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  1. Jpoint 8moa Very lightweight, bright and clear dot, low profile, clear non tinted window. The only downside is you have to be careful when cleaning because lens can scratch easily.
  2. Stock 3 bull barrel hard chromed would be awesome.
  3. My favorite load for the walther is 3.9-4.0 gr power pistol 147 gr fp blue bullet winchester primer 1.13 oal 132pf at nationals Most accurate load with the powders I had at the time.
  4. 15k+ in stock form. 200ish after conversion. Don't forget that the sp01 was designed and tested for use with +p+ ammo Im running a shock buff and 10lb recoil spring. My 135pf production load will not cycle the slide with comp and 10lb spring. kneelingatlas is the guy to talk too about open major cz's.
  5. I converted a sp01. Its a great low budget open option. The only thing I need is a magwell. Its way more accurate than I thought too. Major PF ammo 1st load test got me a 1.5" group at 27 yards on a 30 degree day rested on a ammo box. Im sure i could get sub 1" on a proper rest and a few degrees warmer. A buddy of mine shot it freehand at 25yds and was able to put 9 shots in the head A box zone and the 10th was just below. He could not believe it. Trigger is about 1 1/2lbs and less reset than most custom 2011's
  6. TTI extensions with grams guts Jpoint or shield rms 8moa red dot for a ultra low rds. cowitness is possible with a .010+ taller front sight Jager glock gen 4 long/heavy guide rod 13-14lb recoil spring. I like 14lb Home Depot spring pack for many trigger return springs Powder river precision XDM FPB safety spring Those 2 springs with minimal polishing will get you a 2lb 2oz trigger with a positive reset. The FPB spring is a must for this to happen
  7. I have both. Grams guts are a must. I can get 23+1 or 22 reloadable in both I highly recommend TTI You have to be very careful with the springers. They can be too long..... I was at nationals this year and they did a courtesy check the day before optics nationals. I wanted to make sure that my mags fit the gauge. (First major match shooting carry optics) low and behold springers didnt pass but the tti did. It could have been a very painful match shooting open minor. Thankfully I had a couple of hand files in my bag and went to work.
  8. I'm in the mid 3s da and 1lb 2oz sa with a uncut 8.5lb. The sa was too light for my liking.
  9. Im not sure why the high numbers. I did light polishing and some stoning with the light trigger return spring , 11.5 hammer spring , cgw extended firing pin. CZC hammer gets me 4lb 12oz da and 1lb 12oz sa Original shadow 2 hammer 5lb 2oz da and 2lb sa Pull weight done with a lyman electronic gauge with 5 pull average. Sets off winchester primers.
  10. #1----- 8 1/2 inches #5-----5 3/4 inches Measured with stock sights and mag inserted with factory basepad.
  11. I'm a iron shooter 75% of the time so for me it was getting a red dot as low as possible. I went with a jpoint which I love. Shield rms is the aluminum version thats just as good if not better. 6-8 moa is the best for action shooting. the jpoint sits low enough that a can almost cowitness with my stock height front sight. a +.010 front sight would be perfect.
  12. IFG stock 1 has a straight barrel and is idpa legal. The eaa tanfo stock is not idpa legal
  13. You can install a shadow 1 extended mag release on sp01 and 75 series for SSP
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