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  1. I'll be interested in chatting with you at Area 4 about this. I'm currently using a Gen4 34 with my Gen4 17 as a "emergency" back up or parts donor. Have been holding off on moving to a Gen5 34 as the allure of a Stock 2 is fluttering around the back of my mind. For you milling off the front ledge sounds easy and will solve the problem. Of course as others have said, it's a Glock. Odds are it's not gonna go down and/or for a few bucks you can replace all the springs every 10k rounds.
  2. Thanks for all the input. Hope everyone stays cool this summer!
  3. Appreciate the information so far. Have any of you used the "sleeves" made by Columbia and others? Seems this would be a nice option as you could wear it with any jersey and not be adding layers of clothing on hot days...
  4. My dermatologist keeps burning stuff off of my arms and telling me to cover up more. I've tried the surf/fishing style shirts, but they tend to be very loose which is not great in regard to catching gear on your belt, etc. Do you guys have some recommended brands? My wish list is tight fitting, SPF, and very breathable as it gets hot and sweaty quick in the south Louisiana summer. Thanks in advance.
  5. In regard to the lack of pre load, would using using my 12# Wolff on the longer Gen 5 rod cause it to not stay in battery? (Sorry if it's an obvious answer. Still kinda new at some of this)
  6. Ditto on the .270" Jager and Wolff 12# in my current Gen4 34. I'm on the verge of buying a Gen 5 as well and was hoping the same set up would work. Sound like it may take a bit of experimentation.
  7. I've wondered about that. I use the Jager oversize. On their web site they list "Gen 5 guide rod", but in reading the info it's the same as the Gen 4 wording. (Including saying Gen 4)
  8. Appreciate the feedback so far. Would really like to hear from someone with the Henning's as well...
  9. The brass would be nice for the weight, but $35/per is steep for a cheapskate Production guy...
  10. I would appreciate some info on +0 pads. I'm thinking of getting some aftermarket base pads for use with my G 34 in production. I like the looks and cost of the Henning pads. They don't look to be easy off for cleaning though? I don't particularly like the look of the Shockbottle, but it would be easy to disassemble and the cost is better than the Taran's. Those are the three that I'm considering. Any feedback appreciated on durability, feel, etc.. (BTW. In the past 2 years I believe I've disassembled my Glock mags twice for cleaning, I'm not sure "easy off" is an issue in this choice...)
  11. I would think this would easily be legal. Especially if you are talking about the factory piece. If you can grind off finger grooves why couldn't you shorten the beavertail piece? This is interesting as I have the beavertail laying on my workbench in prep to cut and try it. Have changed my grip a bit and started getting some slide bit after years of shooting Glocks. My thought is to trim the beavertail short and tuck the bottom under my grip tape so I get the beavertail but don't add length to the rest of the grip. What's you plan gomerpyle?
  12. Ben's new book Breakthrough Marksmanship is really good! I have most of his. This one really boils it down to what you NEED to know. I really like Dry Fire Reloaded. Skills and Drills Reloaded has tons of great info, but it does not seem well organized (to me) and was hard to really implement for me. The new book boils it down to the meat only. I'd strongly suggest it with Skills and Drills as a back up if you want to get more into the micro breakdown of all things drill wise.
  13. Ha! You can tell I just got my first press and intro to "reloading". When I saw the thread title I was thinking "About 4:30-5:00 for 100 rounds" on my Dillon 650. Pretty happy with that actually. As for the other reloading.... I was a bit lower, but recently took a Max Michel class he had me keep it up more at the level of the sternum. This seems a bit more consistent, but I am not fast. 1.20 is about it even though I'm working at it a lot. (Prod with a G34 btw) Two years in and on the cusp of "A".
  14. Any idea what the notch width is on the Henning fixed sight??
  15. I listen almost exclusively to podcasts anymore. I do stay away from any technique based shows on the way to matches though. My thought is that I don't want to hear something suggested and be tempted to "try it out" at the match. I'll hit something like "This week in Guns" or "Gun Talk". Maybe Firearms Nation if it's more of an interview than coaching. Political stuff might get me to aggro or depressed....
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