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  1. One of the best scoop draws I have seen on a routine basis is manny Bragg. He consistently hits .55-.60 within ten yards. I would look at some of his videos
  2. You can get everything from Karl. It work and functions. The MBF is easier to adjust and more robust but honestly both work. I have one of each. I used the MBF dropper on both machines because honestly, there is not a better design.
  3. Not sure what you want to know but plan on changing parts to make weight.
  4. The titan has a wider dust cover then the edge.
  5. Redhilltactical makes a nice one and supports the forum. it is what I run.
  6. No. It’s a . 330 dovetail on the front sight. Sti is around .260 or .270 i just ordered a novak front sight for mine
  7. I always ask people if I can check out their gun at the safe table then tell them. Most clubs don’t have safe tables at every bay like we do though
  8. The case pro will fix extractor grooves and rims of the case.
  9. Red hill tactical offers uspsa member discounts or you can message me and I can help you out.
  10. The evo includes a beavertail
  11. 10 cents is the norm near me plus shipping. It usually sells instantly at the range or on here. Especially if all SC
  12. It won’t have any corrosion resistance once you take the finish off. Keep it oiled. Or else reblast it every month or two.
  13. Give them a call or shoot me a message on here. I can walk you through the ordering.
  14. Start at 4.1 at magazine length. 4.2 to 4.3 should make major with titegroup.
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