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  1. I have had the same issue. Many are not getting deprimed on the first attempt
  2. Nice, I Will have to check out the free website.
  3. On the practiscore competitor app. It’s not on the practiscore website. You have to buy it. Worth it IMHO
  4. ^This. If you don’t care about competition, why do you care if there is no one shooting in the production division? Or your overall placement? If you care about competition and want to shoot Limited, buy a major gun. Using the what if function on practiscore is OK but it does not take into account the strategy changes when one starts shooting major power factor.
  5. 12 12-14 weeks when I ordered before XMAS
  6. Get your Starline Supercomp brass from Precision Delta. It is cheaper--$435 for 3000 pieces shipped
  7. I’m at 23 weeks. If there’s an issue I’d really like to know about it. How about a PM
  8. I think the new name sucks
  9. How long did they say the current wait is?
  10. Wow. I must have missed all of them since 3/12. I will just call instead. Thank you!
  11. I have a 38SC Open gun with an oversized tungsten sleeved barrel. I would like to get a new barrel, chambered in 9mm. I have attempted to contact the builder without response. Frankly, I would welcome other (possibly less costly) options. I do not need tungsten for the new barrel. So.....are oversized barrels commercially available? I have searched the internet without success. I know that many builders could build me a new top end but trying to save a few $$$
  12. https://www.precisiondelta.com/products/starline-38-super-comp-brass-3-000-pieces/ 3000 pieces of new Starline for 435
  13. How much is the Eley brass? I can't imagine that great a differential with Starline to just leave it on the ground.
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