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  1. It really surprised me how low quality and messy the recent diagrams were. To me, as a former tech writer, consistency in format and presentation is crazy important. And as my club's MD, I would much prefer consistent, effectively diagrammed stage descriptions... especially since classifiers are supposed to be, y'know, relatively important.
  2. I post to Practiscore the day of, of course. Then upload to and pay USPSA later that evening. If it's a special classifier match I may wait a day or two just in case someone notices any issues that need to be fixed, since I hate having to reupload things.
  3. Hah! Pretty sure my club is basically running under rules 20 years ago (mostly hyperbole). The MDs there don't really keep up, for instance we don't use the fault lines that we should nowadays. Gear rules are mostly followed. I've pretty much accepted that it's basically a time plus action pistol match. Which is fine, I use USPSA for my more serious shooting.
  4. I shot a glock 30s for a couple years and shot CDP at 8+1. I tried doing SSP/10+1 at first, but everything was much too tight.
  5. From what I understand, those frame weights if tightened too much can make the polymer frame flex, which can mess with cycling.
  6. If you're from the northeastern area of the state, I think my club is the only USPSA club in the area. Hit me up if you want to check it out.
  7. Money. I would love to shoot revolver. I would love to do it even more if there were modern break top guns, mainly because I think they are cool. But sadly buying the stuff is not practical right now. I dig weapons manipulation, so the reloading complaint wouldn't bother me. If I ever acquire something, I'll probably keep it to IDPA though. USPSA for racing, IDPA for messing around with other guns.
  8. I think a more comparable situation would be: After a stage is shot and the commands of ICHDH are given and the competitor goes to holster but..... doesn't have the holster anymore? Since flagging is more equivalent to holstering. Right? Or maybe I lost the train of this thread.
  9. I'll second not doing the finger on the front of the trigger guard. That's how I started shooting, and my weak hand jumped all over. After changing up my grip I was able to track the gun much better. I think my index finger now sits under the trigger guard, and my weak hand fingers are mostly squeezing on my strong hand.
  10. I think this would be a great read. It's like bragging about griefing noobs in an mmorpg. Doesn't make you seem cool, but it's hilarious.
  11. Watching some videos of the past 3 A3 matches, looks to me like it would be *the* match to go to. I dig the non-standard props/obstacles.
  12. I think I read somewhere on here that folks prefer 3gn and other 3 gun rule sets because the USPSA multigun rules made things move too slow because they were overly safe (very rough paraphrase from my faulty memory). Since USPSA seems to have been doing a fair bit of revamping and revitalizing in recent years (from what I've heard) it would be interesting if they tried to expand on the multigun stuff. This would be quite interesting, I've thought of it a bit myself - converting my USPSA scores to IDPS's time+ at some point, somehow. I tend to smoke my club at USPSA, but do
  13. Hit factor is what drew me to USPSA. I despise time+. A rifle-centric game with hit factor certainly would be interesting. Maybe I need to dust off those USPSA multigun rules and refresh myself.
  14. That is very nicely done. Much nicer than the janky kydex holsters I've made for my guns.
  15. I feel the same way about wanting more physicality. I actually set up the matches at my club, but sadly I know most of my clientele are old, so I don't feel I can do too much that's crazy. My dream would be integrating some ninja warrior-type obstacles in a match. And while 3gun seems to be a possible outlet for this, the multiple guns and other junk make it too ridiculous for me. I don't get the "drag racing" feeling in 3 gun that I do in USPSA.
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