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  1. I can do better. I brought mags, loaded up the night before, but no gun! First stage, everyone is getting ready, and I have my belt on with mags and go poking through my range bag only to start laughing at how I left the pistol in the safe at home (over an hour away). I was all set to just RO everyone for the day, but it got better. A good friend loaned me his open gun, rig and ammo (well...do you really "loan" ammo?). I have been ruined ever since, and remain forever grateful for the opportunity to blast away with a comp and dot (my face was sore from smiling so much). I even got to pay it forward! We had a bunch of new shooters on our squad that day, all shooting the same ammo and mags that I brought up, so I gladly gave them my stuff to use (since most of them only had 1 or 2 magazines with them). Granted, I've never forgotten my meager iron sight blaster since then...but if that buddy is signed up for the same match, I'm always tempted.
  2. I just use a cheap (under $20) funnel wherever they sell turkey fryer oil. These funnels are "supposed" to be used for pouring turkey fryer oil from the pot back into the container. Cut off the bottom spout and you have a bigger hole for brass to flow into the tumbler. Never thought to use a clamp light like that...that is brilliant.
  3. Check out utahshooters.org and udpl.net for local IDPA/USPSA clubs. There are 3 close to O-town: Logan, Kaysville/Fruit Heights, and SLC that host matches almost every Saturday.
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