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  1. With all the CNC gizmology available today why wouldn't H&K bring back the P9S Sport Group 3 ? It was an accuracy monster...with a rolled steel slide, plastic frame and steel inserts...it was positively spaceage 40 years ago when released and entirely contemporary today.
  2. I have about 25k of Federal 9mm brass with the FC NT headstamp, most of which seems to exhibit the same condition...loads and shoots OK. Only issue was the crimped primer pockets... my 1050 fixed that. I guess that it is about 5 years old.
  3. Well I guess that we will just have to agree to disagree.
  4. As has been stated the 1050 uses an expander at the swaging station, the powder die does the belling. The MBF expander is redundant on a 1050...however if you want to use it you can...I don't on any of my 1050's but always use it on my 650's. The ammo they all turn out is more than acceptable for my use. An inch or so at either 35 or 50 yards out of one of my Bianchi guns is the norm.
  5. Look around for a good used 650 or spring for a new 750...either work great for 38 Special and have real production rates in the 700 rounds per hour with a bullet feeder and around 500 per hour if you are manually placing the projectile in the case. There are plenty of accessories available and automation options are well proven.
  6. There is no need to use the DA powder funnel on a 1050 / 1100. It works great on the 550/650/750 presses and that is where it is needed.
  7. I have a few large rollmark STI 1911's and newer small rollmark 1911's in the safe....the older guns generally enjoy a tighter frame to slide fit and the recoil lugs on the barrels have better contact with the VIS. They all seem to shoot with about the same level of accuracy and are very reliable. It is a real pity that STI ceased 1911 production.Thank the heavens for JEM.
  8. Redding make a die that will work...I have one on my RL1050B.
  9. Dillon dies are not inferior...they are an alternative. Some brands have different features that Dillon don't and some have a lower cost. Consumers produce the market...manufacturers service the market and you decide how to spend your hard earned cash. I have Dillon 38Special dies that came with my first 1050, they have loaded lots of high quality ammo since 1988 and still do... Dillon is built to a price and offers that lifetime warranty. The U die and FCD are great options and really come into their own when conditions are met. Otherwise Dillon do just fine. YMMV
  10. Back off on the lube....too much lanolin is not better than only just enough. I use a single pump of a Dillon Case Lube sprayer in a gallon zip lock baggie and then put about 500 9mm cases in and adjitate them for about 90 seconds.....then into the case feeder and crank the handle. Walnut media can be washed in a plastic bucket, Dawn and hot water will clean it up enough to get it back in use.
  11. Power Pistol....they gave it that name for a good reason.... at the 150 to 160 pf levels that you are chasing, cartridge working pressure will be a bigger concern to you than recoil. WSF could be an alternative worth looking at.
  12. The tube is not glass...it is tough stuff. I used superglue on one of mine...after 5 years it is still good to go.
  13. After a couple of hundred thousand 148 grain, 140 grain and 135 grain wadcutters in K frames .... I think that the few 125 grain bullets I shot probably produced the softest felt recoil. They also broke more forcing cones ! Seems that L frames are best suited for light fast bullets and K frames for heavier slower. A 140 grain WC at 880 fps is real nice to shoot and (In my guns) will cut real nice groups at 50 yards.
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