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  1. ahub3101

    Feedback Thread

    Good brass, good packaging, fast shipper. Thanks.
  2. I got a new #3 link, installed it, and checked it per Charlie’s excellent instruction. Fits as it should. This gun is very well used, probably more accurately abused and it’s been awesome. If it was fit wrong I think it would have broken long ago. Let’s not turn this into an STI bash. Thanks again for all the advice.
  3. Thanks for all your time and knowledge.
  4. 50,000ish? Don’t keep track.
  5. Thanks for the help. Multiple measurements convince me it’s #3.
  6. How do I determine size if it’s not marked? I have both pieces and a caliper in my hand. Thanks.
  7. Barrel link in my very well used 9mm Trojan broke yesterday. Usually shoot the standard 147/3.2 Titegroup load but was shooting aluminum case Federal 115s because I hate picking brass out of snow. Not cold enough to be an issue, 20 degrees F. Coincidence? I think if it was bad fit it would have broken long ago? Should I just replace the link or send it to STI? Thanks.
  8. I have one on mine that he made. Did Cmmg change something?
  9. Use the 77s for the same reason you use them for spinners. They hit harder making the RO's job easier for both of you. This is particularly true when shooting flashers with no spotter on an optic.
  10. I have a CMMG Colt lower that's been very good. As stated above, it's a standard forging with a Colt size hole in it, leaving plenty of material for the Dremel wizard in all of us. My bolt and barrel are CMMG also, they make good stuff. So do a lot of other outfits, too. Everybody I know has a different brand of PCC, they all work well.
  11. JoeBob Outfitters has 3 packs of Gen2 Pmags for $14.95.
  12. Tried a TTI M&P +4 my wife has. Might fit with some work but she gets mad when I grind up her stuff. Put it back where I found it.
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