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  1. Well i bout one off big daddy unlimited for 1400 So far very happy with it
  2. Ueah i like the x5 legion also i shot the x5 and it shoot really nice
  3. Yeah I have a lot of work done through them. They do excellent work.
  4. Has any one tryed out or shot the zev tech oz9.
  5. I have a tanfo extreme elite custom limited 9mm wanting to go back to shooting 40 don't have the money to but the conversion kit but able to buy the barrel and mags. I hate to sell it but have been thinking of doing a trade but I haven't fully decided yet on that . any ideas
  6. How many coils should i have for it the 11 coil or 13 coil maybe i receive the wrong ones
  7. K i will try out some of those idea to see what happens . thanks
  8. This is a picture of them stuck anf the follower turned
  9. Ok I habe a tanfoglio extreme Elite limited witness 9mm. With extended mag bottoms. With grams spring and follower. And when i get to 20 or 21 rounds i. It some reason the follower wants to flip over and lock up at the bottom
  10. Gridlock


    I would say there is one way to take it off usual you.can tell by the opening of the mouth of the openings . i would email cz custom. Or.look on youtube
  11. Ok so i went and bout a xtreme witness lol . i couldn't help my self plus lot of guys at my club has the old still and i like to stand out a little . tha ks guys for the help. Now any one know of a 3 gun holster for it ?
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