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  1. Possible or not, CZ listed the Czechmate as 9mm or .38 in their catalog up until this year.
  2. Yeah, I love my Czechmate and have had a lot of success with it, but even though it says they are available in .38 super I have yet to see one anywhere. I feel like at some point I'm limiting the guns performance somewhat shooting 9 major... but that just might be all the .38 super guys wanting to feel better about all the money they spend on brass so they tell everyone it's wayyyy better. I had a really good talk with JJ in his shop about his Tanfo and comparing and contrasting calibers, guns, etc. He's a big believer that the .38 is the way to go, and I AM inclined to believe him
  3. I noticed that, and my first thought was to cut the dust cover about 2". I'd love to do it to my Czechmate, but those dumbasses put the serial number at the furthest end of the dust cover so I can't do much. (And I'm not about to deal with the ATF to have it moved) PS: Those pics of your Tanfo open gun are probably the #1 photo I see on this site, bar none. Seems like every thread I open they pop up! Good looking gun though, I'd show it off too Thinking about a Gold Custom in .38 super now that MBX is making mags for them. Kneeling Atlas, you have any input on a Gold Custom in 38?
  4. Anyone know anything about the new Tanfoglio Domina open gun? I'm kind of interested, although it looks more or less exactly like the Czechmate I'm currently shooting, albeit shorter and available in .38 super. Oh, and that boner-riffic slide racker. Searching for "Domina" on Google is not providing the results I'm looking for (although it's endlessly entertaining). EAA has proved totally unable to answer emails, as I've sent a couple of them asking for any info about whether or not this gun will become available stateside. No reply yet. Based on their advertising, I assume they are too busy supervising the 8 year old they have photoshopping their HORRIBLE ads. Anyways, if anyone has any info on this gun I'd love to hear it.
  5. I shoot a CZ Czechmate. I'm about 24,000 rounds down the pipe (on one barrel) and just shot it to a 4th place finish in Open at Area 1 2017. The only issue is tuning the big stick to work right, otherwise I simply do not have issues. Period. I've literally gone thousands and thousands of rounds without a single light strike, mis-feed, etc. I heard about the barrel lug issue but have not had any issues whatsoever. I use grease on the slide stop and oil everywhere else. I have replaced 2 slide stops as routine maintenance. It comes with a 2nd barrel anyway, so if you DID have an issue, you'd have another one to use while you replaced the first. I am tempted to buy some kind of 2011 just to try something different, but when I'm have such good results with my Czechmate I don't see any reason to change. Plenty of stories about teething issues with 2011's, although once set up well they seem to be fine. It does seem like there is a wide range of quality between manufacturers though. My CZ shoots great, runs great. Awesome value. I have not regretted my purchase once in the last 17 months I've been shooting it. Scott
  6. *Some* Were collapsing somewhat in the bottom compartment, making zippers on the lower compartment hard to open. Even still, those that had the issue had it resolved by CED with a new bag. RePete evidently didn't read the whole thread. It's the best range bag out there in my opinion, and I have literally tried all the major offerings out there. My Shooters Connection backpack was totally unsupported and tending to collapse in on itself (not the mild compression of the DAA bag) and the quality of construction is FAR better in the DAA backpack. The lower pocket in the SC backpack isn't truly hard-sided, so the weight of the rest of your gear crushes whatever you have in the lower pocket. Spend the money and buy once, cry once. The DAA Rangepack is where it's at for sure.
  7. You can absolutely run the mags at 29+1 and 24+1 with a little ingenuity. I took some very thin aluminum, cut into a strip about 1/2" wide by 3/4" long and epoxied them to the inside of the mags near the feed lips (I shaped the aluminum to conform to the mag shape). I run 29+1 in my big stick and 23/24+1 in my 140mm mags without issue. I just shot Nationals with my CM and literally never had a malfunction, and haven't for months. It's unbelievable that CZ shoots themselves in the foot with this and tells people to "run their ammo shorter" which is not only a Band-Aid (and doesn't fix the issue) but it also isn't reasonable when loading 9mm major. The quality of the gun itself is fantastic however, it's too bad the mags require the extra work though. And leon1333, you evidently have no idea what you're talking about. "Buy Texas! Derp derp derp!" Yeah, because I didn't see an ASSLOAD of STI's and Infinities have issue after issue at almost every match I went to this year. I shot my way through Nats watching nearly everyone I saw on my squad shooting a 2011 have an issue at some point. Myself and my shooting partner (who also runs a CM) shot the entire match without issue... and this is representative of most matches I go to. It's been 6 months since I've had a malfunction since tuning my CZ mags. Make a case for a different gun if you want, but "Buy 'merica, Texas! Blah blah" is not even an argument.
