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  1. I have my first Stock II on the way. Only worked on Glocks before so I'm starting to collect tools other then one Glock punch. Ordered the punch kit shown above. (Thanks for that) Any suggestions for an armorer's block? Looked at the Universal from Brownell's. Other tools I should get specifically for the Stock II?
  2. I've been reloading for less than a year on a 650. Broke the shell plate return spring last night. I purchased the spare parts kit when I bought the press, but want to replace the spring now that I don't have a spare. Did a web search for it and nothing popped up. Is there a place on line where I can order small parts like this or what is the norm?
  3. There is a month to vote. I'm hoping Mr. Foley does take opportunity to be interviewed. Will give it some time.
  4. Are all of the aftermarket frames for Gen 3 parts? I have a Gen 4 that had an unfortunate squib encounter. All I need is a new Gen 4 frame.
  5. Looks like Jacob Heatherington won area 7 and 1 the same week. That's a good start!
  6. Any of you attempt to widen out the notch on the factory sight? I'm really more concerned about that than the adjustable aspect of it. I've always used more light around the sight and at 50 the eyes need it...
  7. I appreciate the suggestions. Will give it a shot for a while and see how it goes...
  8. Slalom45

    43x holster

    The JM Custom is the one I'm thinking about getting for my regular 43. I'll add the "long" version as my current one doesn't ride deep enough for the short barrel to keep vertical.
  9. Does anyone make one? Henning's has one listed but appears it's on perpetual backorder from the supplier. I have a Stock II on the way and would really prefer a fixed rear (with a bit wider notch) as that's what I've always used. Any suggestions appreciated.
  10. To me, the safety and things like opening the mag well (withing the confine of the grip) makes sense. The *thumb rest [generic]* thing is completely stupid. No idea how that can fly.
  11. I'm new to reloading so patience please with this question. Is there a reason why loading longer is better? The guy who got me started loads 9mm at 1.070. I kinda just wound up at 1.085 and have been there for 10,000 rounds. Accuracy seems fine for what I do in USPSA. Is there a reason to mess with this or just be happy it will likely load in any chamber (I'm about to by a G5 34FS) and keep on keeping on???
  12. I have 43, 19, 17, and 34. If I had only one gun it would be the 17. That's not reality though. If I only had two it would be the 43 and the 34. Carry and compete. I really do love my 17 for defensive classes, etc. Truth is after I got the 34 I haven't shot it much. Don't like the 19 at all.
  13. What is the notch width on the factory rear?
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