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  1. 1. Dillon sizing die. 2. Custom powder funnel. 3. RCBS Lock-Out die 4. Dillon seating die. 5. Dillon crimp die. All my brass is range pickup. I cast my own bullets and they are sized to .357 I only use around 1500-2000 rounds a month so take that into account.
  2. I've owned and used both. IMHO the Dillon 650/750 is in a totally different class than the Hornady. I spent more time fiddling with those damn LnL presses than loading on them. I've owned three of them. If I was REALLY lucky I might be able to load 100 rounds without problems, mostly priming problems. I can sit down at one of my Dillon 650 presses and crank out 1000 rounds with no problem. I firmly believe that Dillon designed a case feed system then built a press that used it. The Hornady case feeder is like a afterthought kludge. To me what is telling is the price of a used Dillon vs a used Hornady. Up till things got crazy a Hornady lost 50% of it's value when you mounted it to the bench. You can buy a Dillon, use it for 10 years, then sell it for more than you paid.
  3. As others have said, go right to a 650/750. Get the case collator. Get an RCBS Lock-Out die. Just dump the cleaned and lubed brass in the collator and go to town. I don't bother wet cleaning pistol brass unless it's got mud or dirt on it. My vibratory tumblers get it plenty clean otherwise. Get the Dillon dies. They are made to work with progressive presses and also that spring loaded primer pin is a real problem solver. I've used other dies on my Dillon presses in the past. They all wear Dillon dies now.
  4. One Shot used to come in a pump bottle. It was over a decade ago. I lube all my cases. It helps with my poor arthritic shoulders and just makes things easier.
  5. Put the Nikon on something with a Pic rail and buy a red dot that will fit one of the mounting plates.
  6. Get some LSA. Problem solved. It's a light fluid grease.
  7. I've been wondering if those RP-9 mags would run in a Para/Remington double stack.
  8. Ok, I've got a Remington R1 Limited double stack in 9mm. It's has that big honking mag well that some of them came with. I'm wanting some more mags for it. Does anyone know of the Remington RP9 mags will fit and work in this pistol? Also does anyone know of some base plates that will fit the mags and work in the mag well? Thanks!
  9. It takes me about a minute a tube doing it manually.
  10. Make sure you set the OAL with a full shell plate. Make sure the shell plate is tight.
  11. I have a pair of 650's on the bench. One for small primer, 9mm most of the time, one for large primer, 45ACP most of the time. I can load 600-700 rounds of 9mm per hour, that includes loading the primer tubes. Things that are really nice to have on a 650/750, 1. Roller handle. I really like the Inline Fab handle 2. Strong mount or Inline mount 3. Bullet tray. Don't laugh, it holds the bullets and gives me a place to rest my left hand. 4. Powder quick disconnect. My presses are set up like this to load pistol. 1. Resize and deprime 2. Powder drop and primer seating. I use custom powder funnels as I find they make loading so much easier. 3. RCBS Lock-Out die. 4. Bullet seating 5. Taper crimp I really prefer Dillon dies. That spring loaded decapping pin is a real time saver on 9mm. The seating die allows you to switch the seating stem without changing the seating depth. I don't bother with crimped 9mm brass. Life is too short and brass is free, at least for me. For 223/300 Blackout I process my brass off the press. I have a Super Swage and it works just fine for me. Loading these two is almost as fast, once the brass is processed, as loading pistol ammo. I do use an RCBS X die for 223, that way I only have to trim it once.
  12. I bought the plate and mounted my spare Venom. It's been awesome to have a RDS on this pistol. I'm shooting one ragged hole at 25 yards if I take my time. If I speed up I can keep them all in the 0 zone on a IPDA target head.
  13. They "should" be plug and play. However your mileage may vary.
  14. The Hornady LNL and the Dillon 750 have the same number of stations. If you can't do it on a Dillon you couldn't do it on a Hornady. The Dillon is 10X the press the Hornady is.
  15. I managed a range trip Tuesday. The gun shoots like a dream. I put 500 rounds through it without a bobble. At 15 yards I'm able to keep all 18-19 rounds on a 6" paper plate. This while drawing from the holster and in under 20 seconds. For this old broken Marine that's as good as it gets with open sights. The recoil is NIL. This big heavy hunk of iron soaks up recoil! The sights barely move when firing. 4 gr of WST under a 125 gr RNFP from a MP mold. Shoots like a dream in everything I've tried it in. I might have to see if I can find a 45 ACP version now! Though my XDM Competition withe the PRP Extreme trigger kit is a damn fine pistol. With the red dot on it and my reloads it's a one ragged hole gun at 15 yards if I do my part. I'm loading 3.6 gr Clays under a Lyman 452630 or RCBS 201 KT bullet. I've been playing with 4.3 gr Vectan A1 under the same bullets. VERY soft shooting and VERY accurate.
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