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  1. I am looking for the blast sheild that is on this gun? Thanks Wes
  2. My question is when multigun is scored with time plus USPSA rules, how do you score disapearing targets? In easywin score there is no place to record any bonus targets. Thanks Wes Thomas
  3. Thanks for all of the posts. But I decided to go with a 16 inch DPMS oracale barrel for my main three gun rifle Thanks Wes Thomas
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I already have a SBR but have only shot with a 7.5 .2 upper on it. Another question how about making power factor with a 12.5 in AR is that going to be a problem. Thanks, Wes Thomas A-52173
  5. Hey guys, So my question is do any of you use a SBR maybe 12.5 inch in 3 gun matches? If so what kind of differences are you having between SBR and a 16 to 18 inch barrel? Thanks Wes Thomas A-52173
  6. My question is how to activate targets indoors with out using steel? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Wes Thomas
  7. Hey give Dan Bedell a try you can contact him through shooters connection I have his open shorty in 38super and its the best gun for the money I have found Wes Thomas
  8. I have a bedell open shorty in 38 super it is one of the best guns for the money.
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