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  1. I've contacted Comp-Tac but they don't sell just the shells. I need a shell for a Springfield Armory TRP with the full rail. I've got three Comp-Tac International holsters right now and I've been cut off by SWMBO from buying more holsters right now. Anyone know where I can get just the shell?
  2. I want the One Shot inside some cases. That way the come off the powder funnel easy.
  3. 1. Get this powder funnel. http://www.uniquetek.com/product/T1582 My 650 is set up as follows. 1. Resize and decap. You don't want any cam over on a Dillon as they don't have a cam over linkage. Your sizing die should be touching your shell plate and NO MORE. 2. Seat primer and powder dump. 3. Empty station, I have used a RCBS Lock-Out die here in the past. 4. Dillon seating die. 5. Dillon crimp die. I ran 1500 rounds last week with only 7 rounds not passing the gauge. I'm using bullets I cast, coated with Hi-Tek, and sized to .357.
  4. I picked up my RIA Thursday. The trigger was stiff and gritty. I dry fired it around 500 times and it really lighted up but was still gritty. Today I broke it down and greased everything up. No more gritty trigger. The grit was caused by the trigger bars trying to slide across the rough parkerized finish. I applied a liberal coating of grease to the trigger bar channels and on the ignition parts and it's breaking at about 3 lbs now. I'm taking it to the range tomorrow.
  5. Just screw the die out a bit. Solves that problem. My Canik requires a .357 bullet MINIMUM. My Sig P365 also needs a .357 bullet. My Ruger PCC works just fine with .357 bullets as does my S&W 5906. I've got an RIA 9mm 1911 waiting to be picked up at GrabAGun. I'll slug the bore and see where it comes in. From what I've seen larger bores are more common that smaller bores on factory stock 9mm pistols. Many 9mm pistols from overseas have larger bores. I cast my own bullets, you really can't have too big of a bullet. However a bullet that's too small will cause you all kinds of grief.
  6. As has been said the bullet size has a large part to do with this. My Canik needs a .357 bullet. I've had 50% rejection rate on my EGW 7 hole gauge. Plunking in the barrel gives me a 98% pass rate.
  7. What I did before I got my first collator was to take some PVC pipe and drill a hole through the side on both ends. On one end I put a bolt with a nut. This is to keep the cases from falling out. The other end I used a clip pin. I'd fill the tubes, case mouth first, then put the pin in.' ' When the feed tube needed to be filled I'd grab one of the pieces of PVC and put it on the feed tube and pull the pin. You can use a coupler on the feed end of the PVC to make it easier. It sits over the feed tube on the Dillon and there's no spilled brass. I loaded this way for about six months. Then I got my collator. When I ordered my second 650 I ordered the case collator and all the other little bits that really make the Dillon shine.
  8. Same here. I've got three Dillon powder measures and all three have the UT part on them.
  9. I shoot defensive pistol matches at my club. That's the extent of my match shooting. I use a Comp-Tac International drop offset for my Canik and am very pleased with it. I like to shoot my 1911 pistols every other month. Currently using a Fobus and am not happy at all with it. I'm a big fat guy so any holster than holds the grip close to the body isn't ideal for me. Without breaking the bank are there any holsters out there that I should be looking at?
  10. My Canik needs .357 bullets. Case gauges don't like .357 bullets. It's an art knowing how far up the round can set and still run. If I have a question I just pull the barrel and plunk them in it.
  11. I've ordered the pistol from GrabAGun using their GrabAQuote system. They knocked $39.01 off the price. Now just waiting for the email so I can pick it up.
  12. Last month I took a new to me S&W 5906 to a match. I had never fired the pistol. I had just done a deep cleaning and lube on it. Went to an open bay before the match and got the sights dialed in. 20 rounds total through the gun now. Went on to shoot the match with the 5906. It was my first time shooting a DA/SA pistol. I lost a bit of time searching for the trigger at the beginning of each stage. I dropped on position from my normal.
  13. Our club matches don't go down in the weeds on the rules like that. RIA is Nevada. So shipping shouldn't be a problem. Unless something is grossly wrong I can handle most repairs on a 1911. I also have a good local smith that can do the rest.
  14. That line is most likely a cannelure. No harm to the brass.
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