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  1. Some things you have to call them direct; like I want a magwell for my X5 and it isn't on the website alone but I managed to e-mail Sig and they said they can sell me one over the phone.
  2. They're all over gun broker and I think even ebay; only problem is they cost almost as much as the gun, well $500+ because they're usually completely uppers, not stripped.
  3. +1, I've had issues with ETS mags, especially putting base pad extensions on them. I have them as my back up, back up mag
  4. Not to hijack any part of the thread but those of you who want a DPP or an RMR without an adapter plate, send it out to L&M Precision Gunworks https://www.landmprecisiongunworks.com/product-category/red-dot-optics/ My X5 slide comes back today, I'll post photos assembled when it's all together. Otherwise, for Vortex I'd say Springer is the way to go as the Venom matches a Burris FastFire mount. Or just go Romeo 1 for the least invasive method possible.
  5. All summer. Don’t forget Harvard this weekend (always the weekend after Hopkinton just Sunday) and Monson which is usually the last week I think
  6. I had an Apex in my X5 and it brought my pull weight from 4.5 lbs to like 5.5 lbs so I wasn't thrilled. Not mentioned I had ordered the model that isn't suppose to increase the pull weight. I did like the over travel stop that comes with it so I just ordered one and sold the whole kit. Been thinking of getting the GG but I keep seeing this Burke one everything here has mentioned....there's just that $120 vs $300 thing.
  7. At least we have NH so close
  8. What size drill bit for the M3 tap, 7/64? I ended up getting a Shadow 2 button made out of a G10 from https://lokgrips.com/gun-grips/cz/cz-shadow-2/accessories/mag-release-button/ and was going to give this a shot with a spare mag catch I have. I was going to try a Strike Industries extended mag catch but it doesn't fit my X5 properly; with that I could've just got a longer M2 screw and put the pad right in.
  9. That's one thing I haven't picked up. I probably should before Area 8 though.
  10. It's fun, everyone gets super butt hurt about it at matches, and unlimited magazine capacity
  11. Pretty sure my brass has been hitting the top edge of my R1 ever since I put in a stainless guide rod w/13 lb spring at 127 PF ammo judging by the marks . I have my slide out at L&M right now for a DPP cut. I ended up getting a tungsten guide rod and a calibration kit from Wolff a few weeks ago before deciding to send out the slide and I'll have to play with it more when it comes back. I was thinking about the X5 Legion or at least the grip module more because of the tungsten and the DPP cut (hence starting this thread) but I decided to cheap out an just get the optic cut for a mere $45 vs the $900+ for the X5 Legion...I am still curious about the module but I probably won't be able to keep my tungsten guide rod at the same time as the gun may be too heavy for Carry Optics. As many others keep saying, a steel frame is a bit more appealing but I'd like to get my hands on it before anything.
  12. What was your power factor at your 3.7 load?
  13. MBX put a post on Instagram and it said 65 rounds
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