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  1. I will testify for JP, they are awesome!!! Any parts make the gun better!
  2. Seen several people using flexible weight lifting belts and mounting safariland to them. Works well and looks good. Make sure it is a flexible one so you can breath
  3. Love my safariland with the els. I am very rough on all my stuff and the safariland has made it through 3 hard as hell matches in Utah, plus other matches and still running strong. I don’t hide them or put them on the sides to prevent damage. I have fallen on them numerous times on different environments and they are still going strong. On a a side note, running them on a chest rig like Keith Garcia is super fast!
  4. I have witnessed someone seriously hurt but a 180 violation. Will not post details, just suffice to say that it wasn’t pretty. If the 180 violation hadn’t occurred with a finger in the trigger guard while moving, the incident wouldn’t have happened!
  5. I recently shot a major match and only had four hours sleep. Forgot to check my guns before the match, cost me quite a bit during the first day. I knew this rule, but ignored it a long time ago. I still think I can push myself too far and it always backfires!
  6. I am having some of the same problems with my gun and can’t get them fixed. Sending it back to Sig and see what they say. I won’t run factory American Eagle 124 grain. Driving me crazy. It is a great shooting gun for the two rounds it will shoot in a row. Also having the same wearing issues.
  7. Had this come up at a recent match. Interesting to hear different view points on retreating and acquiring a target versus breaking the 180 in the process. Conversation mostly centered around safety and new shooters.
  8. When I shoot strong hand only (right for me), the gun is straight out in front of my body with my right leg forward bent and almost a old dueler’s stance. When I shoot weak handed, my stance is reversed but the gun is slightly canted. Don’t know why, but it feels better and I feel like I have a stronger grip. I would say your problem is mostly grip related. Try loosening your pinky and ring finger just a little, might help.
  9. Thank all of you for the info. I researched this thread for a while and read lots of different discussions. Didn’t quite get the answers I wanted till I posted this. Just needed a little help getting started. The range is a long drive and can’t make it there very often for testing. With a starting place, I can load a few different and it saves multiple trips. thanks again!!!!
  10. Looking for a recipe for my son’s shadows. I have plenty of 124 jacketed bullets and need to know where to start. OAL? Using N320 in my gun and would prefer to keep using the same powder.
  11. Place your weak side leg out in front of you with the strong leg back. Sink in to your weak knee driving forward towards the target. Extend you weak hand as far out in front of your face and don’t bend your arm. Look at Max Michel’s video on YouTube about shooting weak handed. It works amazingly well. Before I shot this way, the gun always jumped inwards on recoil. Now it stays up and down and I’m driving the gun back into the target. So much more confident. Dry fire the transitions a lot.
  12. I find the smaller dots always work better over all. Even if it takes a fraction of a second to find it. Goes with the old saying, aim small, miss small. Big dots can wash out too much.
  13. Guilty of this and it cost me forty seconds on a par time stage. Double feed on my AR and both bullets made it into the locking lugs. Had to dig it out with my pocket knife. Argh don’t take untested equipment to a match, should’ve known better!
  14. Just shot hard as hell after shooting the nationals. Warmed up with my guns with dry fire practice and my muscles. Made a huge difference. Felt ready to go every day, not just after the third or fourth stage. Moving stretches with a light jog to get the blood flowing, worked perfect
  15. So was talkin about this with a friend. It would be okay as long as you weren’t resetting with them in. We have both seen RO’s recently that don’t ensure the range is clear prior to giving the name ready command. If no one sees you, and you don’t hear make ready, it’s gonna suck for you and everyone else. Please avoid while resetting or have a reset buddy that makes sure you aren’t bending down to fix something. Most everyone has seen the video with the guy taping while the stage is being shot. Don’t be that guy! Safety first
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