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  1. Boudreaux78

    Seeking Comments - Handgun Grips

    Locking your support hand wrist at a downward forty five degree angle to help control the front strap which in turn keeps the barrel down. The pressure on the sides of the grip should be firm but not enough to make the trigger finger stiff.
  2. Boudreaux78

    Warming Up

    First time I did this was with my friend before each day at the nationals. I noticed a big difference. It helps and none of the movements during the match felt off.
  3. Boudreaux78

    Warming Up

    A healthy disagreement is always good for deeper discussion into a subject that usually leads to a broader understanding of said topic! I just don’t understand Russian
  4. Boudreaux78

    Warming Up

    The older we get the more important it is to take care of our bodies. When your young, you need less to do more. When your older it takes longer to recover from injuries. Don’t have to run, just get the blood flowing and loosen the joints!
  5. Boudreaux78

    Warming Up

    So I just returned from the USPSA Handgun Nationals. I made a point of warming up and stretching each morning. A lite jog mixed with a lot of moving stretches really helped. I noticed the biggest difference on the first couple of stages. Every other sport in the world warms up, but all we do is drink a lot of coffee and walk around the stages trying to figure them out. Getting the blood moving in your body helps the mind and the body!
  6. Boudreaux78

    RO’s Stationary or Move With Squad

    Level II and above, the RO and CRO should stay on the stage. They are there for the safety of all competitors and the range. It’s not about familiarity or competitive edge. It’s about safety and consistency. They will learn where the concerns for that stage are very quickly and watch for them. They will keep an eye on “that” popper to ensure it works properly to avoid reshoots. Much smoother when they don’t have to remember every stage, just one. This is strictly related to USPSA, haven’t shot other matches like steel challenge.
  7. Boudreaux78

    Halo Neuroscience?

    Thought really long and hard about this. I have taken Max’ classes and believe he is an honest man. I don’t doubt the product, just decided I don’t want anything messing with my brain more than it is already messed with. It would suck to discover ten years from now that it was the leading cause of something that could have otherwise been avoided. Supplements I’m good for, brain wave machine, not so much.
  8. Boudreaux78

    Sloppy Stage Set Up?

    That’s why moving them apart saves this argument
  9. Boudreaux78

    What to do with the extra bullet

    Recently saw this issue arise at a match. Shooter double tapped a target on a single shot Virginia count string. On the second string, the shooter didn’t engage that target a second time. So the shooter only recieved the penalty for the extra shot, not the extra hit. now the question I have, should the shooter have recieved a failure to engage on the target on the second string?
  10. Boudreaux78

    Sloppy Stage Set Up?

    I have found that when setting up a stage, it is not a bad plan to not put one perf directly on top of another. Example would be the edge of a no shoot perf on the perf of an A zone. If you offset it one way or another, it prevents scoring issues. Let’s say the no shoot was covering the A zone and the perfs were lined up. If a shooter hit broke the perf of the no shoot, they would argue the A score as well. Makes it easier to just move it over 1/8 th of an inch one way or the other and avoid the argument. The way they are set up in the picture is a perfect example. Nothing to argue...
  11. Boudreaux78

    PCC laser on target at start

    It depends on what the start position listed in the WSB stated. The one thing is consistency. As long as all PCCs started the same, it doesn’t matter. It’s when people push the limits that causes so many problems. It’s like writing low ready. I’ve seen guys hold the gun pointed almost at their own feet to another holding it a half inch below their eye. WSB has to be specific. Ever look at people and their versions of hands relaxed at sides. Never knew a persons side was in front of their belt buckle.... somebody always trying to gain an advantage for what? If you practice and train clearly within all rules, you won’t ever have an issue no matter what division you are shooting.
  12. Boudreaux78

    Is vvn320 worth the extra cost

    I like N320 as it runs super clean. I run 5.3 behind a MG, CCI primers and mixed brass. I love the powder. Haven’t used tite group before. All I can say is I enjoy shooting VV. Gun is rarely dirty and smoke is not a problem.
  13. Boudreaux78

    Top Shelf 1911s vs Glock based Pistols

    Someone a long time ago told me something that still rings true. First you have to train and then you have to practice to see if your training worked. Some people like to just practice but it doesn’t work as well if you don’t train. Training is most important, but without practice you will only learn if the training worked at a match. Example: I worked on dry fire reloads with empty mags. Got really fast. Didn’t practice and went to a match. During the match, with bullets in the mags, didn’t seat the mag well and it fell out on the first shot. Live fire practice would’ve revealed my training failures prior to the match. One has to support the other and vis versa.
  14. Boudreaux78

    Using back of target to assist in scoring

    If you are looking for a double, then looking at the back of the target will let you know if there was two holes! It really does work from that perspective. I would not score a target from the rear because you can’t see the grease rings or the perfs. It’s just to verify the number of holes.
  15. Boudreaux78

    Warnings (Can I give the shooter the "finger"?)

    Just to follow up on trigger prep. The rules say a shooter is allowed to put their finger in the trigger guard when aiming at a target. As long as the gun is up and pointing in the direction of the target, whether it’s visible or not, it is considered aiming and would not be a DQ, even if still moving. The problem would be if the gun was not in front of the shooters face while moving. Pretty simple to judge.