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  1. And your point is what exactly? That you personally enjoy 40 Open, therefore it is a viable option to be recommended to a new shooter looking to start in Open? As I said C'mon man.
  2. No idea, hmmm. Educate me.... 1. The utilization of .40 in Open is low single digits at best 2. Super Senior C-class open shooters are not winning stages at matches with .40, 38, or 9 so it really doesn't matter what caliber they choose. Am I wrong on those 2 points, the only points made in my post?? I think not
  3. c'mon man. 40 Open. just. stop. But you are probably right that .40 is not keeping Super Senior C-class Open shooters from winning stages
  4. Here's a really nice one. no relation to seller. Lots of deals to be had in that price range
  5. ^This. Buy once, cry once. Affordable = Welfare Open = Carry optics.
  6. One of our local matches has AM and PM squads. A few people shoot both. Nothing wrong with it. And BTW there is no "overall match winner". This concept of HOA has been exacerbated by the way Practiscore reports scores.
  7. Because we are all chasing the same unicorn: Slideride-size window rts2 footprint rmr durability
  8. Maybe $600 for BOGO. Hard pass
  9. in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king
  10. Trust me, it is a lot faster. Especially if you are putting them into ammo boxes. You can pick up multiple rounds at a time and drop in the Hundo
  11. If you are a 4-division D class shooter, there is a lot of low hanging fruit. Pick one division, Carry optics as suggested above makes sense due to aging vision and cheap ammo, and practice. Get a dry fire book, take a class, work on fundamentals, etc. It sounds like you've been doing this too long to be stuck in the 30% range. And let's be realistic, revolver is dead in USPSA. Save it for ICORE
  12. Balakay

    Should I clean my TSO?

    Can't argue about what happens at the local level in Slovakia or Belarus because a. don't care b. 'Murica but my wiki skills have found that of the last 24 medals awarded at the IPSC world shoot in the standard division, 20 of them have been won by, wait for it.......Americans. Now I know that not all of said citizens are using 2011s but I would hazard a guess that probably not too many filthy TSOs were on the podium while the star-spangled banner was playing. Now enough trolling... I really like CZ. I carry one (PCR) so a serious question for you: given the ready adoption of CZs in the production division and and the relative low cost of the TSO for Limited, why the negligible usage in USPSA?
  13. Balakay

    Should I clean my TSO?

    This would explain the domination of the TSO at major matches. Wait....what...
  14. I took the plunge. Could not wait any longer for the Romeo max. About 1100 rounds so far. Dot is really bright.. I can't turn it up all the way, even in the bright Florida sun. Indoors, I use it on lowest setting.. It has held zero even though there is no locking screw. The adjustment clicks are tactile. I like the brightness adjustment--similar to the RTS2. Glass is clear and free of any tint. I am using on a DoubleTap mount without a blast shield on a V8 Akai. Glass doesn't get dirty. Ships from Winnipeg but I had mine in a week. So far, I would highly recommend. I am not sponsored by FTP.
  15. This. No one has probably been hurt by a shot going over the berm into a conservation area but it is still a DQ
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