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  1. Seen a few questions on here about bags. I recently purchased the Safariland Range Backpack. That thing is amazing. I shoot USPSA and Multigun. For USPSA, it’s all I need and still have room for water and snacks. For Multigun just need ammo, shotgun and rifle. It is absolutely the best bag ever!
  2. Luckily I learned this was occurring with my holster in a live fire practice. It wouldn’t do it in dry fire because it wasn’t heavy enough, but with a loaded magazing would drop every time.
  3. Didn’t put in new mag springs in my sons magazines before a major match. Cost him more malfunctions than I could count. Felt super bad for him. At least he said it was great practice on clearing a malfunction!
  4. Found some bullets so was able to do some testing. 75 grain Hornady BTHP 16 inch barrel 22.6 grains TAC - 4 inch group at 200 22.9 grains TAC - 2.5 inch group 200 23.3 grains TAC 1.5 inch group 200 23.5 grains TAC 2 inch group 200 pretty close to what I’m looking for. Will keep updating as data comes in
  5. Personally I think mixed brass with 55 grain bullets is fine out to about 200 yards, as long as the powder is consistent. For longer range rounds, definitely sort and use same head stamp. I think I’m down to about .17 cents a round for 55 grain and about .33 cents a round for 75 grain Hornady BTHP.
  6. My buddy just loaded me some Berry’s 55 grain straight out of his manual, and they shoot great. Can’t remember the powder, but believe it was Winchester.
  7. If you are still looking for one, hit me up.
  8. Does it over pressure the gun?
  9. I run a SV 5.4 inch sight tracker with the AET hybrid barrel. I load 5.2 of 320 with a MG JHP 180 at 1.180 and get about 172 pf. Could back off the powder a little, but 320 doesn’t throw consistent enough out of a Dillon for me to trust it.
  10. Anyone find a plus or minus difference between hornady 73 grain ELD and 75 grain ELD?
  11. Thank you for the data, it’s a place to start!
  12. I find holding my breath has negative side effects! I have heard many people say build upon successes. Guess that’s the hard part, build but don’t let them go to your head.
  13. After a successful stage or three, how do you maintain the drive, humility and focus to finish the match strong?
  14. Something new that I have been using with hydration. I found minerals or a teaspoon of salt really help the body use the water you consume. Take them a day or two before the match and it works great. Changed my life pre and post workouts.
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