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  1. The trigger wasn't resetting at times and my PCC is short stroked (JP bolt with blitzkrieg 5015HD, spacer weight, 308 carbine spring) I had to remove the spacer weight for the gun to reset the trigger and even then had some times where it wouldn't reset. AR Gold has a page that shows bolts that are compatible with their trigger and I think I found out the JP one wasn't exactly compatible. I wasn't about to buy a new bolt just to get a trigger to work when I had zero problems with my CMC prior, so I returned it and put the gun back to the original configuration and have since left it alone.
  2. Yup, that's me, I had issues with the PCC AR Gold trigger and had to reconfigure my entire recoil system to get the trigger to run right which in turn made my gun run differently and I wasn't happy so I returned it and stuck with the CMC PCC trigger.
  3. One performance update is I’m at a match right now and I can tell you I regret my 10 yard zero since it’s about 8-10” high at 30 yards and I missed the hell out of steel Wasn’t thinking about the 6” of lost barrel length/twist at that distance when I set it up. Guess who’s changing zero after the match?
  4. I can’t find the post I found the info on for the life of me since I closed the tab but does anyone have any titegroup load data with 100gr plates bullets that will make PF for USPSA I saw 4.7 start and 5.0 max powder charge (luckily took a screenshot) but wasn’t sure if this was for pistol or PCC. I’m looking to try 100gr Xtreme in a Brekke 10.5” setup. If anyone can confirm charge and PF numbers it would be appreciated!
  5. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with the A5. I think the whole point of the A5 tube was to not have to modify a bolt and it ensures reliability and proper trigger reset as the bolt can travel back a bit further for the reset. I tried the JP and ICRW (Gen 3 Mohawk) bolt in a regular carbine tube with the 5020SS and the trigger wouldn’t reset and once I switched to the A5 as Max had said, zero issues. I don’t know how much modification taccom does to their SS bolt. You could always just try it out and have an A5 tube on standby to install.
  6. Sorry for the delay, I wasn't getting post notifications on this for some reason! I wish I had experience with the 12.5" barrel but unfortunately not, I can at least shed light on my experience with the 10.5" build. That being said, here's my update after shooting it this summer! When I first set the gun up as you see in the original post, I ran it a few matches and initially was having a hard time adjusting from the 16" JP franken-build that was once my main gun. The dot movement and recoil was throwing me off, along with having less weight out front. Honestly, I wasn't thrilled with it in a match setting at first, but plinking a plate rack the range was a bit different. This upper was initially run on my originally PCC lower which has a carbine buffer tube, blitzkrieg 5015hd buffer with 2.6oz spacer weight for short stroke, and a 308 JP rifle spring - that lower ran amazing with the 16" upper but with the Brekke it felt bouncier and harder hitting on the shoulder. Eventually, I bought a lower from a friend (@Bdh821) and upgraded the recoil system along with what Max Leograndis had suggested with this new upper design. I installed an A5 buffer tube and the Blitzkrieg 5020SS buffer with the Sprinco Orange buffer spring. this gun now runs BETTER than my original/first 16" PCC! I managed to get this configuration done just before A7 and basically used that match as the proving ground for the new recoil system especially since I got to the range ONCE after setting it up (brave maybe but I had a backup gun in case) and the gun ran AWESOME. I will say I'm still running a hotter lot and A7 chrono proved that I was at 146pf as previously mentioned so it's rather hot but quick and flat. I do have 115s on the way to try and load in the 130-135pf range as Max also suggests with this upper. The match season here in New England was meh given covid so I only got out to may be 6 matches all summer but once I got the gun running the way I did for A7 I've been very happy with it. I'd even like to upgrade my 16" pcc to a duplicate setup but that's not just replacing the upper unfortuantely. If you look at this Google Drive video, you can see the differences between my original gun and the brekke pcc https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ftkmc13t-CGtnUYuYPX77f2XsQeAwFbK/view?usp=sharing Here it is now in it's current glory to remain unchanged; if you know me, I can't leave anything alone but this gun is staying how it is!
