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Found 62 results

  1. Does anyone know if the tristar p-120 or t120 make weight for idpa? Can’t be to far off of a cz sp01 weight right? Also is saving the money worth it or should I just get an sp01?
  2. This thing is awesome. In a small brief testing period of my own, it far beats out the V12. Less Powder, 115g Major, and much softer in hand. I do not have this barrel reamed by the good folks at PD yet. I was very anxious to test it out and quickly made up some loads I knew wouldn't touch major with a 115 from the V12, but Might with the Durso comp. Sure enough I made 166pf with 115g Blues over 7.9g of Power pistol. Loaded @ .....1.06. I can't wait to do more testing with a better powder and after reaming. Thoughts are on AA7.
  3. BobGallese

    Hello form NE Ohio

    Rather new to guns so I’m looking forward to reading and learning from the veterans
  4. Feel free to use my code "polodna" for 10% off. I love saving people money while upping their game with the badest kydex on the planet.
  5. Has anyone been able to get their 170 MBX mags to run reliably? Not having a open 170 mag kinda stinks. Heard of the "squeeze" but have not heard if this was a final resolution for a trust worthy big stick. Info appreciated.
  6. I have a Tanfo Stock II Elite in 9mm I bought from PD earlier this year, and I have struggled with light strikes using factory ammo continuously. I’ve read through those related posts on this forum, repeatedly – but haven’t found a solution for my gun. I’m looking for confirmations on others who are running similar configurations, with *factory ammo* and also soliciting other suggestions (aside from reloading related solutions). I keep a detailed record of my gun, so I’ve tried to summarize my config and what I’ve done to debug this below. First, the gun was purchased NEW from PD earlier this year. I had Joe at PD do the following, before I first received the gun: Tanfoglio Tune: Polishing & Assembly, Barrel Reaming, PD Hammer springs, PD Firing Pin Spring, Reduced Sear & Reduced Trigger return springs Titan Hammer Sear BOLO Interrupter, BOLO pin Firing Pin Safety Block PD Optimized firing pin-extended PD Optimized Aluminum Guide Rod – Hard Anodized Coating EAA Witness Fullsize RP Recoil 9 lb (Wolf 49709) Initially started with PD 14 lb hammer spring Basically from day 1, I was unable to get the gun to fire any factory ammo without light strikes. They were usually in DA pulls, not in SA. At Joe’s recommendation, I bought a wide range of factory ammo and started testing. I tried Winchester white box, Freedom Munitions 147, Blazer Brass 115, Stand 1 Chubbies, Stand 1 full power, etc. I tested them all in DA modes, some failed much more frequently than others, but none of them could get below a 1% failure rate with 150 rounds. The ammo that performed the best, was Freedom Munitions 147gr. Winchester white box was one of the worse ones for me – which confused me since I started hearing people explain that Winchester and Federal primers are “softer” and easier to ignite. Eventually, Joe offered to re-examine the gun, ream the barrel again and look things over. I was also having a problem with failure-to-extracts, which Joe successfully resolved at this point by installing a higher power extractor spring, and doing some additional reaming of the extractor area. After Joe’s 2nd reaming and testing, he suggested we go up to a 15.5lb hammer spring and returned the gun to me. At first the light strikes were infrequent, but they increased as time went by. They also started happening in SA mode instead of just DA. Joe explained that the hammer spring would lose 20% of its power at 5K rounds and continue degrading from there. I attributed the increase FTF with the fact that the hammer spring was at 7K rounds, and I put a new one in. I also installed a fresh PD optimized firing