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  1. jpm2953

    Dan Wesson PM7 Or Trophy Match?

    I have a “slicked up” SA and a Dan wesson PM9. The DW is head and shoulders nicer and more accurate. That being said, I use my SA for my main USPSA gun. The DW is too nice to “destroy”. Get option #1
  2. jpm2953

    RIA fiber rod size options

    Still looking? I have a factory fiber optic sight from my RIA Ultra. It’s twice as big as that Dawson We could work out a trade?
  3. I use a Redhill tactical holster, homemade hanger, Shooters connection belt and DAA pouches(Bullets out)
  4. jpm2953

    Hello from North Ga.

    Welcome. I'm in gainesville
  5. jpm2953

    Anyone own a Fusion Reaction?

    I had one for a brief time. Not a thing wrong with it. Pretty dang nice for the money. Front strap checkering is a big bonus. Needed a thinner front F/O sight than what it comes with. Trigger was good. Finish was good. Accurate. Like any other 1911 you buy. Springs, sights and grips needed replacing
  6. jpm2953

    Dan Wesson PM9 vs STI Trojan

    I have both. PM9 is a really sweet gun. Mine has a tight chamber and is a little more picky than the Trojan. But is a true joy to shoot. The Trojan is a workhorse(see what I did there?) it eats everything I throw in it. Crazy accurate. Maybe more so than the PM9. It’s not as pretty but the trigger is a bit nicer. Trojan was cheaper by a few hundred bucks. I would probably go Trojan if you are on a budget. You won’t be disappointed oth either though.
  7. jpm2953

    Trigger Pin

  8. jpm2953

    Bell width for coated

    Bell It just enough for you to easily set the bullet in the case without falling over. That method has always served me well. I do want to try some lube on my 9mm cases. I’ve always thought that was stupid but I keep hearing of more people doing it.
  9. jpm2953

    Base pads for production

    The springer precision +0 .250 pads are great! And cheap. They really help get that magazine out of the gun.
  10. jpm2953

    What kind of bullets are you feeding your PCC?

    125gr summers hi-tek 4.2gr HP-38
  11. jpm2953

    1911 Mag Pouches

    anyone use ghost mag pouches with the single stack insert? I don't want to spend $300 for a whole new belt set up. I already have the ghost pouches on my production rig (Bullets out) figured i could add a spacer and change out my holster and half the hanger and be ready to rock and roll.
  12. jpm2953

    Using 231 or WST for .45 ACP major

    I use 231 for my major load. Not exactly your recipe but 5.0gr under a 230 jacketed RN 1.250
  13. jpm2953

    Trigger Pin

    I replaced mine with the floating pin before I even fired a shot with the gun. The TRS from CGW dropped .5lb off my trigger pull
  14. jpm2953

    So 1911 9mm Single Stacks...

    Not sure how that’s fuzzy math. I’m comparing my used PM9 I bought for $1250 that was ready to roll with getting an RO set up. Never seen a Range Officer with a FO sight from the factory.
  15. jpm2953

    So 1911 9mm Single Stacks...

    Go with the PM9. It's leaps and bounds better than a RO or a Colt competition(I've owned both) I picked up a used PM9 with magwell, grips, and 6 mags for $1250 shipped. The fact that it already has front strap checkering is the main kicker. Range officer(used)-$650 6 magazines-$200 Grips-$50 Magwell-$100 Fiber optic front sight-$40 Front strap checkering-$250 Total-$1290........and you still have a gun full of MIM parts.