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Found 92 results

  1. Hello Folks, To start, I do reload and have for a couple years so I'm not a total newb, but not an expert by any means. This is a bit of a mixed discussion through a couple different questions. First: Trying to decide between staying in Limited and upgrading my gun or moving to Open. Currently shoot Limited with a Glock 34 Gen 3 but looking for a 2011 as an upgrade. I recently shot myself in the foot (not literally) and was able to shoot an Open gun in 9 major. Boy oh boy that was a mistake!! I had far too much fun doing so, but don't have the slightest clue on open guns in the way of reloading. My dilemma is whether or not to stick with Limited or jump to Open and expand my horizons. Reasons on why or why not to switch? Second: If I jump to Open, I've seen that coated bullets aren't super great because the comp vaporizes the coating and builds up in the ports. A friend recommended Montana Gold bullets specifically. I'm only familiar with the name, as it is renowned in the sport, but I don't have much knowledge on them. What makes them so great over any other brand? Please feel free to school me, as I'm always looking for more information on loading and gun knowledge! Thank you for your input and time! -Muddawg
  2. Trijicon has just announced the new SRO. Same footprint as the RMR, with much larger glass and top loading battery. Euro Optics has it listed at $490 - Link MidwayUSA has it listed at an MSRP of $749 but is selling it at $600 - Link YouTube Video
  3. I watched he reveal last night on shooters mindset show. Considering this instead of a custom open build. I dont even know where to start with questions. What do do you guys think? From Facebook Ordering for the Special Release of the first 28 Honcho Guns opens at 12:00pm eastern time. To order send us an email with your contact information and which model you’d like to order. The first 28 time stamped emails received after 12:00pm EST will be accepted. These special editions include “Red Carpet Service” where you will be able to follow along with your build with an inside look via pictures, videos and interviews with Honcho himself. Here is what each of the models include: Honcho 3Gun $4,850 Complete Pistol with 9mm Barrel Stainless or Aluminum EVO Grip BAM Magwell by EMG Customs 40cal Barrel Sight Block 3 Port Comp Vortex Viper 6moa RMR Rear Iron Sight Shielded Ambi Safety 7 Complete MBX Magazines 1-170mm Big Stick 9/38SC 3-140mm 40cal 2-140mm 9/38SC Custom Patriot Case A Whole Lot of Awesomeness Honcho Race Ready $6,850 Complete Pistol with 38SC Barrel Stainless EVO Grip BAM Magwell by EMG Customs 40cal Barrel 9mm Barrel Sight Block 3 Port Comp Vortex Razor with Side Mount Rear Iron Sight Shielded Ambi Safety 7 Complete MBX Magazines 1-170mm Big Stick 9mm 3-140mm 40cal 3-140mm 9mm Custom Dual Layer Patriot Case Everything You Need to Kick Butt
  4. I had someone mention to me at a match today that they chose a vertical mount for their C-more vs a 90 degree because "most pro's do it". I understand his choice since he was running 38 super with 3 holes in the barrel but i didn't quite understand the comment about how the "pros choose" their vertical mount. After thinking about it..i do see a majority of people using the vertical from various manufacturers, but why? I currently have a 90 degree cheely and seem fine with it but when i pointed his gun it felt different somehow....almost quicker? I've been racking my brain debating on making the switch? The only pro i can think of is a lower sight picture to resemble an iron sight when switching platforms....but thats it. input?
  5. I normally shoot limited. But, i put together an open glock to "mess with". In other words, I wanted to get a taste of open style fun without diving straight into it. What I found out... - dot tracking is an art - dremels are your best friend - clearing malfunctions have been second nature... I loved how it ended up looking. However, functionality was not all there. That is why I am considering "investing" on a dedicated open style pistol. On the bright side, it gave me a red dot platform to dryfire on in order to get this darn sight tracking thingermajig down. For 8 months, i think its done some good and helped me prepped for a real real gun! Lol Any advice on what to avoid, what to expect, and what to work on? Heres a vid of my final complete gucci glock
  6. This thing is awesome. In a small brief testing period of my own, it far beats out the V12. Less Powder, 115g Major, and much softer in hand. I do not have this barrel reamed by the good folks at PD yet. I was very anxious to test it out and quickly made up some loads I knew wouldn't touch major with a 115 from the V12, but Might with the Durso comp. Sure enough I made 166pf with 115g Blues over 7.9g of Power pistol. Loaded @ .....1.06. I can't wait to do more testing with a better powder and after reaming. Thoughts are on AA7.
  7. Is a Brand New 2011 STI Trubor for $2325 a good deal? (shipping is included) Thank you!.
  8. Has anyone been able to get their 170 MBX mags to run reliably? Not having a open 170 mag kinda stinks. Heard of the "squeeze" but have not heard if this was a final resolution for a trust worthy big stick. Info appreciated.
  9. * I am posting this here since it covers several topics and I don't want to get booted from one forum to another because of the breadth of topics * A little background first - I started shooting USPSA production about 8 years ago after I turned 18, and fell in love. I shot as many matches as I could fit into a busy college schedule. I switched over to 3 gun during grad school, and had been enjoying that since graduation. However, last July, my apartment was broken into and my 3 gun rifle and shotgun were both stolen (luckily they didn't notice my 3 week old STI DVC Limited 9mm in the range bag they rifled through), and I have only replaced the AR so far. So since then, I haven't been able to shoot 3 gun since funds have been a little tight and I was down a shotgun. Since late last year and all of this year, I have been shooting exclusively PCC in UML and falling steel matches, and have fallen in love with a gun with a red dot and only having to worry about hitting my targets, and not dealing with as much stage planning as typical 3 gun requires. I have really felt like my speeds and splits have improved dramatically, and I won my first overall match just a month ago shooting PCC. So now I have a new itch (well, not new, but reinvigorated itch) to get into USPSA Open. So here in-lies the dilemma - I miss shooting 3 gun, but I am really enjoying the red dot and fast paced world of PCC and potentially Open... So my question, and what I want to hear your opinions and thoughts on - Do I sell my DVC Limited to go towards a new 9mm Open gun, potentially the new Freedom Gunworks/CK Arms "Solution" and only shoot USPSA Open and UML PCC, or do I keep the DVC, and put a little money into a new shotgun to start shooting 3 gun again? I know the typical answer may be to do both, but that really isn't in the cards right now unfortunately, so I feel like I need help making a decision. I would love to hear any opinions, insight, or experiences you may have in this situation or something similar you have gone through. *I do reload my own ammo, so making major in Open won't be an issue. I am close to a range that has 3 gun, UML, USPSA, and steel matches once a month*
  10. Hello to all of you. I'll be getting a new STI DVC open. It will be 9mm and I plan to shoot 9mm major. I have experience reloading, but not 9mm major. I'm looking for suggestions as far as OAL, powder and qty to begin loading major for this gun. I'm planning on using 124gr round nose RMR bullets. My first approach was going to be using the maximum suggested powder qty found in reputable reloading books for 9mm + 1gr. Any recomendations are welcome.
  11. Looking for race holster recommendations for the 9mm gold team. I have been running a DAA X and have not had stellar results. Though constructed well, I seem to get alot of binding no matter how I have adjusted it. Hoping others can share their experiences and suggestions. I may go a different holster direction if things don't work out. Thanks AP
  12. EEH

