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  1. I have the 8 moa. Still on the fence for the swamp challenge
  2. Still using it, without issues. It is on my backup gun now (long story). Primary has a Romeo 3 Max. I think I like the rounder shape of the Romeo slightly better but I think they are very comparable in quality. Probably made in the same factory!
  3. I bought one from RHT (the same as the Atlas belt). I also made my own with a strap and buckle from M2 and a CR Speed belt. I found a trick to prevent bunching up of the belt. I bought some 1.5" wide velcro on Amazon. It is single sided (sort of like a DAA inner belt). I cut a length of both the hook and fuzzy side of the velcro and put it on the outer belt velcro in the section where the 2 ends of the outer belt overlap each other. When I tighten the ratchet, the overlap-section can slide past each other and not bind. It has worked very well.
  4. I was talking about the price of supercomp brass fromprecision Delta. It is $145 per thousand as opposed to 160 per thousand from Starline. If and when I make the change to 9 major, I will definitely give ammobrass a look. Thx
  5. I guess I misunderstood your #s. 40K is from the second line of my cost analysis BTW if you bought the brass from Precision Delta you would save $150.
  6. This is the worst part for me. Using the same numbers as above, even if you leave all the local match brass on the ground and recover the practice brass at the same rate, the cost jumps to $0.051 per piece of brass. YMMV based on your ratio of practice brass (recoverable): match brass (lost)
  7. 40K pieces of once fired 9mm processed brass costs you $380?? Sign me up for that Assuming the once fired processed stuff is ~ $0.04 per piece, 40K comes out to $1600
  8. Lots of discussion regarding 9 major vs 38 Supercomp I made some assumptions based on how I practice and seriously overestimated the annual volumes and major match participation. If you use a big tarp to catch brass or a "brass chute" recovery is not that difficult. I shoot locals with 2 other Supercomp shooters. We all pick up and pool our brass, then divide at the end of the match. My conclusions (nothing new but at least it is quantified) If you never want to pick up brass, shoot 9 major. If you can get free once-fired brass from and indoor range, shoot 9 major If you make a little effort to pick it up, the cost of 38 SuperComp is similar to buying processed 9mm brass
  9. I emailed Shooters World powders regarding the label issue with Rifle/Pistol. I got a quick response from the Managing Partner CFO: "It's a mistake on the label, it is Major Pistol, my label company just put Rifle on the bottom. We thought we destroyed all the labels but we missed a couple. No worries it is the correct Major Pistol powder"
  10. O On the Grafs website, the picture of the 1# can says "Pistol" and the 8# can says "Rifle". Any idea what this is all about? All my stock at home says "pistol" https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/vendor/vendorId/303
  11. it is better than previous versions but I definitely agree that the major matches should simply be sorted in chronological order. The current categorization is not even accurate. For example, the Florida State championship is listed under Major Matches instead of State Championships
  12. Bul Open at OK Corral Jan 11 and 12. Registration on Match Signup Classifier match at Universal on 1/12
  13. I used to think that too and held out for a few years. I don't really care at all about perfectly shiny brass. Wet tumble in the FART without pins for 45 -60 min. Cheap Amazon food dehydrator for 90 minutes. Done. Minimal effort, no dust. An added bonus is that by using ArmorAll car wash and wax, I no longer need to lube my cases
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