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  1. Same here. The Glock grip angle just seems wrong after so many years of 1911 shooting. The Canik and XDM grip angles don't.
  2. I just received shipping notice on my Primafill!! Hopefully it will be here Saturday or early next week.
  3. I load the following handgun cartridges. 45 ACP 45 Colt 10 MM 44 Mag 38 Special 357 Mag 327 Federal Mag 9mm I have a 650 toolhead setup for each. They all have Dillon dies on them, except the 327, Dillon doesn't make dies for that. I also have everything needed for 38 Super, again, everything is Dillon. I just need a 38 Super handgun. I tried RCBS, Lee, and Hornady dies. IMHO nothing works quite as well as Dillon dies. 9mm was giving me fits, till I bought my first set of Dillon dies. That lead to switching everythin
  4. I did try swapping the guts. The mag body is shorter.
  5. I was going to mention this. Get a Powder Precision Extreme trigger kit for it and you'll be golden. I have one set up this way and it's a great pistol. I did put a red dot on mine.
  6. The MecGar mags, even with DP base plates don't work in my Remington. They lock in place, but don't lock the slide back.
  7. The PTX is sticking because your brass is too clean. Try tumbling some range brass in a vibratory tumbler. Add some Nu-Finish car polish. I mix my Nu-Finish 50/50 with real mineral spirits. Now reload that brass. The little bit of carbon left on the inside of the cases makes a HUGE difference. I also give the brass a squirt of One-Shot. As long as you let it dry it doesn't effect the powder at all. Now go to the range and see how that "dirty" brass shoots. I'm betting you can't tell the difference. Also you can go to UniqueTek and get a P
  8. That's a stupid trick that doesn't work. All it will do is really get that lead pressed into the grooves. It can also create an over pressure situation if the bore is badly leaded. The reloading writer for one of the major gun rags had an article on this earlier this year.
  9. My first progressive was a Hornady LnL AP. I've had three of them pass through my hands. The first time I loaded on a Dillon 650 I was sold. I got rid of the Hornady presses and bought a second 650. It seemed with the Hornady presses I was always spending more time fiddling with the presses than reloading. Those die bushings were always working loose on me. Thankfully my RCBS Lock-out die caught those problems.
  10. The RP9 mag worked. I just shaved down the base pad a bit. I also picked up two MecGar P18 mags and they won't even lock in the gun. I had to remove the factory base plate because of my magwell, but the empty tube would not lock in the gun.
  11. I have the same pistol with the same problem. I found the fix and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I was going to post a link but they are no longer available. Zenith 9mm 1911 mags work perfectly in my RIA. I bought mine from CDNN but they no longer list them.
  12. That "thicker" oil he has in that bottle looks just like LSA. LSA is a grease. It kind of negates his "no grease" message. Not all greases are equal. The most common grease is NGLI #2. That's the stuff in find almost everywhere in tubs and tubes. It's too thick for most uses on firearms. A NGLI #0 or lower grease is awesome. LSA is a NGLI #000 grease.
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