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  1. I agree..... The 650 priming system is way better than its competitors.
  2. Great work, it looks absolutely fantastic.
  3. Pictures would help define the problem....
  4. Looks very much like the Zero 125 grain competition bullet....
  5. They seem to prefer the plated primer cups over the unplated ones....I have problems with Winchester and Magtech (unplated) and none with Federal, Remington, CCI and Fiocchi. My Palfiller is just as fussy.
  6. Simple way to adjust your crimp die is to back the die off a turn or so then put a factory loaded round in the crimp station, raise the platform up all the way and screw the crimp die in until it stops, back the handle off a bit and adjust the crimp die down another 1/8th turn and lock the die up. That will get you into the ballpark. Crimp stops the projectile from coming out of the case, case tension stops it from being set back into the case.
  7. New brass and most once fired brass seems to shed a bit during the belling and crimping operations. Wet tumbled brass does it too. Check your crimp to make sure it is not a too heavy and if it is with in specs. you are GTG.
  8. I use both the MBF with colator and the MBF mini. Both work great, I have a couple of spare magazines for the mini that I use to maintain the production rate on one of my 650's.I can load 300 rounds of Super or 9mm in about 15 minutes if I start with them full and the Press full of primers. Filling them up is easy...I use the other MBF to fill the tubes !
  9. Yep, prices do vary by location. I have seen used RL1050's go for $2k in Australia and even more in New Zealand. Just evidence of the law of demand and supply I guess.
  10. What is in the "second chance kit" that fixes the "hole in the wrong location" condition of your frame ?
  11. A Gen 2 Prometheus on lease costs more than more than my Super 1050 and RL1050 did ! Their website says $5100 to own outright...all I needed was a set of scales to replace a 30 year old Dillon not a second mortgage. I am happy with my "garbage".
  12. The scale settles a bit faster and the display is easier to read... It is physically bigger and has a tiny plastic weigh pan that is all but useless. Definately more accurate than my old Dillon scales in terms of drift and repeatability. I am happy with the Gempro 300.
  13. I just upgraded to a Gempro 300....very happy with the overall performance and quality.
  14. I found N320 sharper in recoil than N330 with 115gr and no significant difference with 125gr.
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