pin spring at this same time – since the original one was close to 10K rounds at this point. My light strikes went up immediately following the install of these 2 new springs! Ever since then, I’ve been trying to resolve these light strikes. I have tried: 4 different firing pins (Henning G5, Xtreme, PD and factory) – with minimal difference I have also now trimmed my PD firing pin spring, removing around 7-8 coils (any further trimming and the spring gets stuck) I removed the firing pin safety block, and found no difference by doing that I also did another test of a wide range of factory ammo, and have started using Winchester “Train” ammo and found it to work better than the other ammo the pencil test, and confirmed the firing pin kicks my pencil a couple feet into the air (a friend who works on CZ’s a lot says mine goes 8-10” higher than his) I clean my gun pretty frequently, at least every 1,200 to 1,500 rounds – but because I’m frequently trying different springs/pins I usually end up cleaning it every 300-800 rounds I don’t use “grease” except a dab on the sear and trigger return springs, everywhere else I use oil. Currently I run my firing pin & fp spring without any oil/lube So, I’d like to hear from those who have a Tanfo Stock II Elite (large frame) 9mm, *especially* those who use factory ammo: What config do you have in your gun, especially hammer spring (brand and strength), firing pin brand & firing pin spring brand What factory ammo do you use, and how often (if at all) do you have light strikes? What is the pull weight of your DA trigger, with whichever hammer springs you use? Do you put any oil on your firing pin or firing pin spring? Again, I don’t have a press and I’m wanting to initially resolve this without going to reloading as a fix. I may go there later, but for now please assume reloading is not an option. Finally - a THANK YOU in advance to any insights / help you might be able to lend.. I am running out of ideas!
  7. Looking for race holster recommendations for the 9mm gold team. I have been running a DAA X and have not had stellar results. Though constructed well, I seem to get alot of binding no matter how I have adjusted it. Hoping others can share their experiences and suggestions. I may go a different holster direction if things don't work out. Thanks AP
  8. Background:I want to get into competition shooting with USPSA and IDPA (both are local for me). I am a little overwhelmed by the gun categories nuances--especially IDPA. Currently, I have a S/A XDS in 9mm (my carry gun) and an EAA/Tanfoglio Witness Full Size in 10mm. I absolutely LOVE shooting my Witness, but I think competition shooting in 10mm would get really expensive, really quickly.Question:Can anyone tell me if the Witness P Match and P Match Pro are legal for USPSA or IDPA, and in which categories? I think they are really sexy and would love to give one a try. However, I do not see either on the USPSA production gun list, and it appears from the specs on EAA's site that they would BARELY fit into the IDPA box. Links:http://eaacorp.com/guns/handguns/witness-p-match-tanfoglio-404http://eaacorp.com/guns/handguns/witness-p-match-pro-tanfoglio-410Thanks in advance!
  9. Looking at purchasing a new dot and am stuck between the DPP and Romeo 3. I have heard loads of good about both but would like to here more of the finer points. I ran a Vortex prior in 3moa but the brightness was less than efficient in the bright sun, but I liked the smaller dot for longer shots. So I'm undecided if I want to try a larger size 6 moa or 8moa. Any one have direct comparison or photos with both? Brightness and battery life? Durability? Window size? Ect. I want to be certain before I drop the cash. Thanks APOLO.
  10. Any of our members have the dimensions of an STI and Tanfoglio/CZ Hi cap mags? I need the width measurement for a project I am working on.
  11. BigAm

