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  1. Barcode1337

    New Shooters at Matches

    My concern with our club is that shooting, or rather USPSA, will fizzle out. Up in Northern Minnesota there's not a ton going on with this. IDPA is much better attended, generally averaging mid 20s vs. the 10ish for USPSA. Mid 30s would be the largest I'd want to deal with. So it's not like my goal is to try and make this area some Mecca for the sport. I just want to keep it alive and healthy. And my reasons are mostly selfish. I like USPSA and want to keep doing it close to home. And I need other participants in order to have the resources to do so.
  2. Barcode1337

    New Shooters at Matches

    I think we'll try a more comprehensive intro for new shooters, and then pairing them with someone. Hopefully there's enough people at the club that will be willing to do it. This also seems like it would serve the purpose of building community, which would increase the possibility of them coming back. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Barcode1337

    New Shooters at Matches

    That's what we do right now. Safety briefing/orientation and then they go in a new person/old guy squad. It does slow things up a bit - though that may be more from the old guys shootin' the breeze. And again, that works perfectly well for people that are new to competition but are familiar with firearms, even if they've only shot at static ranges. It works okay, but less well for new gun owners. I'm starting to think a short "safe gun handling test" and an assigned "coach" may be the way to go if I can get buy in from our other club members.
  4. Barcode1337

    New Shooters at Matches

    We considered the intro classes, even requiring them in order to shoot. But we then determined that nobody would end up coming to them, and it would be far too restrictive to new shooters mid-season. Most of our new shooters are those that just got their CCW and gun and want to practice with it - the problem being they haven't practiced anywhere else. You are wholly correct. Growth < Safety. And it's about finding that balance. I just saw an interesting "new shooter orientation" document in another thread on this forum, which has some interesting ideas for indoctrinating new shooters (https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/264771-new-shooter-info-packet/?tab=comments#comment-2953340) Still some considering to do.
  5. Barcode1337

    New Shooters at Matches

    Our club hosts USPSA/IDPA matches weekly, and is fairly small, with attendance ranging from 10-25 people. This year we have been trying to increase our attendance and have been noticing some potential safety issues as a result. We have had a fair number of people that have heard about the matches through a local gun shop or are friends of regular attendees, and it appears that generally these people are of course new to competition shooting, but also seem to be new to firearms in general. We have had 2 accidental discharges this season, and some pretty sketchy reloading situations as well, all of which is due to people being unfamiliar with the manipulation/use of their pistols. I feel we are in a tough situation - the sport isn't super popular around here (northern Minnesota), and we want to keep it alive and well for years to come. But with some of the concerning situations we've seen, it feels like a more serious accident is inevitable. My question is, how do other clubs/match directors/range officers handle people that are new to firearms who want to come and partake in competition shooting at their club? What, besides a safety briefing and close ROing can be done to improve upon match safety without driving away potential shooters?
  6. Barcode1337

    From Northern Minnesota

    Hello everyone. I joined this forum a while ago and have been doing a lot of reading. Figure I should introduce myself now. I hail from northern Minnesota and shoot at one of the few clubs around that offers action pistol matches. I've been shooting IDPA/USPSA for 4 years now, and this year I have taken on the reigns of running the USPSA matches for our clubs. It's been quite a learning experience, and I have been doing a lot of reading on this forum and elsewhere to help me through it. I started with IDPA, but after trying USPSA, that is my true passion. I'd love to get to some bigger matches/other clubs, but there doesn't seem to be a ton of stuff going on in this area, which is rather sad. It is my hope to bring more life to action pistol shooting here in the northland, as it is a glorious activity.