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  1. I suffered for over a year with this. Did all the massage, custom orthotics, etc. My advice: use this when you sleep https://www.fleetfeet.com/products/strassburg-sock NEVER walk barefoot. As soon as you get out of bed, put on your shoes with the orthotics. I recovered to the point where I am running again (half marathon next week)
  2. I had a custom built with an extra large trigger guard. I use 2 fingers, alternating. Splits are fire
  3. Thanks for the info. Is it necessary/recommended to rollsize the fired Shellshock cases prior to reloading them? I currently rollsize all of my mixed 9mm brass for 9Major
  4. How sturdy/durable is the Zuca bag insert ? It typically carries a bunch of discs. Do you think it will hold up to the typical range bag load out?
  5. yeah, i did. I take it you don't shoot Open either
  6. This is good advice. This is not. The Atlas might be better than the Stacatto but its dumb for USPSA Open. Your money, your choice but there is a reason why EVERYONE decent in Open shoots a frame mounted optic and a real compensator. Don't overthink this.
  7. NO. This gun really has no place in USPSA You just started shooting a dot. You likely will not be competitive regardless of the gun for a while. If you want to shoot Open, buy an Open gun--real comp, frame mounted optic, major PF. For the price of the "STI-catto", you can buy a very nice Open gun
  8. Chrono at Nats was way high. I have chrono'd 172 at multiple majors this fall, 179 at Nats. All with same load, same lot# of powder
  9. Hmmm. 510c on a carry gun? not a 507c??
  10. FWIW, his IG states "Infinity Firearms has decided to go a different direction and I will not be representing them in the future...." Maybe he didn't win Nationals by a wide enough margin. LOL.
  11. If I was new to USPSA and had only 500 rounds left, I would consider taking a 1 day class with a reputable instructor and then dry firing until you have ammo. IMHO, this will help your long term progress more than 10 range trips with 1 box of ammo.
  12. what is your monthly ammo budget--live fire and matches?
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