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  1. $165 is a decent price for a light barrel like that but how does it compare to other lightweight options such as Taccom, JP, and MBX in terms of accuracy? I know the JP and MBX are twice the price. The Wiland looks like like a 4" barrel with a permanent shroud/extension so I see how they got under a pound so I suppose a Taccom would be it's closest competitor in terms of pricing and design.
  2. Check out here: looks like a Sig P320 Legion R2 (revision 2?) has been released - note the photos don't have an LCI https://gunstuff.tv/product/sig-sauer-320x59legionr2-p320-9mm-luger-double-5-171-gray-polymer-grip-frame-legion-gray-stainless-steel-slide/
  3. Just keep in mind, the only problem with doing this to an extended release such as the springer precision one is that your holster will need to be modified to fit it. I didn't have to change a thing on either my Comp Tac or RHT holsters with the OE sig release and the G10 shadow 2 button.
  4. Page 109 section 21.6 (carry optics in this case) states "Sights, firing pins, firing pin retainers, pins, extractors, magazine releases, slide stops, thumb safeties, triggers, hammers, bushings, and ejectors MAY be replaced with OFM or aftermarket part" and doesn't specify the profile of the part being replaced. For example I put a GoGun *thumb rest [generic]* on my X5 and it doesn't count as a thumb rest because it's a modified slide stop/release. You're not changing the core function of the component, only modifying it for ease of use in a way. As @MemphisMechanic has mentioned in this post (or another post that this mag button has been mentioned) some of these have carried over to Production as well. Just need a magwell to be in legal in CO and it'll be true poor mans open
  5. Sorry got my posts mixed up, it’s here but page 109 of the rule book mentions it
  6. Scroll up or last page, I posted a screenshot of the ruling. In short, yes.
  7. I probably should've read and replied to this more than 10 minutes after waking up. Yes the thread pitch you will need is the same as the R1 (6-48 as mentioned) just a little longer as you said (3/4"). What I meant to say originally is that the R1 screws won't work with the DPP because of length (as we've discussed) but also the head type - R1 uses a fillister head screw to clamp the optic down in the screw hole/pocket of the optic while the DPP uses a weaver oval head so the tapered head clamps down on the optic that way. Sorry for any confusion.
  8. Just pulled up my e-mail from L&M and yes 6-48. I'm on brownells right now and believe you'd want the 6-48 x 3/4" weaver oval head screws.
  9. And you need screws with the correct thread pitch but otherwise yes. i think the Romeo 1 screws are too fat. I posted sizes earlier in the thread.
  10. I haven’t bothered but yes. The L&M slide work opens up the optics pocket towards the chamber and will allow the R1 and rear iron to be used still.
  11. I have probably 400 rounds through it without an issue, I was finishing out the summer season with PCC and switching back over to CO next week. The hardware I’m referring to is the two screws L&M provide to mount the DPP. Mark said they’re a 6-48 screw from brownells although he’s seen some slides (I’m guessing the M17) require M4x0.7 screws.
  12. I have the same experience you posted in the video at least twice per match, if you saw some of my instagram videos (same username as here) you'll see some of the blatant hang ups/hiccups I'll have when going after some targets rather quickly - I thought I just still hadn't figured out the cadence for some reason. Curious if I should try a hiperfire, seems LOTS of pcc guys use them. I used to have an Elftmann and never had freeze but lots of failure to reset so I went CMC since I never has issues with them in my ARs.
  13. Wait, am I not insane in my recent issues of trigger freeze with my CMC thinking it was only mental? Not to hijack thread or change directions but I've noticed some lately but have had zero issues otherwise. Edit: just realized you meant this on Timney...did the good ol'read and reply without reading whole post
  14. It's legal because it's a modified slide release and not a stand alone rest. I saw an instagram post from @MemphisMechanic of an e-mail to Troy McManus and he said the GoGun pedal is legal.
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