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  1. Any plan vigorously executed is a good plan, most of the time. Doesn’t hurt to change, just make sure your skill level can handle the change, if not, don’t do it. Meaning some changes are hugely beneficial and may make or break your match depending on if you can execute them properly. It’s all risk versus rewards!
  2. I think that the good ones play it straight up on the high point high loss stages, but let it hangout more on the lower point stages. How many great ones zeroed a low point stage and still won, many! It’s knowing what plays to your strengths and making those moments count.
  3. May 28-30-2021 Titan Ballistics EMG Nationals - Salt Lake City, UT UML Level 4 June 2021 Magpul Wyoming Governor’s Match Presented by Vortex Optics - Wyoming - UML Level 4 (Registration has not yet launched because we have not finalized dates yet.) August 6-8-2021 Surefire World Multigun - Grand Junction, CO - UML Level 4 September 3-5-2021 Mike Voigt Memorial UPL Nationals - Grand Junction, CO - UPL Level 4 October 8-10-2021 Vortex Optics Grand Championships - Las Vegas, NV USSL Level 4
  4. I checked the video during matches and my reload is definitely faster, but I believe it’s because I’m focusing on that lately in practice. I’m sure with some work, my draw will improve.
  5. I think my reloads are faster. I work on my reloads more than my draw, because in a match I usually have two to three steps to get the draw done. The reload for me is always one step when leaving a position. I need to work on the draw for classifiers and standing reloads.
  6. Off season is to work on everything that you should’ve noted after every match. After each match, I make a list of things that I need to work on and things I did well. Off season is a time to hone the good things and improve the rest.
  7. Just repeating what others have said, there are so many variables that can alter this one way or the other. I shot a match on Oregon that had three or four targets on the left side of the stage. By shooting them right to left, you could back out of the array setting yourself up for the next target almost perfectly. But some chose to come in on the left target and finish on the hard right target as opposed to driving into a hard lean before beginning to shoot. Ultimately you have to practice all of the different ways and see which one works best for you. Do you shoot faster coming in or leaving
  8. Ran into this problem the first time I shot carry optics. Have an SRO and heard this was one of the problems with this particular optic. Supposedly it doesn’t happen with the SIG optic. Can anyone provide any info on that? thank you
  9. I had the same problem with a bunch of my forty ammo. It was caused by high primers and I have a 650. Fixing 450 rounds is not going to be fun, but oh well, not pulling that many rounds.
  10. I believe in the Max Michael method and it works great. I have better control of my gun with either hand and rarely miss. It entails keeping the gun hand leg forward and your body out over the leg. Very stable, helps recoil control and gun recoils straight up and down instead of off to the side like most positions do. Just my opinion
  11. I think that if you work at the hard enough, you actually see the sights lining up in your vision, you are just not focused on it. You are seeing enough of the sights to call a good shot, it’s just not the main focus of your vision. Some call point shooting being target focused. That is a different style of shooting depending on the distance. Work on anything enough and you will make it look easy.
  12. One of the most difficult things to do is not over correct your recoil management. Have someone help load your mags and put dummy rounds scattered throughout the mag. Then shoot controlled pairs. You will probably find that you are driving the gun down past the intended spot on the target when you get a click instead of a boom. It’s a great drill taught by the Tactical Performance Center. Just my humble opinion, you have to see your sights on every shot. It doesn’t matter if you are shooting .12 splits or .20 or .30 splits. The second shot has to be confirmed with the sights. If yo
  13. Seen a few questions on here about bags. I recently purchased the Safariland Range Backpack. That thing is amazing. I shoot USPSA and Multigun. For USPSA, it’s all I need and still have room for water and snacks. For Multigun just need ammo, shotgun and rifle. It is absolutely the best bag ever!
  14. Luckily I learned this was occurring with my holster in a live fire practice. It wouldn’t do it in dry fire because it wasn’t heavy enough, but with a loaded magazing would drop every time.
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