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  1. mach1soldier

    Grip technique/pressure

    I have taken a few high level classes. All said the same thing. Hold the gun tight. Wasn’t a long or drawn out thing. Hold tight. Pull trigger. If you look at any national champ, their grip strength is far above average. That’s not a coincidence.
  2. mach1soldier

    Am I too old?

    We have a 73 year old competing at our club. Just started and is having a blast. He is even taking training classes and learning about open guns.
  3. mach1soldier

    MPX Mag Pouches??

    I went with red hill tactical. Sig ones kept breaking on all my buddies rigs.
  4. mach1soldier

    Mr. Bulletfeeder tips

    I made an aluminum extension on a lathe with some scraps laying around. Sorry not more help.
  5. mach1soldier

    Is it normal breach face wear ?

    Looks pretty normal to me. I have seen far worse with less rounds.
  6. mach1soldier

    Anyone ever Arb a local?

    Never seen it and wouldn’t want to be the guy
  7. If your tube is still straight, then just get the primer slide assembly. My tube was toast after 115 primers went off
  8. You shouldn’t need anything except the shuttle, tube, insert and Nipple at the bottom. I highly doubt anyrhing else got damaged. Those are the parts I replaced when it happened to me.
  9. mach1soldier

    reloading .40 without FCD

    Most of the Redding dies will crimp while seating as well.
  10. mach1soldier

    Mr. Bulletfeeder tips

    I like the rubber band trick for avoiding double feeds. Has anyone come up with a way to add more bullet seating tension? I extended the clear part 5 inches and it helped a ton. More bullets stacked equals more downward pressure. Was just curious if anyone else came up with an idea.
  11. mach1soldier

    STI Staccato

    It really isn’t meant as a SS gun. The short sight radius is great for carry but not competition. It does shoot amazing. I wanted to burn up all their ammo at nationals but alas people were waiting.
  12. mach1soldier

    Dry firing at home

    Dry fire is the staple of my training. For gun handling related items, it rocks. I wouldnt give up my live fire training though. Live fire builds confidence that dry fire is working.
  13. mach1soldier

    School me on the 2011 platform please

    Karts barrel fitting tool is nice. Sear jig is nice There are quite a few specialty tools. Research them because many aren’t needed.
  14. mach1soldier

    Area 4 Championship Target presentation

    Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. Shoot through them is my motto.
  15. mach1soldier

    Area 4 Championship Target presentation

    Didn’t bother me. It’s soft cover so not mandatory to trim BUT it does look more professional or normal I guess. area 4 was a great match. I never noticed any target sticks hanging high.