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  1. That's the ticket, thanks man!
  2. Hey all, Last year I shot my very first Area match at the 2019 EGW A8 match. I really wanted a jersey but they were for staff only and it’s shame because it was a great design. I emailed the match director from the older A8 site hoping they could share where the jersey cam from but no luck in response. Does anybody have an idea of who made them or how I could get my hands on one?
  3. It guarantees it won't break/need as much maintenance as your MPX
  4. So on Instagram, Brekke offered multiple setups. The list I got on was for a Brekke-supplied barrel, with the CompXtension installed, pinned, welded, and blended, AND the smoke composites handguard. You can buy the CompXtension individually and install it on your own barrel. You can also send him a barrel and have him install/pin/weld/blend the barrel and purchase a handguard separately, there's plenty of ways you could go about this setup honestly. The 1lb 9 oz is the full barrel WITH handguard and mounting hardware. It's pretty crazy how light it is all together.
  5. Hey all, I'm sure most of you have seen the current setup Max Leograndis is running from Brekke Custom by now. I ended up getting on the first list for the full barrel/extension/handguard combo and I gotta say I'm pretty impressed. I decided to try it out as my main upper and have my 16" franken-JP build as a back up should the need arise. The quality and finish is killer, and the weight is amazing. I ordered the 10.5" barrel (there is a 12" option) with the Smoke Composites rail and the total weigh is 1lb 9 oz. My build is mostly complete although I'm waiti
  6. Wonder if they plan on selling the comp alone for those who already have a 10.5” barrel lying around? i have a 10.5” I thought of doing an SBR build with, then decided to order a lightweight extension from Taccom but this new 10/16 has me thinking. Especially the post above comparing it to a JP 16” barrel - which I currently run.
  7. Slides and barrels also make think this is also to allow people who build their flocks from the ground up to be allowed into the sport with more freedom maybe?
  8. Wonder if the rule changes are so that Alien gun can be compliant for each division?
  9. I used to have this happen with my AR9. I installed a taccom feed ramp to my upper and it hasn’t happened since, could be part of the issue.
  10. Plus, a designated lower has a more conventional mag release which means faster reloads compared to the MP5-style paddle release of those AR adapters.
  11. How are the recoil characteristics of this setup and what PF are you running? I've seen some guys run SBRs but unsure of their PF and there's quite a bit of muzzle rise when compared to 14.5-16" setups.
  12. Is this like an awkward modern attempt on a Thompson?
  13. but how many USPSA/PCC matches have shots out to those distances. While I understand wanting to have good groups out that far, I don’t see it mattering for most stage setups, especially 100 yards.
  14. Xtreme 147 RN 3.2gr Titegroup 1.15" OAL Makes about 138pf in a 16" barrel (these are all my usual CO loads if I'm not running Blue Bullets 147s at 3.0gr of TG) Soft shooting Blue Bullets 125gr RN 3.6gr Titegroup 1.14" OAL Makes 143pf in a 16" barrel verified at A8 chrono stage A bit more oomph but faster cycling and helps with dot bounce Both loads are very accurate; slightly over the 135 you're looking for, especially the 125gr load but the xtreme was a good dual-purpose load
  15. I’d estimate roughly 3500 rounds between the first time a spring broke in March of 2019 and the second spring breaking last week.
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