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  1. The Alpha main differences would be as follows: 1. Larger window 2. Better coating on the glass to superior light transmission (brighter and less reflections) 3. MOTAC sensors to turn the dot off when not in use and back on when the gun is moved 4. Soft touch buttons for controls 5. Slightly longer profile 6. No need for locking screws on elevation and windage screws which are often a failure point There are only a few places that make just about all the optics on the market. The differences are what specifications are requested which can dramatically affect the price. For example, a premium lens coating can easily add 35.00 to the price over a base coating.
  2. We have one 6 MOA Alpha 3 left in stock and then these are on back order til approximately July!
  3. Yes you guys are ruthless! Sorry to post in your thread.
  4. We have one 6 MOA and one 8 MOA left in stock. After that, these will be on back order until July.
  5. For those of you wanting an Alpha 3, we are almost out of stock. This is what we have left: 2 x 6 MOA 1 x 8 MOA The next shipment will arrive some time in July. If you want one, grab it now!
  6. As an introductory special, we are offering free shipping in the continental U.S on this item
  7. As an introductory special, we are offering free shipping in the continental U.S on this item
  8. The target records each time it is hit. With a double action gun you can just keep pulling the trigger. With a single action gun, you have to re cock the hammer each time. For single action guns, typically that means you can time draws and reloads but I have also creatively used it as the last target in an array of targets and then just slightly prepped the trigger for each simulated shot (without dropping the hammer) and only dropped the hammer on the last shot for the timer to record a time. In that way, you can do stage type scenario. It only records hit or miss. Everything runs on batteries. I ran the target every other day for almost a year and the batteries are still going strong. The laser trainer cartridge itself is also going on a year with the same batteries. The cartridges has a rubber snap cap activator that typically wears out in approximately 3000-5000 rounds. With our system, the end cap can be replaced inexpensively and then you just reuse the rest of the cartridge. Many other laser cartridges on the market require you to buy a whole new unit when the activator cap wears out (not cool). We recommend purchasing an extra activator cap so you don't have down time. The target is electronic so it will last a long time. A side benefit of the laser cartridge is you can also use it it sight in your firearm.
  9. You can use it with our 9mm or 40 SW laser cartridge. When you drop the hammer the cartridge will emit a 50ms laser pulse which is picked up by the target. The target and cartridges are battery powered. There are four modes for the target: 1. Hit Counter : Just records numerically consecutive hits on the target. 2. Shot Timer (the best mode in my opinion): Target will bee randomly to start the timer and then will display the time it takes for your to hit the target. It will show the time for a few seconds and then restart with a random beep. 3. Burst Shooting - Counts how many times you hit the target within 5 seconds 4. Double Tap Mode: The target will record the time taken to hit it twice in a row If you have any other questions, just let us know.
  10. Take your dry fire training to the next level with FTP Laser Training Targets and Cartridges. The cartridges fire a laser when the hammer drops which are detected by the target which registered a hit. Not only that, the target has a built in timer that starts with a random beep so you can record your draws, reloads, transitions etc. The target included various inserts to vary the difficulty or you can just remove the inserts to have the maximum target space available to simulate an A zone at varying distances. No more guessing about whether you hit the target in dry fire or made the par time. You will know EXACTLY how long it took to hit the target. This little system actually makes dry fire fun and there are many different training scenarios you can set up. Available for 9mm and 40 S&W You can view more info and order on our web site here: FTP Laser Target Package
  11. There are TONS of threads on the difference but it really boils down to brass cost. If you can afford the 38 SC brass, the larger case capacity gives you more powder choices and it is easier to load and not have powder spillage. Also, the rimless brass stacks better in the magazines and thus could be slightly more reliable. Since just about all the brass is the same brand, the ejection pattern is more consistent which is more of a concern to people running slide rides than micro dots. With that being said, you can make 9mm major gun run great but most builders will recommend running the micro red dot or using one brand of brass. I run 9mm major myself
  12. I really like having an index point for my thumb so I know my grip is the same every time. You also "can" control some flip using the thumb rest but you have to be very careful to not lead the gun when you don't intend to. I know many people also don't like thumb rests as they feel they get in the way. To each their own
  13. Personally I prefer an 8 MOA but at least half our customers go with the 6 as it makes tighter shots a little easier and it still sufficiently bright to see in the sun.
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