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  1. FC NT 9mm's have a larger hole and a crimp. Nothing that the Super 1050's can't handle.
  2. Buy 8lb of Alliant Clay Dot from Cleaver Firearms.....load 3.5 grains behind your 135gr wadcutters and head to the range. Clay Dot and AS30N are so close it doesn't matter. APS350 replaces AS30N.
  3. WSF is a great powder for coated ....4.3gns with a 125 lead boolit at an OAL of 1.080" is accurate and soft in my XDM 5.25. YMMV
  4. You are a good woman Tracy, what would Warren do without you.
  5. Well it can be if you are using projectiles bigger than .355". Brass is springy stuff and the MBF funnel only expands it a relatively small amount.These undersized dies size the case about 2 thousandth tighter than most other dies, if you try to load projectiles that are .357" you will have a situation where the peg does not like to fit in the hole.
  6. Are you using a Lee / EGW U die ? It happens to me until I Change back to a Dillon sizing die. No problems with jackets though.
  7. I agree with Ben53, the plain lead bullets work fine, but smoke a bit more. A quality alloy and lube are essential, but most commercial bullet casters make one bullet and then either coat or lube, so if it is the same supplier you should be good to just use the uncoated bullet and the same load.
  8. I can't be there... but wish all competitors, officials and range volunteers a safe and memorable Cup. Green Valley will do it as well as it can be done.
  9. One has to wonder how an ocean current in the Pacific could cause all Pistol and Shotgun powder production to be ceased for the foreseeable future, but not have the same impact on extruded rifle powders. Must be climate change.
  10. You can forget the ADI powders....they have recently announced that due to a number of factors, a decision to cease production for the foreseeable future has been made. Winchester Australia have ceased all ammo production, importation and sale of powder. Components are getting difficult to find and prices are crazy. All just a sign of the times.. or so it would seem.
  11. Use your Google foo.. and search for DS Perman grips. They give a 2011 feel to a 1911 and space your thumb away from the bits that are biting you.
  12. I use a 100gr. semi wadcutter seated flush in a 38 Special and 2.5 grains of Trailboss. Mousefart recoil, clean and very accurate on paper and steel.
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