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  1. Central Indiana doesn't get that bad, hell we usually don't more than 2-4 inches of snow maybe 2 or 3 times a year
  2. It will be in the Jan/Feb issue and the annual issue it will be posted online before then, but not in the nov/dec issue not enough time to turn it around and get in the magazine that quick
  3. Within 2 hours of Noblesville you can shoot a USPSA Match every Sunday There are several good clubs that host matches. There are also several Steel Challenge matches that are available to shoot. Warsaw, Fort Wayne, Atlanta Conservation Club, South Central, WVPPS, North Porter Co There are two indoor clubs one in Avon the other in Lafayette, and there are a couple of Ohio Clubs that you can get to in two hours as well. Area 5, the IN Section and Ohio Section are very active
  4. Email went out through Practiscore to the email address registered with 3 weeks ago with the schedule update and the squad page reflects the PM/AM/AM schedule Emails were sent on any squad consolidation moves also Schedule on page 6 https://uspsa.org/matchbooks/LOCAP/SS_REV/?fbclid=IwAR1v0J3MRLFylZCqLego2uB2sYmw42kJuWojodgrzR_je7AbYixYdgRi7gU#page=7 Matrix in the back last 3 pages.
  5. Yes Alliant Sport Pistol Powder and the Catalyst Primers. Sport Pistol was designed specifically for coated bullets and the ignition of the Catalyst Primer. The Action Pistol loads ( 9mm- 130, 150 40sw - 205, 45acp - 220gr) powder charge and quality control standards are a little different than the other Syntech loads. The standard deviation on the fps is tighter, but it is the same powder being used. That being said, there is a secondary powder that is similar on the burn rate chart that they use for the Syntech loads, but not on the Action Pistol.
  6. Syntech and Syntech Action Pistol are a little different in how they are loaded. 115, 124's are loaded like American Eagle product, the powder charge is basically a little hotter. 130's are loaded to function in PCC's and 150's were designed to be the pistol competition load. I have compared the 130's and 150's in a couple of different handguns, I really like the 130's in my 1911, and the 150's in my polymer frame Q5 in Carry Optics. I am comparing the dot movement between the two now in the Q5 Steel Frame, leaning towards the 150's.
  7. There are only 4 slots available Saturday and 10 on Sunday left https://practiscore.com/sns-400-indiana-section-championship/register
  8. 13 Stages have been sent to DNROI for approval410 rounds 11 field course (29, 6-32's, 3-40's, 1-44)1 virginia count standard (16, 2 strings, with sho/who)1 speed shoot (9)Still time to get registered https://practiscore.com/sns-400-indi...nship/register
  9. Because saying a classifier is legal or not has nothing to do with the Divison or equipment in it. Any change to a Divison can have an effect on the High Hit Factors for that Divison. So 6 vs 8, moon clips vs loaders, irons vs optics, major vs minor, all can have an effect, positive and negative, and needs to be considered. When 8 round was allowed there was no consideration for classifier stages that had more than 6 rounds, so there were High Hit Factors that were way off.
  10. It is not about legal, it is about established High Hit Factors for classification and how making a change in a division would effect it. This is already been screwed up before with the 6 to 8 round change effecting some HHFs on stages with more than 6 rounds. And it definitely was acrewed up for PCC. The larger issue that has been mentioned is that it is harder to shoot than other divisions and the cost of entry is pretty high considering what you need to get started. Take for example someone that is new and wants to get going, it is not just the guns, holster, moon clips, moon cl
  11. I do not think adding optics to Revolver will do anything for increase participation, I think it would actually hurt. Current competitors may not want to have the added cost of now having to get an optic The cost of entry for newer competitors is going to be higher and the competitors that didn't switch to 8 rounds are not going to dust off their 625's to get 627/929's now to add an optic. I think that there are some other changes that could be done that might help Revolver/L10 and Single Stack with regards to max round counts at level 1 and 2 matches and partic
  12. Appendix A2, which is sometimes misunderstood, allows a match to announce what divisions will be included. As I understand it was so that there could be Stand alone division matches i.e. Revolver Nationals, or Factory Gun Classic etc. The second part of Appendix A2 refers to the participation levels to recognize a division (class and category) by match level. The recognize part in this appendix refers to awarding Area or National Champion and the earned slots that go with it. Unfortunately the MD for Area 2 is within the rules, right or wrong, but are using the parti
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