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  1. Check out the Doubletap Mount. This will fit RTS2, DPP and Romeo 3 There are spacers for different frame widths https://www.doubletapsports.com/doubletap-custom-products/Doubletap-Sports-Compact-Scope-Mount-1911-2011
  2. I have an 8 and a 6. I prefer the 8. I have never had a situation where I wish I had a smaller dot
  3. No, but I shoot Open so the only gauge issue is for the 170mm mag. Use a 4G2 TTi pad with a 140mm mag in Limited
  4. 140mm STI Gen2 tube 11 coil Grams spring and Grams follower TTI 7mm basepad I think I can stuff in 24 of 38SC but easily 23 reloadable With a 170mm tube, 13coil and a 3mm basepad. 29 reloadable
  5. I have been an MBX fan for a while but I am liking the STI gen2 as well. With Grams springs/followers and a TTI basepad, they are significantly cheaper than the MBX
  6. If you are referring to brass getting stuck inside each other, yes, this occurs in limited quantity. In my opinion, the trays are still a lot faster than hand sorting. YMMV
  7. Are you sure you don't have them in the wrong order, LOL. 45 brass can't fit trough the 40 or 9 mm tray. It gets trapped in the 45 tray 40 brass goes through the 45 but can't fit through the 40 tray. It gets trapped in the 40 tray You get the idea for 9 mm Sounds like a User error I use these and they work perfectly. It is (almost) idiot proof
  8. I enjoy the Shoot Fast podcast with Cody Axon and his dear friend, Joel Park
  9. If you look at the results of the 2019 Miami Open, Speedy beat Max by 7%. They shot almost the identical # of A/C/D/M in a similar amount of time. The Minor vs. Major scoring was the difference. If a CO shooter beats Open, they are not of equal ability
  10. Wow. So, the world champion dumps SVI for ~10K and some bullets while Bryce Harper gets 330 million after hitting .249. Not getting rich shooting, even at the pinnacle of the sport
  11. Anyone have a guess-timate how much the top shooters are getting to make a change like this?
  12. The other thing to consider is that if you want to use a thumb rest with a 90* mount, you might need to use a racker on the right side of the gun. Real estate gets tight if you want both on the left. Before I change to an RTS2, I had a 90* slideride. The minimal difference in height above the bore has not been relevant
  13. Huh?? A single sided safety does nothing to fix dragging the strong hand thumb on the slide. Needs a shield. Another vote for DoubleTap here but the Limcat version looks good
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