  7. I’ve had zero problems with it and coating IRCW uses makes it a breeze to clean. I give a few sprays with breakthrough clean, wipe with a rag, good as new
  8. Both of my PCCs are franken-builds my original primary has become my back up - luckily I've tuned them so both run damn near identical given the different barrel lengths. Ideally a backup will match the primary but oh well. Current Primary PCC: Gibbz ambi lower (thanks to @Bdh821 bailing on his brekke build ) Brekke 10.5" Max Leograndis barrel with compXtension and smoke composites handguard combo setup ICRW Mohawk 3.0 Copperhead bolt Blitzkrieg 5020SS buffer with a 308 orange sprinco buffer spring in an A5 tube CMC 3.5lb PCC trigger Holosun 510c Backup/original PCC prior to Brekke build: New Frontier C9 Lower with a Titan Rocket Industries magwell 16" JP stainless barrel and JP stainless bolt with Venom Defense 9MM comp and a taccom feed ramp Iron City Rifle Works Berserker 13" handguard Holosun 510c (and a now removed Burris FastFire III offset) Blitzkrieg 5015HD buffer with weight spacer and JP rifle length 308 spring CMC 3.5lb PCC trigger
  9. Hey all, Last year I shot my very first Area match at the 2019 EGW A8 match. I really wanted a jersey but they were for staff only and it’s shame because it was a great design. I emailed the match director from the older A8 site hoping they could share where the jersey cam from but no luck in response. Does anybody have an idea of who made them or how I could get my hands on one?
  10. It guarantees it won't break/need as much maintenance as your MPX
  11. So on Instagram, Brekke offered multiple setups. The list I got on was for a Brekke-supplied barrel, with the CompXtension installed, pinned, welded, and blended, AND the smoke composites handguard. You can buy the CompXtension individually and install it on your own barrel. You can also send him a barrel and have him install/pin/weld/blend the barrel and purchase a handguard separately, there's plenty of ways you could go about this setup honestly. The 1lb 9 oz is the full barrel WITH handguard and mounting hardware. It's pretty crazy how light it is all together.
  12. Hey all, I'm sure most of you have seen the current setup Max Leograndis is running from Brekke Custom by now. I ended up getting on the first list for the full barrel/extension/handguard combo and I gotta say I'm pretty impressed. I decided to try it out as my main upper and have my 16" franken-JP build as a back up should the need arise. The quality and finish is killer, and the weight is amazing. I ordered the 10.5" barrel (there is a 12" option) with the Smoke Composites rail and the total weigh is 1lb 9 oz. My build is mostly complete although I'm waiting for some parts to get back in stock from places, that being said I poached my bolt and charge handle from my upper and used a Holosun 503GU I had sitting around to get it running until I get a Holosun 510 and ICRW Copperhead 3.0 bolt. My PCC comes in at a hair over 6 lbs now and transitions with the weight being toward the back feel good and dot movement is pretty low. I'm currently testing loads to see what works best with it and also debating moving away from coated bullets to avoid buildup in the comp - currently running 125gr Blue Bullet RN at 3.6g Titegroup and through the 10.5" barrel I'm getting 146pf which is a tad snappy but runs well. I also tried Everglades 124gr RN plate with 3.6g Titegroup which produced 141pf and I could avoid buildup in the comp with those projectiles. I did notice once I swapped out my 308 rifle spring to a 308 carbine spring that it felt a bit softer so that helped. This same load made 143pf confirmed at Area 8 last summer in my 16" upper so the shorter barrel increases PF a little but not significantly. I may play with loads a little bit further to see how they work. This barrel is also very accurate, I zeroed my PCC at 10 yards (which doesn't sound like much and will probably be 2" high at 25 yards if it's similar to my 16" upper) and put 10 rounds in a group about the size of a quarter. I could probably have made it a bit tighter but either way I was happy and if the gun is THAT zeroed, anything off is my fault. I'm looking forward to running it in a match and seeing how it feels when moving in and out of shooting positions but at the moment, match season here in New England is still dead thanks to covid.
  13. Wonder if they plan on selling the comp alone for those who already have a 10.5” barrel lying around? i have a 10.5” I thought of doing an SBR build with, then decided to order a lightweight extension from Taccom but this new 10/16 has me thinking. Especially the post above comparing it to a JP 16” barrel - which I currently run.
  14. Slides and barrels also make think this is also to allow people who build their flocks from the ground up to be allowed into the sport with more freedom maybe?
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