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  1. They do place the order now...but a couple of weeks for delivery. Just to be clear.
  2. Thanks, gonna order one, $399.00, but they wouldn't be available for a couple of weeks.
  3. Lucas seems to work the best for my MPX. Put it on and after day of running in Texas heat, and it is still there and working. Love it!
  4. I have both....my story... injured my wrist so could no longer shoot pistols. Thought my shooting days were over and then PCC was born. I bought a MPX GEN2. Ran for the first 1000 rounds and then I couldn't get it to run, even after 2 trips to Sig. Gave up bought the JP. It is heavier than the MPX but boy it RUNS. Nothing better than to not have to worry if you gun is going to function. However my wrist was getting worse, I guess because of the weight of the JP and the NEW barrel and hand guard was not out yet for JP and SIG came out with the Competition new and improved MPX sooo you guessed it....The MPX runs and runs BUT you have to clean piston and tabbet every 1K or so. STILL worry about it not running. Ordering the new barrel and hand guard and short stroke system for my JP, why you might ask, I just LOVE that JP. Confused? Me Too.
  5. I am wondering about how accurate they are compared to the original barrel. Seems they are after all a 5 inch barrel. I realize at 10 to 20 yards it doesn't matter but at longer distances? Thanks for your insight and help!
  6. PM to  PINMAN44

    He may be able to help you.

    1. Shadow



  7. All the above, also charged the charging handle to Radian. Isler 15" Carbon fiber hand guard.
  8. Okay, I am lost. I have the Safariland ELS 032 belt with the ELS belt kit 34/35 to attach items. On the Safariland site they only have two options 1. Tactical (no belt clip) 2. Belt Clip The 774 is Group 7 I know that but do not know 1 0r 2. Thanks for any help. Tom
  9. Just ordered mine from Buds Gun Shop...shows they had 10 in stock.
  10. One more question if you don't mind...the weight? Thanks Tom
  11. Would you mind sharing total cost? If you would rather PM me, in case your Dad reads your threads. Thanks Tom
  12. Texas45

    SIG 365

    Anyone out there have one of these? Looking for reviews. Wanting a good carry gun. Thanks
  13. Just received mine and loaded to 49, with a 33 round Glock mag, and it ran flawlessly!! Good to go.
  14. Syntech 150, softest shooting in my S2 for CO. Dot barely moves. I have a plate to put on for Production. I have used Atlanta Elite 147, had them left from previous gun, they are a little snappier.
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