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  1. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it.
  2. jgtr13

    CZ TS 2

    If they cared about the U.S. market, I think they would have released a .40 as well.
  3. Does anyone sell that in the U.S.? I've only seen it on EU websites.
  4. Cajun gun works, cz custom, benstoeger pro shop (carries parts from cajun gun works but cheaper shipping if only buying springs).
  5. got a chance to try them today, I tested a few configurations, worked on 15 round factory magazines, 17 round, and 18 as you stated. All of them functioned flawlessly, thanks for the info.
  6. I will shoot you a PM, thank you. Thank you, I am looking for a club to join as well because my range doesn't really allow shooting from holster, I basically shoot from low ready to simulate. Also no dynamic shooting, all shooting is on static targets. I am in the suburbs so the ranges are all a decent distance for me (Royal oak area) but I am willing to drive since it's mostly a weekend thing for me anyways. I appreciate the details and help. Thank you, I appreciate the help Just didn't want to show up to a club without knowing a little more about each of them, and in terms of watching. I really don't know the mechanics of competing, I've gone through the rules and am well versed with handling firearms/safety but just don't fully understand game mechanics.
  7. Looking for a club to join or at a minimum shoot USPSA/steel challenges matches at, I am registered on practiscore and see a few ranges holding matches but I am interested in hearing feedback about certain clubs within the community rather than just showing up blindly. Ideally, I'd like to spectate a match soon before I start just so I can see how people compete from start to finish. I've been shooting handguns for a bit now but never outside of static ranges. The ones I am aware of are: washtenaw sportsmen club (last time I heard they had a wait list and I don't know any members at the club, which I think is required to become a member) oakland county sportsmen's club detroit sportmen's congress Wayne county racoon hunter club Looking to start in limited if that makes a difference, potentially production.
  8. Are you the original owner? I use to live and that area and ride my bike down there with my cousins every weekend to spend some quarters, good memories.
  9. do they also work on the 9mm? i have their cz base plates, I guess I could try but have no ammo to test
  10. What hammer spring did they use? They do very nice work.
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