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  1. This was unfortunately the perfect storm. I did some non scientific testing. Shadow 2 11lb hammer spring Federal match primers. I used a heavy rubber mallet. 1. extended fp and worn out light fp spring. 1.1 Hammer down hitting beaver tail, Nothing. 1.2 hammer cocked Safety off hitting beaver tail, nothing 1.3 hammer down hitting hammer, bingo ignition. 2. Factory fp and factory spring, above testing done in same manner with no ignition. 3. Extended fp factory spring Above testing done in same manner with n
  2. I love coated bullets. I have had no problems with build up in the last 2 years. Normally I use blue bullets but since the whole delay order issues, I've moved on to a few others. When I did testing for the heavy bullets it was in my middie no popples and my own designed and made comp. My buddys was a middie no popples and a binary eng 3 port comp. Next up is to go the opposite direction and try some 115gr
  3. So, I had the same thoughts a month ago, so I loaded some 147gr and a buddy loaded some 160gr.. yes 160gr.. I was really hoping it would make a difference for the better. I loaded with shooters world Major pistol powder which is about as slow burn as you can get. The heavy loads definitely had a different feel. Recoil impulse was like shooting a steel frame minor gun. The dot had much more rise than my standard 125gr bullet. The other thing you have to keep in mind is oal. My barrels can handle 1.20 oal. Shortest I could load the 147gr was 1.18oal 160gr was 1.19o
  4. I would highly recommend JEM especially for your first build. My current open blaster is a JEM frame and slide. The best part is JEM charges a very small fee to fit the frame and slide. They also can tri top. Brazos is another great option and will also do fitting but costs a few hundred more then JEM. Are you building a 2011 for limited, open or three gun?
  5. I measured my sp01 safety model and it's .549. It now has a threaded barrel and comp for open, I ordered a sp01 barrel. I believe who sold you that barrel shipped a standard 75b barrel.
  6. Do you have a calipers? If so measure the outer diameter of both barrels and post the sizes. I'll measure my sp01 safety model.
  7. I thought the sp01 and the shadow 1 are identical except for the firing pin block system? Is it possible he ended up with a 75b barrel? The 75b barrel is smaller outer diameter than the sp01.
  8. 9mm isn't approved for USPSA limited major
  9. Are you going to do any poppels? If not the mbx comp works much better than the binary. If so x2 3/16 plus the binary is much better. Not sure about The mbx with popples yet, will be trying that in the future. Nose weight is very different when comparing long titanium vs long stainless if that's a concern. The binary takes more work to fit depending on barrel. .685 tap and die along with a egw align reamer.
  10. I think Carry Optics Should have a sub-forum as its one of the hottest growing divisions and it would help to unclutter things.
  11. Very interested! A short video might be easier unless you all ready have the pictures.
  12. If your going to attempt to shoot 9 major thru the shadow 2 you must run a comp. The shadow 2 was not nato tested with +P+ ammo like the sp01 and shadow 1. I thought about converting a shadow 2 but once I saw the frame cracking issues with guys using minor PF ammo I decided to pass. I converted a SP01 that has been running flawless the last 6k-8k rounds using major ammo.
  13. je85

    DAA insert block

    I have a old para (made in canada) and a Rock Island double stack. Which block should I get? The 1911 or the Para. When I go onto Shootersconnection they list para (new model) and 1911 (para old model)
  14. Any major downsides in using RN fmj exposed lead bottom for major?
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