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  1. Anyone that hasn't placed and order there is one on Practiscore for sale. Looks awesome! Just listed today, won't last long.
  2. ATLANTA ARMS Had some 147 Major 9mm on Wednesday. Don't know if still available.
  3. This is address from Open gun, he uses... Name: Ebenezer Nwaehie Address: 3204 Desert circle Apt 2 East Point Ga 30344
  4. That is why I posted here, Thought maybe someone had theirs stolen...
  5. Yes I knew he was bad news. Address he gave on this gun is a business. Also either he is stealing these guns or finds pictures on other web sites.
  6. Anyone missing a gun? For sale at a "too good to be true" price. You can see serial number on side. $2200. for a 5k gun. LNIB 400 rounds...
  7. Thanks, HOOKED and HAWK21
  8. Has anyone found a mount for the SRO. The only only I can find is the Everglades. Thanks
  9. Would you double uncut it? Or isn't it necessary with the steel grip?
  10. Saw one this weekend on a friends STI Open gun and it super bright in sunlight, and super easy to pick up the dot on the draw. The price is steep at $599.00 so hoping for some relief after Christmas.
  11. Anyone ever see any coupons/sale on the EVO?
  12. SmithCity.They have had the side charger, however this is NEW, 2 weeks out for delivery. This one is not folded up it stays extended. Flatland Shooter, sold my backup JP. Still have my original JP. Actually, if you can believe it, Roman is using it while his open gun is being repaired. I do love the new MPX...runs like a scalded dog. Clean every 1000 rounds (tappet etc.) and not one issue.
  13. JP now has come out with a Side Charging handle that is easy to operate. However $239. is a little stiff
  14. GX PRODUCTS, Vice Holster is awesome.
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