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  1. Just switch to PD 124 JHP's from BBI coated 147's, here's the load data for my X5. Precision Delta 124g JHP VV N320 4.0g CCI small RIFLE primer OAL- 1.100 This made a 130PF on sunday
  2. I shoot CO with a P320 X5 w/Gray Guns competition kit, I EDC with a P320 X-Carry with RMR and the same trigger kit. I had the slide re-milled for the RMR so it doesn't sit up real high and presents just about the same as my X5.
  3. I had my dealer order me one already, they are a preferred Sig dealer so they will get between 8-12 units, while most other dealers will only get 1-3 initially. These are the owner's words not mine.
  4. Were you looking at the hellcat's or another model? Boombah is a company that caters to softball & baseball predominately, my 7yr old draught plays softball and ive found that most of the cleats/turf shoes now day are a very stiff plastic. Now as far as the Hellcat's, they are not stiff at all, they required no "break-in" time and the only portion of the shoe I might consider stiff would be the sides of the heel, but that's going to be the case for almost every trail runner/turf shoe on the market. I can also tell you that the tread holds up 100x better on the Boombah's compared to the Salomon's. I'm terrified to know what the ladies in Oklahoma look like then. LMAO
  5. I wore Salomon's Speedcross 4's for the first 18 months of shooting USPSA, I bought the wide version about 4 months after buying my first pair. The main issue I ran into with the Salomon's was that the Toe box was too small for my feet and would scrunch up my toes (even with the wide version). When I was initially shopping for Salomon's I made it a point to try and find them locally and try them on, I had to go up 1 whole size because of them not being wide feet friendly. 5 months ago I made the switch to Boombah's Hellcat trail runner's, the tread pattern is very similar to Salomon's but they are wider in the toe box. They are 100x more comfortable and they are 1/2 the cost (Amazon) of Salomon's. This will be the only shoe I wear for shooting unless I find something with better comfort, performance, and looks. I didn't even consider Inov8's because they are ugliest shoe I've ever seen, right behind Chuck Taylor's. Yes I'm that shallow lol.
  6. 12k rounds on my X5 with Romeo 1, all 12k have hit the optic housing. knock on wood the dot is still going strong
  7. Never been a fan of the grip tape because it wouldn’t last long, but Bill makes a great point with the glue on the edges.
  8. I only have the Grip module & the Tungsten guide rod, but the gun is 100x better in feel, recoil pulse, and it even shoots flatter. The gun currently weighs 40oz with the optic. IMHO it is money well spent.
  9. Thanks zzt, I live in GA and shoot all over the south east, the heat & humidity is ridicules. I'm definitely gonna try out the MP.
  10. Is it reverse temperature sensitive? also what's the consistency of the powder? flake, grain, etc?
  11. My 650 is a Frankenstein when it comes to dies. Stations 1- LEE "U" die 2- Dillon powder drop W/Mr. Bullet feeder funnel 3- Mr. Bullet feeder drop 4- LEE Bullet seating Die 5- Dillon Crimp Die
  12. I'm going to grab a pound of 3N38 and maybe one more and see where that takes me. I am definitely liking the idea of lower powder drops to help prevent spillage, that removes the possibility of inconsistent chrono results. is the Tru Blue reverse temperature sensitive?
  13. I'm currently loading 10.6g of the N105 and its spilling a little when indexing to the next station and this is also part of the reason im considering another powder, I have ordered the DAA PSP brush to help with this. Wont drilling popple holes lower the current PF, so I would need to chrono and make changes potentially? Thanks for this info zzt, I will try this gas test this weekend and see if there's too much gas.
  14. My PCC with Faxon BCG did not dimple the primer when I released the bolt from its locked position. might want to call the manufacture and see if that is "normal".
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