  8. My suggestion: don't. Run an upright. There is a reason everyone winning at the top end of this sport isn't running a sideways mount (well, 99% of those winning). Height over bore isn't a big deal at all, the only reason in my mind to run a 90 is ejection issues that absolutely can't be resolved but you refuse to run a gun that doesn't have the issue. It strikes me that the 90 deg mount trend is a result of heavy over-thinking. I went from limited (and having never shot an open gun) to Open Master in 4 months with an upright mount. It takes about 2 weeks of regular dry fire to get used to the difference in sight alignment between a dot and irons. Don't overthink it... people have been running (and winning with) upright C-mores forever.
  9. I'll start by pointing out that I am NOT a fan of the 90-deg style mount. That said, I understand why some people like them... namely, height over bore and ejection issue correction. Most micro-dot sights sit forward of ejection port, eliminating stovepipes by a case hitting the sight mount, and the height over bore is nearly halved over a traditional c-more. If vertical window space mattered that much, C-more would have designed it that way. You literally want to track your dot off the glass and back on in the 0.05-0.1 seconds it takes for the dot to return to center glass? Even with a Slide Ride the dot usually rises near the top edge and back down... but I'm not actively trying to watch it, I'm timing my next shot when it returns to center (or wherever I want my next shot) and staying target-focused. Therefore, I see absolutely no purpose whatsoever to run a micro-dot sideways. In fact, I thought that the micro-dot was a solution to all the people running 90 deg mounts. Maybe I'm crazy though.
  10. Training Session: 7-23-16 Spokane Valley Rifle Pistol Club Sunny and warm 196 rounds fired 1.5 hours Note: First session out with new brass grips that alter weight of gun to be more palm-heavy Started off with some draw-to-first shot work. Went well. Can now start a session cold and get alpha hits on a one-second draw with no warm up. As I warmed up it improved, with most being in the low .90's. Worked on shot to shot reloads. This isn't necessarily a match-applicable skill (except for classifiers maybe) but my reloads have needed some work and this seems to be good practice. Started off hitting okay reloads, also blew a few. After warmup they improved. Then, I noticed as the mag got lighter, they improved markedly. With a half full mag, I started hitting them in a second flat, then into the .90's, the best being a .93. Stoked about that! Never thought about using anything but a full mag during a classifier, but I think for classifiers requiring reloads I will only load what's necessary (with a slight cushion if Comstock). Worked on transitions across three targets. Seemed okay, had them spaced about 8 yards apart and averaged .17 splits and .20-.30 transitions. Practiced the classifier "Can you Count" with steel targets at greater distance. This required 5 shots, a reload, and 5 shots on another target. Splits were good, had a few .13's which were a personal best. Recoil control was good, new grip balance is a little different though. Not bad, just different. Best strings were 3.5 and 3.49. Practiced shooting under a wall at 4 KO targets at 10 yards. Experimented with different position entry and positions, when going fully prone wasn't necessary. The best seemed to be running into the position and tucking my left foot behind me, sliding in on that knee, while my right foot slides out in a straight line until fully extended. I end up in what's basically a hurdler's stretch, but with my left foot under my butt. Threw some shots over the top of the KO's, which is VERY odd. I normally miss either a little low, or a little low and left. I am guessing that the change in gun balance is resulting in a change in how the dot re-centers, because it was make up shots that went high. Like I'm used to having to bring the dot back up onto target, but with the heavier end of the gun, it's exaggerated and the dot is continuing to travel up on the glass. I've have to work through it.
  11. "Wednesday Night Steel" Match: 7-20-16 •Spokane Valley Rifle Pistol Club •Sunny and hot •115 rounds fired •4 hours total Shot the 3 stage steel match at Mica. Ran the first two USPSA style stages before the steel-challenge stage. Shot them okay, but was not patient with my dot, and did not immediately recognize that the entire match was at greater distance with smaller targets than usual, so I should have slowed down my actual shooting speed slightly on the shots themselves. Had 4 total make up shots on steel on the first two stages, which felt much worse at the time but in retrospect, wasn't too bad. Should have been more patient though. My reloads were much improved. I hit smooth, relatively fast reloads (for me) on the move, and kept the gun up in front of my face (finally!) and executed much better reloads as a result. The steel challenge stage ate my shorts big time. Again, didn't realize it was a MUCH tougher course than usual, with small rounds at distance. Had make up shots on almost every run, and didn't finish on the stop plate on one run. My first steel match penalty ever. I've been working hard on my surrender draws, and while improved, I was so sore from the gym I didn't hit them as well tonight. I think I still won the match, but I had some good stuff and some things to work on.
