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  1. Yeah the glock ones are full plastic. Just don't drop them
  2. Which recoil spring are you running with it and what PF ammo?
  3. I understand being invested in STI magazines already and wanting a rifle that uses them, but I don't see the harm in a Glock magazine lower PCC besides needing to spend a bit more on extra mags you don't already own. As another mentioned; Glock magazines are very cheap compared to STI/any 2011 magazine and in the PCC world, the Glock has better capacity capabilities over the STI with the wide array of base pad extensions available. Just get a few 33rd sticks with some MBX mini/mega or Taylor Freelance Goliath's and hit the range for like $200 less than an STI 170mm mag. You say you don't own a Glock or want to, buying that magazine for a PCC doesn't meant you're obligated to buy a Glock
  4. wow $193 for a 15" PCC carbon rail that weights barely 6 oz with barrel nut? I love my Iron City Berserker but damn that's tempting...
  5. I’ll always recommend CMC because they have been flawless and feel great (I own 5 now I think). A lot of companies are making PCC specific triggers now so I do run theirs in my AR9. A lot of people use the Geisselle SD3G (model might be off) and have no problems and I’ve heard decent things about the Timney AR9 trigger as well.
  6. True, would be silly to compete with yourself in that aspect
  7. Luckily Springer was great about helping and provided measurements and all. I checked both plates with a caliper and still had no luck. It was either grind/sand hardware down and risk cross threading the bolts once the heads fit into the recess of the slide or say F it and buy a Romeo 1. You can definitely try a Springer adapter plate, they're $35 which isn't awful and they'll take it back if any issues should arise but I just like to let people know it may not be a quick and easy install as you'd hope. Glock got it right with the MOS system and the OEM plates they provide/sell extra...I hope Sig catches up and does this given the amount of people that prefer other red dots...just also wish H&K would understand this because that new long slide kit looks sweet but not being optics ready is a bummer.
  8. Wondering who here has managed to order the flat X5-style trigger Gray Guns sells for the P365 and what changes it made and whether or not it's worth it. I keep signing up for the list to order one when they come back in stock but I've now missed it twice by about 10 minutes because just sell out so damn fast! Is the trigger a good modification or would I be better off doing a polish job?
  9. I had zero luck with those plates when I tried to put a DPP on my X5; the plate holes didn't line up with the slide and the hardware didn't fit either. I even had it swapped out and still nothing. Went to a Romeo 1 instead and kept the DPP on my 34MOS
  10. I'm assuming you have this type of follower and this is why JP is saying this: Have you thought about swapping them out for the regular style follower or will it affect capacity and NJs dumb laws?
  11. Do you mean the Romeo 1 is 8 oz with the shield? Your first weight mentioned says the R1 weighs 8 oz and I was like ummmm way to high of a number; but I saw you said 1.5 oz later. I looked up the romeo 1 shroud but no weights are listed. Anything near a half pound sounds way too high. I have plenty of rounds through my X5 and my romeo 1 without the shield has been strong, the lens is just a shell deflector
  12. If you find the shot show video from 2018, Elftmann talk about how the AR9 trigger is different.
  13. I have a 16" JP stainless barrel that I run 147gr reloads through and can put 10 rounds through a whole about the size of a quarter/half dollar or so at 25 yards. I also has a 14.5" from War Sport that I got when ZRO Delta was clearing out the War Sport warehouse through Peace Geek and it's just as accurate. The barrels both have fairly low weight and have been very good.
  14. This response may be useless but unfortunately I haven't tested just the 5015 with the .308 spring since Blitzkrieg recommends the set up in specific manners, although if I get some range time in this coming Saturday I can pop the 2.6oz weight out and see how the 5015HD feels.
  15. I would go with the Romeo since it’s a direct fit. I tried the delta point pro plate and it wouldn’t line up even after trading it with the manufacturer a few times. I have heard other people having issues with adapter plates on the X5 as well. It’s unfortunate if you prefer a different type of optic but the Romeo is a good red dot.
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