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  1. It is time for us all to disengage. He has been shooting USPSA for < 1 year and is barely out of D-class (yeah, I checked). He has never shot a Major power factor division. Sean, you either don't know what you don't know or are enjoying the internet banter
  2. Please do not allow logic to derail the OP's flawed premise
  3. I have had similar issues. By the time you switch out the spring, follower, basepad, and indiscriminately hit the tube a bunch with a hammer, you will come to the realization (as I did) that buying some more MBX mags seem like a good idea. Especially since they have worked flawlessly
  4. Is it overkill to get SwageSense AND Decap Sense?
  5. YMMV. My 170 mm mag will not pass the gauge with a 4mm pad. Had to use a 3mm. Can still get 29 reloadable
  6. You do not need a 13 coil spring for this..11 works well
  7. I had an old (non-EVO) PT grip in Standard and currently have 2 EVO Aggressive. I just ordered an Extra Aggressive. Unless you don't sweat, avoid the Standard
  8. For those of you reloading fully processed brass, do you still run the brass through the sizing die in station 1? I suppose I could also remove the decapping rod and leave the die in place. (Loading 9 mm on a Dillon 650)
  9. Read the title of the thread : asking for OPEN gun preferences. You don't shoot an Open gun. When someone asks LIMITED gun prefs, we'll take a mental note that you like Atlas. Until then.... Back to the original question. Like RGC, I also ordered a Honcho (9 and 38 SC). If it shoots as well as my other Open guns that were significantly more money, the pricing structure of Open guns will be heavily scrutinized
  10. Your made the comment that Atlas is "way cheaper than SVI" . Atlas custom base is 6900. I own neither SVI or Atlas guns. Do you even shoot Open?
  11. Really curious to see what you have to sell once you get out of classified purgatory. And by the way, the prices of Atlas open guns are easily north of 8K these days. Pass
  12. Did you go with the aggressive or Extra aggressive grip texture?
  13. If you have a warranty issue, put the original plastic grip back on or buy a new one. And delete this post!!
  14. Correct. From the written description of the classifier: "Uprange walls placed right against faultline."
  15. I know Corny and rest assured, it is going to take a whole lot more than this to offend him. Regardless, can the majority of users objectively support the notion that the product is well engineered? I have nothing but respect for Saul/DAA and their willingness to innovate but in this case...the Emperor has no clothes
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