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  1. Boudreaux78

    Between Walls

    At the last local match, there was a stage that had four different shooting positions. One of the positions was leaning around a wall to the right to shoot four targets. Shooters found that about five yards closer next to one of the other shooting positions, there was a gap between two walls that allowed a clear view of the four targets. The walls were not secured to each other and were not touching. Is shooting between the walls legal?
  2. Boudreaux78

    What to do with the extra bullet

    For your second scenario, the answer is: Best hits on paper are scored per the written stage briefing. Unless it says something different. Pretty simple, the shooter has already received the penalties for their extra shot and hit, can't continue to penalize them.
  3. Boudreaux78


    Just to clarify, I wasn't saying this was always the case. Just throwing out a possibility that could be causing it. I'm not referring to recoil anticipation, rather forcing the trigger backwards at that perfect sight alignment. Forcing the trigger has nothing to do with recoil anticipation for a more experienced shooter. Unless the gun is just beating you up, recoil is really not that much to deal with. This is just a theory that I have seen fix a few shooters problem with shooting low and left. When they focus on the front sight and let the gun go boom instead of forcing it, the round goes right where the sights were aligned.
  4. Boudreaux78

    Pre-Match Diet

    I agree with everyone about hydration, it is probably the most important thing. I found that something with chicken and pasta works the best for me the night before the match. I sustain better throughout the day and it doesn't sit on my stomach like red meat. My friends usually eat salmon, I am just not a big fan unless it is smoked. I save that for game day. Chicken and rice will accomplish the same thing if you don't want the pasta. Stay way from sweets and alcohol until your done with the match. Don't eat a large breakfast, something like a small bowl of oatmeal and then eat small portions of healthy protein rich foods throughout the day.
  5. Boudreaux78

    Dropping mag

    I try to put a real life spin on it. If I just engaged several bad guys and knew around the corner or down the way I was going to have to engage some more, I would want as many bullets in my gun as possible to not have to stand there with my a&@$) in the wind while doing a standing reload. To me that's why it's called practical shooting.
  6. Boudreaux78

    Quicker transitions

    Use your legs for transitions. Everyone wants to transition with their upper body and arms. If you use your legs, it is much more stable and faster to get on target and stay there. It takes a wide and low stance to perform this quickly and well. You have to feel it in your quads, hams and butt. It works!
  7. Boudreaux78


    Many people say that low left shooting is caused by anticipation and finger placement. I would challenge you to think about this. when the sights are aligned and all is right in the world, we want the gun to go boom at that instant. We force the trigger back quickly so that the bullet goes right where the sights were. This can create a natural pull down and to the left for a right handed shooter. I call it making the gun go boom. If you are shooting for groups are precision, all your focus should be on the front sights and let the trigger finger do what it already knows what to do, then the gun going boom should be a surprise. When we force something, it will move. The penny drill is a great way to train the trigger finger to go straight back. Place a penny on the front sight and dry fire practice at a target while focusing on the front sight.
  8. Boudreaux78

    Define "Fit" in the production box.

    I think it could still be subjective to the RO and eventually the RM. I wouldn't risk it and would fix the problem so it for without having to force it. Not sure that fits and forces are two words that are synonymous with each other.
  9. Boudreaux78

    Preparation routine before Stand By

    What I really like about your pre-plan is that most everything is done before you are told to make ready. As an RO and a competitor, someone who takes ten minutes to stop moving is just annoying. I know they have the time, but a lot of it could be accomplished prior to make ready.
  10. Boudreaux78

    Top Shelf 1911s vs Glock based Pistols

    I would have to say that a really good shooter won the Nationals shooting a glock. Just imagine what he could do with a well built 2011! A friend once told me, "if your racing a pinto against a corvette, it doesn't matter how good of a driver you are." Guess that was proven wrong at the Nationals. Maybe it's the old tortoise and the hare.
  11. Boudreaux78

    Preparation routine before Stand By

    Figured I may as well add my two cents in here. Went to a match over the weekend. Was still working on my plan and trying to focus. The shooter in the order before me wasn't there and suddenly I was the shooter. I said, sure I got this. Plan was half done, stage was a blur in the pre are you ready faze and then the timer went off. The results just re-enforced what everyone before me has said. Make a plan, stick to it, rehearse it and the execute it. Stay with the same routine everytime, whatever works best for you and don't waiver from it or the results will definitely show it. Good of luck everyone and shoot fast and straight!!!
  12. Boudreaux78

    Ejecting Cartridge

    Not sure if this is the right place but wanted to bring this up. I see shooters all the time place their hand over the chamber as they eject their round and prevent the round from falling to the ground by catching it in their hand. This is not the same as flipping the round up in the air and catching it. The problem with this method is the primer can drag against the extractor or the ejector and discharge the round in your hand. There are numerous cases of this occurring and the photographs are nasty. One round worth less than .25 cents is not worth loosing part of a finger or worse. Let the round fall to the ground or flip it carefully in the air without sweeping yourself or breaking 180. I haven't had a round go off in my hand, just would hate to see it happen to someone. Good luck out there and stay safe!
  13. Boudreaux78

    .40 SVI 5.4 Shuman Barrel - load data

    Forgot to add, you have to use the heavy plated bullets from extreme. The regular plated bullets don't work at all. Will not get better than a six inch group at 20 yards.
  14. Boudreaux78

    Score procedurals

    Additionally, if a competitor does not gain a competitive advantage and it is not specified in the WSB like it is in most claisfiers, then the RO can assess one procedural only. This is not an answer to your original question, it was answered correctly above. This is just a side note.
  15. Boudreaux78

    Squib or slide stuck with live round in gun

    Forgot to add, a new trick I learned is as an RO, carry a zip tie and feed it into the barrel from the chamber end to check for a squib. Prevents you from putting your hand over the muzzle just in case.