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  1. Read post #4. It's not the same priming situation as the 550.
  2. The one with the highest profit margin for them?
  3. I've got around 4,000 rounds through my SFX. I've never had a light strike on a primer that wasn't MY fault. You can email Century Arms and they will normally send the blue RSA. Clean the gun, including the striker channel. DON'T LUBE THE STRIKER OR STRIKER CHANNEL. I've made a few mods to my SFX. Fat Daddy trigger and a spring kit.
  4. If you can do a caliber change, including primer swap in 5 minutes you're taking meth.
  5. Well the .45 ACP is longer than the 9mm and there's no space in double stack 9mm magazines it would lead one to figure that they are longer front to back.
  6. I'm looking for some mag pouches for those fat XDM 45 mags. Something that isn't going to break the bank. Thanks.
  7. Question for the Shock Bottle users. I have to load .357 bullets for my pistol. With that size bullet with the Shock Bottle gauge work?
  8. There's a big difference between the 550 and 750 primer system. The 550 primes in station 1 and gets to pick up all the gunk that comes with that. The 750 primes in station 2. Little to no gunk there.
  9. I've got a pair of 650s. All modded up and running slick. There's no reason for me to change to a 750.
  10. You might need to get the leade cut in the barrel to stop the leading. Most manufacturers aren't cutting 9mm barrels and leade to SAMMI spec. There's a guy over at cast boolits named DougGuy that can throat the chamber. I had to do that to my Canik SFX. There was no throat and the rifling was shaving the bullets. Once I had him throat the chamber all the problems went away.
  11. It should. The problem is usually using 9mm bullets in the .357 Sig. You might take a look at MP molds too. He's got some 6 and 8 cavity molds available and there are always group buys going on over at castboolits.
  12. I have not tried those exact bullets. But I have in the past loaded very similar bullets. Most all the bigger casters get their molds from the same place. Most get their lead from the same place(s), and most use that nasty blue lube that's way to hard for the intended purpose. Strikes against these bullets. 1. Bevel base. 2. Alloy is way to hard for the intended purpose, alloy that is too hard can cause worse leading than softer alloys. 3. Lube is way to hard for the intended purpose. I've recovered fired bullets using this blue lube and all the lube was intact. That's not good at all. The alloy and lube are picked to avoid damage during shipping, NOT because it's what works well. Bevel based bullets might load easier but when combined with #2 and #3 on the list above can lead to horrible leading. My suggestion...MIssouri Bullet Company.
  13. The difference is the 550 primes at station one and the 750 at station 2, that means you don't get all that crud in the primer system. That being said, I'm glad I have my pair of 650s.
  14. Thanks guys. Power factor isn't a problem as I only shoot club matches and we're looking for holes on the target and nothing more. I'll start at 4.0 and work up. I know it's reverse temperature sensitive and that doesn't bother me. Why do I want to use WST? I have around 20 lbs of the stuff I got for $10 a lb and I'm not shooting that much .45 ACP now. 4 gr happens to be the charge I use in .45 ACP too.
  15. The charge I'm looking at is 4.6 gr, under a 125 gr RNFP from a MP mold. This is going to cause a compressed load.
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