sure. At an entry level, the biggest benefits of shooting a 625 IMO are: 1. you only have to be able to count to 6, that may sound silly, but simplicity helps beginners, versus Prod and potentially SS minor, where reload points matter or you can get lost in the COF with your round count. Keep in mind, he is a beginner, there will be a lot of standing reloads and he will know no different. He will soon figure that out, and will want a 627/929. Then he can start saving his money. 2. you will get all your moonclips and brass back, yay! if you do reload, have him help you are part of his learning curve. I think it is awesome that someone is wanting to get started shooting revolver. I sold my 625 many many years ago, it was a great gun.
  12. Who's watching The Boys? We are loving it. It is quite morbid and dark, but so far I am really enjoying it. We've made it through Episode 6, probably will finish the last 2 tonight. It kind of reminds me of The Watchmen meets a dark version of the Justice League.
  13. by this chart, it is interesting that the only 3 divisions that show an increase are all optic related divisions.
  14. The PRIZM lenses for my FLAK 2.0 are not “ballistic” rated, they may not even be ANSI 87.1 I don’t wear mine for shooting sports, I only wear my Rydons for shooting. I think there are only like 4-5 models of Oakley’s that are ballistic rated.
  15. I am also partial to Oakley’s. I have a pair of FLAK and FLAK 2.0, with multiple lens selections including PRIZM. So far the PRIZM lenses are my favorite. I feel the adjustability of the Rudy Rydons helps when shooting as I can adjust them to sit higher on my nose to allow better breathing than my Oakley’s.
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