    Mbx mags

    Has anyone had e mail from. MBX lately ?
  13. Looking at purchasing a new dot and am stuck between the DPP and Romeo 3. I have heard loads of good about both but would like to here more of the finer points. I ran a Vortex prior in 3moa but the brightness was less than efficient in the bright sun, but I liked the smaller dot for longer shots. So I'm undecided if I want to try a larger size 6 moa or 8moa. Any one have direct comparison or photos with both? Brightness and battery life? Durability? Window size? Ect. I want to be certain before I drop the cash. Thanks APOLO.
  14. Apolo

    Whose CZ open gun?

    I have a few questions about this build. I'd like to build one my self in the near future. I'm hoping the owner or builder could answer a few questions.
  15. I am moving to the dark side and I was wondering what advice people might have on the subject. I am moving from Limited so I am hoping that it won't be too crazy of a transition for me. So what things did you wish you knew sooner when you switched? Thanks in advance
  16. Anyone know anything about the new Tanfoglio Domina open gun? I'm kind of interested, although it looks more or less exactly like the Czechmate I'm currently shooting, albeit shorter and available in .38 super. Oh, and that boner-riffic slide racker. Searching for "Domina" on Google is not providing the results I'm looking for (although it's endlessly entertaining). EAA has proved totally unable to answer emails, as I've sent a couple of them asking for any info about whether or not this gun will become available stateside. No reply yet. Based on their advertising, I assume they are too busy supervising the 8 year old they have photoshopping their HORRIBLE ads. Anyways, if anyone has any info on this gun I'd love to hear it.
  17. I have been having extractor problems with my 9mm Trubor Open gun... The overwhelming advice I got was to install an Aftec extractor, so I did... I carefully fitted the firing pin stop per the Aftec instructions... After that, I installed the Aftec extractor with two of the small springs... It shot well for about 150 rounds, then started to jam again... Checking the tension on the Aftec, it turned out to be quite loose... I was surprised to find that because I thought the two springs would provide plenty of tension... I rounded the edges of the firing pin stop to make sure the Aftec could rotate enough to grab the case, but that does not seem to be happening... Is it ever necessary to bend an Aftec extractor to provide enough tension?
  18. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, and this is my first post on the site, so I apologize if I inadvertently break any policies/incorrectly label something. I come from the other end of the shooting community, and found my way into Uspsa recently. After doing decently in a few local matches, buying a 2011, realizing I currently prefer my glocks (heresy I know) and getting a lay of the land, I am thinking about dipping a toe into the abyss of open division, with a more familiar platform. I'm looking into setting up a comped Glock 19 with a slide mounted red dot, and running it as a complement to the existing Glock lineup I use in limited. Just curious if anyone here has any direct experience doing such a thing, has any open division specific advice for it, or brand recommendations for the comp from first hand experience. Currently it looks like the KKM is in the lead with me. As an aside, I am aware most here prefer the 2011, CZ, or Tanfo routes, and while I can appreciate all of those platforms, I am specifically looking to go this route currently.
  19. Im a huge CZ fan. I shoot USPSA and Local Plate and Pin Matches Weekly. Im very interested in shooting the Bianchi Cup in 2018. Because I shoot so much (800-1000 rounds weekly) and would not be completely giving up my other matches for the Cup, I think it would benefit me to utilize the same platform. (a purpose built CZ) First question is anyone using a CZ in Open? If so what is it? I just came from the range and tried my USPSA Open gun with no modifications to anything including the load and it shot sub 1.75 inch at 25 yards and that was with a 6MOA dot. Im thinking with a load tailored for accuracy and a 2 or 4 MOA dot its probably going to be in the 1.25 inch range. Thoughts Please, Thanks
