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  1. Are there any rules against shooting two different divisions back to back? I went to one club this weekend and they would not let a shooter shoot back to back. Went to a different club the next day and they are considering requiring it to speed up the match. I looked in the rule book and didn't see anything.
  2. I was in the class. It was a great class. Very informative and I learned a lot more than I expected. Troy was our instructor. Great guy and great instructor. The match part wasn't that good, but that was more weather related than anything.
  3. That's the same one I'll be taking. I will see you there. My name is Trevor.
  4. Great topic. I am interested to hear the responses as I will be taking the class this weekend as well. Where are you taking your class?
  5. The DVC is a 40. And yes, I probably do need to slow down. I have a bad habit of finding a hobby and going all in (or so I'm told by my wife). I know I need something different than my G17, and if I don't like the DVC I can always sell it.
  6. I understand I am rushing into a new gun, but my 17 is just not what I want to be shooting in these types of matches. Even if I didn't go get a 2011 I would still be getting another gun like a G35 or CZ. So if I'm going to spend money I want to be going in the right direction, and from what I see the 2011 is the way to go. I'm not rich, but I do believe in the ole "buy once cry once". And thanks to Pirate I believe I found a good deal on a used DVC Limited.
  7. Thanks for the input. I didn't think about loading minor PF 40 for 3gun/steel. That makes a lot more sense. I shot the last two matches at Tangi, and will be shooting again this Sunday. I would definitely be interested in the gun. I'll PM you about that.
  8. Hey guys. I am a new shooter from South Louisiana. I've been lurking on here for a while now and thought I would introduce myself as well as get some advice from the board. So I have just shot two USPSA matches so far and I am officially hooked. I started in Limited minor with just a basic belt and my Glock 17. I have already ordered an AA belt, holster, and mag pouches so now I just need the right pistola. I plan to shoot limited until I make at least a B class. So after my two matches and looking around it seems like 2011 is the top dog in this game, and that's what I have my eye on. I have pretty much decided on an STI since I have a local dealer in town. The dilemma I am facing is going to be minor/major. All the STI limiteds/edges they have in stock are all 9mm, and they say nobody is buying the 40s. I find this hard to believe since most people in limited shoot major. But it does bring up a good point about using the same gun across several matches (3gun, steel challenge). I am already set up to reload 9 but would have to start from scratch for 40. I have thousands of empty 9 cases and not a single 40. To be honest I don't think I have ever even shot a 40. So should I just do what seems like all the top shooters do and go .40 or just stay with the 9?
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