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  1. Hi Guys just a quick reporting. I got myself some Sport Pistol below are the results A: SP 4.1 gr , 200 gr BlueBullet RNFP, 1.18 OVL, 5 inch Atlas Titan 6 shots Avg PF = 175 B: SP 4.04 gr, 200 gr BlueBullet RNFP, 1.18 OVL, 5 inch Atlas Titan 7 shots Avg PF = 171 Probably go low a little lower to aim for 168 ~ 170 PF. Powder and loads are quite consistent, both group show STDEV less than 2 PF.
  2. Great information guys! Exactly the response I was looking for. Thanks, I am getting some Sport Pistol this holiday season (DEALS!!!) and will post my load data once I found the sweet spot.
  3. sounds good!!! What's your formula with 200 gr bullet? Any load data? Thanks
  4. Hi just start shooting limited major. Current load formula is Bluebullet 200 gr RNFP, 3.7 gr Tightgroup, 1.18 overall length. Thinking of moving away from Tightgroup. I have been using TG for a year in my 9mm minor load (1.11 overall length, 3 gr TG, 147 Bluebullet RN), but for 40 major, increased charge significantly accelerated carbon fouling. My friend recommend CleanShot from Shooter's World. Also I have seen many discussions regarding the Sport Pistol powder here. My question to those have first hand experience, how did the recoil impulse change when you switch from small charge TG powder to greater charge CS or SP power to maintain similar velocity. Softer? Or more snappy? How much cleaner are those compared to TG according to your experience? Black fingers no more? Less hard-to-clean poly fouling? Gun stays cool for longer / more rapid fire drills ? Thanks in advance!
  5. I had a question upon reading the new Carry Optics rules. So the rule stated quote: Optics suitable for this division fall under two categories with different restrictions on how they are mounted to the firearm. I don't see any words prohibit mounting a red dot sight and a laser simultaneously on a gun. Does that mean adding a laser on the frame to increase stationary weight has become a viable option in the CO division.
  6. Thanks Jordan. I intend to use this as my IDPA setup. Ghost is not IDPA legal as it is too far away from my body.
  7. HI. Just wondering is there any one using Safariland 773 mag pouch for your large frame Tanfoglio? I have been searching around and found little regarding this on the internet. The official website stating: EAA 38 super fits size group 6 and witness 9 mm / 9mm compact fits size group 3. However, I have seen reports saying the large frame (limited pro, stock II ........) mags do not fit those size. In fact, some suggested the group 4 (for glock 19 17 34 and so on) can be adjusted to fit. So now I am very confused, please let me know if you have personal experience or have seen someone else found the correct size group. Thanks!!!
  8. what's your final weight (with empty mag) with that modification?
  9. Dr_Z

    CZ TSO Thumb Rest

    Just a quick for those using the Alex Thumb rest. How does it fit on the TSO? A direct drop-in fit or require some work / spacer installed? Thanks
  10. Hi fellow shooters, I finally decided to signup. Previously I frequently visited this forum as a guest. Great forum, much useful information. Glad to be here.
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