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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback. We are very glad that everyone is enjoying their optic
  2. We also have a mount that fits the Max, Max XL, RTS2 and FTP Optics Alpha 3 and has a blast shield. It does not fit the old Romeo 3 though. http://fasttoys.net/shop/FTP-Optics-Alpha-2-3-RTS2-Sig-Max-Optics-Mount/
  3. You can actually make major under SAAMI specs using 3N38 and 147 projectile so I would say it's one of the better powders for pressure. You will also see some gun manufacturers that make open guns will only warranty their guns if you use this powder.
  4. We have a few more sets in the process of being made right now and should be ready to ship on Friday. These are awesome replacements to the original DAA cart tires that are very prone to flats.
  5. We are glad you are enjoying your FTP Alpha 3. It gives you similar features to the Sig Max for a much friendlier price point. We now have mounts for open guns as well which you can see in the vendor forum.
  6. The Ultimate Optic Mount The FTP Optics mount is a once piece design that is cut from billet aluminum. This gives it the ultimate in strength and reliability. There are no pins to fall out or multiple pieces that can come loose. They feature a standard 5 hole mounting pattern and are available in anodized satin silver or black. The mount features a blast shield to help prevent debris from collecting or damaging the lens on your optic. These mount are designed to center the optic over a wide frame. Standard width frames will require the optional shim. Fits The Most Popular Optics The FTP mount will work with the following optics: FTP Optics Alpha 2 FTP Optics Alpha 3 C-More RTS2 Sig Romeo Max Sig Romeo Max XL Mounting: The FTP mount is designed to keep the mount as low as possible to the slide to reduce parallex which is one of the signifcant advantages of the micro dots over the slide ride style top mount optics. Due to this design, a flat topped slide is generally required. The drill pattern is the standard 5 holes at .375" spacing. The mount is designed to provide additional clearance to zig rackers which can interfere with some other brands of optic mounts. The mount includes a pair of M4-12 screws to secure the optic to the mount. You may need to cut the screws to length to ensure they do not contact your slide. A set of five 5-40 screws to attach the mount to the frame of the gun are available as an option. Please verify the screw type for your firearm. It is recommended to use blue loctite to secure the screws from the optic to the mount and red loctite to secure the mount to the frame.
  7. It's the same as the RTS but is slightly longer at the front so if you have a blast shield, you will have to clearance it slightly. It would use the exact same mount at the Sig Max. We will have mounts in stock shortly.
  8. They will be same price regardless of dot size: $ 379.00
  9. We are looking at offering the FTP Optics Alpha 3 with a 10 MOA dot. Is there interest in this dot size?
  10. We are looking at offering this optic with a 10 MOA dot. Is there interest in that dot size?
  11. Here is the FTP Optics Alpha 3 as another option for you. The glass side is very similar to the SRO with features like the Max. It is available in 6 or 8 MOA. It has the special lens coating like the Max to give clear glass, more light transmission and less glare. We also have the motion sensor but set up in a more favorable way for competition shooters than the Max. Our sensor will turn the dot off after 3 minutes of no motion and then right back on at last intensity as soon as motion is recognized. If anyone is at US Nats this weekend, you ca welcome to come and check it out on my Open gun.
  12. Just a quick note to let people know we will have mounts with a blast shield to fit out sight in about a month. They will also fit the Sig Romeo 3 Max (gee I wonder why ;) )
  13. We have confirmed that the Sig Romeo 3 Max mount with the blast shield will also work with the FTP Alpha Optics 3 (gee we wonder why ). We are getting low on 8 MOA dots but have lots of 6 MOA left in stock
  14. Tired of the wheels in your DAA Range Cart Pro going flat? If you have looked for metric sized wheel replacements, you know they are very expensive or difficult to find. FTP has the solution for you! This kit replaces the leak prone factory wheels with solid wheels that are airless. Not only that, we add bearings to the wheels which make them roll as smooth as butter! Pushing your cart is easier than ever and the cart will still disassemble for transport in a suit case like the originals. Installation is simple. You just have to pop off the original wheels and slide on our new wheels with the supplied hardware. Now you don't have to worry about flat tires and an added bonus is some additional clearance to your backpack to help keep it clean and rub free. You can order on our web site: http://fasttoys.net/shop/FTP-DAA-Range-Cart-Wheel-Upgrade-Kit/
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