  12. Training Session: 7-15-16 Spokane Valley Rifle Pistol Club Sunny and breezy Trained with Grant Brashears 190 rounds fired 4 hours total Skills Trained: Unloaded Table Starts Transitions, wide to low and inside (and picking up dot when doing this) Swingers, trapping, headshots, tracking/hitting passing swinger through ports 30 yard bill drills Unloaded table starts: Were decent (I thought) with a dry fire par time of around 1.8. Could barely achieve this in live fire (to first shot). Turned out that because my slide racker is on the right side (if you shoot a Czechmate you'll know why) the extra time I had to take to roll the gun over, and then bring it back on target, was really slowing me up. Reinstalled my sidewinder on the left side, and saw immediate improvement. Regularly achieved 1.7 seconds to first hit from unloaded table start. Best was 1.64 seconds to an alpha hit. Pleased with that, keeping that slide racker on my gun. Low, inside transitions: I have lost time at several big matches recently leaning around barricades to hit low, inside targets. I'm totally comfortable point-shooting these obviously, but these were high-consequence no-shoot covered targets, so I wasted precious time looking for my dot to ensure my hits. We worked on this leaning around walls on both sides. We shot an open target about 10 yards out, wide of the wall, and then transitioned hard into the low target. Wasn't hard at all to point shoot these quickly, with or without the dot. So we started doing headshots only. Turned out these too were easy to point shoot without the dot, even though I was TRYING to shoot it with dot on the glass. Improved at lining the gun up quicker to find the dot if I need it, but the real lesson seemed to be that I don't really need the dot at that range, even on very tight shots. Swingers: I've never had a chance to really practice these. At my current level, trapping it on the end of the swing for 2 alpha is relatively easy. Did a little bit of practice on that, then moved on to head shots. Took some work. The second shot always seemed to pull into the C zone just beneath the B zone. Which is weird, because when swinging, a low hit should be off the target, so really it's like the pulled left. Odd. Anyways, the trick seems to be just calling solid shots, and tracking it slightly because of the longer split. Hitting it twice as it passed through the port was really tough. We discovered you needed a sub .20 split to have any hope of a double hit on one pass, and they will likely end up wide. Going one and one is relatively easy, but we discovered you are saving almost a second by getting two hits on one pass, which is probably worth dropping a point or two. My best was a .16 split for an Alpha Charlie. Would depend on the circumstances at a match for me to determine if I'd try it in competition rather than play it safe (which is my normal MO). 30 Yard Bill Drill: Fairly easy. Had one or two mikes, only when trying to go stupid fast. At a .30 - .40 split pace, I got all my hits in A-C zone. This exercise was more about videoing our guns in recoil in our constant search for the flattest shooting load for our guns. Video posted here: http://www.instagram.com/scooter.mcgrooter/
  13. Scooters Tale: Who needs talent if you work hard? Scott Meredith A-87873 Open - Master Limited - A Class Shooting since October 2014 Instagram: @scooter.mcgrooter I have been keeping a shooting log since I got serious about the sport (after purchasing my CZ 75 Tactical Sports) on April 10th, 2015. That log contains where I shot, round count, etc. I'm starting this journal with images of that log attached. I shot Limited through 2015, bought an Open gun on impulse in December (not really, I had been dying to shoot Open since I got involved in USPSA), and began competing in Open in 2015. I have been doing a lot of reading recently to improve my mental game (if you haven't worked on this aspect of the game you are selling yourself short, it has done more for my shooting that 10k rounds in practice would have) and the book "With Winning in Mind" by Lanny Basham had a particularly strong impact on me. In his book, he talks about the importance of keeping a performance journal, and outlines what it should contain. Other shooters that have written books (Saul Kirsch for instance) discuss the same thing. This thread will be my new performance journal. My old log is now becoming my gun-journal. I'll continue to track round count, etc. but the emphasis will be on tracking my gun maintenance and parts/problems, and not refer to my actual shooting performance. Here is my current training "schedule" (routine might be a better word): 1 Hour of dry-fire a day. Usually from 5am-6am. I've been doing this since April 15th 2015. I've missed approximately 15 days over the last 1.5 years due to vacations, etc. Use Ben Stoegers dry fire book heavily. I'll get a pic of my "dojo" posted. Local indoor range, Sharp Shooting, has a fun match every Thursday and Friday. It's a single USPSA-like stage you can run repeatedly. Your first run is your "match" run. Usually do this every week, running the stage 3 times on average. From May-September, I shoot a Steel Fun match on the first and third Wednesday of the month. Usually about 100 rounds. I had been shooting a level one match every weekend, but I'm rolling that back to two a month, to be replaced with more live-fire training drills. Less travel, less burnout, more anticipation for matches and better progression from increased drills. That's the goal anyways. Shot Area 1 this year, the Inland Empire Sectional, will be shooting the Washington State Championships (level 2) and I'm competing at USPSA Open Nationals this year! Stoked about that. Getting a slot was my first goal, now I'm trying to decide on what my goal for Nationals should be. I mean, aside from trying to win obviously. Hopefully keeping this journal this helps someone else out, not just myself!
  14. Yes, the TS and CM mags are interchangeable. I took the CZC 140mm extension base pads off my .40 TS to use on my Czechmate and they fit and functioned the exact same way.
  15. If you email AA Academy, Saul Kirsch will email you directly with instructions on how to modify the racer/race master to work with the Czechmate. He did that when I emailed asking about how to modify a racer to fit my Tactical Sports.
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