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  1. As someone who ran a DVC-open for a couple of years, here is what I can tell you. 1. Take down would be the same as any 2011. There are tons of videos on YT. 2. I had issues out of the box running 38 supercomp. Bought an Aftec in 38SC and that fixed the issue. I also realized after this that the gun was tuned for 38 super. So my mistake there. 3. Standard gun cleaning after every 1000-1500 rounds. Also gives me a chance to check for any other issues that may be happening before something breaks. I run 124 JHP's and they seem to keep things cleaner 4. I had spare springs, batteries, extractor in my bag. For me unless I'm at a major match anything that takes longer than a quick trip to the safe table to fix is not worth keeping a whole shop in your bag. If you are shooting a lot of majors or doing heavy travel then yes a backup is a must. After 2 years I went and bought an Atlas Open gun and have never looked back. Not a single issue with it and even wound up selling the DVC Open. A lot of it depends on what you feed it. Think of it like this. If you had a high performance race car would you fill it with cheap gas all the time? Hope this helps.
  2. Slide on frame cuts, Rear sight and top of hammer
  3. I have one but it normally needs to be recharged every week. I am going to put one that's plugged in all the time in. It's just funny that I have lots of other pistols that are blued and never had this issue.
  4. So I picked up a STI Edge last month and it's started to rust in while in the safe. Has the quality gone down or did I just get a bad one?
  5. Running 9.8 gn of 3n38 under a 124 JHP from Precision Delta 1.234 OAL in my Atlas Chaos at 173PF
  6. Mikeski

    New Open mags

    +1 I do the same with my MBX
  7. Mikeski

    New Open mags

    I keep all MBX in my bag. I've never had any issues with them and they have run right out of the package. No need to tune them. I keep 2 of each size in my bag. 140, 155 and 170. I mostly run just the 170 but if I need to reload I'll run either of the 155 or 140 depending on my mood.
  8. Our club offers an intro class. It's not mandatory but is highly recommended. I took it and I do encourage anyone new to the sport to take one. Ours is a couple hours. The first hour is going over the rules, division, equipment etc. Then you go out and run two stages. We try to let everyone get the feel for how a match will run and what to expect. For me it was a great way to get introduced into the sport without feeling like I was asking to many questions or bothering anyone.
  9. If you liked shooting open then by all means have at it. Going 9 major or 38sc is going to be a personal choice. Me I shoot 38sc. I don't want to deal with sorting headstamps or overcharging a round. I have fired both and for me I like the 38sc. If you decide to stick with Limited I agree with Dutchman go up to a Glock 35 or a 2011 in 40. I feel that shooting Minor hurts in Limited. Just be cautious. I started this same way as well. Started with a 34 in production, moved to a 35 for limited cause I hated reloading. Then I got a 2011 cause I felt that was the next step and then into open. I have always used Precision Deltas with out any issues in my open gun. Most of the open shooters around here use jacketed rounds instead of coasted.
  10. As someone who has been sponsored before, in a different arena, I'd like to throw my experience in the ring. Back when I was a golf professional, one of the reasons I was sponsored was due to the fact that my shop did a ton of equipment and merchandise sales with this particular company. They made up close to 80% of my sales. On an average year we would do close to 200k a year in total sales. So any company who is looking to sponsor someone is looking at this as a way to spend advertising dollars, to maximize their return. If you look at Rudy Project, they are not making their money on the shooting sports. They are focusing on Cyclists and Triathletes, cause that's where their audience is. Now I will admit I wear the tech wear shirts cause I like the way they feel, especially down here in Florida. I wear the logo of our local gun club to help promote them, but I also wear two other ones on my shirts. Atlas Gunworks and Precision Delta. Now I do use an Atlas open gun and use Precision Delta's in my reloads, but I don't get anything extra from either one of them, but I think they both are great examples of customer service and have been very helpful to me. So I like to help support businesses like this. I think that the way most of these companies in the shooting world do the contingency is the best way they get the most out of their dollars. If you were to compare USPSA to golf, both are equipment and accessory heavy. There are just more people golfing than shooting in USPSA. Ok so I will stop my rant now, but if the OP would like some help with getting sponsorship let me know. I have helped a few players get sponsorship for mini tours and can work with you on letters. Just keep in mind that you will need to show value for what you can do to help the company sell product, cause at the end of the day thats what it's all about.
  11. Double check and make sure it's tuned for 38super comp and not 38 super.
  12. I run the Dawson on my Chaos without any issues.
  13. I run 9.8gn of 3n38 under a PD 124 JHP at 1.230 oal. It's flat and loud.
  14. This. I was having the same problem after moving from the RM to the Alpha X. I corrected the angle and no issues with it since.
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