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  1. I’ve Ben trying to figure out a way to finish my Evo without sending it off. I’m gonna do the whole grip with this and see how it turns out. Thanks for posting this!
  2. ARac40

    Shadow 2 mags

    Thanks guys!
  3. ARac40

    Shadow 2 mags

    Who’s got the best price on them? Thanks!
  4. ARac40

    Shadow 2 Mags

    Who’s got the best price on them? Thanks!
  5. I run Dawson base pads on Wilson etm mags they run perfect.
  6. Reading about it, if you tune it to your load & springs, as echo tango stated, it’s supposed to reduce recoil as opposed to a radiused firing pin stop. Idk if that’s the case or not, just curious is all.
  7. https://atlasgunworks.com/product/atlas-gunworks-firing-pin-stop/ Anyone ever play around with this? Anything noticeably different with it installed? It peaked my interest... Thanks
  8. Green Dawson fiber front with adjustable Dawson rear. I like that I can zero to any ammo I use for accuracy on the long shots or close partials.
  9. I have the Dawson magwell with the gap. I like it a lot... saves you from some less than accurate reloads. The other nice thing is it has the replaceable inserts just like the ice for a 2011. The only downside to it is non Dawson basepads. I originally had Wilson ETM and seating them was an issue. However once I put the Dawson pads it was easy as pie. As for the the other company I don’t have any expirence with it, but it looks sweet.
  10. Hey there. I use a Dawson .265 magazine release. It is tapped for a 4-40 button, but I don’t use it. It works out really well, you don’t have to shift your grip at all. It also dropped right in to my PT frame without any fitting. Best of luck, ~T https://dawsonprecision.com/mag-releases-sti-2011-by-dawson-precision/
  11. I’m torn between Cerakote and the DLC... Cerakotes obviously gonna be cheaper, but that DLC looks sharp. I’m gonna wait until Christmas is over with to move forward with it. In case anyone is on the fence about switching to an all metal grip, the PT Evo was a breeze to fit. Keep in mind I have a TG series STI frame, so that might make a difference. All in all though, I Broke all the edges where the grip slides onto the frame, had to file the flats on the inside of the Evo to make it fit and then file back the front most portion of the top of the trigger guard where it meets and seats into the frame. It was a lot less work than I expected.
  12. Yea that’s what I’m seeing too as far as ion bonding... $300 + is a rough sell. Might just leave it as is
  13. Lol and here I was thinking black spray paint was the way to go
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