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  1. mach1soldier

    Disappearing drop turners (not NPM)

    That was an option but it required you to run farther to shoot the drop turner. It wasn’t a bad plan. if you missed the activator 12 feet away with the bag, it would cost you a minimum of 50-60 points no matter how good you shot afterwords.
  2. mach1soldier

    Disappearing drop turners (not NPM)

    The written stage briefing at the stage required all shots before activation to be with bag in hand. It supersedes the match book. My buddy got 12 proceduarals by dropping the bag. Oops.
  3. Hmmm. Will have to check it out
  4. mach1soldier

    mark 7 autodrive pro 1050

    Also the biggest thing is make sure the 1050 is running perfectly by hand before you put the drive on.
  5. mach1soldier

    mark 7 autodrive pro 1050

    Go slow. Keep the clutch level as low as you can with it still running. Don’t walk away. Wear safety glasses.
  6. You really can’t beat titegroup for efficiency and price. It’s consistent, cheap and just plain works.
  7. mach1soldier

    kart XACT Fit 1911 Barrels

    I bought and fit one in .40 caliber. It was looser on the hood width and length then I would have preferred. I like .001 on the hood or less for the length on accuracy builds. Also the barrel lower lugs weren’t ideal for my gun. A little loose on lockup but close enough. The gun with those issues would still easily do 2.5 inch groups standing at 25 yards. So they are good barrels. Just not ideal if building a bullseye gun. Buy the gunsmith fit barrels if you want extreme accuracy
  8. mach1soldier


    Where do you live? Tucker schmidt keith garcia joe farewell many others
  9. mach1soldier

    Bent firing pin

    It will always happen if there is no primer for it to hit. It pushes the firing pin so far forward it binds in the FP hole. All my 1911’s do this. Make dummy rounds with a spent primer in them.
  10. mach1soldier

    40 S&W loads for PF

    Yep no way in the world.
  11. Looking at bull barrels. Of the three, which do you prefer and why. Prefer from people who have fit them. Not how your custom gun performs. looking for fitment info accuracy nuances of fitting stuff like that. Basically why am I paying way more for SVI versus STI or KKM.
  12. mach1soldier

    .40 220gn loads

    I did with titegroup and around 3.6 grains of titegroup. 1.190 lengths. worked good and made sight tracking very easy but it got expensive compared to 180 coated bullets
  13. mach1soldier

    Atlas, Akai, or CK

    I have shot all of them in limited. I lucked into an akai and tried to break it. 80k rounds later, I can’t seem to make it hiccup. The reality is all are good. Different looks and different feels. Try and shoot them before you order.
  14. mach1soldier

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    Does the roll sizer from Australia come with a case feeder?
  15. I'll take the 550 Dillon shell plate for super comp (Dillon # 3). Please send payment information. I can pay with Paypal gift.