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  1. Never tried this specifically, but sounds like it would work well. The first time I really called a shot was during a match when the targets were bagged due to rain. I couldn't see where my hits were going but I just knew I had missed a headshot so I made it up and it turned out I was right. Very cool feeling. Not being able to see my hits made me have to just know where my hits were without being able to see the target. Give the Anderson/Stoeger setup a whirl and let us know how it works.
  2. E2 grip is great. I'm waiting now for Matt to fit the new heavy frame to my limited gun. I've seen some Atlas guns and they look very nice, but I've never shot one so can't judge there. I can say Matt has great customer service and answered all of my questions very quickly and all of his guns I've handled and shot were great guns and I am happy to recommend his stuff.
  3. I have an Edge that originally had a plastic grip with a really nice texture, but I wanted to try a steel grip and bought a used Phoenix Trinity Evo from the forum. The Evo is definitely a nice grip and went on my gun easily. I was at a match a month or two later though and ran across someone at a match with the new Cheely E2 grip and got to do a side by side comparison. Like you, I don't have giant hands and the Cheely grip is cut a little different under the beavertail and I felt like that gave me a slightly better reach to the trigger. Laying them on top of each other the Cheely grip looks to be cut up and in a tiny bit more. I also like the texture on the E2 a little better. Matt improved the grippiness of the E2 compared to the original steel grip of his which I appreciated. When I tested his original steel grip, I wished it had a bit more grippiness in the back area next to the main spring housing. The E2 definitely has more grip there and everywhere else, without being painful. The Evo grip is really grippy but my computer guy hands were getting torn up by it. I'm sure I would've toughened up, but I eneded up ordering the Cheely grip and have been extremely happy with it. Because of the different contour at the gear of the grip, my gun indexes a bit better for me too without having to adjust anything which is also nice. In the end, both grips are great, but The Cheely grip won out for me. I should also mention for any of you lefties out there, I am using a Mitchell right side release and was able to get it to fit both grips with a bit of sanding. It isn't pretty, as they are both contoured on the left side of the grip where the screw goes, but it works and that is good enough for me.
  4. Southeast Michigan. We've got a pretty healthy USPSA group around here. The 9 stage club is the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Association.
  5. Home club runs 9 field courses every month. Two others usually run 8 stages each a month. One other club that runs a 6 stage match monthly.
  6. Double Alpha has worked well enough for me. I ended up hacking on it a bit to get it to go more vertical and had to file down the slide stop so I could get the thumb rest flat against the frame. No issues now other than having to use a punch to get the slide stop off. It ain't pretty but it shoots well enough.
  7. I tried a pair on my CZ a while back and the inside rubbed thee mag and I quickly cracked them. When I switched to a Tanfoglio, I tried a few sets of grips until a buddy let me fondle is Stock 2 with Copper grips. I fell I'm love and ordered a set. Had to cut down the set he makes for the regular Witness so it would fit the competition frame. This time I only tightened them enough to keep em on, no cranking the screw down. I do have to occasionally retightrn the screw but no big deal. New season and I needed a fresh set of grips for a second gun. This time he had a Stock 2 specific grip which I ordered. They are a bit thicker with a slightly different contour. Still awesome grippiness. I will continue to use them and keep a spare set in the bag. Heck, they are cheap enough.
  8. wurm

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    I waffled back and forth and ended up ordering both. I started with the 0.90 and so far I'm liking it. A little bit more light showing in the sight picture. I suppose time will tell if I made the right choice or if I have to switch to the .100.
  9. wurm

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    I just got in a Dawson. .240 front sight and it works perfectly. Same height as stock.
  10. I ordered 5000 .40 from Monmouth at the end of December and didn't get to it for a few months. It looks wonderful but I got so many cracked case mouths when I actually tried reloading it that I decided I am tossing all of it.
  11. As much as I liked BBI bullets, I too had to load as short as you with 147s for my CZ and it was causing some bulging on the random brass I was using. I eventually switched to SNS 147 flat points and I am able to load to 1.135 and get less brass issues.
  12. I haven't posted a video to youtube in a while but had a buddy film me at this match. Figured some here might like to see the awesome stages Roy and crew setup and laugh at me and my broken trigger return spring on my CZ.
  13. I posted over on the IPSC66 Facebook page but wanted to say it here as well. What a great match! 9 stages and each one was full of options, with many having a good mix of hard and easy shots along with a smattering of no shoots. Thank you to the setup and match crews as well as the ROs, especially Geoff and Gerald who had to put up with me and the rest of our squad. I look forward to the rest of the season.
  14. I've tried a few different ambi safeties and I've had better luck with ones that use an extended hammer pin to help retain the right side. Without that most will eventually start separating on me. The EGW is a really nice safety and is what I have on my STIs. Very nice machine work. Make sure to order it with an STI pin. http://www.egwguns.com/index.php?p=product&id=149
  15. I don't own a CK grip yet but a buddy has a few and I've played around with them a bunch and I really like it. Not quite as grippy as the PT aggressive but plenty grippy enough. I find the aggressive PT grip a bit too much for my delicate computer guy hands.
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