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  1. Boudreaux78

    Pregame squib

    Don’t know if this matters in this discussion, but if it’s a multigun match, I e seen competitors quit completely when a gun breaks. Nothing says you can’t finish the course of fire with the other guns, if you haven’t already shot them. Just something to keep in your bag o tricks.
  2. Boudreaux78

    Check your equipment

    Magazine pouches, holsters, scope mounts.... pretty much anything with a screw in it should be double checked. Trust me.
  3. Boudreaux78

    Clam shell engagement?

    At a level two, you can’t dictate what order things are shot? Maybe
  4. Boudreaux78

    Clam shell engagement?

    My understanding was that is governed by the WSB. Maybe everything is now?
  5. Boudreaux78

    Clam shell engagement?

    I was taught by both Troy and Carl that an activated target must always be activated at a level 2 match and above. The order of shooting is a different story. That falls back on the stage designer and the RM. the amount left visible is for scoring reasons, not activation. An example would be, there was a flat clam shell at a level 2 match that was activated by a mini popper. Most everyone (gamers haha) shot the paper as they were coming into the position and left after shooting the popper which saved a ton of time. Was told if the designer had placed a visual obstacle in front of the clam shell, this would have prevented this action. All that was required was the target was activated. Additionally, activating a moving target takes away a failure to shoot at penalty/failure to engage. You don’t have to actually shoot at the moving target.
  6. Boudreaux78

    Fiddling' With Sights

    I have a friend that actually adjusted the scope on his rifle throughout a three day match every night in the air bnb. He still couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t hit anything. Smh! We tried to tell him, zero before, adjust then, not in the middle. It does help to double check everything for tightness etc. thanks for sharing your pain!
  7. Boudreaux78

    New ruling on holster/mag pouch measurements

    I’m guessing this was done due to slide rackers being legal in all these divisions and it was considered a safety issue. This way the racker didn’t get caught up in clothing or the belt and cause a loaded firearm to be flying through the air and hitting the ground. Not a bad rule and a super easy way to check. Most club matches that I attend, gear is checked by all ROs and definitely at level two matches. People will take any perceived advantage possible. That’s why there are rules.
  8. Boudreaux78

    Dry Firing During Make Ready - DQ?

    It is very interesting to hear so many different sides to the rules. Anything in writing can be interrupted differently by many different people. Mostly because intent, meaning and other non-verbal communication by the author is difficult to pass on in writing. I think the most important thing is safety. Can’t undo a bullet. Stay safe out there as competitors and range officers!!!
  9. Boudreaux78

    Top Shelf 1911s vs Glock based Pistols

    Any metal frame gun feels better to shoot than a polymer gun. With that being said, shooting is just fun no matter what you are shooting. Went and shot 22s the other day and had a blast! As long as you are having fun, that’s all that matters!
  10. Boudreaux78

    Safety on for emergency reload

    This is more for 1911 or 2011. My mentor modified his thumb safety to activate as soon as he takes his thumb off of it. Due to the larger grip, he has to flip the gun in his hand to hit the magazine release. This has caused his finger to bump the hair trigger and have an ND during a reload. It’s not a bad idea for someone that this has happened to. Doesn’t change anything with the gun except the safety has to be held down.
  11. No offense meant here. When was the last time a plumber ran into a building to stop someone from dying? How many electricians die everyday protecting people from the evil in the world? That would be like removing military as well. Then categories would only be for something you have no control over, ie gender and age. everyone that started in this sport didn’t start at a GM. To say that most cops would be a C or D class is disrespectful and rude. Some of the best competition shooters in the world will not put on a badge and gun everyday to put their lives on the line. Why does a person carry a badge and gun theses days, for what, a belief, a hope that they can do some good, so they can be ambushed and killed? So their family can not have them around and only have memories? So they can work all night, just to spend all day in court? They can miss baseball practice, games and recitals and not see their family for days on end. Maybe those days they could be shooting to be better competitors are better spent teaching their kids how to be better people and spending all the time they can with them because they don’t know if tomorrow is the day they are called home. All I ask is that you think about more than just the performance on the range when talking about my brothers and sisters in blue. Respectfully, Chance
  12. Boudreaux78

    Warnings (Can I give the shooter the "finger"?)

    Guess you would’ve had to been there. They ran to a port/slot between walls, shot some targets and started to continue forward, but realized they had a mike. Went to go back with their PCC and didn’t get their body behind the gun, breaking 180. Then they put their finger on the trigger as the gun was pointed at the metal bracket that holds up the wall. Then they pulled said trigger and shot the metal bracket. The bullet ricocheted back at the (basically did a 180 of its own) and went through the shooters leg. Hope that makes it clear as mud...
  13. It is an interesting question and also one that is sensitive to some. I have heard of a District Attorney that registers as LEO. He is not a badge and gun carrying officer on the street arresting people. Rumor is that he claims to have put more people in prison than cops so that is what makes him eligible. I think it does matter, the same as if someone was posing as military and was not. I am proud of what I do and do my best to represent my brothers and sisters in blue when I’m shooting. You can ask for my badge and credentials any day to prove what I do. When I retire, I will no longer list as LEO.
  14. Boudreaux78

    Music in earmuff

    I have tried listening to music but usually too many people want to talk to me. I think I’m going to see how it works for my on deck and shooting at our next local match. I listen to music doing everything else at home and at work. Don’t know why it wouldn’t. May stop my brain for over thinking everything.
  15. Boudreaux78

    After driving 500 miles

    This is one of the reasons I went to a bucket style holster from a race holster. I bought the Stoeger for my SV and feel so much better. I was always paranoid that it was going to fall when I took my first step towards a target while drawing. Yes it might wear on the finish, but who cares, it’s a gun not a picture. Plus it didn’t slow down my draw. Just my experience. Hope it helps someone