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  1. Looking at bull barrels. Of the three, which do you prefer and why. Prefer from people who have fit them. Not how your custom gun performs. looking for fitment info accuracy nuances of fitting stuff like that. Basically why am I paying way more for SVI versus STI or KKM.
  2. mach1soldier

    .40 220gn loads

    I did with titegroup and around 3.6 grains of titegroup. 1.190 lengths. worked good and made sight tracking very easy but it got expensive compared to 180 coated bullets
  3. mach1soldier

    Atlas, Akai, or CK

    I have shot all of them in limited. I lucked into an akai and tried to break it. 80k rounds later, I can’t seem to make it hiccup. The reality is all are good. Different looks and different feels. Try and shoot them before you order.
  4. mach1soldier

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    Does the roll sizer from Australia come with a case feeder?
  5. I'll take the 550 Dillon shell plate for super comp (Dillon # 3). Please send payment information. I can pay with Paypal gift.

  6. Does anyone make trigger parts for a stock 2 that will bring the trigger to the rear another 1/8th to 1/4 of an inch? I have little hands and the DA is a pain. New to these so curious.
  7. mach1soldier

    Mark 7 Evolution and Revolution

    Jay at mark 7 is a great dude and believes in awesome customer support. So likely will be around same warranty as Dillon. Both machines look awesome.
  8. mach1soldier

    Limcat 9mm limited top end only

    Fitting the upper parts is a large chunk of the work but still sounds a little steep
  9. mach1soldier

    Hundo XL failure help

  10. mach1soldier

    Hundo XL failure help

    What seating stem did you switch to? I’m having same issue.
  11. mach1soldier

    Knocking down the bite on a PT agressive grip

    I sanded mine with 200 grit all over and then redid any areas that needed specific attention. Is is it finished or raw stainless?
  12. mach1soldier

    Metal grips, mags wedging

    Anyone have a steel grip and find that magazines can wedge themselves when reloading fast? Not in the gun but just barely started. i can literally get a mag wedged in so hard I have to hammer it out if not perfectly straight when inserting. Im thinking about switching to the PT evo and wanted to make sure it wasn't an issue
  13. mach1soldier

    Atlas Titan recoil spring?

    Go down to 9 pound. It will feel better and no reliability issues
  14. mach1soldier

    Mag carriers for MPX

    Red hill tactical makes a really nice one. That's what I have been usingz
  15. mach1soldier

    Tanfo Stock II, 9mm - Where are they??

    I got one with less than 1k rounds through it.