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  1. ARac40

    CZ TSO .40

    Tried all three, you were right. The 11# had the best return to battery for me with minimal front end dip.
  2. 150 Syntech, 147 Precession Delta, and 147 Atlanta Arms all work in mine. 11 # recoil and 10.5 # hammer spring.
  3. ARac40

    CZ TSO .40

    Page 20 something lol:
  4. $20K spent on 2011s that didn’t work right... ouch. Sorry things didn’t work out. Did you at least get most of ur investment back from selling them? Also, do you have a railed 9mm 2011 laying around that’s problematic? I’m looking for a winter project lol
  5. another option is go with the mos, but get an aftermarket plate. This is what I have and their explanation below. Forgive me, but I’m not able to post the hyperlink... The CHPWS V4 Series of adapter plates has evolved over the past five years because the OEM mounting plates are the weakest link in the Red Dot System. The new MIL/LEO V4 Series addresses the mounting hardware while retaining our industry leading thread engagement. All new V4 plates will feature our Patent Pending replaceable stainless steel T-Nuts and stainless steel Torx® head screws which are used to mount the R
  6. If this is real, I have no words... you could get a really decent SV or Nemesis to shoot in style. I’m a Glock fanboy as much as the next guy but wow lol
  7. +1 for AZoom! They last forever and come in value packs.
  8. ARac40

    CZ TSO .40

    Sounds like a plan! Thank you!
  9. Reading books on uspsa from subject mater experts will help tremendously too. Gain the knowledge beforehand and understanding the concepts before putting finger to trigger will definitely help to sharpen the learning curve and save you some ammo!
  10. ARac40

    CZ TSO .40

    Santa got me a CZ TSO in .40. It comes with what appear to be recoil springs in several different weights. I read through the manual and didn’t get any clarification as to what the spring weights are. Does anyone know how to tell what is what? any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  11. I have a bottle of full synthetic 5w20 mobile 1 mixed with a bottle of full synthetic automatic transmission fluid. Costs about $15 and you have more lubrication than you’ll ever need lol. I also run Lucas red and tacky on my rails for pistol and bolt carrier groups for rifle. this works for me in the Midwest no matter the temperature...
  12. 10# with a buffer pad in a 5” 2011 .40
  13. The Springfield operator with an x300 will accommodate a 2011 with a tlr variant or x300. That’s their generic 19/2011 5” holster that works for 5” guns. Watch out if you order anything for a staccato, most of their railed pistols are 4.1” or 4.4” which won’t work.
  14. If you’re looking to test the waters and don’t want to drop a lot of cash right off the bat, Holosun 507-c would be something to look at also.
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