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  1. I have the 1911S version I use on my single stack and it has been very reliable. It is about 15 years old now.
  2. Could it be possible the barrel is prematurely coming out of lockup? That would allow the back of the case to be partially unsupported during the firing cycle. I am by no means an expert but, have built a few 2011s. You could perhaps try a heavier recoil spring or hammer spring to see if it made a difference.
  3. I have 2 infinity aggressive signature grips. One of them had the sharp points slightly knocked down with an emery finger nail board in only a few areas by the previous owner. It is still quite sharp but not like the original on my other pistol. If you go with the aggressive you could always tone it down a bit. I prefer the original aggressive personally. However I have had to clean blood off of it after extended draws and dry fire practice. Once you handle the samples for a while you will know what is right for you.
  4. I have KKM, Schuman, infinity, and Bar-Sto barrels in both 9 and 40. For me the Bar-Sto are less picky. When doing load development they seemed to maintain better accuracy with a wide variety of bullet weights and powders. In the end they all make a good product that will serve you well once you find the load they like.
  5. A friend of mine made weight with his by buying a pair of VZ grips in carbon fiber material. You might want to contact them for the actual weight savings.
  6. I run a polymer and aluminum buff in all my 5" 1911's and 2011's with no issues. I use a 12# variable in my 40 cal guns,9# variable in 9mm, and 13# in 45. All you can do is try them and see if you like it.
  7. 5.2 of N320 at 1.215 makes 172pf with MG 180HP in both of my 5 inch SV's.
  8. You might want to consider having a 40 cal slide and barrel fit to one of your 45's. That way you will always have a backup gun for both calibers.
  9. Another powder you may want to consider is Ramshot Competition. It is usually available and affordable. I load 180 blue bullet with 4.2 gr. @1.200 oal. They make 170 pf in my 5" infinity.
  10. I have both and they both run well. By the RO and put the 500 towards a Brazos trigger group, magwell, grips and extra mags.
  11. I run 180 blue bullets @1.210 oal with 4.2 competition and S&B primers. Went 170 PF with a sd of 5 at Florida open in my 5" infinity.
  12. rustychev, I used my infinity 5" sight tracker with aet barrel.We also used my friends Brazos sti edge. Both were almost identical with regards to velocity.
  13. Thanks for the link pete627. I had not seen it before. I had no idea the S&B primers were that much hotter than other brands. I think I will have to do some primer testing now.
  14. I had the same problem. I discovered there was quite a difference in case wall thickness on the mixed brass I was using. I sorted by head stamp and verified I was not over crimping what ever brand I was using at the time and the problem went away.
  15. You might want to consider Ramshot Competition. It is affordable and always available somewhere. To be honest I can't tell the difference between it and 320.
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