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  1. The sig rep told me it only happens with the 21rnd mag. He said you can insert mag with some force just not too much. I told him I’m not a new shooter and I don’t slam in my mags on reloads. I think this was just a poor design by Sig on this one.
  2. Just received my p320 X5 back from Sig. I had issues with gun not going into battery. They said bent extractor from over inserting magazines. Should I change base plates?? Not understanding how this happens.
  3. Lobos industries has a nice trigger. Ultra match springs from HKparts.net my trigger is down to around 3.5 lbs and has a short reset. I only changed the sear spring I prefer the stock trigger spring. Lazy wolf also sells a trigger. Hope this helps.
  4. I noticed a huge difference with what bullets I was shooting. I am currently using extreme 124 HP with 4.0gr titegroup at 1.135 oal. At 25yd bench rest sight in I was within a 1.5” group and that was with the factory barrel. Think I’m going to go with the GG trigger.
  5. I tried a bunch of handloads. Best results for 25 yd accuracy is 4.0TG at 1.135 oal with a 124gr extreme hollow point. This is out of a P320 x five and a HK VP9. Not sure what they chrono at though.
  6. I was wondering who else out there shoots with both eyes open but is cross eye dominant. I just started trying to shoot with both eyes open. I’m left handed but am right eye dominant. I turn my head slightly to my left shoulder and can pick up the front sight right away. I’m thinking about adding an optic to my x5 so I figured shooting with both eyes open would be better. I still tend to close my right eye on distant shots and use my left eye. I’ve been shooting one eye for about 30 years so it’s going to take a lot of training to get used to both eyes. Any suggestions and or what other techniques do you feel works for you. Or should I stay with one eye.
  7. USPSA. From what I’ve read in the rule book. For production there are no restrictions for stippling. Rule looks like it changed in May 18. It used to have a picture with a specific area on the grip you could have stippled now there are no restrictions. Am I reading the rules right.
  8. Dasniper

    X5 Blue bullets

    @DsWright what are you using for powder, gr, oal. Are you shooting a x5. Do you know the PF.
  9. Dasniper

    X5 Blue bullets

    Any one use blue bullets? I’m currently running 124 xtreme with 4.1 titegroup and 1.15oal. Any disadvantage or advantage if I changed to the blue bullets.
  10. I’m using 4.1gr of titegroup with 124 Xtreme with oal of 1.15 I am also am using a GG guide rod with 14lb ismi recoil spring. Could I lower to 3.7 and PF still be good for USPSA. Thinking limited division. I’m new to USPSA.
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