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  1. My $0.02. Sell the Edge and buy a new steel-gripped Open gun
  2. Does your Edge have a steel grip?
  3. Honcho 9major 124g Montana Gold jhp 1.170” SWMP 9.8 g Lot 514 cci srp 172 pf at A6
  4. I may have circumvented the copyright infringement by going with the extra aggressive grip
  5. i had 5K in my cart and the server crashed
  6. You are not unclassified, you are a D. Can't shoot as a U. Go shoot a good match and have fun.
  7. Thus, the confusion. If a full diameter hole in the hard cover can't be proven, does the enlarged hole matter?
  8. This comes up a lot: Local match, bullet presumed to partially go through a shot up wall or graze a barrel . Target has an enlarged hole without a grease ring or crown visible. How is this scored?
  9. If you don’t want them, I’ll take them. I will be at area 6 or Georgia state if you are shooting either of those
  10. I’ll give you $160 to help this free market tutorial.
  11. What about it “screams range bag” I have a tool bag that looks strikingly similar...and my computer bag from work looks more like a range bag than the DAA backpack. Someone would have to be hanging hang out with some very high end hoodlums for them think they would know that the DAA backpack is a range bag and think it “screams range bag”. Lol...BTW I fly with mine all the time for work and nobody looks at me weird and TSA never says a word...nor do I get scrutinized like I am screaming “I have a range bag at the airport”. So I would use that as a solid test that this DAA backpack is a solid r
  12. I have this bag and like it but nothing screams "This is a range bag" louder . If the idea is discretion but you want a purpose built range bag from DAA, this might be a less conspicuous option: https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/talong-strong-backpack
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