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Found 15 results

  1. This is going to be a multi video process. Stay tuned for further videos. They can also be viewed on my Youtube Channel. More videos to follow shortly 3. Removing The trigger bar and trigger assembly - (SEE ABOVE FOR POLISHING) 4. Removal of stock staked trigger pin 5. Installation of CGW reduced power trigger return spring and CGW floating trigger pin 6. Reassembly 7. Testing
  2. I have a 1976 Tanfoglio P19 Combat and wonder what recoil spring weight would be proper. This gun's specs differ from the ones I can find for later Combat models on the internet. For example, the gun weighs 950 grams instead of 1150.
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for a little guidance please. I had my Shadow 2 slide milled for optics and to make CO weight by Primary Machine. I'm thrilled with the results and the gun is only 43.1 oz. I'm running the same 10# recoil spring as before the slide work. My load is Federal Syntech 150gr. Now, there's a bit more snappy recoil than before. Do I go heavier with the recoil spring? Or lighter? (yes, I'm gripping it harder )
  4. Thinking about changing out the stock recoil spring on my 40 cal Edge with a 12 lb one to keep the muzzle from nosediving so much. Any thoughts? Thanks, Darrell
  5. So, Gun came with 3 recoil springs. Choose the middle one 12, something LBS and feels good. My Brass is flying 10 to 15 feet however, is this a bad thing? Should I reduce recoil spring? I've read that 6 -7 feet is optimal? Help greatly appreciated...
  6. i recently bought a smith & wesson sd40 ve and did not really like the plastic guide rod, i have always had metal guide rods before so i purchased a aftermarket stainless steel quide rod with 15lb recoil spring. i know the oem spring is 18lbs but i figured if i used a lower grain rd like a wwb 165gr fmj it may lessen the recoil and get back on target by cycling faster. am i correct in my assumptions? if not what ammo do you think i should use with that setup? or should i just switch the oem spring onto the steel rod?
  7. I purchased an Apeiro in .45 acp. I wanted to go with a Dawson tool less guide rod. The question I have is what strength of recoil spring should I use with the Apeiro? I will be shooting factory 230 ball ammo to start with and because of the island barrel there is a mass difference. Just looking for some input.
  8. I've got a problem with my 10mm Witness Elite that I've not seen referenced anywhere. I load 180 JHPs to 1250 fps and am using a Wolff 20 lb recoil spring and a 22 lb hammer spring to try to control the slide velocity. I also welded up a FPS and created a flat bottom FPS but that didn't help much. Seems the FPS hits too high on the hammer to have much effect by using a flat bottom. So here is my issue. When I swap out my 40S&W barrel to 10mm, I install the 20 lb recoil spring on a Henning Conefit guide rod. Except the spring is almost impossible to install. It doesn't wa
  9. I'm left-handed at 10 yards my quick second shot was lower right compared to the first shot. 14 pound hammer spring 10 pound recoil spring.
  10. What lb recoil spring are you all running in your XDm's. I will be loading 180's to major. Thanks
  11. RickyH

    CZ sp-01

    Does anyone use a recoil Buffet? What weight recoil springs do you use with a 134 PF?
  12. I'm going to buy a SS guide rod and reduced power recoil spring 13# or 14# in my Glock 34. I have never done this. Do I need to get a lightened striker or lighter striker spring to counteract that? Or will the stock ones be sufficient? I shoot 124 gr manufactured ammo if that matters. Thanks.
  13. Hi Guys, I've made a few more guide rods: Gen. 4 for the G20, G21 and G41, and also a "Heavy" rod for the G34, G35, G20, G21 and G41. The "Heavy" rod is a larger diameter to add some weight, and will only run the Wolff springs (not ISMI or stock). I'm a Stage Sponsor again this year at the Area 7, and for the first time in too many years I'm actually going to shoot! Thanks for your continued support, I'm always trying to keep everything in stock and we're in good shape now. Oh, and FREE SHIPPING when you order between 7/4 and 7/11 if you use coupon code FREEDOM Thanks, Billy
  14. I won 500 rounds of Ibeji moly bullets, so I got a 500 pack of their 230gr RNs. This is my first time to use moly - usually, I go with Xtreme plated, but since these are free... So for those using moly, what is your powder of choice? While I'm asking - did you change your recoil spring to accommodate the load? (currently using an 18 or 18.5) Of course, the end goal is to find a load that makes Major and groups well. Thanks in advance!
  15. What weight recoil spring is recommended for your basic competition 200-230gr loads? I have noticed that my slide is much harder to rack compared to others I have felt.
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