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  1. I had excellent communication with TF using Facebook Message service. Issue I had was with rounds hanging up in the 10 round extension where it meets the Glock mag base. This required a small amount of filing on the back of the extension to correct. The included instructions mention having to do this if the Glock mags are out of spec. FYI TF recommends that rounds be 1.125 or shorter OAL to function properly.
  2. Any range updates from the guys who picked up the 5015HD?
  3. I start with the gun on its left side because I am right handed. Pick up both the gun and mag at the same time, load it, charge it, then shoulder.
  4. Seriously do the rules for Open class really allow a "PCC" pistol and if so can you fire it from the shoulder?
  5. I'm curious. With the apparent high amounts of failure with this buffer, why do most of you even bother with this product? Is it that much better than the other more reliable systems on the market?
  6. It's Here! https://www.rainierarms.com/sig-sauer-mpx-9mm-pcc-16/
  7. This is from my Kaw Valley 16" Barrel. 115 gr. Extreme Plated 1.125 OAL 4.0 Gr WSF 55 deg F OAT 1141 FPS Avg. (5 shots) 131 PF
  8. I have a 2018 Hiperfire Competition trigger and it only comes with red (2.5 lbs pull) and green springs (2.0 lbs pull), never heard of the silver ones. What pull weight does that give you?
  9. Not the best bolt but the best bolt for the money has to be the one sold by AIM Surplus for $129.95 with free shipping. I have one, so far runs flawless and it appears to be the same as the Gen2 bolt sold by Faxon. PS it has the removable weight. https://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=XAIMBCG9MMN3&name=AIM+9mm+AR+Bolt+Carrier+Group&groupid=6367
  10. Video of the new Sig MPX PCC competition model.
  11. Can anyone recommend a good online supplier for Sport Pistol powder?
  12. I removed the KNS anti-rotation pins and installed the supplied Hyperfire hammer/trigger pins. I noticed that the trigger pull and reset seams crisper when dry fired. Not as mushy as with the KNS installed. I will bring it to the range and make sure its working 100%. PS the KNS trigger pin does have a center grove but its not as deep or wide as the Hyperfire pin.
  13. After reading all the recommendations I ordered a Raptor LT from Optics Planet. Looks to be one of the better and lighter ones out there.
  14. Not trying to argue with you, I am looking for answer to a question. Please state the rule in the rule book that allows RO's to judge when the last shot was fired when the timer did not pick up all shots and the competitor believes the shot timer is faulty?
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