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  1. My ball detent racker adds 12 grams (0.4 oz) of weight to a 60 oz gun. Irrelevant. I have used rackers on both right and left sides, with ball detents and with set screws. As a right handed shooter, I prefer it on the left side. Not only do I like it better for table starts and unloaded starts, I find it easier to clear malfunctions. I like ball detents A LOT more than set screws
  2. I tried to make this switch when I upgraded to the 650. They are different parts. 650= #11554 550,750 = #11543
  3. I don't think I've ever been on a free site that has shown an ad that I actually wanted to see. thankfully, we can scroll past them all
  4. If you want a double sided mount, consider the Tevo Sports mount. I have 2 DoubleTaps and one of the Tevo. What I like about the Tevo is the fact that no spacers are necessary with a .920" wide frame. I have used offset single sided mounts (Cheely) and while they work fine, I never liked the aesthetics
  5. Polish the end of the powder funnel with a dremel. Should alleviate the sticking
  6. My 2 main local clubs have suspended matches: one until 4/1, the other until 4/30
  7. Because shooting coated lead in a comped gun will give you Coronavirus
  8. As a Physician, listening to advice like this is similar to Joe D-class giving a GM tips on transitions Slowing the spread is what allows the healthcare system to accommodate all the critically ill patients. If they all get sick at once, there might not be enough ventilators available for some of the BOCs (could be you). Listen to Anthony Fauci. All you armchair Virologists need to stay in your lane.
  9. Either you went full auto or have the fastest splits i've ever heard
  10. Unit #1 wouldn't hold windage Unit #2 buttons stopped working Hoping #3 is better
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