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  1. The DVC is a 40. And yes, I probably do need to slow down. I have a bad habit of finding a hobby and going all in (or so I'm told by my wife). I know I need something different than my G17, and if I don't like the DVC I can always sell it.
  2. I understand I am rushing into a new gun, but my 17 is just not what I want to be shooting in these types of matches. Even if I didn't go get a 2011 I would still be getting another gun like a G35 or CZ. So if I'm going to spend money I want to be going in the right direction, and from what I see the 2011 is the way to go. I'm not rich, but I do believe in the ole "buy once cry once". And thanks to Pirate I believe I found a good deal on a used DVC Limited.
  3. Thanks for the input. I didn't think about loading minor PF 40 for 3gun/steel. That makes a lot more sense. I shot the last two matches at Tangi, and will be shooting again this Sunday. I would definitely be interested in the gun. I'll PM you about that.
  4. Hey guys. I am a new shooter from South Louisiana. I've been lurking on here for a while now and thought I would introduce myself as well as get some advice from the board. So I have just shot two USPSA matches so far and I am officially hooked. I started in Limited minor with just a basic belt and my Glock 17. I have already ordered an AA belt, holster, and mag pouches so now I just need the right pistola. I plan to shoot limited until I make at least a B class. So after my two matches and looking around it seems like 2011 is the top dog in this game, and that's what I have my eye on. I have pretty much decided on an STI since I have a local dealer in town. The dilemma I am facing is going to be minor/major. All the STI limiteds/edges they have in stock are all 9mm, and they say nobody is buying the 40s. I find this hard to believe since most people in limited shoot major. But it does bring up a good point about using the same gun across several matches (3gun, steel challenge). I am already set up to reload 9 but would have to start from scratch for 40. I have thousands of empty 9 cases and not a single 40. To be honest I don't think I have ever even shot a 40. So should I just do what seems like all the top shooters do and go .40 or just stay with the 9?
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