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  1. Yes, I run a rubber buffer and it helps - I've run DPP, Sig R1 and R1PRO, RTS2, all on EAA variants with CO - after all those, I strongly recommend the SRO for any CO gun. J&L Gunsmithing (Jim Jones) is your best bet. He has done all my milling and can do a great job with SROs.
  2. Hey partner, for my 147 loads at 132 PF I use an 8lbs but you can go up to a 9lbs or a 10lbs - totally preference. I find that with a red dot, the heavier spring gives a faster overall dot reset time, but the dot moves more in your view and the dot movement itself is a little more unpredictable. With an 8lbs, the movement is very linear and predictable although it is a little slower overall. Splitting hairs but up to you - I wouldn't go below 8.
  3. Thanks for the input - do any of you guys mind sharing some load data to get started? I'm looking at using some Stock 2 load data but the Beretta's barrel is an unknown. Any throating issues? Thanks,
  4. Strongly looking at this as a production gun - a couple questions and I apologize if they've been answered else where: -Any throat issues with 147 RN Blues and other similar molys? -Any 147 plated or 165 plated load data with N320 or Titegroup? A local buddy who runs on had a series of issues with failures to eject - casings getting stuck and causing malfunctions - anyone have issues with that? Thanks, Tom
  5. Yes, 0 issues for me - the trigger weight is OK but the break is a little long for my taste. That being said, I may not end up polishing or filing anything.
  6. Thats true but I'll say this is as accurate or more than the S2 and S3 I've owned. The rifling is a little more forgiving for length but if you run moly or Blue Bullets, you'll want it reamed.
  7. I do, the extra barrel length and design gives it a better feel and balance.
  8. J&L Gunsmithing is the go to for all things Tanfo and cuts - guy is Jim Jones, awesome guy - hes on Facebook.
  9. Hey friends - I recently got an IFG Stock Master from BSPS and had it milled by J&L Gunsmithing (Jim Jones). Jim is phenominal - best gunsmith I have ever worked with. He did the cuts and put the 2 support pegs that fit in the base of the RTS2. -I bought it off BSPS and called to make sure they had it in stock - no issues getting it and I think Patriot Defense also has them in stock. -I got the small frame which takes CZ75 mags - I put old CZ75 grips on which don't fit perfectly and require minor modification. Overall worth it to reuse my grit carbide grips.
  10. As I recall, the long slide springs are almost the same length but are generally a little longer out of the bag than a normal length. I wouldnt worry about length at all - they will all change over time and if you are really in to consistency, you should change your recoil spring every 6 months.
  11. Hey partner - I didn't experience that at all - I've run mostly Fed100 SPP but also Win SPP. I also tested some factory which is a mixed bag for primers. The spring pressure seems similar to the lightened hammer spring from MCARBO - but based on the fact that the TG9 has the same design and the OEM trigger assembly, you could put the OEM spring in and use it. I think if someone really wanted to take the TG9 to the full limit, they would do a little sear/hammer work to make the break a little cleaner. That plus a little HEAVIER of a hammer spring would tighten everything up. I
  12. Hey partner, I think it depends if you want to run the Ruger as a primary PCC or backup. For a backup ,it is an amazing value. Literally throw an optic on and it will take any Glock mag out there and run 100%. I torture tested the ETS 40round plastic junkers and it worked very well. If you're going to run the Ruger for primary PCC, put the TG9 in there and call it day.
  13. FWIW - Tandemkross was a waste of money - trigger angle was off and felt all wrong - it didn't really change the weight at all, and was very loose in the actual assembly. Save your money - got for TG9.
  14. Volquartsen TG9 Trigger Review here:
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