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  1. Never had an issue with my Romeo 1 or Romeo 1 pro. not an issue with my DPP either. Over a year with the original battery too
  2. If you think this mod will improve your game, you should practice more. The legion doesn’t slow your transitions down or recoil any slower than anything else with the proper spring.
  3. The grip module itself is NOT ssp legal. Confirmed that with IDPA today
  4. Got confirmation via email from my area coordinator that the grip module is indeed legal for ESP and CO. not SSP
  5. That’s the Wilson Combat pistol that’s been approved. I’m only wanting the grip module. the pistol is approved in USPSA but they have said the Grip module is illegal. Makes no sense.
  6. It looks like it’s perfect. If these wind up not being legal, I’ll order a small X-carry module. I emailed IDPA. We shall see what they say
  7. Currently shooting a X5 legion in carry optics and I can’t reach the mag release without a paddle mag release(not legal for IDPA) the WC grip modules are slightly smaller than the Sig modules and I think I can reach the mag release. are they legal for IDPA?
  8. I’m at a tick over 10k on my DPP. Still on the original battery. Zero issues
  9. you can take out the piece that holds the backstrap in and just glue the backstrap you like on. Did that to my bosses gun.
  10. The whole shooting jacketed bullets through your barrel to clean out the lead 100% doesn’t work. I’ve tried it 10 different times with 10 different firearms and had the same result with all of them.
  11. I decided to try some Brazos bullets last year. They leaded every gun I own. I think they were too soft. Might be a bad batch of the DG bullets.
  12. Keep in mind that jacketed or plated is a different animal than coated.
  13. I bought a BraDec off ebay for mine. Single clip with the claw. Love it. only $30 too
  14. I've got a tick over 10K on my 12lb stock Legion spring. still running like it was new.
  15. Didn’t mean to hit reply yet..... the FCD will swage your bullets down. My .356” bullets were .354” after I pulled them. Switched to the Dillon crimp die and all my problems went away
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