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  1. Mine was in the mail to Sig on October 9th and I got it back today(10-16). That’s impressive. Looking forward to the new barrel!
  2. jpm2953

    P320 X5 Thread

    I haven’t taken my mags apart and cleaned them with over 5k rounds on them. Ain’t no body got time for that.
  3. Mine is in the mail today to get the barrel replaced. Hope for a quick and painless turn around. Had to ship mine through my local FFL. I’m never home when Fedex goes through my neighborhood.
  4. I think I came up with 22,000 rounds as the break even bit for a complete set up 650 w/ case feeder. I “paid off” my machine in less than 2 years. No brainer if shooting is going to be a life long hobby. I can take that 6-700 a year savings and buy another gun with it!
  5. It did on one scale. Not another. Too close for comfort. I just put the stainless guide rod back in it.
  6. jpm2953

    X5 Legion CO Mags

    I personally like the 21rd mags with the smaller springer pads. I seem to reload those more consistently that a 17rd with a +5 extension. And btw, add a grams spring and follower and you can do 23+1.
  7. I was going to take it off tonight and remeasure. Great minds think alike.
  8. Not yet. Going to tomorrow hopefully. Shot the legion yesterday at Riverbend. Gun ran great. Using the barrel out of my standard X5 until after the NC state match. Then I’m sending it back to Sig to swap the barrel.
  9. I shot it for the first time yesterday with the Tungsten guide rod. Bit disappointed. I could tell zero difference. Guess its coming back out.
  10. If anyone is curious about weight. Mine don’t make it! tungsten guide rod, silicone carbide, DPP, 21 rd mags with springer pads and shadow 2 mag release. Need to ditch the tungsten guide rod I guess.
  11. Did the mag release on my legion today. I annealed it first. Then stuck it in a Mill and milled the “ridges” off so it was smooth then drilled and tapped it. I used a G10 Shadow 2 mag release from LOK. Much better!
  12. Bought mine last week. $899. Seems to be the average around here. One store had it for $865 but it’s all the way across town.
  13. jpm2953

    Legion accuracy

    Anyone else struggle to find a load your legion likes? I need to play around with different weights. I can’t get a sub 2” group with mine at 25 yards off a rest. My standard X5 will so about a 1” group all day. Ive tried about 20 different loads with 3 different bullet manufacturers, different primers and different powders smallest group was 2.2” and that was with .357” BBI at 1.130” 3.9gr Sport pistol. Worst group was 5.5” and that was a 124gr plated 4.4gr HP38
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