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  1. Are these extensions legal in CO (carry optics)? Thanks Tom
  2. I’ll take the JP bolt 


    text me at 512-689-8477. It’s faster 


    Thx Max

  3. Texas45

    NEED a CMORE Plate!!

    Sorry, they don't have them for the CZ...
  4. Texas45

    NEED a CMORE Plate!!

    C-MORE sells the plates. They are not cheap but they seem to have them all.
  5. Sent both of mine to CZ Custom. Perfect in every way.
  6. tbarker13...mine too!!
  7. I emailed Timney about that exact question. They said the Gold trigger 681 will NOT hold up. The 683 is made for the MPX and will run. So I put the Hyperfine Eclipse 3000 rounds ago and haven't looked back.
  8. And use grams followers and longer springs?
  9. I sure this is somewhere on this site, but can't find. Which +4 mag extensions do you use? Use the factory mags? Or buy new Mec mags. Thanks
  10. Correct, and I guess that one IS NOT approved for Production/CO?
  11. Red_Dot, Thanks. What is really strange is on their web site (CZ Custom) they show the Bull Shadow as you describe and then there is the NEW Bull Shadow with the dust cover and the rail.
  12. Stuart what is the difference between the two?
  13. So is the Shadow 2 Bull Shadow on the Production or CO list?
  14. I REALLY like the cuts that Primary Machine does, per their pictures. Makes the Shadow2 look even cooler.
  15. You can buy the complete setup from Fire 4 Effect for around 2K shipped. Gun, DPP.
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