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  1. Another vote for Hunters HD Gold. Really knowledgeable people and absolutely great product. Good and Be Safe!!!
  2. You should check out BlackScorpionGear.com. They are in South Florida and offer quite a few different holster styles for each type of pistol. Good Luck and Be Safe
  3. szhttm

    Mag Pouches

    Another vote for the Black Scorpion Gear magazine pouches. Good Luck and Be Safe!!!
  4. Have tried looking at the Black Scorpion Gear products? They are becoming more and more popular in the competition gear world. Good Luck and Be Safe
  5. Hello, This looks to be an interesting event: Florida Firearms Industry Range Expo (FIRE) 2021 - Force Center USA https://forcecenterusa.com/fire2021/ https://fire-expo.com/ Good Luck and Be Safe
  6. Black Scorpion Gear holster for the Sig P320 or X5. Good Luck and Be Safe
  7. I use them and believe they work really well. They have a few different options available. Good Luck and Be Safe!!!
  8. Hello, I believe the Black Scorpion Gear Shadow holster fits both the Shadow 1 and Shadow 2. They also have a great heavy (rigid) belt and other gear at good prices. Good Luck and Be Safe!!!
  9. Attached is a photo of the magazine pouch style I'm trying to find out if it is legal for IDPA or not. Thank you again. Sample Pouch.bmp
  10. Thank you USMC1974. Yes, this would be for double stack guns like Glocks. You are also correct about the tapered area. The tapered area you mentioned is at the bottom of the magazine and magazine pouch. The wider area I'm curious would be at the top of the pouch.
  11. Hello, I've tried looking through the IDPA rules and this forum but haven't been able to find the answer. I'm hoping you can assist me. Can IDPA legal magazine carrier/pouch have a small/short "mag well" at the top to allow for a quicker insertion of the magazine into the carrier/pouch? So in other words, the carrier/pouch would be slightly wider at the top and then angle inward to the size of the magazine. If not, what is the rule? Thank you!!!
  12. Sad to say that Canyon Creek has closed. Illness has taken the better part of him and a lot of us who have had work done by him and/or purchased his products greatly hope he will be able to return to he business one day. Not only was he a master at his craft, but also an innovator and one willing to share information. I would recommend you contact Springer at Springer Precision. He is also well known and a great Springfield XD gunsmith/innovator. Good Luck and Be Safe
  13. RIIID (Rich from Canyon Creek Custom), who was known as one of the top 2 or 3 (if not the absolute best) Springfield XD gunsmiths in the nation is who would recommend an OAL no longer than 1.15 for consistency and reliability due to the interior dimensions of the magazines. Good Luck and Be Safe
  14. Another vote for LAPG brand pants. Good Luck and Be Safe!!!
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