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  1. Hey guys. I am a B classed shooter in SS. I recently shot a 77, 85, and now a 96% classifier. The 96% has been labeled “A” and isn’t going to count. That’s cheeky to me. I filled out the appeal form but haven’t heard anything back from them in 5 days now. Does that even work? Or am I wasting my time.
  2. I emailed S&W last week about a 5” 2.0 in Black (core and non core) and they said there were no current plans to release one and to check their website for new releases.
  3. Triflow Teflon lube. Left over from my cycling days.
  4. I have one. I think I would spend a little more and get a stainless/titanium suppressor. The Aluminum is a pain to clean. You cant really clean it good without destroying the anodizing on the baffles. It's is very lightweight though. fun as heck on a pistol.
  5. My springfield stainless loaded 9mm has been 100% reliable. It feeds any bullet profile I have shot through it. Smooth as silk now too. 17lb mainspring, 10lb recoil spring. I picked it up fully kitted out with Techwell IPSC magwell, Techwell grips, Dawson sights, EGW drop in trigger and Aftec Extractor for $800. Came with 5 Wilson Magazines too. I have a PM9 as well and its been 100% reliable as well. It has a really tight chamber though and I have to hand plunk my ammo in it. Stuff that passes a Hundo gauge will not always plunk test. I only use it as my back up gun.....luckily my springfield keeps on ticking.
  6. Alright, update. Went better than I thought. I came in 20th out of 75ish overall. 4th out of 8 in CO. Managed to shoot a 84.96% on 18-08. Went way too slow. Just didn’t trust the dot. Should have been about 12-15 seconds faster. Loads of fun. After Battle in the Bluegrass, I’ll probably switch to CO for a while.
  7. no. I have been shooting single stack. I'm gonna take it to an indoor range today and put a couple hundred through it and then dryfire tonight and early in the morning.
  8. I guess I should have put a disclaimer on this as semi sarcasm. I have been dryfiring it a lot. I'm confident I'll be fine. mainly just want to talk about carry optics!
  9. I haven't screwed up yet but I'm shooting my first match with my carry optics gun tomorrow. maybe have 50 rounds through the gun.....this should be interesting. last minute decision. Note: this is not my first match.....just first one shooting carry optics. I'll update tomorrow afternoon......
  10. update #2. Sent Apex an email and they called me yesterday afternoon. They said they all talked about it for 30 min and they can't come up with any explanation other than he had his finger on the trigger.
  11. update #1. I dropped the slide about 100 times before I took it apart and it never "dropped the hammer" I was able to pull the trigger everytime afterwards and it dropped the striker. I took the pistol apart and the striker block seems to work properly. I couldn't get the striker to hang in the forward position nor could I push it forward without pressing on the SB. The gun actually had the 1/8" diameter sear spring already in it... I guess he didn't know the difference between 1/16 and 1/8. I still went ahead and put a factory sear spring in it per his request. Probably gonna call apex today and see what they think. I'm beginning to think his finger was on the trigger and he just didn't notice.
  12. So, what I have is a 1.0 M&P full size 9mm. it has the apex competition spring kit w/ sear in it. It has the old style 1/16" sear block housing. When my buddy installed this kit, he didn't upgrade the sear block housing so he is using the original small sear spring. He apparently dropped the slide to chamber a round and the gun fired into the door of his safe. Is this possible? I thought the striker block would have prevented this? I have the gun with me now. I was going to mill out the sear block for the larger diameter spring and see if I can get it to duplicate the issue.
  13. For me .090 fiber front sight with blacked out rear Aggressive grips Magwell good trigger extended mag release
  14. My shield needed nothing. Super impressed with its accuracy. It blew my mind. Trigger is perfect for a carry weapon
  15. I’ve always ran 12lb springs in my m&p’s with 130pf ammo. Just picked up a C.o.r.e last week and put a vortex venom on it. After I already ordered the 12lb spring, I thought maybe the extra weight on the slide would require a different weight spring. Any advice on that?
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