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  1. Update. The boring bar above doesn’t work. The carbide insert hits the inside wall of the trim die. Appears the total width needs to be around .450-.465. Not sure I’ll be able to find a boring bar with those dimensions. Basically it needs to hold carbide insert in the center of the boring bar to make it easier. The boring bars with an offset carbide insert I don’t think will work. I messaged the seller selling the brass muncher bar to get some Info I’m him. My titan trimmer needs a longer bar.
  2. I checked my message from Titan Weapons who makes the Titan trimmer, similar to the honey badger. They said any boring bar 3 3/4" in length and whatever collet the router has. My collet is 1/2" or 1/4". I found this boring bar that uses a 1/2" collet, is 3 3/4" long and takes triangle carbide inserts for under $60. I'm thinking about trying it. The endmill I was using I don't recall did a great job. https://www.wttool.com/index/page/product/product_id/32393/category_id/13970/product_name/APT+Super-Lok+Boring+Bars
  3. Anyone have link to the original KB/Ammo Mike 3D files? I’m going to sizing a lot of bullets on a Lee APP and need a feeder to go nose down. It’s close enough to my 650 where I may also run it for seating pistol bullets, not a 100% though as I like to have a power check. does the orig kb/Ammo Mike design allow for nose down and nose up depending on need?
  4. Anyone have reviews on the swaging? I set it up and swaged a few. Honestly can’t get a feel for the swaging. Followed the manual on where to place the rod. Says there should be 25lbs of force, how do I calculate that?? I guess I can prime a few and see.
  5. Hows the swaging on this? I Can't tell if the 223 I'm swaging is doing it enough. I'll have to prime a few cases or find that small primer pocket uniform tool. It looked like I was getting a bevel on the cases. I have an extra dillon case feeder I really want to use for swaing 308 and 556. Size/decap in 650, swage on Lee APP, then trim and load on 650.
  6. You know, I read some used a 9mm taper crimp. So I swapped out the newly bought lee 38sp taper crimp and spun a 8 year old hornady 9mm/38sp taper crimp in and viola, perfection. No lead or brass shavings. Fell in and out of case gauge. Doesn’t make sense to me but it worked.
  7. I haven’t had issues loading 9mm/40/45/45lc in coated bullets. But today my first go at 38 special coated and I’m getting shaved bullets. On a 650. Using the correct powder funnel. Using a hornady seat/crimp BUT backed crimp off cuz I taper crimp in last stage. Using a 158gr .358 SNS bullet and seating to 1.450 which is NOT in the crimp groove. These 38sp rounds are light load...will be once I get going. I’ve been reading about the powder funnels from DAA that are stepped. At $40 each it would be a $120 investment to cover all pistol rounds I load. Would these powder funnels help significantly? I’m going to try adjusting the seating die, backing it out a little or changing from the flat step to the cupped stem.
  8. I've been reloading a while BUT am going to start reloading 38 and 357 mag. I've got plenty of powders on hand for 38. The 357 mag is giving me a headache. I'm going camping and brother inlaw wants 357 mag loads with good velocity and blast. I bought 158gr coated hi tek bullets. Hindsight I think I should have got some 130-140gr so I can run more powder. Question 1: Can I substitute small rifle primers for small mag pistol primers in order to use 296 powder? I don't have small mag pistol primers and can't get them before we plan to leave. Question 2: I have fast pistol powders. Bullseye, lil gun, 231, Clays, Titegroup, Sport Pistol. These will work but nothing above 1000k fps I don't think. I can trade with a friend for some Blue Dot, should I do that? Also I can get 296 but dont have small pistol mag primers. The lymann 49th manual has good data but every load for 357 was used with small mag pistol primers. These 357 will be shot out of a S&W 327 TRR8. If I make some plinking light 38sp loads, I imagine anything I do above midrange with 357 158gr my bro inlaw will be happy. They all like that big flash and loud noise.
  9. I installed a PRP extreme kit about 4-5 years ago. I'll have to check my email and see what kit I got as I don't recall. I know I got two triggers, a pre-fit and one I needed to file. I had a couple light strikes during a USPSA practice session. I was using Tula primers. Depending on the trigger kit I installed, is there a way to remedy this aside from just using different primers? I made about 600rd of some 147gr 9mm with the Tula. Most function but had about 2 light strikes in 3-4 mags. Is there a more powerful striker spring I can use that won't change the trigger feel much? Maybe a titanium striker?
  10. I have a bladetech holster for my xdm 5.25 and its on a bladetech Tek-lok. I’m realizing it’s too vertical, too close and too high. I added a spacer to move it out and will test Sunday BUT I think getting a drop offset hanger is needed. The Boss has the best reviews. Seems on par with springers version. The eBay version looks rough and not polished but only $30. The hanger that intrigues me is the Henry holster turbo drop. He sent me a video to show how it cants. Looks good. The cr speed c-bax also looks interesting. It’s not a T mount, instead slides on a bar and allows for rotation in addition to canting and up and down. All priced around the same. Ill get photos up in an 90 min when I’m back from the gym. Cr speed c-bax below boss hanger Ebay hanger Henry turbo drop
  11. For $100+ I’ll pass. I think the ratcheting Weber tactical for $60 will do just fine. It appears they came out with a new belt too but only one photo so far. I may try the $15 mod and buy a ratcheting strap and mod the outside of my cr speed.
  12. I think I'm going with the Boss. The ebay one only has 1 curved slot which means 1/3 the adjustment as the Boss. The turbo drop in the link above isn't clear how well it allows for cant. The elongated bolts seem going the wrong way.
  13. http://noebulletmolds.com/NV/product_info.php?cPath=34&products_id=2029 I loaded up a lot, probably about 500, with 3.4gr of bullseye at around 1.125. Ive shot these in an alox lube but haven’t since hi Tek coating.
  14. Not much honestly and when I do it will be more pistol uspsa marches. Picked up a Uberti 45 colt and might do cowboy stuff. Don’t have the time for 3 gun. Granted I’m in California so we often accumulate just in case we won’t be able to late.
  15. I’ve got a lot of 223 (5 gal bucket and 3 Ammo cans) and about the same in 308/762x51. I bought a Swage It for the 650 and haven’t used it yet. Also have a router trimmer from Titan. It works but the endMill kind of sucks. I was thinking about getting a 1050 to make 223 and 308 professing easier OR I can sell some brass and buy it processed already. Thoughts? Is getting 223 and 308 roll sized and annealed necessary?
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