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  1. Who is going to be a beta-tester is the real question
  2. This is backwards. If the extractor tension is too tight, run the REAR spring only for a few thousand rounds, then move it to the front and add a new rear spring. The rotation is back to front.. FWIW, PT specs the Honcho with a rear spring only.
  3. what is it about the Atlas Mags that you like better than all the others?
  4. Feel free to put me on your ignore list. If you were some big time GM or M, or winning a bunch of L2s, you would probably let the forum know who you are and maybe we would take you seriously. If that were the case, you would have every right tell me “back off A class peasant. What have you won?” But alas, you remain anonymous. The implication is that you are a possibly a troll, likely horrendous or both. if I were posting on a forum about how to play a sport such as basketball, it would be expected that my ability to play basketball would be factored into the perception of my opinions rendered. The words of a former division one player would probably carry more weight than the fat guy at the Y. You just don’t seem to have any of the “bona fides” to be taken seriously. So until then, you’re a C/D class clown who bought the wrong gun and wants his own division.
  5. Haha, stalker. It’s a discussion about USPSA yet we have 1. no evidence that either you belong to the organization or 2. have any competence in the sport. I’ll give you a solid 1 of 2. you’ve been whining for three years about limited minor. Most of the people, at least on this thread feel differently. Maybe you just suck at shooting Or want a participation trophy for limited minor
  6. As suggested before, post your USPSA#. You can post the email, too. Doesn't appear to be a secret if you keep talking about it. As the mod said, I think you are enjoying this (as am I)
  7. "BuT I HaVe 2 EmAiLs FrOm FoLeY." stop feeding the troll.
  8. Is it possible that Jeff=Beard?
  9. If you shoot target focused
  10. Part of the issue here on the forum is that the increasing incidence of ultracrepidarianism (I learned a new word today!). You have shooters who are legit supersquad and geriatric C-class giving advice simultaneously. It would be really helpful to all of us to know the competence of the advisors. I am a middle of the pack A-class nobody and would love to learn from some of the world class death stalkers on the forum. But all too often, it is the same people who are experts in EVERYTHING chiming in with "words of wisdom" that are nothing short of Papal doctrine. You know who you are. If you are really an expert, post some video or a link to a USPSA# or something that confirms that you are more than just a keyboard and an opinion
  11. That's the plan...call the hit and leave before it falls.. If you are waiting for it to fall, you are wasting time
  12. Congrats on 50 posts but rules like "ALWAYS shoot steel first" are dumb. Often, stage design will dictate otherwise.
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