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  1. The key word is "or". Secured at waist is simple enough.
  2. I thought this was discussed before? Rule says secured at waist. In the cold states people will wear their belt over their jacket. Or maybe I am misremembering.
  3. Matchbook re chrono says "See squad schedule". But I don't see chrono. Did I miss it?
  4. Up but matrix is missing stages 7,14, and 21.
  5. Squad blocks are rearranged. I am PM PM PM now. Maybe they are correcting the matrix.
  6. All other variables staying the same, yes, there will be more bounce. Worth it is always subjective. If you are a mid pack shooter work on technique. If you just like chasing new gear buy the $25 nut from taccom and buy some bulk CF tube from ebay. https://taccom3g.com/product/taccom-ar-15-handguard-nut-blowback/
  7. At this point I think its just a stacked tolerances issue. Used springs. Washed dry brass. JHP OAL During a match I will load the +12s to 37 rounds and hand remove a round to feel for upward pressure and then reload that round. The Goliaths I load to 48 and then the same check. I will give 1.100" a try and I will also buy some PD RN as well. Thanks again everyone.
  8. For MBX extension the transition point is important to blend. TF not so much. MBX internal cavity is much larger hence the need for shorter OAL with the TFs. I might try RN PDs too. I'm using the JHP since I had them on hand for my open 9mm major gun. Ran those at 1.165" 1.100? Wow. Short. Thanks everyone.
  9. I will give 1.115" a try. I first tried 1.135" and they worked fine in the +12s but went salt shaker in the Goliaths. It drove me crazy until I found that info. Thanks.
  10. With big extensions? Do you dry tumble? I understand the powder from the corn can lube the brass. Do you lube when sizing? Trying to minimize all variables.
  11. I was shooting Xtreme round nose 124gr bullets at 1.125" and they moved up through the magazine body just fine. 33rd Factory glock mags with TF +12s and TF Goliaths. I developed a more precise load with 124gr HP PDs and they seem to occasionally drag moving up through the mag. They are the same OAL as the RN. I wiped the inside of the magazine with some graphite and that seemed to help. I also seem to need to keep the inside of the mag clean when I never use to. I am using unlubed washed brass. Would case lube when sizing help the brass move up in the mag? Should I go back to RN for the PCC?
  12. The Titan is the loudest and most effective brake I have seen so far.
  13. Interesting. I learned something new today. I always thought that 8oz take up was a stage. Thanks for the info. I like the AR Gold take up vs a single stage Timney or a Geissele SD3G https://americantrigger.com/triggers/single-stage-vs-two-stage/ A hybrid Browning Single Stage with Take-up AR GOLD is a single-stage with a slight bit of very light (8 oz.) of take up – exactly like a top quality 1911 trigger. By single stage we mean that the sear does not move during take up, thus the take-up is completely clean and the “wall” (when the sear starts to move) is near vertical. From a shooting standpoint, that bit of take-up allows you to confirm that your finger is on the trigger and at the wall.
  14. I just got the mini tac pad. So far I like it but I have to reach my support hand out a little further than normal.
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