    Hello from RVA

    Hello, all. New to this forum, but have been mining it for information for years. Recent transplant to the Richmond VA area by way of south west Missouri. B class Limited Minor shooter who came to his senses and switched to Production. Looking forward to what I can learn from here.
  12. mfs

    Stock 2 repair

    I bought a stock 2 used. It was OK but not like the new one I had previously. In the new one I had put a bolo and titan hammer and some other Patriot Defense parts. The used one I tried to do the same to it but had no luck at all. Was having strange problems. So I bit the bullet so to speak and sent to Patriot Defense to have their gunsmith look at it. It is like a different gun. It runs better than my original. Just wanted to throw a shout out to Joe and JoAnna for getting it taken care of in approx. 1 week and doing such a great job on it. I am one happy customer Mark
  13. I have a 38 super Witness Gold Team - I'm looking for a 9mm hybrid barrel to make it a 9mm open gun. It does not appear that EAA carries these... does anyone know a source for a 9mm open barrel (even just the comp is fine... the hybrid seems a bit 'over' compensated) for the Witness Gold Team? Thanks!
  14. scottrallye

    Tanfo Domina

    Anyone know anything about the new Tanfoglio Domina open gun? I'm kind of interested, although it looks more or less exactly like the Czechmate I'm currently shooting, albeit shorter and available in .38 super. Oh, and that boner-riffic slide racker. Searching for "Domina" on Google is not providing the results I'm looking for (although it's endlessly entertaining). EAA has proved totally unable to answer emails, as I've sent a couple of them asking for any info about whether or not this gun will become available stateside. No reply yet. Based on their advertising, I assume they are too busy supervising the 8 year old they have photoshopping their HORRIBLE ads. Anyways, if anyone has any info on this gun I'd love to hear it.
  15. I am new-ish to the tanfo platform and I am having great success with it. Shot with a Shadow 2 most of this season and I am currently shooting the Tanfo. I was able to put 600 rounds in 3 range visit and I am blown away by the difference in between the two platforms, very happy with the Stock 2. I have purchased a few shock buffers for this pistol, and I tried it with and with out and I could not notice any difference in felt recoil, however, the action becomes stiffer when the buffer is in, like if there was less wiggle room between the barrel and the slide when out of battery and it takes more effort to rack the slide. The gun was used for about 200 rounds with a buffer with no ill effects, however, when operated by hand I can feel it is tighter. Wondering if any of you has any first hand experience with these buffers. I am thinking that they might be a gimmick and might as well keep them out.
  16. SoCalShooter69

    Gen 2 Trigger Bar Bolo Mod

    Gents; here is a quick guide if you receive your Tanfo with a Gen 2 trigger bar, and you've ordered a bolo/titan/1-piece sear. You'll only need to remove .020", so go slow and measure often. It doesn't take much using a rotary and diamond bit.
  17. I read the thread on the BOLO which most people were using to improve the DA and SA of tanfoglios. I believe someone asked about the improvement on SAO tanfoglios and I didn't see a reply so thought I'd ask again. Is it worth it to get a BOLO interruptor for single action only tanfoglios? I have an elite limited if it matters.
  18. I'm having problems with installing the BOLO. I got some new parts to put in my stock 2: xtreme trigger, 1pc sear, titan hammer and the BOLO. I've got everything to fit and function except the BOLO. I've tried using the stock interrupter with all the new parts and it would engage the trigger bar and make the DA pull (that's correct yes?). However with the BOLO installed it glides right over the trigger bar making a "dead" pull. I've got the SA pull to function which feels awesome without the creep in the trigger. Now did I do something wrong or am I missing some crucial piece of info? I've read on the PD website to remove material from the 2nd angle which would be that 90 degree angle, yes? I took a couple swipes at it but after just looking at how it all fit when it was installed it seems there's no contact at all between the BOLO and trigger bar. Any help is much appreciated.
  19. Title pretty much says it. I just got a Tanfo Stock II and was installing the Wolff 13lb hammer spring from my Witness upgrade kit. However after a long day I had a lapse of focus and mixed up the stock hammer spring and new Wolff hammer spring so I'm not sure which one I installed/replaced. I do know that one I put in the gun with the other upgrades is longer than the other. I tried squeezing each of the springs and the longer one felt lighter i think. Gun functions perfectly. The DA pull "i think" feels lighter however it's not substantially lighter so I cant say for sure especially after mixing up the springs. Anyway can anybody help me or know their hammer springs? Any help is appreciated. I will be installing a new sear, hammer, and BOLO soon so I will have to disassemble the gun again at some point.
  20. Title pretty much says it. I just got a Tanfo Stock II and was installing the Wolff 13lb hammer spring from my Witness upgrade kit. However after a long day I had a lapse of focus and mixed up the stock hammer spring and new Wolff hammer spring so I'm not sure which one I installed/replaced. I do know that one I put in the gun with the other upgrades is longer than the other. I tried squeezing each of the springs and the longer one felt lighter i think. Gun functions perfectly. The DA pull "i think" feels lighter however it's not substantially lighter so I cant say for sure especially after mixing up the springs. Anyway can anybody help me or know their hammer springs? Any help is appreciated. I will be installing a new sear, hammer, and BOLO soon so I will have to disassemble the gun again at some point. EDIT: I think I got it figured out. Longer spring is the 13lb Wolff hammer spring, I could feel the DA pull more smoothly by way of being lighter, still gritty with the factory parts and could use more polishing. With the original shorter spring, you could really feel the wall towards the back of the DA pull. Mistakes made and lessons learned.
  21. I figured I would ask the tribe on this one..... Does anyone know where I can find a 2016 Tanfoglio Limited Pro in either 9mm - 38 Super - .40 (no 45 ACP please) As I understand it, the 2016 frame beaver tail was shaved down slightly from the factory to fit the IDPA box. I prefer a NEW one. But would consider a almost new. Prefer it to be stock with no mod's. I do not mind a .40 because I can load .40 minor for it. I figured that someone in the group might know a shop where one is sitting. Thanks for any help.
  22. ClintMorris

