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  1. That is very nicely done. Much nicer than the janky kydex holsters I've made for my guns.
  2. I feel the same way about wanting more physicality. I actually set up the matches at my club, but sadly I know most of my clientele are old, so I don't feel I can do too much that's crazy. My dream would be integrating some ninja warrior-type obstacles in a match. And while 3gun seems to be a possible outlet for this, the multiple guns and other junk make it too ridiculous for me. I don't get the "drag racing" feeling in 3 gun that I do in USPSA.
  3. I have the 503c right now with the 65moa ring, which I like. I feel it gives me a quick "good enough" for close stuff, but the 2moa dot is nice for more precise stuff. I was thinking of getting one of the 507s for a CO gun, but the 32 ring seems like it would be small enough that I could see myself ignoring the 2moa bit and just looking at a big honkin' red dot. So to me the view would feel too cluttered. Which is why I will probably switch to a 5moa SRO when I decide to upgrade optics. But for close hoser type stuff, I could see it speeding you up. No trying to see the dot at all - it will just be a big red blob.
  4. I've never liked the sticking something in the breech thing. Hate how it feels. If you just want to yank the trigger, I strongly recommend one of those Glock E-Trainer things. Gives a full range of pull, just no break. I love it for practicing anything besides a draw and click. And it's fairly cheap at 20-30ish.
  5. I'm not looking at any rules (dumb move, I know), but if the gun fall over prior to the start signal, and doesn't sweep anyone, wouldn't that just be the whole "not in correct starting position" and you just have to fix it and go again?
  6. When clubs do this, do they charge full match fee for each entry? I was considering doing some of this at my club as a way to play with a couple other divisions, and wasn't sure how it's normally handled.
  7. I wanted to get into Open super bad, so I built up my G22 using Carver/SJC parts. Even with this super sub-optimal setup, it is still a riot to shoot. Most fun I've had shooting in my life. Gun included, it cost me about half the STI price you quoted. I'm now in the position where I need to decide if I want to double-down on the Glock and switch over to 9major with it, or if I should switch to a 2011 platform. I'm totally with you that the price is a tough pill to swallow. Sadly in my neck of the woods I don't have any 2011 Open folks to borrow a gun from, so I can't really compare the two platforms. I do know that even shooting 40, the bugger likes to rattle itself apart. I rattled off the nut on my Carver optic mount, and the trigger pin won't stay in with the blue locktite - I have to tighten it down every match. Even rattled the safety lever deal on my zev trigger out at my state match this year. If you have someone to borrow a 2011 from, I'd say do that and see if you think the cost is worth it to you.
  8. I did the same: open glock in .40, yet even though it is a terrible choice according to everyone, it is the most fun I've had. Seems like if you enjoy CO, then you'd enjoy Open to the Nth degree.
  9. I considered if that mattered too, but the 2019 ones come after even with that... I was hoping for an easy fix that I overlooked. Thanks for your input. To the help button I go!
  10. Unless my brain has shut down (possible) it doesn't appear to be so. I logged out as well to see if I was seeing something goofy as a logged in person - doesn't appear to be a change. Here's the link to my club's page: https://practiscore.com/clubs/northwestern-gun-club
  11. Is there any way to organize how matches claimed by your club are displayed on the club page? After a year or two of matches, it isn't displayed in a very user-friendly manner. When I look at some clubs, I see that the matches are listed most recent at the top, then descending chronologically. Whereas on my club page, I see them as the earliest at the top, then ascending chronologically. Makes it quite a scroll to get to the bottom. Not to mention it doesn't seem like the matches fall off the list either. So, as stated above: Is there any way to change those display options? I can't seem to find any relevant options.
  12. I've heard mixed reviews about the magpul glock mags. They're not crazy expensive though, so would probably be worth getting one or two to see if you have any issues. Maybe same with the ETS ones.
  13. Old folks at my club have always used "slide, hammer, holster" for their stuff. But they're mainly IDPA folks, and I believe that's a derivation of their rules. It's been a nuisance training myself out of the bad habits they've taught me since I've started.
  14. It's the Zev Fulcrum I think. Plastic trigger pad I think.
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