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  1. Is one brand better than another for the spring and post? The sprinco kit the right one?
  2. Got mine finally done like I wanted. I started having some FTE when I installed the blitzkrieg buffer and the 308 carbine spring with my 138 pf loads. I went to a standard AR15 carbine spring and that issue seems to have gone away. Really enjoying the gun. Getting close to 2,000 rounds on it now.
  3. I shot it yesterday with my pcc. 5.03 secs. I think it was a 98%??
  4. jpm2953

    PCC in IDPA

    I now have email confirmation from IDPA that magwells are LEGAL for pcc in IDPA.
  5. jpm2953

    PCC in IDPA

    Can you show me where?
  6. jpm2953

    PCC in IDPA

    Are aftermarket Magwells allowed in IDPA? Doesn’t mention it in the rules one way or the other
  7. I’ve got 15-18k on mine. All original springs still.
  8. I had that happen the first time I shot my SBR scorpion. I couldnt figure out why I was getting mikes. Then I realized my barrel was behind the barrel stack...
  9. i'll be your 2nd customer on a magwell when they get ready
  10. So I built an AR-V from the receiver set. Using the lightweight stainless PSA 16" barrel. It has been malfunction free since day 1. I installed a regular flat CMC trigger in it and put a holosun 510 on top. I've got right at 1,000 rounds through it so far. I have right at $1200 in it with the dot and trigger. I'm very happy with it so far. Notes: -The throat length was pretty short on the barrel but PSA agreed to fix it for free and paid shipping both ways. Took less than a week to get it back. -The bolt catch doesn't hold the bolt back securely enough. You can bump the gun with your hand and the bolt will go forward. Not an issue in USPSA but can be a bummer in IDPA if you are expecting to hit the bolt release but then release you need to rack the charging handle. -The mags are great. I haven't had to clean them yet and they are dirt cheap. I have 5 of the PSA mags and i have had to do some light sanding to get them to all drop free(empty). They all dropped free with ammo in them. Magpul mags and factory mags have all been flawless as well. I've been running a heavy AR9 buffer and standard carbine spring but will be installing a blitzkrieg buffer and trying that later today.
  11. don't notice an issue with mine while shooting. Love my 510c
  12. Let me know when you are ready to sell it. I’m not far from you!
  13. I have the ice already. Trying to figure out about the IPSC model
  14. I know this is old but from my 5" 1911 with a 200gr summers Hi-tek coated 5.0gr 231=720fps 5.6gr 231=800fps
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