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  1. pcs352 just got home and looked there isn't a part number on my holster or on the bag it came in. Must be top secret info. Glad to help, it was kind of a PITA to track down when I was looking to order one. Safariland could probably sell a lot more holsters if their finder was a little more user friendly.
  2. https://holsterops.com/collections/holsters/products/7ts-als-concealment-paddle-holster-cutdown-version This is it! Just order for the VERTEK (that’s the way it’s spelled on their web sight)
  3. I just ordered the one for the Vertec. It fits both my LTT and M9a1. I will look at it when I get home on Sunday and see if there is a part number on the holster. I ordered the 7378 (I believe) belt loop also came with a paddle, from Holster Ops. I ordered the cut down version.
  4. Yes. The M9a1 will work as will the Vertec holster. I use a Safariland ALS for the Vertec, it fits my M9a1 and my LTT. Edited to add: The forward portion of the M9a1 and Vertec are the same, the only difference is in the grip. Any should work. The LTT frame is basically an M9a1 frame.
  5. steven t

    Langdon Elite LTT

    I have an M9A1that I put Langdon's trigger job in a bag (TJIB) in, and an LTT pistol that Langdon did the trigger on. The TJIB is a must have for me on any Beretta I own. That said the LTT I bought with the trigger job is nicer. I saw on one of the forums that the TJIB got you to 90% of one of Mr Langdon's trigger jobs. That's pretty close in my opinion. If I owned the pistol already or was buying a used one TJIB. New I would order another LTT from Langdon Tactical with his trigger job. The trigger on my LTT is one of the best DA pulls I have ever felt. Only 2 S&W revolvers that were worked on were in the same ball park. God I hope that slaughter of basic grammar and sentence structure makes sense.
  6. Are you running a Carry/Compact top end with a Springer comp?
  7. Just received my 3 back today. 2 weeks from shipped to home in AZ which is pretty quick considering how many they have to modify. Trigger is not as good on any of them. Feels mushy/gritty and there is a noticeable catch as the trigger resets. The reset is longer as well. I almost wish I hadn't sent my production P320 back the trigger was very good on it (out of the box) now not so much. Love the P320 but I'm disappointed in my triggers considering all 3 were good and the one I used in production was excellent. I'll try to shoot them tomorrow then relube and see if they smooth out.
  8. Pat Jones, Roger thanks I'll take a look.
  9. You will want the Dawson extended base pads. The Ice magwell doesn't allow much magazine to protrude, the Dawson's are longer in the rear where the box allows it. Pat Jones what mag well / grip combo are you running? Looks like a Dawson to me, but I am curious about the lip or step at the bottom of the grip on the front strap.
  10. I would like to see the grip module become available. It looks like it could be just the thing. I hope it fits the older fcu's. The magwell looks like it would be a improvement.
  11. steven t

    Sig P320

    I also grip as high as possible But my short little fingers make the slide the slide stop a non issue (lol) . I have large palms and short fingers so I don't hit the slide stop. Sorry I guess my answer is that the slimmer slide release is probably going to work for you, it works fine for me with short fingers and big palms. I have adjusted my grip to work with M&Ps Sig SP2022's and Beretta M9's and the slimmer release works as well as the old style. Hope this helps.
  12. steven t

    Sig P320

    R34PER sorry watching the grandkid I seem unable to read the whole post(or drink my coffee read the news ect). My new P320 came with the slim slide release levers I didn't order those. I don't have a problem with the large ones so I never looked.
  13. steven t

    Sig P320

    R34PER yes sir I just called Sig and relayed my sad story and they said no problem. It was about 31 dollars I believe. $17 for the release, $4 for the O-ring and $10 for shipping.
  14. steven t

    Sig P320

    Sorry was going to add more but some how managed to post. My older pistol is wearing a large grip, the newer one still has the medium factory grip. I did look at the older medium and it has the same molding as my large. This is something to be aware of if you have the larger slide release levers. as newer modules may not fit correctly. Although it looks like a quick fix with a file / dremel ect.
  15. steven t

    Sig P320

    Okay Just took both P320's out in the garage and pulled them down. The older large slide release definitely catches on the the molded border around the slide stop of the new grip. The newer slim levers fit the older style grip fine.
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