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  1. Balakay

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    I have tried a bunch. The gogun didn’t work for me at all. Thumb position was too vertical. Currently liking the IPSC Alex rest. Allows my thumb to be in a more natural position.
  2. Balakay

    Virginia stage penalty question

    The fact that this happened at Nats blows my mind. Sounds like local match shenanigans.
  3. Balakay

    Unusual single stack Slide

    Wild guess here but I suspect 32oz is the weight of a Springfield XD(m) ?
  4. Balakay

    Bullet weight vs the timer

    not the case at all
  5. Balakay

    Which optic mount for DPP

    My mistake. I had one on my Brazos gun before I changed to a DPP. Hard to keep track of all of them. In any event, you really won't notice the offset if you choose not to file/mill the mount to get it centered
  6. Balakay

    Which optic mount for DPP

    Not that goofy. It will look like a Cheely offset mount. When you are shooting you will never know that it is offset. Brazos makes one that will be centered without milling
  7. Put a dislike button too. Post counts could go down if you say dumb/irrelevant things... Particularly profound posts can get golden ticket from a Moderator that allows instant classified access. Think of it as BE Forum Got Talent.
  8. Balakay

    Classifier updates

    I believe It shows as (U)npaid) for when the club hasn't paid. After payment it will change to (P)ending
  9. Balakay

    replacing 550c?

    I have both a 550B and a 650 with a casefeeder and bullet feeder. The 550 is set up for large primers, 650 for small. After loading on the 650, going back to the 550 is painful. It is more than just the speed difference.
  10. Balakay

    DVC 38SC tumbling

    why bother with plated when you can get JHP for less than $0.09?
  11. Check/clean/grease the indexing ring. And call Dillon
  12. Balakay

    Base plate that gives highest capacity 9/38

    Keep in mind that if you are planning a reload to a 140, you may want to download the mag a round or 2 to ease the seating of the magazine. I would not stuff it with 24 and reload with it. I have been practicing reloading to the big stick as this need comes up at matches more frequently than I initially realized
  13. Balakay

    Base plate that gives highest capacity 9/38

    I get 24 rounds of 38sc in my 140s Older STI tube, 11 coil Grams spring and follower, 7mm TTI basepad
  14. Balakay

    Powder spillage

    These work well on my 650 https://reloadinginnovations.com/products/spill-stop-for-dillon-650-1050
  15. Balakay

    Classifier Data Analysis

    Nice!! I get the sense that you have already put more effort into this than the "statisticians" at the USPSA