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  1. don't notice an issue with mine while shooting. Love my 510c
  2. Let me know when you are ready to sell it. I’m not far from you!
  3. I have the ice already. Trying to figure out about the IPSC model
  4. I know this is old but from my 5" 1911 with a 200gr summers Hi-tek coated 5.0gr 231=720fps 5.6gr 231=800fps
  5. I would think you would get severe leading at .355. Maybe your barrel is tight though and it won't be a problem. I would slug the barrel first.....or ream the chamber and be done with it.
  6. Anyone that runs this magwell, Can you get away with the wilson ETM basepads? or would I need to get the dawson basepads too?
  7. a little over 15k on mine. Still original springs. cleaned around 8-10k rounds. Zero issues
  8. I’m running the stainless one from NDZ. Was $16
  9. they missed a great opportunity to put 2 buttons on the dumb thing
  10. you are good to go. Well, i've done it on the 1.0's at least
  11. thats kinda where i am. 84.3% in CO and just had a kid 4 weeks ago. I did manage to get MA in IDPA CO first time i tried. That's my experience as well. I usually have the fastest raw time at my local matches but all the dang procedurals add up! Usually anytime us USPSA guys show up to an IDPA match, we walk away with them....usually
  12. Never had an issue with my Romeo 1 or Romeo 1 pro. not an issue with my DPP either. Over a year with the original battery too
  13. If you think this mod will improve your game, you should practice more. The legion doesn’t slow your transitions down or recoil any slower than anything else with the proper spring.
  14. The grip module itself is NOT ssp legal. Confirmed that with IDPA today
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