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  1. NO issues at all running COLT QC10 Lower, QC10 Side Charger upper, Taccom Barrel and Brownell's Mags with TF +10
  2. Agree with everything said especially having click switch over aluminum housing. I did get luck and bought my aluminum on a flash sale on Amazon for same price as plastic.
  3. New to PCC shooting and just getting all things figured out. I did try and look through the rules but couldn't find any clarity of the use of Vertical Forend Grips. Are they approved for use on PCC for USPSA. As I look through the gallery I also notice that there are not really any pictured.
  4. Pretty sure I am going to buy a C-More Railway to run on the PCC. Guess there are a few options that I really don't understand. Thoughts and help needed please. Polymer or Aluminum body? Standard or Click Switch? I'm thinking 8 MOA dot but willing to listen.
  5. Also received mine today. Awesome quality and machining. All lines match my QC 10 lowers perfect. Really smooth operation and finish. A part of me wishes that the charging handle was even slightly larger or stuck out a little more. Pending the handguard your running the latch can get a little hidden or trapped. On my QC 10 Glock lower no issue as that upper has a Taccom Ultralight Carbon handguard. On my Colt upper I was running a UTG rail but it will not fit the QC10 side charging upper because it needs to over lap on to the upper. Most of the other rails I have lying around are a little more tactical and too wide for my liking shielding the side charging handle. Any one have any thoughts on a narrow rail? Would like to keep the width near 1 1/2 - 1 5/8. Dont really want to run anotherTaccom as I am now looking for something a little different.
  6. PRS all day long or even a NRA F Class shooter over MIL
  7. Have a new QC10 lower on its way. For 33 round mags do I have any options other than the OEM Glock stick?
  8. Thanks I think. I just received a Colt style today, just my luck. It is awesome! With 30% savings I'm going to try the Glock.
  9. Really? Stock on belt with muzzle pointed up or horizontal? So the muzzle can be above the berm? Is low ready good to go?
  10. Just getting into PCC. Close to having the carbine up and running. Could someone explain the START or Ready position as I am sure there must be one? Also any rules regarding magazine carry or placement?
  11. This post was about the HMR so I replied accordingly. Funny thing is that after buying my HMR I was so happy with it that I bought the BMP as well. It would appear to shoot better than yours. Easily 1 MOA but not as good as my HMR. The trigger it came with SUCKED! HEAVY, I assumed it was just set heavy at the factory but wasn't the case after getting inside. I called and sent them a pic of the barreled action hanging from my trigger scale having yet to fire. They did get me a replacement which I have yet to try seeing I put a Jewel in it. What was up with the extraction issue? I am seeing it from time to time with my BMP as well.
  12. Well seems like you need a little push. Just buy the damn thing cause they shoot. My 6.5 Creed running factory Hornady 140 gr ELD MATCH. I have spent way more money on custom rifles that didnt shoot factory ammo this good. Six shots at 100 covered by a dime which is which is 0.705
  13. I have both the BMP and HMR in 6.5 Creed. While I like what might come down the road long term with the BMP (barrel/caliber options) I really favor my HMR. It shoots just a TAD better and I do love the stock. If your looking for a hunter and precision rifle all in one I would go HMR. If games or PRS then the BMP. I was not impressed at all with the factory triggers and chose to try the Trigger Tech.
  14. Sightron fills this niche very well. High magnification, lots of elevation and side focus that is much less than 25 yards. 1/8 MOA and .05 MIL adjustments. I am currently running a 2nd FP which has to be run at 24X for reticle to be sized correct. I usually dial out to 200 so not an issue for me. You did say BEST and precision in the same sentance. Look at the reviews on You Tube by Long Range Shooters of Utah
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