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  1. I have yet to try or see one in person but I hear that Dominate Defense makes a ratcheting outer belt and that their inner belt works well and doesn't bunch up. Looks like the inner belt doesn't use velcro to stay closed so it can squish in a bit without bunching up when you ratchet the outer belt. Looks interesting, though expensive. Someone buy one and tell me how well it works. https://dominatedefense.com/product/mach_1_inner-belt/
  2. Damn it! I was really hoping to eventually try an Alpha.
  3. I was running a 12lb 1911 spring on my non-legion x-five with a romeo 1 on it and a tungsten guide rod, but when I got my Legion I tried various spring combos and ended up back at the 14lb Sig spring and stock guide rod. Surprised me since I usually like really light recoil springs in most guns I shoot, but with the Legion, the 14lb just shot best. This is with iron sights and a 125gr load.
  4. I've been using a Lee seating and crimping die on my 1050 with an AmmoBot for tens of thousands of rounds, and that same die on a 650 and a Lee LoadMaster before that. Never had a problem. I am currently using BlueBullets, and SNS bullets, with various jacketed bullets in the past as well. Never had any issues marring the top of any bullet searing, and havent seen any accuracy issues from crimping. My ammo always chronos well also with minimal variance. Give it a whirl. The DAA die looks a lot like my Lee, and it only costs $22.95.
  5. I got a Safariland backpack a few weeks ago and am really liking it. I've got some back issues and a backpack is a lot easier to carry without pain for me. The layout of the safariland is nice, and it comes with a double pistol bag that doesnt take up much space.
  6. This for sure. Life is busy right now so if I can finish a match in one day I'll happily take that option.
  7. How long are those HST bullets? 147 grain bullets are pretty long in general, and if seated to the same length as a shorter bullet, the base of the bullet will sit deeper in the case than with the shorter bullet. Case walls taper and get thicker as they get close to the bottom. This thread on 1911forum has a nice cross section of a case. https://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=465525 Seat a bullet deep enough and it will get into the section of the case where the walls start to thicken. Couple that with a bullet with a flat base and little to no chamfer, you may see a decent bulge.
  8. 4.0 grains of n320 with 125gr blue bullets in my regular x5 got me 135,000 power factor. Haven't gotten to chrono with my legion yet. Sadly it was 20 something degrees today so chronoing isn't in my immediate future.
  9. I've got one on a limited gun. I think it shoots quite nicely. Compared to my tanfo limited custom and my regular framed sti gun it definitely stays flatter when shooting. Plus I think it just looks cooler.
  10. Welcome! I'm worth Dutchman195, where do you shoot at? We are in SE Michigan.
  11. The one I'm talking about has a button on it like a CZ Shadow 2. it is a factory part and I've seen unica ones in colors, but at least the one I have is visibly thinner at the part that goes in the mag from the one i got with the gun. mag catch I was able to replicate my problem if I hand cycled the gun quickly with ammo in it. See if you have any up and down plan in your mag when it is seated.
  12. Are you running the stock mag release? I was having the same issue with a Limited Custom a few months ago. I polished the disconnector rail, radiused the front corner of the rail and the breech face, all to no avail. My problem ended up being the extended magazine release with the button on it that I had put in right when I got the gun. The mag catch part was thinner than the stock catch and held the magazine at a slightly different height than stock, which was causing rounds to drag way forward. Very frustrating and completely fixed by going back to the stock mag release. Stoeger also t
  13. I looked quite a bit for a good right sided safety but it seems there just isn't one, at least not that I could find. The CZ/Tanfoglio platform thumb safety location is awfully far forward for my stumpy thumbs. I've been messing around with my 3D printer seeing if I can get a good design I can active consistently, but what I have so far is hideous looking and still a work in progress.
  14. jcc7x7 nailed it. All of my Gen 1 .40 STI mags have Taran 4g2 base pads. Some fit the gauge, but a few I had to take a file to just a tiny bit. With grams springs and followers, all fit 21 rounds and functioned without any need for tuning.
  15. I get this exact problem. At least half of my K9 mags will have the follower slip to the side of the mag catch when empty and hang up the trigger.
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