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  1. mach1soldier

    Area 4 Championship Target presentation

    Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. Shoot through them is my motto.
  2. mach1soldier

    Area 4 Championship Target presentation

    Didn’t bother me. It’s soft cover so not mandatory to trim BUT it does look more professional or normal I guess. area 4 was a great match. I never noticed any target sticks hanging high.
  3. mach1soldier

    Hand Fit or Mill

    For the slide and frame, sure you can lap it. For a barrel, don’t see that being ideal.
  4. mach1soldier

    Hand Fit or Mill

    There is no way to achieve what a machine can. Brandon bunker is working to .0001 on barrel and slide fitting. I have done it both ways and it really doesn’t matter. Either way can be done very well. Few people can grind, file, or sand perfectly square. Most mills and operators can.
  5. mach1soldier

    Limited D at GA State Champs

    Your first stage you had more make ups on paper then I want to count but you had no problem going one for one on 15-18 yard steel. shoot two good shots instead of 3 hopers on paper. Georgia was an aiming match. So live fire enough that you are confident you can hit any target the first shot. honestly you look great for a D class guy
  6. mach1soldier

    What’s the polite way to pick up brass?

    Out club usually has everyone tape. Walking back, pick up a few. If you aren’t shooting the caliber, it goes on table. Before moving stages, pick out your brass and then remainder is free to whomever
  7. mach1soldier

    Should I replace internals?

    What are you hoping to achieve trigger wise? I always use Doug Koenig hammer and extreme engineering sear. Easily works down to 1.2 lbs. trigger is personal preference. If it is standard MIM or cast part parts, I would replace them. But really what are you wanting and how much do you shoot?
  8. mach1soldier

    Shock buff or ney

    It does destroke the gun some. Everything is a trade off. I think stroking and a shock buff work well together
  9. mach1soldier

    Shock buff or ney

    I tried one and then two on my stroked limited gun. Liked two the best. Felt softer but no real difference on the timer
  10. mach1soldier

    Steel grips!?! Are they really worth it!?

    Every person I know who tried a steel grip has stayed with them. It’s just easier to shoot and usually much better texture. I wont shoot a gun anymore without a steel or (3gun) aluminum grip.
  11. mach1soldier

    STI slide

    It’s not normal from the 8 STI slides I have used. With that said, if you are tritopping, it goes away.
  12. mach1soldier

    9mm issues

    Nothing majorly different then 38 super or SC. 9mm major is higher pressure so just pay attention to the brass more. 9mm once fired is crazy cheap. So that helps.
  13. mach1soldier

    SVI versus STI versus KKM bull barrel

    Following up to this. KKM bull barrel was easy to fit. No major issues anywhere and had a solid .045 lug upper engagement. For the money, going to stick with KKM for bull barrels.
  14. mach1soldier

    Stroked .40 and spring / buffer

    I’m bored and experimenting with springs. For those of you with stroked .40’s shooting major, what is your spring / buffer combo? I am really liking an 11lb with 3 coils clipped. i want to experiment with the alumabuff this week as many people told me to try them. Any thoughts on the combo or what you prefer?
  15. mach1soldier

    Rht screws

    Lowe’s and five minutes. Easy. Or email RHT or BSPS and ask for longer screws