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  1. Shame about the goofy slide cuts and back serrations the more recent Tanfos have gone to. It's disappointing to me as a fan of Italian design. Looks like a great CO tool, otherwise.
  2. I had a Limited slide cut sometime in the last decade, but can't remember who did it. Cuts like this... http://gunsnz.com/image/cache/data/+++++++++++++++TANFOGLIOLIMITEDCUSTOMHC1-900x900.jpg Anyone currently recommended for such work? Thanks!
  3. I've always shot CZs and Tanfos. I usually carry a Grand Power p11 Mk12 when I can wear a cover garment. It's just a good in between size yet shoots like a larger gun, with 13 rounds at the ready. Walther PPS M2 when it's super hot and just in a t-shirt. Winter-time and have a coat, a CZ PCR with a 16 round mag+ sp-01 basepad.
  4. Sounds like you might have the over-travel screw too tight, not enough free play.
  5. Metalform/PSA mags are better than the ASC mags. The springs are a bit too stiff in the ASCs, and they are more roughly made. No issues with with metalforms in my BCP lower, Faxon bolt, Vltor upper, and Ballistic Advantage barrel. I need practice doing mag changes.
  6. This has the battery accessible through the side. https://kalinkaoptics.com/rifle-scopes/red-dot/kobra-gen-3-red-dot-weaver-screw.html
  7. I run an 8-moa click, also bought on Amazon a few years ago -$$cheap$$-I think it's the perfect size. I'm some what interested in trying out a Russian made Kobra sight. It has 4 different reticles and easy to zero than a C-more. They make one powered by a CR2 lithium battery which should last a long time. I've used one on a AK years ago.
  8. Geez, Tanfoglio needs to keep their polymer gun designer away from the steel guns.
  9. I had issues with a Limited and had to re-profile the mag catch.
  10. Quality-wise, the TS will be superior to the Tanfo. You can never tell what will be wrong with a Tanfo until you get it and examine it closely and tear it down.Some parts of the Tanfo are just ..rough. I went from a .40 Match (old style, non-rail dust cover with Supersight cut) to a Limited, to a TS, then to CZ Standard IPSC (deal I couldn't refuse, was just going to shoot the .40 Match again) then back to a Limited. The Limited fits my hand better than the TS, which has a wider beaver-tail. The Limited is closer to an SP-01 grip. The TS has a superior trigger.
  11. If you put thin grips on it, you may want to chop the mag release button as it will be too tall. You'll be accidentally dropping mags constantly.
  12. It shouldn't bind. Are you checking it unassembled, out of the gun?
  13. Mag catch is fubar, most likely, You're going to need to take it out and trim it.
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