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  1. Service Desk

    Vibratory dry cleaning case lube off finished reloads?

    Nah...just the result of competing priorities in a stress rich environent...I use a timer on my tumblers now, lesson learnt. The bearings in the little Lyman had melted all the grease out and it howled like a banshee...but was still running !
  2. Service Desk

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    The sad part about oil threads is that there are still people who don't use it .
  3. Service Desk

    Shell Case Lubing for Pistols

    This is 100% on the mark, any case lube is better than none.
  4. Service Desk

    Winchester small pistol primer issue

    Saved me typing the same reply...thanks mchapman 🖒
  5. Service Desk

    Vibratory dry cleaning case lube off finished reloads?

    I once left some 45ACP rounds in a Lyman 1200 tumbler for 6 weeks while I was overseas...they were super shiny to the point that the silver primers had the nickel totally polished off. They still fired OK and the cases were fine.
  6. An old friend would say "Go for it, you only have time and money to loose"....he was my gunsmith and "had plenty of time while I was paying for it".
  7. Service Desk

    Federal Small Pistol Primer regular vs. Match

    The match primers are popular for applications where extreme accuracy is necessary, the best Bianchi loads, PPC loads and Bullseye loads are examples.
  8. I have spent too much money on sear jigs.....do not make the same mistake, just buy the Marvel and you are good to go.
  9. Service Desk

    Winchester primers.......

    Yep... seen plenty like that and they all worked just fine. The red stuff could be a "glue" that holds all the parts of the primer in the positions that they should be. Federal SPP's used to have green stuff and Fiocchi have red stuff. It doesnt seem to matter too much.
  10. Service Desk

    38 super comp brass

    If you don't overwork the brass with flare .... you can bet on a minimum of 10 and a maximum of lots more. I have some PMC 38 Super brass that has at least 30 minor level reloads on it and about 10 major level.....yet I have suffered cracked cases after 3 major level reloads with another brand. YMMV
  11. Service Desk

    Load data for Bayou 138 grain DEWC

    4.1 of 231 does it in my K frames.. 3.7 of WST is good as is 3.5 of Clays and 3.8 of BE. I use the BNWC in my revolvers because I have plenty.
  12. Service Desk


    Bullet size is the number 1 cause...too small a diameter for your gun. Try some .356" lead bullets. Over crimping will size bullets down...so check that you are only removing the bell
  13. I think this is the correct answer....
  14. Service Desk

    650 9mm brass processing

    Clean the stainless screws with acetone then use a drop of Loctite 243 on each. Let it cure for 24 hours and the screws will not loosen up. To remove just put a butane pencil flame on the head of the screws for about 20 seconds and they will screw right out.
  15. Service Desk

    STI Trojan 9mm accuracy

    How tight a group can you shoot at 50 yards. If your best is 4 inches and the gun can shoot 2 inches then I guess that 4 to 5 inches would be acceptable.