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  1. Fwiw, this was posted on the STI Director of LE and Mil sales’ Instagram a little while back... I’m guessing that this will be the “new” edge, the Staccato P 5”. Hopefully it comes with adjustable sights and major pf caliber option.
  2. I run a 10# recoil with a rubber buffer and a 15# main spring. No muzzle dip or any other issues pushing 180 gr. @ 170 pf.
  3. Personally, I’d sell the 9mm you have and try to find a used STI 2011 Edge in .40 on the forum. Realistically, the stuff you want to swap is gonna cost in the neighborhood of $400 and you’re still going to shoot minor at the end of the day. Obviously, do what you want, but anything for sale is gonna be pre-tricked out with most of the stuff or all the stuff you want. Lastly, if you still want to trick your 9mm out, Dawson Precession will have all the stuff you want: .100 wide fiber optic front sight DVC undercut and reduced 2011 grip ICE Magwell Dawson mag release w/ 4-40 tap for bigger button. Best of luck!
  4. Not trying to hijack your topic, but did you consider any factory .40 SS pistols? Or do those not exist? I was entertaining a SS .40, but that’s as far as I got with it. Thanks!
  5. Also, idk how it is with 9mm, but for .40, the followers are different. A gen two follower will not sit flush to the top with a gen one tube. It sits about 1/4 of an inch low. It does still work however. I made a Frankenstein mag up for dry fire with oem parts from a gen two mag with an old gen one tube after I swapped everything for tti guts. I wouldn’t run it in a match tho. Best of luck, -T
  6. I’m prolly a little late to the party, but if you don’t want to buy a new grip, you can send your existing one to them for $95 and they’ll DVC it up for you https://www.extremeshooters.com/STI-Grip-Service
  7. Atlas all day!
  8. Hey there! Idk if you’re still in the market or not, but Atlas just released a matched sear and hammer set that they tune prior to sale. You have to fit the hammer strut and make sure everything is set right just as mark previously stated, but man is it a nice trigger- like snapping a piece of glass! best of luck!
  9. I’ve Ben trying to figure out a way to finish my Evo without sending it off. I’m gonna do the whole grip with this and see how it turns out. Thanks for posting this!
  10. ARac40

    Shadow 2 mags

    Thanks guys!
  11. ARac40

    Shadow 2 mags

    Who’s got the best price on them? Thanks!
  12. ARac40

    Shadow 2 Mags

    Who’s got the best price on them? Thanks!
  13. I run Dawson base pads on Wilson etm mags they run perfect.
  14. Reading about it, if you tune it to your load & springs, as echo tango stated, it’s supposed to reduce recoil as opposed to a radiused firing pin stop. Idk if that’s the case or not, just curious is all.
  15. https://atlasgunworks.com/product/atlas-gunworks-firing-pin-stop/ Anyone ever play around with this? Anything noticeably different with it installed? It peaked my interest... Thanks
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