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  1. Send me a message. I can help you with both and give you different options since I know all the local smiths and trainers.
  2. I have seen barrels have fore to aft play with too much hood clearance. I’m guessing that could eventually damage lugs. No experience on that though.
  3. You can remove the hard chrome and hard chrome again. There was likely oil, rust or some other impurity on the slide. Your hands may may be acidic. I can rust / pit anything within 24 hours if I touch it. Clean sooner it sounds like. Are most of the pits where you touch?
  4. Infinity sear springs are longer then normal if the spring is indeed coming off the sear. You didn't mention the trigger weight at all?
  5. 8.0 at 1.165 for hs6. You will need closer to 8.3 to 8.6 depending on your gun / Popple holes.
  6. Where exactly are you polishing? I use Dykem all the time. There are many surfaces that will always be friction surfaces and rub the dykem off
  7. Where are you located? A local Smith will likely have the best turn around time and attentiveness.
  8. Order everything from RHT. Their holster is awesome and you can get DAA or their matching kydex mag pouches. i love the DAA mag pouches for the ease of use and quick change to other guns.
  9. Both work great. You won’t be disappointed with either.
  10. Message me. I can do both of them for you in .40 caliber.
  11. Make sure when the mag is inserted with slide back, that the round does not touch the underside of the ejector. I have fixed three guns this week alone that had the same issue. Ejector wasn’t letting round sit at an ideal angle and also would hold the round down when the feed lips were trying to release the bullet.
  12. I believe they are on eBay. But Lloyd Corny makes them. I can’t remember his username though. Shoot me a message and I’ll get you his info.
  13. Steve, i live close to titusville. There are matches Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday in volusia. That’s 45 minutes to an hour from you. They are also open Wednesday to the public and you can draw. Merritt island and Titusville both have indoor ranges but no drawing or rapid fire. Feel free to message if you need any any other help. I have a private range you might be able to practice with me in cocoa. Would just have to check schedules.
  14. The sear will start showing grooves or bumps were it rides on the hammer. Usually the first indication is hammer follow.
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