    Stock 3 in 45acp

    Does anyone out there have a stock 3 chambered in 45acp? Curious to know the weight of one and see if I can make it IDPA CDP legal (needs to be under 43oz) which I believe can be obtained. Would also like to make it SSP legal for the sake of being able to interchange parts parts off of it and remain legal.
  23. Hi Guys, Last week i bought Tanfoglio stock 3 extreme.On the range i have a lot problems with factory PPU ammo and reload ammo with fiocchi primers.I order EG medium hammer spring and light striker spring.Now i am thinking to order Eg firing pin (It's longer)but i am affraid that longer firing pin don't go through primer.Has anyone use this EG firing pin. And yes,sorry for my bad english. P.S Do you now what weight is originally coming hammer and striker spring in stock 3 extreme,and why EG recomend medium striker spring for hard primers,it is more logically that light striker spring transfer more power to primers .And i am not sure when i order firing pin for my stock 3 xtreme do i order firing pin for large frame or for small frame
  24. I've got a problem with my 10mm Witness Elite that I've not seen referenced anywhere. I load 180 JHPs to 1250 fps and am using a Wolff 20 lb recoil spring and a 22 lb hammer spring to try to control the slide velocity. I also welded up a FPS and created a flat bottom FPS but that didn't help much. Seems the FPS hits too high on the hammer to have much effect by using a flat bottom. So here is my issue. When I swap out my 40S&W barrel to 10mm, I install the 20 lb recoil spring on a Henning Conefit guide rod. Except the spring is almost impossible to install. It doesn't want to clear the edge of the dust cover unless I hold my mouth just right and rotate the spring in incremental steps until it finally just squeezes in. I'd like to go up to a 22 lb spring but if I have this much trouble with the 20 lb, I don't think I'd be able to get a larger spring in no matter what I do. I have no trouble with the standard recoil spring for the 40S&W, by the way. Is anyone else having this problem and, if so, what did you do about it? I'm thinking of taking my Dremel to the dust cover and sanding a slight bevel on the trailing edge where the spring slides under to see if that helps. Ideas?
  25. optimator

    New 3 gun pistol

    I started shooting 3 gun last year. I put together a nice M&P 9 Pro. No matter how much I shoot it though, I still shoot heavier guns better. This will be for 3 gun, some steel challenge, and maybe action pistol at my local clubs. I have no real desire to shoot IDPA or USPSA. I've narrowed it down to a few different guns. I have large hands so I like the Stock 2. I already own 4 CZ's, so the SP-01 Shadow is a real option. And Kneelingatlas now has me looking at the Tactical Sport. Here's where I'm at. With a Witness or the TS, I'm starting all over. Mags, holsters, etc. With a SP-01 Shadow, I already own a Tactical. So I'm already well stocked with CZ mags. I have holsters, mag carriers, etc. I'm also thinking of buying a stock SP-01 safety model and just upgrading it over time. I could convert it to SAO, change the sights, and I know it would also do more than I need it to do. So I'm looking at $650 on the low end up to $1175 for the TS. As much as I'd like to go all in on the TS, I don't know if that's actually the best route for me. HELP.