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  1. Last nationals one person in our squad made minor by a hair (125.1 IIRC). We also had bagged timers due to rain. I of course don't have that issue as I'm often pushing 155ish.
  2. I've been through two nationals and several major matches with PCC squads (though we always seen to have one open shooter), we didn't have a single "timer didn't pick up the last shot" reshoot.
  3. We deride paper GMs because they often aren't quite GM material, but even paper GMs are good shooters. They have a good understanding of the basics, and often are just lacking on the overall competition skills which they can gain if they put the same effort into that as they did on the basics required to make GM. Personally my classification is on paper only, due to my own physical limitations I can't perform to my classification in a match with field courses.
  4. That the thing, he shouldn't have to be. You can shoot 223 AR-15s for thousands upon thousands of rounds and never see a firing pin break. My JP GMR-13 only went 12,000 rounds before the firing pin broke, and for all I know the firing pin could've been broken for a while as I only noticed it when I cleaned the bolt of the first time in thousands of rounds (I think the last time I took it out is 6,000 rounds ago when I cleaned it in my ultrasonic). But even I think that is too short of an interval.
  5. Max wasn't the only one, one of my squad mates carried a bolt on his belt. I'm not sure that is the best solution, I think we should have bolts and firing pins that don't break in the first place.
  6. My opinion of the match, it was quite easy, I think the hardest shot of the optics and factory match was the 20 yard swinger in area 3 during the factory match. I don't think there was a shot that I believed I couldn't make if I did my part. Things I would've liked to see changed, a few of the classifiers turning into more fun short courses like stage 12 or like the classifier on stage 20. I also would've like to see the preferred Frostproof pattern of back and forth instead of going through each area in a circle. And make it harder.
  7. I just notice that mine was broken, JP GMR-13 bolt, with about 12,000 rounds. It was working until pulled the retainer pin.
  8. I had some issues with the 650 at first. Mostly with the shell plate bolt tightening up, and then with the ejection due to the needle bearing that I used to attempt to fix the shell plate tightening up. Even then I would have issues with it tightening up. I finally got it solve completely when I got the brass oilite washer. I tighten it down completely and then loosen until the shell plate just barely moves. I then tighten the heck out of the set screw that prevents the shell plate bolt. Now it works like a charm and my issues are brass related (380 and 38 super brass in my 9mm).
  9. For me the biggest issue was the scheduling. The morning shoot with side matches isn't a very good scheduling, IMO. Also some were told that they should show up 15 minutes before the hour they are scheduled to shoot while others were told to show up based on their relays (ie relay 1 starts on the hour, relay 2 15 minutes past, etc). Of course the international shooters being surprised that they have to pay for their goodie bags with a payment after the awards ceremony was a bad thing, they should've done it immediately after they got the bags so they can decide if they wanted that
  10. Because AFAIK Dillon hasn't sponsored any matches that I've been to. The only Dillon merchandise I've seen on the prize table were donated by Dillon vendors. This type of competition will be healthy IMO, Dillon has been sitting on the top of the mountain without competition for too long. To the point it is common for people to buy a press and then buy a bunch of aftermarket fixes for things that Dillon should've fixed long ago. With competition we might see improvements.
  11. I have a 650, and I wish I had just bought a 1050. For me I reload only one caliber a vast majority of the time in large batches. And along with the fact that my brass often has tight primer pockets (ie I want a swager), are my reasons.
  12. I've said this in Paulie's thread, but I consider the Spare Parts Kit as an essential as well. The $28 it costs will prevent you from having to wait a week to load if a part breaks. You still call and get the replacement sent from Dillon for free, but instead you get your machine working. And if that part isn't the issue you know then, not a week later.
  13. I haven't broken any of the pin hinge ones, but I noticed that with some of my older MTM boxes. I think it is because they are transparent, Magpul has said that transparent plastic isn't as strong as opaque plastic. And the MTM that have survived has opaque plastic on the bottom.
  14. Those look nice I have MTM boxes with a similar hinge, but the Dillon boxes are half the price at quantity.
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