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  1. Balakay

    Double Alpha Bullet Feeder Price

    Buy it. The day I added one to my 650 I remember thinking that this is the way is reloading is supposed to be. No regrets. At all. I am sure those that have automated with a Mark 7 have had similar moments. Reloadin a lot of ammo frankly sucks and the MBF definitely eases the pain
  2. Balakay

    Real RNDs / Hour Reloading

    It is 100% effective separating 40 from the other calibers. 40 is the caliber that will cause a jam because the cases will get stuck prior to dropping into station1. I shoot 38 super comp. my shell plate will not fit a 38super so I can pull it out from station one. If the powder overflows the case, it’s 9mm No one shoots 380 where I shoot
  3. Balakay

    Real RNDs / Hour Reloading

    Of course a casefeeder is faster. by a lot https://www.shellsorter.com/ This will sort all the offending calibers quickly. I'm not sure your volume of shooting or level of participation warrants a 1050 but I won't tell anyone how to spend their money. I just bought a rollsizer and I only shoot 30K/year. Wants vs. Needs
  4. Balakay

    Buying a Dillon advice

    I started on a single stage. Then a 550B which I still have. Now use a 650 with casefeeder, bullet feeder and a Dillon primer filler. 100 rounds in less than 4 minutes without trying too hard You can definitely learn on a 650 and save the time of realizing that you want a 650 (or 1050) but the learning curve will be steeper. If you are patient or have a reloading mentor, go for the 650. If not, get the 550C and you will have no regrets. If you read Brian Enos' Dillon pages, he really does not recommend the SDB: "The only time I ever recommend a SqDeal (over the 550) is if you have loaded on a friend’s SqDeal and liked it." I tried a friends, and did not. A cheaper progressive press without a casefeeder, small size and limited dies is penny wise/pound foolish
  5. Balakay

    Help for Dry Fire Safety

    LOL. Sounds reasonable Maybe consider another dryfire tool (airsoft, one of those laser gizmos, etc). Or simply insert a chamber flag. Keep live ammo out of the dry fire area. Check and double check your mags and chamber. You don't need to dryfire in a bunker
  6. Do they have another 1050 at the that price??
  7. Don’t overthink this. There is nothing about the bag that is a handicap For general range use compared to matches. I can’t even think what the difference would be. It carries guns, ammo and all the crap you will need
  8. Balakay

    18-09 I Miss That Kind of Clarity

    I shot it the same way at the same match! Mag didn't drop free on the second reload, 73% Open. I thought that this was a really interesting classifier and a better test of skills than the typical "6 Reload 6" variant. But, why is it VIRGINIA count? That was strange to me.
  9. I have had this bag for 2+ years and use it with the DAA range cart. Yes, the cart is expensive compared to a stroller from a yard sale... I have never used the chair, lock or hydration system but the layout of the bag is great. Buy a second strap for your rig so that it does not swing around. The medium size bag is probably big enough but it is on the cart so it makes no difference to me
  10. If I had to guess, the horizontal/vertical numbers refer to shooters using the slideride only.
  11. Jeez....My 85 year old parents have learned (sort of) how to use the "web" so that they can stay current with the grandkids' activities. Adapt or die. You can have one of your tech savvy neighbor kids print a hard copy on papyrus. Use a hole puncher and cover each hole with reinforcement. Then put it in a 3-ring binder
  12. Is this for real? What is the 9mm premium or is this fake news?
  13. Balakay

    Nationals Survey

    I am in the 38SC minority and I like 115s. With 3n38, I feel that I have a more trackable dot than when I was using 124/125s
  14. No, it did not. Think of all the 9mm brass that is used in all guns, outside of competition The 9mm brass market dwarfs 38sc now and at any time in the history of brass.
  15. Balakay


    You need all of them plus shell plate, locator pins and station 1 locator and powder funnel Use this app: http://thegunwiki.com/apps/calconversion/