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  1. We have a few of the FTP Alpha 2 8 MOA red dots on clearance. They are the same as the RTS-2 V4 chipset and made in the same factory. We will only be stocking the Alpha 3's after this but these will still come with a 1 year warranty. These also come with the picantiny rail mount. $ 265.00 shipped within the continental U.S.A First come first serve
  2. So you just joined BE forums and your first post is to criticize our product which you have never tried nor experienced our warranty process? I am sure there is no ulterior motive there at all! Good luck in the shooting sports.
  3. It appears that Sig has their various optics made by several manufacturers which is why they have not standardized on a mounting pattern or plate. Our optic is made by the same manufacturer that makes the Sig Romeo 3 Max but I don't believe Sig offers a direct mount for that optic either! We can only guess at the inner workings of Sig and how they make decisions for their products.
  4. The choice of 6 vs 8 MOA is a personal one. We sell about 40 % 6 MOA to 60 % 8 MOA. The higher level competitors often seem to chose the 6 MOA as they perceive an advantage in accuracy for long range difficult shots without losing effectiveness in the bright sun. This also stems from the sliderides many of them ran in 6 MOA so they are used to that dot size. Personally, being a lonely Master class shooter, I like the 8 MOA as I feel I can easily make any shot I have ever seen in a match and the little extra dot brightness is appreciated in AZ where I often shoot under the desert sun. You will not go wrong with either.
  5. Great. You can order here: http://fasttoys.net/shop/FTP-Optics-Alpha-3-Red-Dot-Reflex-Sight/ I personally like the 8 MOA as it is a little brighter than the 6 for shooting under the desert sun. We will have the 8 MOA's back in stock in 7-10 days. The 6 MOA's are in stock and ready to ship :)
  6. The versions were to correct the shutting off issue and have nothing to do with brightness. The Alpha 3 will be brighter than the RTS2.
  7. I am not sure why but no OEM manufacturer seems to want to include optic plates for the RTS2/Romeo 3/FTP pattern. Good thing the aftermarket addresses it.
  8. 8 MOA optics have shipped from Japan and we should have them in 7-10 days :)
  9. 8 MOA optics have shipped from Japan and we should have them in 7-10 days
  10. You REALLY need to understand hit factor scoring and the match and your abilities to decide if it's worth it for you.
  11. 8 MOA's will be back in stock 3rd - 4th week of March
  12. 8 MOA's will be back in stock 3rd - 4th week of March :)
  13. 147's with 3N38 shoot so soft you would swear they are minor. You can also make major with 147 and 3N38 without exceeding SAAMI specs for 9mm. That is the only major load I am aware of that can do that. The downside is the slide does feel "slightly" more sluggish when compared to the 121's I normally shoot. If I spent the time to get used to 147's or hadn't shot the 121's before, I would probably be happy with the 147's. Open is really about learning and managing the cadence of the gun so you don't want to be changing loads all the time either.
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