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  1. Not saying it’s not a great pistol but if it’s a PT EVO Grip and frame, how can the angles be any different than any other gun with a PT grip and frame
  2. Correct. The added weight seems to help make a broader, more uniform mark on the brass
  3. Option 2 without hesitation
  4. The reason to use a nitro fin is if you like the thumb position better than a frame mounted thumbrest.
  5. It is definitely "a thing" with a RollSizer. The standard Dillon motor would not allow it to run anywhere near full speed
  6. The spring has been cut. Because of the limits on bench space and the lack of adjustability of the output funnel, the marker needs to sit on a block, in this case a Hundo. If you do not have your press mounted on a strong mount or equivalent, I am not sure that the marker will work on the bench. Ideal solution would be to drill a hole in the bench and run the output to a shelf below the benchtop
  7. As above, if you have only the WSB and not the diagram, how does anyone determine which target is T1 vs T2?
  8. I got mine today. I am using a Brushtip Sharpie with a .45 bullet taped to the end. The line on the brass is perfect. I need to decide if I want to keep it on the bench and cut the spring super short or have it sit on something on the floor below the bench
  9. For those of you cutting all these coils, is it because of a stroked system to prevent binding?? Commander length guide rod?? I'm intrigued, please explain. My full size Open gun: 8# variable with 1 aluminum buff My Middy: 10# variable commander 1 buff All coils intact
  10. If there isn’t a diagram, how would you know which is T1 and which is T2
  11. Re-read the description on the USPSA site. No procedural. As the description states, targets within a string may be engaged in any order without penalty
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