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  1. Not arguing that CO isn’t popular. Combining 4 divisions is dumb. Maybe lumping L10, SS, revo and prod would be OK More people shooting Open than CO in Alabama this week, BTW
  2. Odd that CO is a stand-alone match and Open is lumped with Production. 4 days and a difficult to reach location (no direct flights). I will be there but not excited about the logistics
  3. Missing the forest for the trees... Forget the funny looking ammo for a moment. It is a 6 station toolhead. (650/750 have 5.) What press is this?
  4. Could it be that you have the High HF for the classifier??
  5. I thought Atlas got out of the Open game. The Chaos 2.0 has been "coming soon" for a long time.
  6. This is really questionable advice, akin to "slow down and get your hits". Major scoring allows you to eat charlies and shoot faster, on more challenging targets. If you take USPSA seriously, shoot Limited Major unless you have physical limitations
  7. l only shoot USPSA, no 3 gun I made my ratchet belt with an M2inc. buckle and a CR speed belt. I modified the velcro to totally eliminate the "bunching" issue. I bought a roll of 1.5" velcro and put it on the area where the velcro would normally stick together. This allows the smooth ends to smoothly slide over each other when I tighten the ratchet. It sounds confusing but it is very simple. (pics on request if interested). Minimal increase in cost and superior to the usual velcro-only 2 belt system. No bunching, never gets loose, more easily adjustable, etc.
  8. The FW dies look pretty slick. But, the thought of 2stage processing on my 650 makes my elbow hurt. I probably just need to automate
  9. It is definitely 9mm Luger, not Mak Cases have the same issue whether or not they are roll sized I think i might have figured this out: It might be hard to see but the flash holes in the NORMA and T head-stamp brass are tiny compared to the hole in a Federal case (the one on the left in the group of 3) The smaller holes are basically the same size as the decapping pin and there is no real depression in the hole. The primer essentially fills the hole, unlike the federal. If the decapping rod/pin is slightly, and i mean slightly off center, the pin hits the bottom of the brass and the case can't enter the die completely. The primers in these cases are also harder to remove. It took significantly more force with a hammer and punch to knock them out. Once removed and the hole was enlarged a bit from the punch, I was able to resize the brass. Good times.
  10. All of my brass is once fired from an indoor range. I rollsize everything. lately, I have had a number of cases that we will not inserted into the 9 mm Dillon decapping/sizing die. Every single piece has a head stamp of T or Norma. What's the story with this brass? Literally no amount of force get it to go into the die. ( I'm loading on a 650)
  11. You are getting lost in the weeds... At many/most major matches, there will be at least one stage that will test a specific skill, in this case an "draw" from a position other than "loaded and holstered, wrists below belt." These include but are not limited to: wrists above shoulders facing uprange unloaded from belt loaded on barrel unloaded on barrel, load from belt unloaded on barrel with mags on barrel Of course, the time to first shot will be dependent on the distance/difficulty of the target but the bottom line is that you need to develop the mechanics of these unconventional starts so you don't give away points unnecessarily. Other than surrender, I can't honestly say I practice these much except if I read the matchbook of an upcoming major. Then, I will do a bit of dry fire to refresh the skill.
  12. What’s weird is that you can spec a stainless grip on a limited build but for an Open IMM gun, only choice is carbon steel, at least on the gunbuilder app
  13. Maybe not... you need to hit 2% to make D
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