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  1. https://www.dillonprecision.com/primer-flip-tray_8_3_23608.html
  2. Why not have the timmies just run their franken-holster in Open and call it a day. Not going to be competitive in Open or Production so why care?
  3. homophobic comments are a good look in 2021. here’s the thing : I don’t give a f*ck if revolver stays or goes. I actually admire the dedication it takes to reload one proficiently. Read what I posted: it was a simple statement that pointed out to Mcfoto that the best revo shooters were not faster than Open shooters at 2019 Nats and in fact were significantly slower than single stack. Best of luck winning Super senior B class revo at your next L2 match.
  4. You mad bro? Never met RJH. My comments were facts boomer. Don’t be butt hurt
  5. Faster?? Nah. The top Revo shooter at that match shot 76% of the Single stack winner. The top revo guys are super talented but the speed is not even close to a good (non-super squad) Open shooter.
  6. wow. I have truly enjoyed following this thread and your progress. Ordinarily, most would say you have little chance at achieving your next goal but given your shooting experience, I say go for it. Good luck
  7. until the next revision...lol
  8. I have the same carry gun. Red Hill Tactical holster IWB
  9. sad but true... could this all be a big F.U. to Joyce for not allowing appendix holsters and trying to gain some of the IDPA membership?
  10. I suffered for over a year with this. Did all the massage, custom orthotics, etc. My advice: use this when you sleep https://www.fleetfeet.com/products/strassburg-sock NEVER walk barefoot. As soon as you get out of bed, put on your shoes with the orthotics. I recovered to the point where I am running again (half marathon next week)
  11. I had a custom built with an extra large trigger guard. I use 2 fingers, alternating. Splits are fire
  12. Thanks for the info. Is it necessary/recommended to rollsize the fired Shellshock cases prior to reloading them? I currently rollsize all of my mixed 9mm brass for 9Major
  13. How sturdy/durable is the Zuca bag insert ? It typically carries a bunch of discs. Do you think it will hold up to the typical range bag load out?
  14. yeah, i did. I take it you don't shoot Open either
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