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  1. Thanks all . just ordered the Dillon super swage 600
  2. Hey everyone . I have about 4k .223 I'm going to reload and I'm using a Hornady 3 stage power unit to cut out the primer crimp. It does a good job but it takes a long time and a lot of finger pressure against the cutter to remove the crimp . Is there anything out there that is fast and easy , or am I out of luck
  3. Pm sent for unknown scope mount.

  4. craigsteffek , that is a work of art !!
  5. Ivip , that is one beautiful gun ! WOW
  6. 1) resize with rcbs carbide die 2) run thru second die to open case mouth 3) clean primer pocket with Hornady 3 stage power brush attachment 4) put in sonic cleaner with setting on high for 30 minutes 5) dump brass on pile of rags and use baby qtips on the inside and regular qtips in the primer pocket and remove all burnt gun powder 6) tumble for 4 hours in treated walnut media with nu-finish 7) dump out brass in sifter and reclean each primer pocket with qtip again to remove any dust 8) stand back and admire 400 rounds of brand new looking brass 9) prime, fill with hp38 , seat your bullet 10) take a well deserved nap
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