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  1. My advice would be listen to David Goggins, people will always throw rocks at someone else trying harder. It makes their insecurities feel less. Stay strong and focus on you. Peoples ego will be the down fall of them. Stay humble and ever forward!
  2. I have a bunch of superstitions that have worked their way into my stage prep and performance. Touching my gun, ears off, deep breaths all work to calm me. The superstitions are closing my eyes and picturing my kids smiling, if I can’t see it, bugs me so I almost can’t shoot. I have to know they are there with me...
  3. I like the comparison to driving. When you grow up driving on 55 mph roads and then you are suddenly driving in SO Cal at 85 mph just to not get run over, it seems daunting. After a while, 85 seems normal and 65 seems super slow. I think I’m going to use this in my practice. Thank you!!! Mental game always needs work!
  4. Another thing about just going, call your hits or misses before moving. If you have already left, it’s not worth coming back. It’s a hit factor calculation that I can’t do, but it’s not worth the time to go back and reset, shoot and then leave again.
  5. Hi, is the big hands magwell stainless steel? If so could I purchase it from you?

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    2. Rnlinebacker


      Ok I'm def ready to purchase it when available

    3. Rnlinebacker


      Hi, any updates on the magwell? 

    4. Boudreaux78


      It is not a stainless mag well, it is aluminum.

  6. Tore my calf muscle at work in June last year. Was healed by August but not back to full strength till late September. Now I don’t even think about it. Crazy part is how easy it was, but thankful it wasn’t my Achilles. Good luck with the healing process and don’t forget to stretch!
  7. If you have a reload to perform, it’s faster to get that done while prepping to move. Then go. The question is how to go. Does a drop step work better to leave the position, does a side shuffle work better or opening the hip and moving? It all depends on which way you are moving. Efficiency of motion saves an amazing amount of time. Some people don’t realize how much time is saved by simply shuffling sideways saves over turning, running and turning back. Try it both ways and find your max distance on a timer. Clock never lies....
  8. Any plan vigorously executed is a good plan, most of the time. Doesn’t hurt to change, just make sure your skill level can handle the change, if not, don’t do it. Meaning some changes are hugely beneficial and may make or break your match depending on if you can execute them properly. It’s all risk versus rewards!
  9. I think that the good ones play it straight up on the high point high loss stages, but let it hangout more on the lower point stages. How many great ones zeroed a low point stage and still won, many! It’s knowing what plays to your strengths and making those moments count.
  10. May 28-30-2021 Titan Ballistics EMG Nationals - Salt Lake City, UT UML Level 4 June 2021 Magpul Wyoming Governor’s Match Presented by Vortex Optics - Wyoming - UML Level 4 (Registration has not yet launched because we have not finalized dates yet.) August 6-8-2021 Surefire World Multigun - Grand Junction, CO - UML Level 4 September 3-5-2021 Mike Voigt Memorial UPL Nationals - Grand Junction, CO - UPL Level 4 October 8-10-2021 Vortex Optics Grand Championships - Las Vegas, NV USSL Level 4
  11. I checked the video during matches and my reload is definitely faster, but I believe it’s because I’m focusing on that lately in practice. I’m sure with some work, my draw will improve.
  12. I think my reloads are faster. I work on my reloads more than my draw, because in a match I usually have two to three steps to get the draw done. The reload for me is always one step when leaving a position. I need to work on the draw for classifiers and standing reloads.
  13. Off season is to work on everything that you should’ve noted after every match. After each match, I make a list of things that I need to work on and things I did well. Off season is a time to hone the good things and improve the rest.
  14. Just repeating what others have said, there are so many variables that can alter this one way or the other. I shot a match on Oregon that had three or four targets on the left side of the stage. By shooting them right to left, you could back out of the array setting yourself up for the next target almost perfectly. But some chose to come in on the left target and finish on the hard right target as opposed to driving into a hard lean before beginning to shoot. Ultimately you have to practice all of the different ways and see which one works best for you. Do you shoot faster coming in or leaving
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