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  1. The Titan is the loudest and most effective brake I have seen so far.
  2. Interesting. I learned something new today. I always thought that 8oz take up was a stage. Thanks for the info. I like the AR Gold take up vs a single stage Timney or a Geissele SD3G https://americantrigger.com/triggers/single-stage-vs-two-stage/ A hybrid Browning Single Stage with Take-up AR GOLD is a single-stage with a slight bit of very light (8 oz.) of take up – exactly like a top quality 1911 trigger. By single stage we mean that the sear does not move during take up, thus the take-up is completely clean and the “wall” (when the sear starts to move) is near vertical. From a shooting standpoint, that bit of take-up allows you to confirm that your finger is on the trigger and at the wall.
  3. I just got the mini tac pad. So far I like it but I have to reach my support hand out a little further than normal.
  4. Yes, Its a two stage trigger.
  5. Nationals Newb. Re Hicap Nationals. What are the time windows for AM and PM? 8am-12pm and 12pm-4pm? If Tuesday shoots that late what time does Awards/Prizes end?
  6. I use 700x and it throws to the tenth every time. All no issues, 3n37, autocomp, 231, 700x.
  7. Smooth hose seems like the ticket on preventing blockages on the vacuum.
  8. With the overly lubed brass I doubled the armor all and that helped. Washed some lightly lubed brass with original mix and its bright. My conclusion is heavily lanolin lubed brass will come out dull without extra cleaning solution.
  9. I to get the occasional batch that is not shiny. I do not measure how much armor all and lemi shine I use though. A splash and maybe a teaspoon. Maybe only 1 in 10 batches is dull. I am interested in the answer as well. As a note, 2.5 hours is crazy. For me; 1st wash no pins, 30 mins, double rinse, spin, air dry. Lube, process. 2nd wash, pins, 45 mins, spin, air dry. As I type this out, the dull batches may be over lubed. I usually use one shot for pistol and home brew for rifle but I am out of one shot. Probably over lubed pistol with lanolin.
  10. Wasn't there just a thread about this? I bought a 14" disc from a plastics store and spray glued foam from a fabric store. To Sarge's point, my hopper often runs out of cases. But the trade off is I reload into the late hours.
  11. Thanks for the info. I'll try out the 80% capacity.
  12. How many matches does everyone get out of their Mega springs? I've had good luck loading to 55rd but if I go to 58 it seems like they only last a few months. This observation has been totally non scientific though. Going forward I will keep better notes.
  13. 4-6 cups of brass, 1 cup of bullets. 1-2 XL650 akro bins of brass, large handful of bullets.
  14. A Dillon rep said they would lose their export license if they did.
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