  20. Anyone ever tried loading for supercomp with 147 gn bullets to make major. Just wondering cuz I got a few thousand laying around and having bad luck with my other bullets. Also anyone use polycoated (eggleston 124 gn) for open major with 38sc Search has been useless for me. Too much 9mm and nothing I saw on SC Thanks
  21. Ok gents to solve a debate that I've read before but just happened to have the tools to solve. The difference in weight between an open CK Arms Hardcore, and CK Arms Thunder, slides. And I threw my STI DVC limited in for fun. Here is what I got: Hardcore: 11.4oz 326g Thunder: 11.2oz 319g DVC-L: 12.3oz 353g All of these are 9mm, not that it would matter, measured on the same scale. Same day/time. These slides were not stripped so they had firing pins/block, extractor etc. Installed. So as equal as I could easily make it. And excuse me if my grams to oz isn't exact I just read the scale.
  22. I fit an infinity trigger into my CK arms open pistol. With the slide off it works perfect. Nice loose trigger, no touch points. Hammer falls everytime and everything is great. The issue is when I put the slide back on. Once you rack the slide the hammer won't fall and you have manually release the sear. Is this a dimensional difference in the trigger bow from a CK arms to an infinity? Or is this a situation where I need to remove a little material from the tip of the disconnector to make sure it is as free as possible? Any suggestions would be great.
  23. Match video from the Oregon State Champs! Big thanks to Mark Sue, Carl Schmidt, the rest of the staff and of course all of the competitors. Thanks to Everglades Ammunition for their support, and to Springer Precision for sponsoring the match.
  24. A couple problems have occurred since the purchase of a brand new 2011 STI Trubor. (these problems always occur during competition and not practice) Bullet Everglades Ammo 115 JHPs Winchester Primer HS-6 Powder - 8.3g OAL - 1.165-1.167 PF - 172-175 Problems 1) My first encounter of a problem is when the gun completely jammed during a steel match. I ran about 25-35 rounds before shooting this match. After shooting 2 rounds, the slide completely locked. I tried to release the slide lock, no budge. I took the mag out, I tried to charge (wouldnt move) and release the slide (wouldn't move) , no budge. I tried to move the slide forward to its natural position (pushing the slide forward while holding down the slide lock lever), no budge. About 4-5 other shooters were trying to release the slide. After about 10 mins, the slide released and went to its natural position. (It was really rough when i was charging the slide a few times) I then tried to shoot the same stage again, after the first shot, it happened again. I don't know what the heck is going on at this point. I stopped using the gun and used another shooters to finish off the match. After the match, I disassemble the gun, reassembled the gun and then the gun was able to shoot 30-40 rounds without a problem. (I stopped shooting and went home) 2) I shot a USPSA match Saturday and my first stage, this same problem occurred BUT, the gun almost cycled completely. What I mean is that after my first shot, the gun was stuck right before chambering another round. i pushed the slide forward (with ease) with the next round and shot. I don't know whats going on with that but it happened twice. 3) Empty shell casings getting stuck between the Optic and the slide. After shooting a round the casing will get stuck so that the slide couldn't chamber another round. costing me 5 seconds each time. Is this because of the ejector? Do I need a gunsmith to work with it? I don't want to move the C-more optic side ways. (not a fan of that). 4) Shooting and hitting slide lock with one bullet in the mag. I shouldn't be going to slide lock if i still have 1 bullet in the magazine. Magazines STI 140mm Magazines with Gram guts. I get nervous for each match and each stage because I don't want these problems to occur but they do and costs me a lot of time. Any suggestions? You all are pros and i just started shooting open! If you need pictures, i could demonstrate whats happening for each one. If I didn't describe each one in detail, just ask questions! Thank you guys for all of your support!
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