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  1. Either you have not shot many matches or are not very observant. In my area, almost everyone who is serious about USPSA and shoots a division that allows a magnet, uses a magnet
  2. I tapped it in with a small rubber mallet. Couldn't move it at all by hand
  3. In your in-house testing, was there a preferred bullet weight/powder combination to produce the desired softness:phlatness ratio
  4. whatever. serious question fashionista, do you even shoot USPSA? You seem more concerned with the clothing/ glove choices of others than actual shooting. If you want to rock an urban sombrero, tactical kilt and fingerless gloves, go for it. I guess it is the air of condescension in your posts that irritates people (like me). So if you really have shooting related gear questions, gloves or otherwise, maybe change tactics. Your strategy right now isn't working
  5. not whining at all. Just mocking your idea that was stupid in 2012, too. What's with the glove fetish, tiny hands?
  6. I am getting a small amount of this residue, too
  7. I initially went this route. The Sharpie Brush Tip markers work a lot better. They create a broader, cleaner stripe
  8. I have owned (and sold) a few semicustom .45 1911s.Wilson Combat, Nighthawk, Les Baer and a SA Custom shop. If if I had to buy one of them again, it would be the Nighthawk. Of the 4, I found the fit and finish to be better than the others
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