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  1. Take a tiny bit off the top forward portion where it is hitting. It will allow the barrel to rise more. It shouldn’t take much. usually you can mark the whole barrel and put it into slide. Whack underside a few times with rubber or soft mallet. Should show you exactly where to take material.
  2. Tri topping is easy and works good. It was all I needed to make my railed 9mm make weight.
  3. Love the innovation and looks. if you don’t mind sharing, what are you doing to the trigger bow?
  4. We tried some 1.160 with 124 JHP and they worked In all the open guns.
  5. Everglades 124 is nice. It’s pretty commonly used around me.
  6. Buy the carbide. I bought two HSS ones and they work, but barrel hardness varies a lot between manufacturers. I broke both within 4 barrels. The carbide I have done 12-14 already and it’s perfect. Even cutting nitrites and dlc barrels.
  7. Try shooters world major pistol. Similar to aa7 but cleaner.
  8. It’s still out there. What is a legit quantity? PRecision delta was selling it for 25 per k.
  9. Redhilltactical makes holsters for nitro fins / production guns. Message me if you want a discount code. i don’t know of anyone else who does.
  10. Send me a message. I can help you with both and give you different options since I know all the local smiths and trainers.
  11. I have seen barrels have fore to aft play with too much hood clearance. I’m guessing that could eventually damage lugs. No experience on that though.
  12. You can remove the hard chrome and hard chrome again. There was likely oil, rust or some other impurity on the slide. Your hands may may be acidic. I can rust / pit anything within 24 hours if I touch it. Clean sooner it sounds like. Are most of the pits where you touch?
  13. Infinity sear springs are longer then normal if the spring is indeed coming off the sear. You didn't mention the trigger weight at all?
  14. 8.0 at 1.165 for hs6. You will need closer to 8.3 to 8.6 depending on your gun / Popple holes.
  15. Where exactly are you polishing? I use Dykem all the time. There are many surfaces that will always be friction surfaces and rub the dykem off
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