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  1. Mark at L&M told me: "Something to note. I received a slide form a customer that tried to mount his ROMEO on yet another of the bazillion variations of P320 slides that SIG has out and his had M4x0.7 holes that are specific to the DP Pro. Neither the ROMEO or the RMR will take a M4 screw through their clearance holes and I had to ream out the holes for them to clear." It sounds like somebody sent an M17 slide and wanted to put a Romeo 1on but as you experienced, the holes need to be bored out for the M4 bolt. Like @George16 said, I wouldn't say you ruined the Romeo 1. As we say at work with all these British cars - some "fettling" is required time to time - and that's just what you did! If it works, it works!
  2. Also another random question. For those of you having buildup on your optic using your legion, what powder are you guys using? I talked to a major Sig shooter this weekend and he's been running N320 and said he has zero problems with the glass getting smoked from the LCI. I'm just curious if it's all load related - extra smokey, extra grimy lens
  3. After having an R1 on my X5 for months and have a DDP on my G34MOS and switching to the DPP, I feel like the DPP is the way to go with the clarity and window size. The dot is more crisp as well IMO. From what I've seen online, you need 6-48UNS-3A screws for the original R1 threads in the older slide, however, I'm guessing if the Legion is updated for DPP so it's now M4 x.7 x15.8mm? You could probably find a better fit screw in some of those master gunsmith scope mounting screw kits from Pachmayr. I wish I knew where L&M got the hardware he provides when doing the DPP cut on previous X5 because then it would fit through the R1 and allow mounting to the Legion slide; but again I think you made a good choice just going DPP and saving a headache of hunting down the right hardware.
  4. Thanks for the correction. I knew it was one of the Vortex it matched up but forgot which. I saw another post on here that an image/chart from EGW that had great cross reference info.
  5. I think the RTS2 has the same footprint as Burris FF3 and Vortex.
  6. So why not just order an original X5 barrel for your legion and be done with it?
  7. I'd be concerned with it fitting into your holster if do the paddle mod on the the extended springer release. I did this to the factory release and it fits without holster modification. The springer may have way too much height and cause you to accidentally drop the mag when your holding the gun. Factory mag releases can be ordered directly from Sig or you can find kits on eBay for like $16 if you need another...could always find clearance grip modules and buy them just harvest the mag buttons from them. Turn the module into a silly flashlight holder or something
  8. So I’ve probably mentioned here or on another Legion post about why not make a FrankenX5 if you don’t want the LCI. Well my module came today and I put my gun together and did a weigh-in. I have a previous gen X5 with a slide cut for a DPP, I made a custom mag catch button thanks to a post on here, and added a *thumb rest [generic]* since it’s legal and why not? With a 21rd mag and TTI baseplate, I weigh in at 44.8 ounces. If I use a 17rd with a TTI +5 it pushes me up to 45.4 ounces.
  9. If you buy a legion and have a previous X5 why not just build a Frankenstein X5?
  10. Didn't somebody mention they stopped using this barrel on the legion? I'm just waiting for SWFA to get TXG modules in so I can convert my X5 into a legion Already have DPP cut.
  11. I just replied to this and realized I'm dumb and replied months ago and can't delete...whoops
  12. I can't imagine the TXG grip module having a tungsten weight instead of steel. Sig offers two different modules, one with the weight and magwell, and one that's just the grip module without weight and magwell. There's a $50 difference between the two. No way that a tungsten slug for the grip was cut down to only a $50 difference, well unless Sig got crafty with cost effectiveness and manufacturing? I mean hell SSI had the tungsten slug alone for like $200. I heard in the video where he says the tungsten weight in the grip but I think he's just referring to the powder infusion that creates the module itself now.
  13. I was waiting for them to post it because they said it would be here today. On the list but nothing. I ended up just back ordering from SWFA. They're $3 more than Osage but at least like Osage, they're about $50 cheaper than Sig direct.
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