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  1. I recently placed two seperate orders for a box of 500 bullets. Each order arrived within 3 to 4 days.
  2. So far I've only installed the TTI +2 on a 21 round mag with a Grams 11 coil spring and their follower. Got the mag to 23 rounds and it worked well. I haven't tried the Springer base pad yet but I think I may prefer the push pin attachment method of the TTI rather than the screw in method of the Springer.
  3. I have ordered the 21 round Sig mags and the +2 TTI bases, the Springer +2 bases, the Grams 11 coil spring with follower and the TTI +5 for the 17 round mags. Thanks to everyone for the help. I got a TON of info from this website and the forums. Hell I even ordered a mag gauge. This is a great place to be.
  4. Excellent video. Must have miss that one somehow. Thanks for all the replies! Should be all set now.
  5. Oops! My mistake. I thought you were referring to the single stack mags. Thanks for the offer. I just might take that offer if I need to adjust the the Sig mags. Thank You
  6. Thank you! I should have made myself much clearer. The single stacks are a RO and Colt. Great website.
  7. Thank you. I'm new to USPSA. Just getting my feet wet this year. I have 2 9mm single stacks. Getting tired of that real quick. I want to shoot not reload.
  8. Gentlemen, thank you very much for the extremely quick replies!
  9. I apologize if this question is redundant but will a P320 20 or 21 round mag fit in a Legion X5? Or do I just go with the TTI 5 round extension?
  10. Just got a reply from Shockbottle. Man do they have quick excellent service! Bare gauge is tight. Anodized gauge slightly looser. Who would have thought that. Case closed. Thanks for the replies.
  11. Called Dawson Precision. The gentleman stated that if the gauge is a "super" unit it will be marked as such. Also he stated the anodized gauges are slightly looser due to the anodizing process. Waiting on email from Shockbottle concerning this statement.
  12. Yeah, I checked that out. But it is the full retail price.
  13. Also I just learned that this gauge is available as a "match" or "super match" grade. My unit is bare aluminum. Is this the super match unit? So is the anodized unit just the match grade? I did sent them a email for clarification.
  14. Basically that's what I wondering about. Is the SB too tight and or the Armananov too loose? Which one should I go with? I'm kind of leaning toward the SB.
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