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  1. Unfortunately the project was aborted, due to Sig removing so much material out of the slide there wouldn’t have been enough material to have more then 2 threads holding the optic on. I ended up getting a custom plate made out of aluminum that was about 1/2 the thickness of the springer.
  2. Never had a light strike, My X5’s, Legion’s, and my X-Carry have never seen factory ammo, but they light off every Sm Rifle primer on the market.
  3. They have been making that claim for almost a year now. Last person I talked to (June 2019) was pretty rude too, so even if they do ill keep my money in my pocket.
  4. How aggressive is the "E2 aggressive" compared to the EVO? I really like the texture of the EVO, but im not sure if I need to get the Extra aggressive, id like it to be close to the texture of the EVO, but doesn't have to be exact.
  5. Legion with silicone carbide. I prefer the X-series grip module's overall, I even bought the Tungsten grip module for my standard X5 that Shooting Sports innovations was selling before Sig came out with the Legion grip module's
  6. Your gun came out BA!!! Is the builder CJ local to Atlanta? I cracked the slide on my first open gun (its an older gun), id like to get a new top end build with newer updated parts and id like to have someone local build it.
  7. Here's my X-Carry that I had cut for RMR. This slide has the Romeo 1 cut, if yours is cut for a DPP, you will not be able to mount the RMR without a plate. Sig has hogged out the bottom side of the slide so much that there's not enough material to recut the slide with recoil bosses. What me and my buddy determined was that we needed to mill the front portion of the cut just a touch and then drill & tap the holes. We used a CNC machine to do the milling and drilling & tapping, because it needed to be very precise. This would allow the optic needed to be sandwiched front to back to insur
  8. he announced on IG a while back that he will be shooting for Atlas Gunworks this year. But, he was shooting a X5 last yr.
  9. I’m gonna buy one regardless, I have a SIGness.
  10. Shooting Sports Innovations did my Legion grip module, 1 week turn around at the time and it was the first Legion grip module they did.
  11. blue for me, I make sure to clean the threads on the bolt, slide/plate with alcohol. I let it setup/dry for 4hrs minimum be for shooting. I also torque every 5-6k rounds, optic has never been loose on my primary X5 that is creeping up on 30k rounds.
  12. No failures as of yet, but I have changed guide rod springs twice in 28k rounds because they were noticeably shorter, due to constant cycling. Everything else I have changed was for peace of mind going into Hi-Nationals.
  13. I keep at least 2 of everything in my range bag, that includes 2 GG trigger kits (spring aren't available separately), guide rod springs, firing pin assemblies, 8 optic batteries (CR1632), magazine catch/release with springs, optic bolts with locktite, 1 spare optic (I have a backup gun as well), I also keep 4 brand new magazine springs & followers (Grams), take down lever, etc. I keep pretty much everything I need to rebuild the gun minus, slide and barrel. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to cleaning my guns, but I definitely try and keep as many spare parts as possible. My X
  14. So they are shipping it back directly to the customer and not using an FFL? Isn't that illegal?
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