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  1. Thanks for the feedback. We are glad you LOVE the dot. Blast away!
  2. The Alpha 2 was discontinued. We just offer the Alpha 3 now.
  3. That is only the case if there is no blast shield. If it has a blast shield, you may need to clearance the bottom of the blast shiled as some will make contact with the Alpha 3 which is slightly longer. If the mount will work with the Romeo 3 Max, then it should work with the Alpha 3 even with a blast shield. They all use the same mounting pattern.
  4. Our next customer shipment for U.S based customers will go out on Tuesday via USPS priority mail for those orders placed by 2:00 this coming Monday. Order yours today and you should have it by next weekend
  5. If your Shadow 2 is an optics ready gun, the factory RTS-2 plate will not work as the optic is slightly longer in the front and it runs out of space. Stuart at CZ custom is putting one on a customer's gun right now with their mount so give them a call and they may have a mount available for you.
  6. Just a quick note that the 6 MOA red dots are low on stock. If you want one, grab it!
  7. It works very well for training to shoot open with both eyes open. It is also a lot of fun to tease the uninformed. Just tell them that "open guns shoot themselves" which is what all non-open shooters think anyways
  8. I don't think we will be making any new mounts. There are already a bunch of places making them and the Romeo 3 XL ones seem to work well
  9. Dots are flying out the door. Thanks to everyone that has purchased
  10. We do have one left of our own mounts left in stock. As mentioned, the mounts for the Romeo 3 XL also seem to work just fine.
  11. Just a quick note that to confirm the Alpha 3 is slightly longer than the RTS2 on the front so if you are using an optics ready gun, you may need to machine the front of the slide cut to make extra clearance when using an RTS2 plate. If you choose to shave the Alpha 3 instead, the warranty would be voided so I would not recommend that option.
  12. We are glad you are enjoying the optic. We appreciate your suggestion too. We do include the allen wrench so at least people don't have to search for one
  13. Any orders placed between now and Monday will ship next Tuesday after the long weekend. These are flying out the door so don't wait too long You also should follow on on Instagram as we will be posting some short videos on the dots and their features.
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