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  1. If you can remember the place you got it that would awesome! I emailed Titan, well messaged them on facebook, and they said any boring bar 3 3/4" long would work and whatever diameter my chuck is. I have both 1/4" and 1/2" collets and can always buy the 3/8" collect.
  2. Hi All, I got a Titan Trimmer adapter year or two ago because I'm a woodworker and have the bosch 1617 router. I got it to convert 223 to blackout in a single pass and to utilize my case feeder when trimming 223, 308, and blackout. That said, it's been 2 years and Titan's website sucks for info. I remember the endmill it came with was ok, nothing special. I'd like to upgrade to a boring bar or the dillon cutter, will that work in the Titan? Honey Badger sells their boring bar with an extra insert for $140, which seems high. I'm not a high volume shooter by any means and my 650 is manually operated. Couldn't imagine I'd process more than a couple 300-500 pieces of brass at a time. Maybe a just using a better endmill is what I need. I was hoping to get a cleaner and somewhat chamfered cut with a boring bar.
  3. The hammer takes two hands to cock on this gun, it's a very heavy. I'm not sure what the factory weight is for the hammer spring but it's gotta be 23 or more. I plan to run some lighter 45 loads AND maybe do some single stack matches with it. Primers are federal/winchester/and Tula. What would be a good hammer and recoil combo? I was thinking 18lb hammer and 12.5 recoil. Pic of DK1911 here
  4. Hey Guys, Not sure where to post to get the best view and chose here. Thought there was a regional section but guess not. I signed my wife up for a USPSA into pre-req course June 8th in Richmond, Ca. I've done it but gonna do it again. I got her a glock 34 and still gauging her interest. I'm looking to see if anyone has a belt, holster, and mag pouches we can borrow for the day. I don't want to get her gear and find out she doesn't like it. I'm in east bay norcal. Thanks!
  5. I bought a CZ TS on here while back, amazing gun! It's the 40sw version and came with a 9mm barrel. I loaded some 40sw and was shooting today and noticed I cannot eject a complete live round without it getting caught on the slide. This happens ejecting slowly or quickly .Rounds fired and not an issue cycling. But if I were shooting a match say and they said to show clear, it's gonna hang up trying to eject a live round. Any ideas? Maybe they are too long? I can't remember the length but will go measure.
  6. I'd be interested in the response to the above. I have several milled lowers ready for uppers and like the idea of a glock mag adapter BUT also defintely want last round bolt open. The $70 lower linked above isn't a bad idea. I guess that's about the same price as a mag adapter. It is nylon but for 9mm, cant imagine there would be issues.
  7. I have two 650s. One is new in box and the other is setup. I will admit it's been a year since I've reloaded; got married, work, woodworking all got in the way. I was going to sell one 650 but like the idea of having one for rifle and one for pistol. That said, is having a bullet feeder worth getting ride of a powder check? Having only 5 stages it's my only choice IF I want to seat and crimp separately. I like the safety aspect of a powder check especially if I take the wife shooting and friends. I guess the other question is, how crucial is seating and crimping separately? It was advised to do that from the start. I have a new hornady seat and taper crimp die but have never used the crimp feature. Thanks in advance for the info.
  8. I cast for my pistol calibers and plan to cast and load 45 colt for a lever and revelover. Many recommended casting and sizing to .454. what die set will do that? I like hornady and they have a 454 Casull set but it lists at .452 diameter. Any info would be helpful.
  9. I must be confused in my reading and research. I was reading that a few that used the Swage It broke or bent shell plates and GSI at one point made hardened steel shell plates. Im a LNL convert and still getting used to the blue life. Think over only done 600rds of 40sw so far. My 5 gal bucket of 223 and 5 gal of 762x51 are what have me interested in press mounted swaging.
  10. You guys running a bullet feeder, that means no powder check die? I seat and crimp separately taking up the last open stage.
  11. I want to run a Swage It on my 650 and was reading that a steel shellplate is best to use with them. Anyone make steel shell plates for the 650?
  12. That 40 200gr Arsenal mold looks great. But the meplat at .31 looks massive. Think they will feed well in semi autos? Cant post this link on my phone right. http://arsenalmolds.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=161
  13. Looking at an Arsenal 200gr 403 no lube groove mold for a 2011 and a CZ. Anyone use one or have experience with no lube grooved molds?
  14. Is accurate 2015 a good powder to stock up on? I shoot 223 and 308 and have powder for both but have a chance to get acurrate 2015 for $12 a pound before hazmat/shipping. Was thinking to stock up if it's worth it and a decent plinking powder. Thanks.
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