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  1. Welcome to the board and USPSA and Steel Challenge. Good time of year to get interested. I went to my first match at the end of October many years ago and had to wait through the winter before I could shoot more matches. SE Michigan has a good shooting community and there are some great clubs you can shoot at and potentially join depending on where in SE Michigan you live. Wayne County Raccoon Hunters https://raccoonhunters.org/ is a good option if you are anywhere near Romulus and is where I am a member and practice at. The Detroit Sportsmen's Congress (DSC) is up in Utica if you are nor
  2. Welcome! My wife and I have talked about swinging by and checking out your Museum with our 9 year old son but haven't gotten a chance yet. Hopefully we will see you soon.
  3. Haven't had it happen either with my Legion or regular x-five and my stable if 17 and 21 round mags.
  4. I figured the same thing at first but after testing different combos, the best configuration for me ended up being the 14lb spring and steel guide rod for the iron sighted gun.
  5. When I first got my Legion I messed around with different springs and a tungsten guide rod. I eventually settled on the stock 14lb spring and steel guide rod while shooting irons. With my carry optics Legion and a Romeo3 Max mounted I am using the stock 12lb spring and a tungsten guide rod. I found the iron sighted setup dipped a bit too much with the tungsten guide rod and 14lb spring, but with the steel guide rod my shots stacked on top of each other. I did recently get some brass basepads from a buddy starting a new business, so when i get a chance I want to try them with the
  6. I always bring double what I think ill need. You can always leave some in the car so you don't have to lug it around during the match but have it in case of emergencies.
  7. Did you have to fuss with it at all for it to run well? I heard complains when they first came out but haven't been keeping up on it. I load mostly Federal Primers which work ok in my vibra prime but I would like to move to something a bit easier.
  8. I see nothing incorrect in this post. Started with a Lee Load-Master and then moved to a XL650. Sold it and bought a 1050 and have never been happier, especially with a bullet feeder and Ammobot. The 50,000 primers is also a good number to target. Gets me a couple of years worth of shooting if things go, well, like they always do.
  9. I got to play with BullChunn's trigger this past weekend and it was very nice. I have the Armory Craft trigger with the grey guns kit installed and his was a bit smoother than mine. The Sig Armorer did great work. That said, mine isn't too bad at all and I do like the setup. I hadn't installed the Grey Guns sear at first, just the light sear springs and Armory Craft Trigger. When I added the Grey Guns sear, I didn't notice much of a change. The lighter Grey Guns sear springs definitely dropped the weight a bit and being able to adjust the pre and over travel using the Armory Craft Trigge
  10. I have yet to try or see one in person but I hear that Dominate Defense makes a ratcheting outer belt and that their inner belt works well and doesn't bunch up. Looks like the inner belt doesn't use velcro to stay closed so it can squish in a bit without bunching up when you ratchet the outer belt. Looks interesting, though expensive. Someone buy one and tell me how well it works. https://dominatedefense.com/product/mach_1_inner-belt/
  11. Damn it! I was really hoping to eventually try an Alpha.
  12. I was running a 12lb 1911 spring on my non-legion x-five with a romeo 1 on it and a tungsten guide rod, but when I got my Legion I tried various spring combos and ended up back at the 14lb Sig spring and stock guide rod. Surprised me since I usually like really light recoil springs in most guns I shoot, but with the Legion, the 14lb just shot best. This is with iron sights and a 125gr load.
  13. I've been using a Lee seating and crimping die on my 1050 with an AmmoBot for tens of thousands of rounds, and that same die on a 650 and a Lee LoadMaster before that. Never had a problem. I am currently using BlueBullets, and SNS bullets, with various jacketed bullets in the past as well. Never had any issues marring the top of any bullet searing, and havent seen any accuracy issues from crimping. My ammo always chronos well also with minimal variance. Give it a whirl. The DAA die looks a lot like my Lee, and it only costs $22.95.
  14. I got a Safariland backpack a few weeks ago and am really liking it. I've got some back issues and a backpack is a lot easier to carry without pain for me. The layout of the safariland is nice, and it comes with a double pistol bag that doesnt take up much space.
  15. This for sure. Life is busy right now so if I can finish a match in one day I'll happily take that option.
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