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  1. Frame weight permitted. Flashlight as frame weight permitted. Inoperable flashlight as frame weight permitted.
  2. Gen

    X5 Grip weight

    Ask Osage County Guns? https://osagecountyguns.com/sig-sauer-p320-x-series-grip-weight.html or go high dollar https://shootingsportsinnovations.com/x5-tungsten-slug/ Good luck
  3. Well, then copper plated bullets magically fix the issue. However the bullets stack up, the bullets do drag up the inside of the mag and seem to slow down the stack enough to not feed 100%
  4. I've been shooting Limited .40 with mine for a couple years now. No issues with the tungsten grip at all, did break a Goguns take down lever. Only issue I've found are the mags are particular about the bullet I run. I thought at one time it was my COAL but came to learn it just doesn't like to run coated bullets in my mags.
  5. You just might be. I only had mine for just under 3 months, maybe 4-5K rounds.
  6. Fixed. Ended up drilling on the right side and using an extractor. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  7. I tried turning it before, couldn't get it to turn due to lack of contact between lever and pin. I'll try again...with more enthusiasm.
  8. I'll give this a shot. Many hands at work here. I'll also need to move the take down safety lever back before I can push it out. GoGuns lever, may be under warranty? Haven't heard back yet. Regardless, I probably wouldn't send it away, I haven't reached the end of my rope yet.
  9. Anyone have suggestion on removing this. Currently I plan on setting up in a mill and either drilling 2 holes on the right side and using 2 pins to turn what remains of the lever or just milling a slot to use a flat blade screwdriver.
  10. I ran into this same problem using the same combination of parts. The solution that has worked for me was to reduce my COAL to 1.100. The bullet would drag on the front of the mag and give me a failure to feed because the round was coming up too slow. I had less problems with copper projectiles but if I loaded a powder coated projectile it would happen at least 50% of the time. I have the Grams followers and running a 16# spring in the gun. Gen
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