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  1. I was surprised as hell. It's used, but I buy most of my guns used. It's really too bad that Remington dropped them. From everything I've read they are really solid pistols.
  2. 2/10th when using TiteBoom is a LOT. However I don't use that powder. I use Clays for 45 ACP and WST for 9mm. My drops don't vary .1 gr. Boringly consistant.
  3. Yes it did. It's not quite fast enough to keep up with processing brass but it's plenty fast enough for loading. No more upside down brass. Now I just need to figure out why some cases are falling over while being pushed into station 1.
  4. I've been wanting a double stack metal framed 1911 in 9mm for a while. I had just about resigned myself to buying an RIA. But I found a Remington available. It's the top end one with the mag well. It comes with six mags. I'm pleased as punch.
  5. You need a better powder measure. My Dillon measures don't vary that much EVER.
  6. http://www.big45metalcleaner.com/ Much better than a copper choreboy.
  7. The Armanov spacer with the large pistol plate is the answer. Thanks for the tip!
  8. It looks like a piece of brass hit by a lawnmower blade.
  9. For handgun brass I use Hornady One Shot. Rifle brass ISO Heet and lanolin. 10:1
  10. Hmm.... I have a new collator on the other 650. I might have to switch collators.
  11. I notice in that video he's using the large pistol plate. I might have to try that.
  12. I'll get a video today. I'd use the small rifle plate which has great speed, but there are so many upside down cases. With the slots in the rifle plate I can't see any way the collator can remove the backwards cases. I tried the small pistol plate yesterday, with a few cases, with a moderate amount and with a bunch. Still no joy, I'll have to hit the hardware store to get some longer bolts to use another washer under the small pistol plate. Another spacer under there MIGHT work.
  13. Speed is set to high. Plate is not slipping. The cases are just rolling around on top of the plate. My collator doesn't have the movable metal clip. Dropping isn't the problem. Getting them into the plate is the problem.
  14. Slug the bore. That's the most important thing I can give you with 9mm.
  15. Hodgdon has posted a letter addressing the shortages. Before the Kungfu virus they were saying it would take to the end of the year to clear up. With the virus and election I think we can safely say it will be another year at least.
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