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  1. We have the following in stock: 9mm x 4 40 S&W x 3 They will be on back order again after that
  2. We are down to our last few Mr. Bullet Feeders! 40 S&W x 3 9mm/38SC x 1 $ 469.00
  3. The Double-Alpha Grip Kit is back! Customize you pistol grip and enlarge the hand-to-grip contact surface by increasing the contact area on your grip for better recoil management and gun control. The process is quite simple but make sure you follow the steps in the video below. Your kit includes the following: · 2 cups of epoxy putty (marked 1 and 2), approx. 20gr of each · One bottle of Epoxy hardener (black cap) – 50ml · One bottle of Epoxy Resin (white cap) – 100ml · One small cup of Black Epoxy Die · One cup of Silicon Carbide powder – approx. 60gr ·
  4. This custom made thumb are direct fitments CZ Czechmate and CZ Tactical sport pistols. The pattern will directly fit the Czechmate and includes 4 stainless steel screws. For the CZ Tactical Sport (TS), a gunsmith is recommended to drill the holes to attach the thumb rest. This thumb rest is wider and more comfortable than the one included on the CZ TS Orange. Note: Included screws need to be slightly shaved down for installation (so you dust scratch your dust cover). The multiple hole positions allow you to adjust the position of the thumb rest. These can be used on other pistols i
  5. I have always used 5W30 synthetic motor oil. It will flow down to -40. If it can protect an engine at 8500 RPM, it sure can protect a gun going 600 RPM.
  6. We only have TWO left of the 10 MOA Alpha 3 Optics. If you want one before March, get er done!
  7. Just a couple of sets left. If you are tired of flat tires on your DAA cart, this is the best solution
  8. For those that have asked, the 10 MOA is a beautiful and very usable sized dot.
  9. 2 x 10 MOA left in stock and then we are sold out until March For those that have asked, the 10 MOA is a beautiful and very usable sized dot.
  10. We are sold out of 6 and 8 MOA Alpha 3 Optics. We just have 4 x 10 MOA optics left in stock! Our next batch up optics will arrive approximately the 2nd week of March. You can order one here: http://fasttoys.net/shop/FTP-Optics-Alpha-3-Red-Dot-Reflex-Sight/
  11. We used the highest quality glass and coatings on the Alpha 3. Just about everyone comments on how clear the glass is and how bright the dot is compared to other brands. The anti reflective coatings are also superior. Thanks to everyone that has purchased the optic. We have a few left and then the next batch will not arrive until March. If you want to check out pictures and more feedback from our customers, check our our Instagram account. When our customers tag us, we share it to our account.
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