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  1. Did you couple this with any of the other ideas (raising the tip up, creating a "lid" for the brass, etc) or just do the scoring? Any theory on why scoring this treatment would splash less?
  2. I figured I need to post out here again. Because of the entire thread above, I had previously abandoned this powder check and the seat/crimp combo die...maybe 10,000ish rounds ago. Then it happened. Through a stupid mistake I managed to run 35ish low-/no- powder rounds into a bin of ~150 completed rounds before I realized what I was doing. The problem is of course I had no idea which 35 were the potentially bad rounds. With the primer situation, I ended up disassembling/redoing ~80 rounds and and using the other 100 for practice. This caused me to reconsider and dig my powder check and die bac
  3. If you're talking about splashing problem, it has nothing to do with sensitivity setting. I did get this to work and improved over the initial "factory" installation but ultimately abandoned it for two reasons: the powder splash was driving me crazy and using range brass with the combo seater/crimper die was not giving me consistent crimps.
  4. Agree, that's been my experience across 550 and 650 (and now using 1050). I always hand seat all rounds before I moon them going to a big match. If I didn't, I learned I *might* see a couple not fully seated over 350 rounds (<<1%). In other words, hand priming was mostly a waste of time but I viewed it as insurance.
  5. If you have a good trigger on your wheelgun (but not too good), the answer is simple--Federal primers + handseating each primer (following loading) = 100% ignition.
  6. I'm preparing to add some automation to my 1050 and I stumbled across a set of videos ( https://thejudgedie.com/ ) on The Judge die by Mojo Precision. I certainly looks like the ticket. However, the links to purchase the die appear broken. Questions have (so far) gone unanswered. What happened to this die and is it or an equivalent still available? Does anyone have experience with this die?
  7. The first picture below shows 2 140mm and 1 171.25mm 2011 9mm MBX mags along with styles of followers. All mags were purchased used so I don't know heritage though they don't appear to have seen a lot of use. The question is what follower do I use in the 170mm mag? I've had some mag feeding failures with the follower that was in the big mag (the flat green one pictured on the left), which I don't believe is an MBX-designed follower. Though it's hard to tell on the MBXExtreme video, I believe these are Gen1 tubes. In the picture below, the 3 followers are left-to-right: unknown brand flat green
  8. So here's an update: I'll give Mighty Armory credit--Wayne responded to my (website entered) complaint over Memorial Day weekend and spent >1 hour on the phone with me on Sunday while I measured things real-time at the press. Apparently, some Dillon plates are cut such that his die doesn't fit all the way down--in which case he's apparently added a chamfer to the die. However, that wasn't my problem. He had me reduce the bell I was adding in station 2 with my MBF funnel. His view was the die was correctly sizing the brass but my bell was taking some of that back out and given th
  9. Is there a way to distinguish which version I have?
  10. Uh, did you read my original post and the problem I now have? One of the two changes I made was moving to a MA sizing die.
  11. I’ll make a few hundred rounds with the Dillon sizer and Redding seater. If I get more of the same, next swap out will be Redding die.
  12. Can you tell me more? It came highly recommended from a guy running an automated setup (in 9).
  13. These arguments do make sense but what doesn’t jive I have is I’ve loaded well north of 10k with this bullet and range brass the last two years. I don’t recall having setback issues at any point during this time until now. I’ve now seen ~9 over the last 600 rounds. Seems like there must be another factor too. I’ll use my Dillon die for a few hundred more rounds and see what I find. I think I’ve got a U-die around here somewhere and can try that too.
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