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  1. Jeff Cawthon is the guy. Has to hurt to get curb stomped by a dude with 9 rounds when you just spent all that money on new set of limited mags that feed..... Most of the time. In all seriousness I think that's an amazing achievement. Props to him! BTW. I used the competitor app to change him to minor. He would have still come out 6th.
  2. As a Production shooter who spent my first 2.5 years with a 34 and now shoot a Stock II.... I don't believe it's the weight. It's the trigger. Also shooting both. If they both have good sights, triggers (relative to the model), and run.... It's not the gun. If I went back to Glock today I'm sure with a week of dry/live fire you wouldn't notice much difference. At this point I just prefer shooting the Stock II. (Although I miss working on the 34)
  3. I'm a third year Prod shooter on a Stock II. Current plan is to try Limited for the 2022 season. Hope the DWX is out by then as it's the one I'd like an excuse to buy...
  4. Looking back I believe that I may have nudged the rear sight a bit. The pin that the front of the LPA hinges on tends to walk out to the left. I've had to tap it back flush a couple of times and may have put enough pressure to move the entire sight. If anyone has a suggestion on stopping that pin walk I'd appreciate that as well. Tried a bit of green loktite on the bit that was exposed last time it happened. Didn't seem to help as it's moving out slowly again.
  5. The gunsmith that installed my front did so with red loctite. The odds of it moving are slim. I have not taken the rear sight off and did not realize those were only set screws. I thought they went into the slide? If that is the case then it's no big deal as I'll drift it over a fraction. (Sorry for the ignorance here. I've moved from simple Glocks where I drifted fixed rears and changed front blade height for corrections. Not used to this fancy Italian stuff)
  6. I re-zeroed this past weekend and found an issue with my practice Stock 2. I cannot get enough lateral adjustment out of it to zero. At 15 yards the closest I can get is 1-1.5" right of center. It's not a me issue as the vertical is spot on and my match gun will zero. The sight is pressed up against the side of the channel and can't move further. Is there an easy fix for this or does it require a bit of filing on the sight or channel? Suggestions appreciated.
  7. P7fl Those sound like words of wisdom for long term enjoyment of the sport!
  8. I'm 3 years into USPSA at 51. No quite where you are at age wise, but I'm a bit of an older guy learning the game. It's true the mind is not a flexible as it gets older. Having said that, old or young, what I see is a severe lack of stage prep in comparison to what the pros/instructors recommend. I was at a small match this past weekend. Drove a way to get to it as it's been a while due to all the covid stuff and I needed a match. Mostly B and C shooters in carry optics, limited, and open. Most of them walked the stages one, maybe two times and seemed to call it good. The motivated maybe a couple more. I'm only an A.... but I'm trying. Drove almost 2 hours to the match. Got there at least 45 min early and walked stages until shooter meeting and again at walk through until the first shooter was called. Ran it in my head several times during all that. I had probably run each stage at least 15x (mentally) before I shot. Some stages are harder than others and it does get easier the more you do it. I still screw 'em up on occasion no matter how much effort I give. I've just accepted that the timer isn't a "brain scrambler" unless I was never ready in the first place.
  9. Slalom45

    Sights for old eyes

    The Sevigney sights from Dawson are great. The rear notch is a .150 width which is nice. Can pair with the front you want. I've used the fiber optic front in .115 and .125 widths which both work well. I'd still be using this if they made them for Tanfoglio's. Other suggestions. Mono vision shooting glasses with dominate eye for front sight and non-dominate for distance. Or a dot.....
  10. Seems that the "weight limit" should have just been set at something like 6-8 oz. over factory weight. That would give whatever gun with whatever optic the ability to play. The other thought I have is this. With the time off from any match prep I've been playing. Got my old G34 out and ran a bunch of drills with it vs. my Stock II. Couldn't really do this when moving to the Stock II due to the learning curve of getting used to the weight, DA/SA, etc. It became quickly apparent (to me at least) that it's not the weight, it's the trigger. All else being equal the lighter gun would be my preference.
  11. I shot a 92, a Shadow 2, and a Stock 2 before moving from my Glock 34. Admittedly I only put a few rounds through each, but the Stock II just felt better in my hands. (On a much more shallow note I am a sucker for that hard chrome finish!)
  12. The left side panel of my Stock II was consistently loose. This was with factory, a Henning, and with my current Lok grips. Using good quality screws with the #60 rubber washer made if better, but it was still not solid. Playing with it you could see that the top of the panel did not make contact with the frame. This is obviously a frame flaw as it occurred with various grips. My redneck solution was to lay some painters tape across the inside top of the panel and trim the excess. Presto bango it' tight. I may have to go to a more durable tape at some point, but at the moment problem solved.
  13. CarlB Are the OEM profile true to the size and shape of the wood grips? I'm still searching for grips after moving to the Stock 2. Actually like the woodies but more traction would be nice.
  14. I am about 3 months in moving from a 34 to a Stock 2. Others have said this, but I wonder if a number of people give it a couple of months, then give up on change an go back to what they know? Initially I loved the trigger and wrote other things off to being new. After a bit you want those "other things" to disappear and get on with your shooting. I've been in that spot of late. Having only ever shot Glocks seriously I believe it will take some time until I can totally relax and forget about the gun. I'm planning 6-9 months minimum before I make any decisions. Regardless of the gun, I'm still working on myself. If I do go back to the Glock I firmly believe that I will be better for the experience.
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