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  1. Ok so I went ahead and replaced the FP with the CZC. I also used the RAMI FP spring, being that the light spring that came with the CGW FP fit very tightly on the base of the FP. Let's see how it goes this way...
  2. I never mentioned a rami FP. Get the czc FP and spring. Hey T I might have misunderstood what you meant then... (post #18) http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=229985 ??? So I take it that I should keep the light spring with the new FP from CZC?
  3. Ok thank you. Can you explain what effect the heavier FP from a RAMI (2075) will have? And the natural follow-up question to that is, "Should I replace the FP spring at all once I replace the FP with the CZC variety?
  4. I recently misdiagnosed the problem I had with my SP01. Originally I thought it was randomly going into double-action mode from SA, but after following the advise of a few fine folks on this forum I discovered that it was "light striking." Now for a brief history. I recently upgraded some of the OEM parts. I replaced the trigger, hammer, etc., with CGW Short Rest System (SRS-1), RRK-D/C, an adjustable sear, and a CZC Comp Hammer. With about 300 rounds through it, the FP has light-struck the round on 4 different occasions. On the different thread it was advised that I replace the new extended FP (that came in the CGW SRS kit), with an extended version from CZCustom, and to replace the FP spring with the 2075 (RAMI) version. Well I got those parts in and am about to install them, but I just noticed the the RAMI FP spring (#10120) is quite a bit beefier than the light spring that came with the CGW kit. Is this correct? Once I install the new spring, should I go to a lighter mainspring? It has the blue (13#) on it now. Just want to make sure I'm headed in the right direction...
  5. SP01 Range Report: Well I finally got to take her out after adding the new trigger, hammer, adj. sear, firing pin, hammer spring, etc. The trigger felt great. In single action, it broke cleanly at about 3.25#, and about 8# in double action. The short reset was very nice too. So I ran about 200 rounds of mixed factory ammo, mostly Federal, Am. Eagle, and one box of Perfecta. The gun functioned great as was oh so accurate. I did however experience 2 oddities. Twice when I was rapid firing (double tapping actually), the gun went into double action? Now I'm still trying to familiarize myself with the gun, so I'm not sure if it was something I did? Perhaps I hit the safety, or impeded the slide? It was as though the slide didn't bring the hammer all the way back, or the hammer didn't cock. In both instances it chambered a round, so it was not a true malfunction per se, but I'm wondering if you have any insight into this? Do I need a stronger spring?
  6. Well I finally got a chance to install the new adjustable sear. After watching a Youtube vid and a little playing around with it, I finally got it to where both safeties work. Now what I did notice is that the safety in double-action, allows the hammer to move reward, but just not to the point where it engages. Is this normal? I never noticed this before...
  7. No my sear is the OEM variety, with no place to add a set screw... CGW makes a sear that has an adjustable set screw in it that allows you to adjust it so that the safety will work after the installation of the parts you mentioned. It is normal that the safety will no longer function after the addition of the CZC Hammer. You will have to file down the sear arm on top or the hump on the safety to get the safety to work again....this is mentioned previously in this thread...with pictures. Post #358 (page 15) You've come this far...don't give up now :-) Thanks Tmay, I broke down and ordered the adjustable sear from CGW. I wasn't aware that the hammer would interfere with safety, so i just learned yet another lesson. Thanks...
  8. Ran into a problem on my do-it-yourself project. I have an SP01 manual safety that I installed a CGW Short Rest System (SRS-1), and RRK-D/C. Additionally, I replaced the hammer with a CZC comp version. (https://czcustom.com/CZ_SA_DA-Competition-Hammer.aspx) I followed a few YouTube videos as well as the pics in this thread. During the reassembly, everything worked fine, except that when I installed the mainspring, I lost the function of my safety. Prior to that the safety worked fine, clicking on both the up and down position. With the slide on, the trigger functions both in the DA and SA modes, but as I said, my safety is stuck in the down position (fire). I'm trying to determine if this is a simple fix, or if I should go ahead and give it to my local smith. CGW told me to read the instructions carefully, and adjust the set screw. Only problem is I don't know which set screw they're referring to, and I might have inadvertently left it out. I have a tiny set screw that came in the packaging, but have no idea where it goes. It's smaller than the set-screw used for the trigger adjustment. Can anyone offer any advice to this greenhorn that is in over his head?
  9. Ok, I'll play. Here's my brand new, yet-to-be-fired Hunter in 10mm. I was very concerned about buying this gun sight unseen, but after hearing all the positive reports, especially about the grip which was my main concern, I pulled the trigger and got it from Bud's. The grip is great, very similar to my CZ75, which I love and much smaller than the Glock G20/40, which I abhorred. I'm thinking about putting a Deltapoint or RMR optic on it, but am still researching it. Since I'll be using it for makin' bacon, I'm really looking for a low profile sight. Not sure if the available dovetails will work or if I have to mill the slide. We'll see...
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