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  1. Slalom45

    What's the best trigger for Gen 5 Glock 17?

    Hey! I'm a B class local! No $200 trigger though. Ghost EVO connector, 4.5# striker spring, and reduced power safety plunger spring. I'm very happy with this. A guy in my club recently let me feel his 34 with a new Vogel trigger. I let him feel mine (trigger) after and his face showed which he liked best. (Of course my set up has lots and lots of live and dry fire which likely helps...)
  2. Slalom45

    G34 Gen 5 Mag release

    I agree. The factory Gen 3's were fine with me. The 4s/5s are larger, but don't protrude as much. I've run the Glock FBI release and the Tangodown by Vickers. I prefer the Vickers.
  3. Slalom45

    actual lead time from glock using certificate

    I agree with Paul49. I walk into my local dealer with a cert, then walk out with my pistol.
  4. Slalom45

    Grip tape keeps coming off

    I used Talon's for several years and loved them! That is until I got serious about dry fire and gripping the gun hard. Seemed that they didn't last that long and at $17 a pop I decided to try skateboard tape. Bought a $6 roll/sheet which I have cut numerous sets of grips out of. In Louisiana and I probably change it out 3-4x per year.
  5. Slalom45

    Glock 34/35 holster for production USPSA

    I'm late to this conversation, but I have had the Comp Tac and Blade Tech for my G34. To me the Blade Tech is worlds better. The Comp Tac relies on the detent gripping the trigger guard for retention. The rest of the holster is loose on the 34. The problem I found was that on occasion this slop in the holster allowed the gun to bind and hang up on the draw if you apply any torque when you grip. The Blade Tech has a much better "fit" to the gun. This is actually faster as there is seldom, if ever, any bind on the draw. Both of these were on the BOSS hanger btw. It may only be an issue on the Glocks as I felt the holster fit on a friend's Sig p320 in a Comp Tac and it felt pretty good.
  6. Cost: The gun is a bit high for me to make the jump without getting to shoot one first. Steel Frame: I'm glad to hear that I'm not completely nuts in not falling all over myself about less recoil in a heavy gun. I was able to put about 100 rounds through a friend's Tangfo and thought that recoil might have been a bit less, but much more sharp in feel than my 34. (That SA trigger was sweet though!) Options: Again, I'm only 2 years in, but I'm about to turn 50. The eyes aren't great and I can see (pun intended) trying out CO in the future. If I left Glock the Q5SF makes a lot of sense.
  7. I'm 2 years in to Production with a G34. Have been considering a Gen 5 MOS FS for the spring. I think I'll wait for now until I get the opportunity to fondle the Q5 SF. I don't have the desire to go to a DA/SA gun or the smithing that seems to be needed on them. A heavy striker gun with a good trigger might make me move from my beloved Glocks.
  8. Hope this is in the right location for question.. I am about to make the jump into reloading with a 650 for my growing production addiction. Looking at the Mini vs. full size bullet feeder. Better to buy once/cry once or start with the mini? The money is only part of the issue as I will also be jumping on the learning curve ride as I am a complete newbie. (Fortunately with friends who reload nearby!) Thanks for any input.
  9. I apologize for the question, but what is the recoil spring test? I'm fairly new shooting a G34 and have just started experimenting with springs.
  10. Slalom45

    Rear Sight Channel Depth

    Bob Vogel is a proponent of a deep (and wide) rear notch. You can read his thoughts on this if you check out the add for his sights. Also talks about it on some you tube videos. Personally I went from the fairly shallow "U" notch 10-8 sights to a set of Sevigny's and much prefer the latter.
  11. Slalom45

    Maintenance schedule for a Glock

    Major match this weekend so I did a detail clean last night. Looked at the springs and thought about it, then just put it all back together. I probably have 15k round on my current spring set up. Reduced FP safety 4.5# striker Factory trigger return 14# Recoil spring. I can honestly remember 1 light strike in all those round. Since there were no others I'm actually assuming that it was some sore of primer defect. I do carry a kit of replacement springs in the range bag in case it ever goes down in a match. If not, I'll probably run it until something breaks or performance degrades.
  12. Slalom45

    Empty or loaded mags during dryfire?

    I'm a Stoeger follower and he recommends weighted mags so I do it. I have to say I noticed the difference and can definitely tell when I grab a "light" one now. Being a Glock guy cheap mags are easy to find. I bought some pmags on sale and leave them loaded with dummy rounds. The only issue I have is that after a few hundred drops on the garage floor the mags and rounds are beat up enough that I'm popping bullets out left and right. I tried a bit of packing tape wrapped over the top and when that didn't last super glue which didn't work either. My next thought is JB Weld for the top round unless anyone else has a better idea. (no. I don't plan on ever using these for anything by dry fire)
  13. Slalom45

    Glock 34 Gen5 MOS FS

    In January I will have been shooting USPSA for 2 years with a Gen4 34. I've removed the front groves and with a few spring changes and EVO connector it shoots very well. Looks appropriately worn from lots of dry fire and probably 20k rounds through it. I do want to get a back up gun soon and I don't see any reason not to make it a Gen5. I agree the serrations may not be a big deal, but the barrel and mag well might help a fraction. Any reason not to have a Gen 4 and 5 so long as the triggers are close?
  14. Slalom45

    Extended mag release for G35 suggestions please

    Brownell's. Look for +0.75 Glock mag release. 5 bucks
  15. Slalom45

    Extended mag release for G35 suggestions please

    I have the FBI Glock OEM release on my Gen 4 34. It only sticks out a millimeter or so more than the stock one, but I'm very happy with it. (No cool look points though if that's important)