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  1. Using the 124 gr Precision Delta at 1.125 OAL and runs in all mags - including Goliath, TF +10 and the TACCOM. I've loaded out to your desired OAL with a FMJ RN but with my current bullet selection the 1.125 is flawless with great accuracy. Hope this helps....
  2. Been running Gunzilla on the last 2 PCC's. Run the bolts and interior of the upper wet and never had an issue on many 1000's of rounds. Carbon wipes off with a dry cloth and no appreciable wear on any of the parts.
  3. I'm assuming you are meaning the Everglades 124 JHP?? N320 is the way to go as it's super clean and accurate. 3.9gr at 1.125 OAL to start should put the PF around what you are looking for....
  4. +1 on what Bwillis noted.... I'm running an SLR 13.7 on a 14.5 barrel. Barrel is completely in the HG and comp is fully outside. Perfect match. One thing you may want to consider is putting a small hand stop at the end of the HG. With your supporting arm fully extended its pretty easy to get your off hand close to the comp (not a good thing).
  5. I'm currently running 3 tungsten and 2 steel in my SS SCS at a 140 PF (124 gr with N320) and it feels nice. Sharp but dead flat.
  6. Here is my solution for the 31 rd mag.... http://taylorfreelancestore.com/glock-supercap-3-red/ or http://taylorfreelancestore.com/glock-supercap-3-delrin/
  7. Contact Brian Miller https://forums.brianenos.com/profile/29808-bmiller/ His magwells are great.
  8. +1 for Weber Tactical. Got them for my Colt and Glock PCCs. Great Stuff!
  9. The barrel nut will have an ID of 1.00 or so....
  10. Looking for a QC10 Glock Small Frame Lower for my son. Anyone know of deals currently out there??
  11. N320 all day long.... 3.4 gr under a 147 gr is giving me a 135 PF while being clean and accurate.
  12. True, but 50 plus rounds hanging out the bottom of a 6 lb PCC is significantly different than doing the same in a 7.5 to 8 lb version especially when you start playing with the right balance point.
  13. Just weighed a shell / cover from a 510c and it went 488 gr or 1.11 oz. on my scale. It will not make a lot of difference weight wise but when you are chasing a certain overall weight and balance that I'm doing (mostly for fun as I'm into winter boredom) then it all adds up. That being said I was told earlier today by an old friend that I'm picking the Fly Sh*t out of the Pepper! It does though may for a better overall vision on your target.
  14. Another nice feature is the bottom of the circle at the hash mark location is the right point of aim for bore offset at close range.
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