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  1. Is everyone's triggers this good out the box? I just got my extended mag release from springer in the mail today, so I put it back together and decided to mate it with my standard X5 slide and shoot it this weekend in prep for the Georgia state match in 2 weeks. I was curious about the trigger pull, so I pulled out the Lyman digital... and out of 10 pulls the Average was just under 3lbs. I couldn't believe it, I check it 2 more times (yes 30 pulls total) and it was identical. I remember checking my original X5 trigger and it was 8lbs with out a round through it, after 1k rounds it was 6.4lbs, I installed the GG competition kit and it was 3.4lbs, and tonight that same GG kit is 3.3lb with almost 13k rounds on it. Everything about the Legion trigger just feels better imo. What are you guys getting out of your triggers out of the box?
  2. I prefer my optic to be as low to the bore as possible for obvious reason's, but my biggest gripe is that I feel like im trying to look over a fence when looking through the optic. I am hoping to have my slide back next week for the SRO to be mounted.
  3. Shooting Sports Innovations, they are the company that sold the original X5 Tungsten grip modules. It's what I am currently running on my original X5 and I REALLY like the silicone carbide texture, I emailed them on Friday asking if they would be willing to apply the carbide texture to my grip module, they said they'd love to as it would be the first Legion grip they will texture and to send it in! I shipped it Monday afternoon on my lunch break and they got it Tuesday, Nathan sent me the finished pic this morning. They definitely went above & beyond in the customer service department and from the pics they produced another great product.
  4. Here's a Pic of my Legion grip module that I sent out on Tuesday to get Silicone Carbide added to it, I cant wait to get it back! Now im just waiting for my slide to come back from being recut for the SRO.
  5. Find an optic with a bigger window, that might help you keep up with the dot. I'd suggest finding another CO shooter that has a DPP and see if they'd be willing to let you run a magazine or 2 through it, the DPP has the largest viewing window if I'm not mistaken. The Legion is already cut for the DPP as well...
  6. This is who cut my X-carry and is cutting my Legion. Will does great work and his communication and customer service it top notch
  7. I have had my X-carry milled for RMR, and my Legion is currently in line to be milled for the SRO. I have chosen to get the slide milled because the plate site the optic higher then I like, im hoping to have it back in 2 weeks.
  8. My X5 has shot BBI exclusively since I bought it last May, its got about 12k-14k rounds down the barrel and ive never had an issue. here am using the factory Dillon crimp die, but I dnt see that making a difference.
  9. You can use 1911 springs for replacements or check sig's web site, I do not know if they have been put on the site yet, but like stated 1911 springs will work.
  10. I struggled to replace the mag release on my X-carry an while back, I found out that putting the grip module in a bench vise to squeeze the mag release will free up that 2nd hand to work with the paper clip and a small flat head, this worked best imo. The crazy thing is that I have never had an issue with the mag release on my X5, go figure...
  11. Welcome! What part of GA are you from? FYI, there are tons of club matches around the ATL & surrounding areas.
  12. The chamber in my pcc is pretty shallow, I was loading my CO ammo at 1.140 and they would not chamber in my pcc. I changed over to 124’s for CO and run the same ammo in my pcc.
  13. Load them a touch shorter and that problem should go away, also make sure you have cleaned up the casting imperfections in the bottom of the Glock mags. I didn't do this when I put on my MBX extensions and the follower was hanging up as it passed the mating area between the mag & the extension. I'm using PD 124 JHP's as well, but I'm loading them to 1.100.
  14. Cherokee Gun range, River Bend Gun Club, South River gun club, all these ranges host Monthly USPSA matches. There are also some indoor matches during the week at a few ranges in those areas you mentioned. If you are ok with a 2-2.5hr drive you can also shoot at Strong Point Gun range and CMP Talladega, all these ranges host clubs that put on great matches every month, weather permitting of course. This time of year we will get Severe pop up thunder storms, unfortunately this gets in the way of our shooting in the Atl & surrounding Areas. FYI, Practiscore is the best way to find out Times, dates, addresses, and of course register for all these matches. I don't know about any IDPA matches except for a couple Indoor ranges, which can be found on Practiscore as well.
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