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  1. I run 9.8gn of 3n38 under a PD 124 JHP at 1.230 oal. It's flat and loud.
  2. This. I was having the same problem after moving from the RM to the Alpha X. I corrected the angle and no issues with it since.
  3. I agree that the plastic frame guns will always have a place. If you want new shooters to come out you should let them shoot something they would already own. There are multiple reasons why people choose to do something as a hobby, but the largest would be price.
  4. This. I used to backup my 2011 limited with a Glock. It was such a pain to swap cause I had to swap rigs, mags and ammo. I would keep two like platforms. If you don't like to 2011 platform sell both of them and get a backup TSO
  5. I had one for my Sig P320x5 and loved it. Very good fit and smooth draw.
  6. I have used TTI base pads for all my STI mags and have had no issues with them. I like how easy they are to remove so you can clean your mags should they get dirty. Just make sure you order the right thickness for the 170 as to keep your mag legal length.
  7. Our club runs a monthly intro to action shooting class. It's about 2 hours in the classroom talking about the divisions, basic rules, and safety issues. Then they go out and run two simple stages to get a feel for how it works. We let people shoot what they have, as long as its safe. I would say we get about 10-15 each class and about 1 or 2 come back to shoot another match. We also run 2 weekday night practice matches each week that are smaller 4 stage just for fun matches. This is a good place were we will have some of our more experienced shooters shadowing them. I took the class about 3 years ago and it was nice to have a small intro to the sport instead of being thrown in to a monthly sanctioned match.
  8. I'm running a Comp tac holster for a STI Edge for my Sig max and I;ve had no issues with it.
  9. My 38SC Chaos, which is about 2 years old, has 3 holes in the barrel.
  10. I run the Chaos in 38 SC and it runs super flat for me. I am using 3n38 under a 124 gn Precision Delta JHP. I have not run a Limcat, but one of the guys at my club shoots one. His is 9mm. I have shot both 9mm major and 38SC. I felt, for me, that the 38SC was a softer shooting gun. I also don't shoot more than once a month so I am running new or once fired brass. Honestly I don't think you could go wrong with either one, as both are great guns. I will recommend the Atlas because that's what I know and the customer service I have gotten from the Atlas crew is fantastic.
  11. I know guys who have built another top end and drilled holes in the frame for a mount. In fact the honcho from PT is built for this purpose. One frame and three guns. I also know a few builders that offer a second top end going from open to limited or .40 to 9 for a limited gun. IMHO I would just have two full guns. Makes things that much easier.
  12. I think it all depends on what type of gun we are talking about. What are you shooting in Limited?
  13. So I must be one of the rare people who bought a DVC Open and had no issues with it. When I first got it I replaced the Extractor and put in an Aftec, after the advice of a fellow open shooter. I was running Universal Ammo 38sc major ammo through it until I was able to get my 650 set up and running. I had no issues with it, but was looking to get a backup for major events. Thats when I decided to go with a Atlas Chaos, which has run perfectly since day one. For me it was a night and day difference between the two pistols. The DVC was nice but you could tell that the Atlas was a better crafted pistol. I love the feel of the PT EVO grip and really enjoy the feel of the overall gun. The fact that Adam took the time to talk over my concerns and give straight honest advice has made me a big promoter of his products. I know that Adam uses top line parts and has even started making some that he feels are lacking. As far as the original question of flatter/smoother, I was able to get both guns very flat and smooth shooting with proper loads and testing. Now they both take different loads and thats has to do with the Popple hole in the Atlas vs DVC. I would actually do it the same way again and start with a used open gun. Make sure I liked Open and get a feeling to see what I like and don't like about a pistol.
  14. I bought a couple of these one year for nationals. They hold about 500 rounds of 38sc and are waterproof. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Outdoor-Products-Large-Watertight-Box-Blue/26674163
  15. It’s one of the iseries. I think it’s the 1209
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