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  1. Hit the locator with some dry silicon spray. Helped decrease my sticking issues
  2. Balakay

    New Classifier Percentages

    I feel your pain on 2 recent classifiers: 09-02 74.0862 10.2210 82.67% before the update 06-05 73.7642 11.1111 84.05% before the update
  3. If you are interested , I found this thread very helpful. Definitely, don't want a scare at the chrono at a big match. I had to go to a 7th shot once. Never again.
  4. Balakay

    Advantages and disadvantages of 155mm mags

    I have 2 155s. I rarely use them. I think that they reload very similarly to 140s for my average sized hand. Like Gooldy, I almost always start with a 170. This past weekend, a stage called for an unloaded table start with a 5 yard run to the table and then a short run top the first position. Based on the round count of the stage, I used the 155, thinking that it would be a little easier to load on the move. I think it is a bit of a niche tool. Maybe if you are starting to buy mags from scratch, get all 155s instead of 140s.
  5. Balakay

    Shock buff or ney

    38SC, 8# variable, no buff for me
  6. Balakay

    Limcat Metal Grip

    I have a Limcat magwell on a plastic grip. I have to use TTI basepads. Dawson SNLs on 140mm mags will not work
  7. Balakay


    Yes they are
  8. Balakay

    Chen Magwell Gen 2 for 1911

    Yes, they work. I have a Chen2 on a Wilson Combat
  9. I was having similar problems for about 1000 rounds just before the ring indexer broke. After changing it (requires an alignment tool that is free from Dillon) and a deep cleaning problem solved. I would pull the platform, clean and lube everything and re-align the platform with the above-mentioned tool
  10. Balakay

    Help me develope a dry fire routine

    There is a reason that none of the dryfire books recommend this strategy as the primary practice mode.... Just sayin'
  11. Balakay

    Bullet Pullers

    same. Works perfectly for pistol
  12. Balakay

    Bullet Pullers

    Not even close. Trust me on this. If you have volume to pull, a hammer based puller like this is painfully slow compared to a collet bullet puller. I use the Hornady Cam lock on a single stage press.
  13. Balakay

    Delta Point Pro ??

    I took a look at one at the LGS. Bright and crisp dot inside the store (but aren't they all). With the new Doubletap mount, you can run the Romeo3, DPP or RTS 2. Might be the direction I am going with my new Open build. The big issue for me is the dot size. Although the 3 MOA seemed larger than I anticipated, I like a big dots . When is the general public going to have access to the 6 MOA ?
  14. I would like the big stick with witness  holes     

  15. Balakay

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    Thx.. My 10.7 g load is with 115s so this makes more sense