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  1. Thanks. Used the round nose and they seem fine. Hope to do some experimenting this weekend on the range.
  2. I'm about a year into using a 650. Have only loaded round nose bullets so far, but now am shooting a gun with a tighter chamber and want to experiment with truncated cone Blue Bullets. Anyway, should I use the round or flat insert in the Dillon seating die for this? It's not a true flat point like a wadcutter and it seems the round would work fine. Advice appreciated.
  3. Expected to see JJ shooting Prod at locap nats. Anyone know why he's not there?
  4. I lay cleaned cases out on a towel. Knock them all on their sides and spray One Shot over them. I then pick up the towel by the ends/corners and roll all the ammo around for a bit. Lay it out and do the process again. Probably about 1500 rounds at a time. Seems to be working.
  5. Bought my first Stock II in July. Have been shooting to try and decide if I was gonna truly make the change from my Glocks. Just when I decided that I'm in on the SII the price jumps. Sometimes it doesn't pay to wait.
  6. I have both. It does not matter a bit for USPSA. A decent trigger. Good sights. Grip texture. Beyond that I'd save all money for training and ammo.
  7. I hope it's okay for a Tanfo owner to chime in here. I've been shooting a G34 for my 2.5 years of USPSA. Have stayed with it (until now) as I strongly feel it's the Indian not the arrow and have been told so in class by very good instructors. Having said that I just bought a Stock 2 and have about 2 weeks of dry fire and a bit of live fire on it. I resisted this for a long time, but in truth it's hard to see that most all of the very top guys shoot steel DA/SA guns. I have only ever shot Glocks in a serious fashion. I may well go back, but from an experience standpoint I think it has to be beneficial to seriously work both platforms and see which works best for the individual shooter.
  8. My brother in law has a fitted barrel in his G17. I'm not sure what company did it. The accuracy might be better, but for a carry gun it certainly increased the failure to feed rate.
  9. I have had CompTac and Blade Tech holsters for my 34 and just got a RHT for my new Stock 2. Of the CompTac and Blade Tech for the 34 the Blade Tech was hands down a better fit. Quality of the two were similar, but the fit on the Blade Tech was far better. Not apples to apples, but my thought on the RHT is that the holster appears to be more solid and well made due to the double layer. Not happy with the initial fit as I'm going to have to dremmel down around the top of the holster. It's hitting the mag release on the draw on the left side and hitting the front of the grip panel on the top on the right. Looks like it will be fine after a bit of tweaking this weekend, but it is an aggravation.
  10. I have my first Stock II on the way. Only worked on Glocks before so I'm starting to collect tools other then one Glock punch. Ordered the punch kit shown above. (Thanks for that) Any suggestions for an armorer's block? Looked at the Universal from Brownell's. Other tools I should get specifically for the Stock II?
  11. I've been reloading for less than a year on a 650. Broke the shell plate return spring last night. I purchased the spare parts kit when I bought the press, but want to replace the spring now that I don't have a spare. Did a web search for it and nothing popped up. Is there a place on line where I can order small parts like this or what is the norm?
  12. There is a month to vote. I'm hoping Mr. Foley does take opportunity to be interviewed. Will give it some time.
  13. Are all of the aftermarket frames for Gen 3 parts? I have a Gen 4 that had an unfortunate squib encounter. All I need is a new Gen 4 frame.
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