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  1. Just ignore it. I load mine to 1.145" I get great accuracy from them. They just lead my barrel really bad. I tried some .357's from them and they leaded too. Wish they worked. Great price and stupid accurate. Back to BBI for me.
  2. I don’t know. I’ve had great luck with mine. Zero issues.
  3. jpm2953

    P320 X5 Thread

    Are people running factory striker springs? I just got an X5 and need some spares
  4. I need to do some final fitting(shaping) but it works great. Did 100 rounds of 1 reload 1 and my hand never accidentally dropped a mag.
  5. I finally got it. I took the mag release back out and heated the tip of it with a torch until it was glowing red. That annealed it. I was then able to tap it. Works like a champ! I will post a picture of it later this evening.
  6. I managed to get my hole drilled. I used a 2.5mm carbide endMill. I can’t get a tap started now. Won’t even touch it. Brand new tap too! I might just buy a springer mag release and drill/tap it.
  7. You aren’t kidding about the mag release being hardened. Wow. I am going to have to order a. carbide drill bit. I had some new TIN coated bits and it won’t touch it. I made a paddle for mine instead of buying a S2 button.
  8. jpm2953

    Springer grip tape

    Came in today. Install was easy. Used the heat gun to mold it better. We will see how it holds up. I like the texture of it
  9. looks good. I am going to try to do that mag release mod to mine
  10. I’m going to order some .357’s and try that. I do like how accurate these bullets are.
  11. I have shot close to 30k of coated lead the past two years. All were either Summer enterprises or BBI. Both were .356. The summers are 18 brinell hardness where as the Brazos are 13. I think that may be the difference. I have had zero leading until this year. 4 different guns. All leaded with Gallants. Just not seeing some lead with the Brazos. But....... I might try .357’s next time.
  12. 300 more rounds of the brazos .356 125’s today. Starting to see some minor leading(600 rounds total) im about to give up on coated lead and go back to plated.
  13. I just ordered some on amazon. 25 of them for 7 bucks shipped. M6
  14. jpm2953

    Springer grip tape

    I ordered a couple of the blue ones.
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