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  1. Short answer... No. Not an RHT holster at least. Bob will tell you that.
  2. I hope you didn’t polish that sear beyond the hardened finish. It can cause hammer follow. Your original post says you polish the trigger bar spring already, but you can also manipulate the tension the spring puts on the bar a little bit. Not too much though, you want to make sure the DA resets reliably.
  3. Are y'all having continued success and reliability with the Shadow 2 Kadet Kit? I'm looking to pick one up for some casual NRA bullseye at my pistol club.
  4. This was my first thought as well. Maybe try bending the spring so it puts more upward tension on the bar.
  5. MissionaryMike

    New CZC Gun

    They issue of its practicality aside, it definitely seems to be machined well. I really like the lines. I do question the round trigger guard, as well, but that’s just personal preference. There’s no doubt the quality of the steel itself and the machining are too notch.
  6. 115 gr. Blazer Brass shoots pretty accurately, the recoil is extremely manageable (128-130 PF), and it’s cheap at around $.18/rd.
  7. I have CGW's RRK for the Shadow 2. It's a yuuuuuuuuge difference for someone like me.
  8. The RRK permanently sets the trigger back in DA 4-5mm. I had to get the RRK for my stubby toe fingers. But I think it stands to reason that if the starting point is further back, the trigger pull, including the take up, would be less?
  9. So if you want to decrease the long take up and reach of the DA, there are a few solutions. Both CZC and CGW offer their own variation on each of these... GOOD = new disco. BETTER = new disco and race hammer. BEST = new disco, race hammer, and reach reduction kit. Once you have your desired parts, polishing up the action (on your own) will certainly let you "perceive" a shorter, smoother trigger pull. I think the money and effort is worth it.
  10. Your title is click bait, hahahah. Nice one. Stuart and the guys over there are great.
  11. I like the Henning grips, too. But do you have anything to contribute to the OP?
  12. Thanks for all your opinions and feedback. I've decided to sell the double stack. Ultimately, I don't think it's worth holding onto it, unless I just wanted to have a really nice pistol for the sake of it. I decided that shooting a double stack with a 10 round cap is like driving a Lambo at 45 mph. And I don't want to mess around with non-compliant crap [mags] for out-of-state matches. I have a young family, and it's not worth it for me. It's already SPF, so... I'm going to get a really nice Single Stack pistol instead (?).
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