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  1. Steve, i live close to titusville. There are matches Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday in volusia. That’s 45 minutes to an hour from you. They are also open Wednesday to the public and you can draw. Merritt island and Titusville both have indoor ranges but no drawing or rapid fire. Feel free to message if you need any any other help. I have a private range you might be able to practice with me in cocoa. Would just have to check schedules.
  2. The sear will start showing grooves or bumps were it rides on the hammer. Usually the first indication is hammer follow.
  3. I use extreme engineering sear and Koenig hammer at 1 3/4 pounds. I average 30k before needing to replace the sear. Hammer usually double that. I have found i can I can get another 10-12k out of my sear if I go up to 2 1/4 pounds.
  4. It doesn’t matter for quality of ammo or consistency in my opinion. 99 percent of the brass I buy isn’t crimped. So I’m not worried. If you get a bunch of military brass, you will have issues
  5. I run dual sizing dies. Works awesome and I have 50k loaded this way. The only downside is you lose your swaging function.
  6. Things to check... make sure the hammer isnt hitting in the beaver tail. Make sure the hammer spring feels the same. Something is slowing the slide. My guess is the beaver tail hitting the hammer when it comes back or somehow your hammer spring got stiffer, either by sitting higher, or something is interfering with your hammer and/or strut.
  7. Loading shorter is really your only option. Or send the barrel off to be throated. Galant has a pretty round ogive so you have to load even shorter i have throated 8 barrels in the last two weeks for pcc and CZ shooters. If you need it done, let me know.
  8. I cut around .100 off my last one. Im looking for a 9mm barrel if you pass on it.
  9. Either the comp or slide needs shaved
  10. Volusia action steel is crazy popular. Number one one reason is no resetting and no working. Number 2 is newbies like being able to hear a shot but predominantly is not having to work. Action steel takes 2 hours for 6-7 stages with 10-12 man squads. Uspsa with 7-8 people and 6-7 stages takes 4-6 hours. Same round count
  11. Filled up in less than three minutes. Impressive
  12. I have a source for purple bullets in 9mm and .40. Message me. Guy is cheap and does good work. Just an option if you don’t find a willing to make them.
  13. Curious how the feedinator works. I just left my rollsizer at 3-4K. It sucks not using it to capacity but I have tried numerous tricks and upgrades. I even thought about designing a circuit to automatically reverse when the current spikes.
  14. One of the best scoop draws I have seen on a routine basis is manny Bragg. He consistently hits .55-.60 within ten yards. I would look at some of his videos
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