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  1. I did the whole grip. It turned out alright. It was hard to work within the time constraints to get it even. But, it’s better than nothing and Its now black not bright stainless from the factory.
  2. Sorry for the delay guys, but I just got the grip this week and was out of town until Saturday night. Overall the grip looks great and the Cerakote Finish is well done. I put the frame on one of my other pistols and it popped right in without any fitting (it was an STI Frame with a TG series serial number). My only concern is that while on the frame, all of my magazines would bind during the last quarter inch of insertion prior to seating. I haven’t messed with it yet, but looks like I have to put a little relief into the rear side of the frame for the magazine to seat comfortably (like the grip angle of the grip is off by a few degrees). In any event, I’m swamped with work at the moment, so hobbies have to take a back seat before I can investigate any further. Overall, The grip is sweet. My Dawson mag release fit right in as did the x-line vario trigger I had laying around. I had a Limcat magwell laying around, but it would not pop right on. Looks like I’d have to relive the front strap to make it fit. let me know if you have any other questions!
  3. I just ordered one of their plain grips for skater tape. Once I get everything put together, I’ll post an update with answers to the questions if I’m able to do so.
  4. I haven’t pulled the trigger on this yet, still researching, but it looks pretty decent for the price and it has a barrel bushing so you can run L10 or SS. Only thing I don’t like is it’s series 80 internals. But I guess you could always gut those need be. https://www.rkguns.com/remington-r1-limited-40sw-semi-auto-pistol-96717.html
  5. All of mine are 17 round capacity mags. I think the 18s are a bit longer or something. All the same I didn’t have any issues with either mag accepting the aftermarket pads. I think you should be fine.
  6. FWIW, I have both CZ factory and Megar mags for my Shadow 2. They appear to be exactly the same. Both brands also accept the shock bottle aftermarket basepads. I’m not sure about Henning?
  7. Anyone know of a good shop near the St. Louis / Metro East, Illinois area? Thanks!
  8. Sounds like a follower issue to me... I’d say file down the contact point on the follower and go from there!
  9. ARac40

    sight alignment

    I mean index your equipment. So your normal draw from the holster becomes subconscious and quick. If his stuff isn’t in the same general area all the time he’s gonna have a different grip and position on the gun which is going to make things difficult for a quick sight picture / presentation. Obviously, I don’t expect table starts and barrels to be just like my holster draws. I know they are are going to be slower and not subconscious- and that’s where you’re eyes finding the sights come into play like you’re saying. im just saying stack the deck in your favor...
  10. ARac40

    sight alignment

    From reading your post, it sounds like consciously canting ur wrist down similar to how you present a glock would help too. Give it it a shot in dry fire and see if that helps!
  11. ARac40

    sight alignment

    Idk if this will help or not, but playing around with your holster placement could help fix your issue. I know it effects my grip / sight alignment if the holster is not in the spot I normally place it. Also, before you got the shadow, did you shoot a glock?
  12. Hey Hawk, its your gun / parts, so obviously the Gina decision is yours, but it’s way easier and cheaper if you mess up to buy a new follower than it is to buy a new slide stop and fit it. Mall you need to do on the followers is sand/file away the circled area in the picture. Then just make sure the slide stop clears the follower and you’re all set. Beat of luck
  13. I have a 15 lb main spring, 10 lb recoil spring. I left the factory disconnecter and factory seat spring. All worked out well.
  14. Fwiw, I have a 2011 Edge in .40 with an Atlas trigger, an Atlas tuned egw sear and Atlas tuned hammer. Everything came good to go from the factory and dropped right in. The break feels like you’re snapping a glass rod. However, it is noticeably lighter than the stock STI fcg... probably in the neighborhood of 2.5 - 3 lbs. I’m not for sure tho, I don’t have a trigger pull tool. Best of luck, -T
  15. I had the same issue with a DVC grip. I used some 3m double sided foam tape. It holds it in place and you can build it up to the fitment you want. I
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