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  1. mach1soldier

    Red hill tactical holster

    Give them a call or shoot me a message on here. I can walk you through the ordering.
  2. Start at 4.1 at magazine length. 4.2 to 4.3 should make major with titegroup.
  3. mach1soldier

    New Member from Central Florida

    Wes, do you shoot uspsa or steel challenge?
  4. mach1soldier

    Transitions to new positions

    Was the mike on the zebra?
  5. mach1soldier

    Transitions to new positions

    WAC is a club where transitions are top priority. Position entry was pretty solid. Exit wasn’t super aggressive so could work on that. i love shooting at the WAC but it highly favors guys with fast transitions. Especially open / limited. Notice how long it takes you in the second position to start shootin the long target that is wide open.
  6. mach1soldier

    Single stack weight

    I have ran all the way to 42.9 but I checked with a triple beam gram scale. It was 43 at the SS nationals. That was a little too close for comfort.
  7. mach1soldier

    Mag lip dimension importance

    Adjusting what works perfectly already is something they make meds for. Im kidding but seriously, never understood modifying what works. Especially mags.
  8. mach1soldier

    SA RO Elite Operator - USPSA Single Stack Legal?

    I have one. It’s going to be hard to make weight with a magwell. You neee an aluminum guide rod and a plastic mainspring housing. i ended up tri topping the slide to make weight easier. Its doable. Just realize you will have to change some parts.
  9. mach1soldier

    Grip technique/pressure

    I have taken a few high level classes. All said the same thing. Hold the gun tight. Wasn’t a long or drawn out thing. Hold tight. Pull trigger. If you look at any national champ, their grip strength is far above average. That’s not a coincidence.
  10. mach1soldier

    Am I too old?

    We have a 73 year old competing at our club. Just started and is having a blast. He is even taking training classes and learning about open guns.
  11. mach1soldier

    MPX Mag Pouches??

    I went with red hill tactical. Sig ones kept breaking on all my buddies rigs.
  12. mach1soldier

    Mr. Bulletfeeder tips

    I made an aluminum extension on a lathe with some scraps laying around. Sorry not more help.
  13. mach1soldier

    Is it normal breach face wear ?

    Looks pretty normal to me. I have seen far worse with less rounds.
  14. mach1soldier

    Anyone ever Arb a local?

    Never seen it and wouldn’t want to be the guy
  15. If your tube is still straight, then just get the primer slide assembly. My tube was toast after 115 primers went off