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  1. Back off on the lube....too much lanolin is not better than only just enough. I use a single pump of a Dillon Case Lube sprayer in a gallon zip lock baggie and then put about 500 9mm cases in and adjitate them for about 90 seconds.....then into the case feeder and crank the handle. Walnut media can be washed in a plastic bucket, Dawn and hot water will clean it up enough to get it back in use.
  2. Power Pistol....they gave it that name for a good reason.... at the 150 to 160 pf levels that you are chasing, cartridge working pressure will be a bigger concern to you than recoil. WSF could be an alternative worth looking at.
  3. Mexican Fahrrr oil.....
  4. The tube is not glass...it is tough stuff. I used superglue on one of mine...after 5 years it is still good to go.
  5. After a couple of hundred thousand 148 grain, 140 grain and 135 grain wadcutters in K frames .... I think that the few 125 grain bullets I shot probably produced the softest felt recoil. They also broke more forcing cones ! Seems that L frames are best suited for light fast bullets and K frames for heavier slower. A 140 grain WC at 880 fps is real nice to shoot and (In my guns) will cut real nice groups at 50 yards.
  6. I had the same problem after I started to wet tumble....my solution was to put the expander shaft in my lathe and polish a slight (0.03") taper on it. Issue resolved and excellent projectile tension. The only downside was a definite coke bottle appearance.
  7. I load thousands of HAP bullets on my 1050 every year...the length I shoot for is 1.095", I use a Lee U die with Dillon case lube and a Redding Micrometer seater. This combination has solved (for me) all of the problems you have experienced. Everything else is Dillon. YMMV
  8. Same here... MBF expander is not required in a 1050/1100...but is essential in a 650/750.
  9. I bought an Aimpoint Carbine Optic....looks identical to the Comp C3....the 2 minute dot is small but very bright. I got glasses made that allow me to see the dot and the target. Seems to be working. Once the close down is gone I will experiment some more.
  10. I hear 'ya....and agree wholeheartedly. stay safe and stay well.
  11. The Lyman electronic is my go-to for trigger work. For verification at the range I use an RCBS Spring style with indicator tab...like this one.
  12. Once I used to take a bag full of guns and one pair of glasses to the range....now I take one gun and a bag full of glasses !
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